September 2012 Headlines

Pro-Lifers Highlight Abortion in Black Community

Pro-life African Americans are hoping to draw attention to what they say is practically genocide of babies within their race.

Doomsday Ready? More Americans Becoming 'Preppers'

'Preppers' are sometimes viewed as crazy people waiting for the zombie apocalypse. But with the state of the economy, being prepared is now more popular than ever.

'America for Jesus' Rally Prays for Revival

Christians from across the United States are converging on Philadelphia for the "America for Jesus 2012" rally to spark revival as the nation approaches Election Day.

'Jesus Not Allowed': Anti-Faith Sentiment Sweeps US

CBN News investigated the growing wave of hostility to Christianity in America that's led to hundreds of court cases.

Author: Media Perpetuating Lies about Christianity

Author Michael Coren says Christianity is the 'most marginalized and misrepresented belief system' in recent years, and mainstream media help.

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Has History of Fraud

A judge said the man believed to be behind the anti-Islamic video that sparked numerous protests in the Arab world has a "lengthy pattern of deception."

Lisa Osteen: 'You Are Made for More'

From economic troubles, to failed marriages, to the health care crisis, Americans everywhere are searching for shelter from the trials of this world.

How CNN's Christi Paul Overcame Abuse

CNN reporter Christi Paul says a past abusive relationship taught her it's important to know your worth and 'see yourself how God sees you.'

'Never Back Down' Film Ignites Education Debate

"Never Back Down," the much anticipated but also criticized movie tackling the tricky topic of education reform, hit theaters Friday.

Panel Hears Case Against Defense of Marriage Act

An 83-year-old lesbian filed the lawsuit, claiming DOMA forced her to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes after her spouse died.

Austin Braces for Formula One, Rise in Sex Trafficking

Austin, Texas, is bracing for Formula One racing  -- and also a rise in human trafficking. One ministry is partnering with police to help young victims.

Texas AG Defends Cheerleaders' Football Bible Banners

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is defending the cheerleaders at Hardin County High School who are fighting to keep displaying their Bible banners at football games.

Mass. to Appeal Convict Sex Change Ruling

Massachusetts officials will appeal a judge's decision to grant a convicted murderer's request for sex change surgery at taxpayer expense.

Colo. City Council Drops Prayer from Meetings

Colorado's Pueblo City Council will now begin its meetings with a moment of silence instead of prayer. The change comes after a complaint the Freedom of Religion Foundation.

'See You at the Pole' Calls for Spiritual Awakening

Students across the nation asked God to bring spiritual awakening to their campuses and the country at the 22nd annual "See You at the Pole" prayer rally.

School District Bans Father-Daughter Dances

School officials in Cranston, R.I., recently banned "father-daughter" dances after a mother complained the events represent a gender bias.

Illinois Can't Force Pharmacists to Sell Plan B

Pro-life pharmacists Luke Vander Bleek and Glenn Kosirog scored a major victory against the state of Illinois.

NYC Parents Irate over School Birth Control Program

Parents in New York are protesting a new program that makes the birth control pill Plan B available in more than 50 public high schools.

'Idol's' Dixon Releases First Single 'Never Gone'

Former American Idol contestant Colton Dixon's first single, "Never Gone," hit iTunes Tuesday night and is quickly climbing the charts.

Iowa Gay Marriage Fight Sparks Dueling Bus Tours

Iowa's gay marriage battle has triggered dueling bus tours across the state.

W. Va. School Drops Pre-Football Game Prayers

A public high school in West Virginia has dropped pre-game prayers from their football games.

Air Quality an Issue as Western Wildfires Continue

Western U.S. residents not facing a direct threat of fire still face the health threat that comes from smoke.

Grand Canyon U. Wins Free Christian Campus

The Christian owners of a historic campus in western Massachusetts have chosen to give the property to Arizona's Grand Canyon University - free of charge.

Regent University Chapel Nearly Complete

Regent University opened in 1978 and today educates nearly 6,000 students. Now the university is a step closer to completing a chapel on campus.

Bourbon Street Preaching Ban Temporarily Lifted

Preaching is allowed on Bourbon Street, for now. A city ordinance bans so-called "aggressive solicitation" and restricts religious or political speech after dark.

