November 2012 Headlines

W.Va. Training Tunnel Takes Disaster Prep to New Level

For first responders, learning to work as an effective team takes practice. CBN News visited a West Virginia tunnel to see that training at work.

California Church Stands Up for India's Untouchables

One Southern California church is on a mission to help free India's outcasts through education, a biblical message of hope, and a movie about their plight.

Gen XXX: Teens Addicted in a World Awash in Porn

When it comes to porn, no one's immune. Teens, bombarded with these images through the Internet, are growing up in a world awash in X-rated material.

Will the Supreme Court Redefine Marriage?

A big question is, when the High Court does address the issue of homosexual marriage, what will it mean for the traditional definition of marriage?

Gay Therapy Ban Challenged in California

Lawyers and counselors endorsing therapy that helps patients overcome same-sex attraction, asked a federal court to block the California law banning the treatment