'Trouble With the Curve,' Unconditional' Hit Theaters

Focus on the Family's movie reviewer Bob Wasliszewski offered his thoughts on two of the films out this week, "Trouble With the Curve" and "Unconditional."

Pastor Sues over Bourbon Street Preaching Ban

Street preachers in New Orleans are fighting a city ordinance banning "aggressive solicitation" on Bourbon Street.

Ann Romney's Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Ann Romney's plane makes emergency landing.

Chick-fil-A Clarifies Giving Statement Amid Controversy

Chick-fil-A is again clarifying its core values, after Chicago alderman Proco Moreno claimed the restaurant chain promised to no longer give to conservative groups.

Twin Brothers Boost Business through 'Missioneering'

David and Jason Benham have gained success through "missioneering," a business model they say mixes engineering and pioneering ideas with missions and biblical principles.

Constitutional Rights a Matter of Interpretation?

Congress established Constitution Week to encourage all Americans to learn more. But is the country's founding document being ignored in our society today?

Obama Campaign Flag Poster Draws Criticism

President Barack Obama is coming under fire for a new campaign poster that critics say suggests he feels greater than the states represented on the American flag.

Former BET Host Joins Wycliffe Board of Directors

Former BET host Cheryl Martin is joining the board of directors for Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, the largest Scripture translation organization in the world.

Apple Fans Worldwide Camp Out for iPhone 5

Hundreds of people are cashing in on the iPhone 5 frenzy by getting paid to wait in the incredibly long lines for the new Apple gadget.

Bishop Jackson: Vote But Pray Like Never Before

Many in the faith community have said they are not sure who to vote for. Bishop Harry Jackson said the church must not only vote but pray hard.

Pa. School Board Drops Prayer at Lawsuit Threat

A Pennsylvania school board has voted to replace a pre-meeting prayer with a moment of silence.

Three-Year-Old Saves Aunt Suffering Seizure

A 3-year-old boy from Wilmington, Del., is being called a hero after he saved the life of his aunt when she suffered a seizure

Orchid Kingpin? Mistake Lands Elderly Gardener in Prison

In the latest installment of our Nation of Criminals series, CBN News explains how one man's passion for plants ultimately landed him in prison.

Mo. College Sues over Birth Control Mandate

The College of the Ozarks in southwestern Missouri said providing contraception coverage in its health insurance plans violates its religious beliefs.

Coal Industry Served another Blow in West Virginia

Alpha Natural Resources announced it is shutting down eight mines in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Minn. Faith Leaders Call for Pro-Marriage Amendment

Religious leaders in Minnesota are calling on voters to pass a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage.

Series of Severe Storms Sweep East Coast

Millions of people are dealing with the aftermath of wild weather Wednesday, which caused damage from North Carolina to New York.

Killing Time: Resurrecting Death Row's Exonerated

How does an exonerated death row inmate transition to society? John Thompson learned that lesson after 14 years waiting to die for a crime he didn't commit.

Pro-Gay Marriage Politicians Take Election Losses

The National Organization for Marriage is living up to its promise to defeat politicians who support same-sex marriage.

Chicago Strike Ends, School Back in Session

The Chicago Teachers Union says the city's students will be back in class Wednesday after delegates voted to suspend a seven-day teachers strike.

Muslims, Coptic Christians Denounce Mideast Riots

Coptic Christians joined Muslim leaders at news conference to denounce the violence in the Middle East and the anti-Muslim film blamed for starting it all.

Protestors Mark Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street rallies are taking place across the country to mark the one year anniversary of the grassroots movement.

Critics: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal a Distraction

It has been a year since President Barack Obama ended the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy against homosexuals serving openly in the military.

Feds Question Man Linked to Anti-Muslim Film

Federal officials questioned the Egyptian-born filmmaker thought to be responsible for making the anti-Islamic movie blamed for sparking protests in the Muslim world.

Chicago Mayor Takes Teacher Strike to Court

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seeking an injunction to end the teacher strike that's now entering its second week.

Dog Howls in Honor of Rosh Hashanah

A rabbi in Utah decided to demonstrate the shofar, a horn used in synagogue services to announce holidays. But his performance unexpectedly became a duet.

Critics Fear Free Speech Crackdown amid Mideast Riots

Aware of the stifling of religious freedom already taking place in the U.S., some worry the Mideast unrest could increase pressure to muzzle Christians.

Chicago Teacher Strike: End in Sight?

Negotiators seeking an end to Chicago's teachers strike say they could bring students back to the classroom by Monday.

New Movie Inspires 'Courage' to Stand for Liberty

Sometimes citizens here at home have to take a stand to defend our precious liberties. That's the topic of a new film opening across the nation, "Last Ounce of Courage."

Missouri Law a Rebuke to Birth Control Mandate

Missouri lawmakers have enacted new religious exemptions to President Obama's birth control coverage mandate.

Mystery Surrounds Anti-Islam Film Causing Violence

Questions abound about the anti-Islam film that's being blamed for provoking Muslims to anger and violence in the Middle East.

Chicago Teachers Union: Strike Could End Soon

Chicago city schools will be closed at least one more day as teachers and the school district negotiate a new contract.

Nation Says Goodbye to Astronaut Neil Armstrong

The powerful of Washington, the pioneers of space, and public crowded into the Washington National Cathedral for a public interfaith memorial for the very private astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Will Defunding P. Parenthood Really Hurt Women?

Liberals defend taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, arguing that it provides essential women's healthcare. But new evidence is dispelling that claim.

Political Correctness Stifling Christian Business?

Many media watchers believe this summer's Chick-fil-A controversy signals a new pressure on corporations.

Flooding Catches Southwest Residents by Surprise

Residents of several southwestern states are drying out Wednesday after summer thunderstorms flooded parts of Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah.

Hobby Lobby Sues Over Birth Control Mandate

The Christian business Hobby Lobby stores filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging the president's health care mandate that requires access to free contraception.

High Temperatures Spark More Wildfire Concerns

Officials in Montana, Wyoming, and Washington are worried that high temperatures and low humidity will worsen wildfires.

National Day Urges Churchgoers to Bring a Friend

September is "Welcome Back to Church" month, and Sept. 16, 2012 marks "National Back to Church Sunday."

Most Christians Don't Read the Bible Much

A recent study shows most churchgoing Christians don't read the Bible every day.

California Inmates Studying to Be Evangelists

Christian prison inmates in California are studying to become evangelists and church planters after they're released.

Overlooked Security Threat: Inside Hospitals

As the nation reflects on the lessons learned from the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, one area often overlooked is the security of America's hospitals.

Hezbollah, Cyber Attacks America's New Threat?

Former CIA Director James Woolsey  recently spoke with CBN News about Israel, Iran, and the likelihood of another terrorist attack against the United States.

Summer Ending But Wildfires Still Blazing

The western wildfire season got off to an early start this year and there's still no end in sight.

Churches Open Doors to Kids During Chicago Strike

In the wake of the teacher's strike in Chicago, churches across the metropolis are stepping up to help the city's children.

Kids in Limbo as Chicago Teachers Continue Strike

The strike means that more than 350,000 children are out of school, with many working parents trying to find care for them.

Americans Pause for 11th Anniversary of 9/11

Americans across the country paused Tuesday to mark the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York City, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pa.

Mass. Voters Poised to Weigh 'Death with Dignity Act'

Voters in Massachusetts will be voting on a proposal in November that allows for doctor-assisted suicides.

Experts: Al Qaeda Weaker, But Don't Relax Yet

The targeting of al Qaeda leaders has led to a decline in threats of a 9/11-style attack from the group. But authorities warn the United States is still vulnerable.

Floodwater, Dead Livestock a Problem after Isaac

Homes in Plaquemines Parish are damaged, trees are down, and high water remains. But officials say the biggest concerns is the number of dead livestock.

Cleanup Follows Two Tornadoes in NYC

Residents of two New York neighborhoods are still cleaning up after two tornadoes touched down on Saturday hurling debris into the air and knocking out power.

Program Offers Prostitutes Jail or New Life

Prostitution is big in Dallas. Many of those arrested return to the streets after a short stay in jail. But authorities say they have a plan to shut this revolving door.

Authorities on Alert for 9/11 'Lone Wolf' Attack

Authorities are warning of the danger of a "lone wolf" attack a day ahead of the eleventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Thousands of Chicago Teachers Walk Out

Months of negotiations have fallen through between the teachers' union and the Chicago Public Schools District.

Pentagon Unleashes More Criticism over SEAL's Book

The Department of Defense is still weighing possible legal action against the author, who has written under the pseudonym "Mark Owen."

'Holy Roller' Comedy Uplifts Those Struggling

The faith-based film "The Holy Roller" has had much success since its 2011 release in New Zealand. Now, the movie heads to theaters in the United States this month.

New York City Hit by Two Twisters in Eastern Storm

Damaging storms that spawned tornadoes in New York City, darkened tens of thousands of homes in the Washington, D.C., area and flooded New England streets.

National Cathedral Scales Back 9/11 Services

The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., is scaling back plans to commemorate the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Vanderbilt University Reinstates Chaplain Position

Vanderbilt University has reinstated its chaplain position, naming a United Methodist minister who previously served as the head of a campus faith group.

Plane Bomb Hoax Takes Revenge to a New Level

The ordeal began at 7:30 a.m. Thursday. Police received a tip that a male passenger on board a flight from Philadelphia to Texas had liquid explosives.

Blind Dog Learns to Paint, Helps Animal Shelter

Dogs are known for learning tricks like fetching , sitting, or even jumping through a loop.  But Hallie the dog has taken her talent to new heights.

Charlotte 714: Fix the Church First, Then White House

Charlotte Christians joined together ahead of the Democratic National Convention with one goal in mind: to repent and ask God to raise up the Church.

Legal Battles Likely as 'Show Me Your Papers' Law Starts

The most controversial part of Arizona's immigration law is expected to go into effect soon and Gov. Jan Brewer says she's prepared for opposition.

Colton Dixon Signs Record Deal with Sparrow

Christian singer and former "American Idol" contestant Colton Dixon has signed a record deal with Sparrow Records.

TobyMac Hits No. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart

A Christian album has landed the number one spot on the Billboared 200 chart for the first time in 15 years.

Ex-Drug User Treks County with Cross

Steve Fox is using his checkered past, filled with drugs and bad decisions, to raise awareness of teen drug abuse by carrying a cross through his county.

Charity Giving Hot Meals, Supplies to Isaac Victims

CBN's Operation Blessing International is still reaching into devastated areas where exhausted residents and emergency workers have received little aid.

College Ministries Eye Back-to-School Membership Hike

College ministries across the country are working overtime this month to welcome students back to school.

Academy Preps New Generation to Change America

Several young people travelled to Austin recently to attend the Patriot Academy. It's goal is to equip them with the tools they need to bring America back to its founding principles.

Federal Judge Mandates Tax-Funded Sex Change

A federal judge says the state of Massachusetts must provide a sex-change surgery for an inmate serving a life sentence for murder.

'Unfaithfulness' Greatest Threat to US Marriages

The National Association of Evangelicals latest leaders survey found that most pastors and ministry leaders saw unfaithfulness as the greatest problem.

'Obama's America' Holding Strong at Box Office

The documentary, which is based on the book by Dinesh D'Souza, Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream, finished in the top 10 again this week.

Pro-Family Activist: Calif. Bills 'Anti-Family'

Pro-family groups in California are protesting a bill that would make it legal for children to have multiple parents, saying such legislation is anti-family.

Gulf Faces Flooding, Lack of Power after Isaac

Isaac is finally drifting away, but the fallout from the storm is still hurting Gulf Coast residents.

Days After Isaac, Flooding and Outages Remain

Much of Plaquemines Parish was still covered with floodwater and more than 200,000 people across Louisiana still didn't have any power.

Romney, Obama Trade Jabs as Dem Convention Looms

Mitt Romney cast President Obama as a failed coach of a struggling team, and Obama dismissed the GOP convention as an event suited for black-and-white TV

Obama Embarks on March to Party Convention

President Obama embarks on a four-day march through battleground states and the storm-battered Gulf Coast as he seeks to blunt momentum picked up by Romney.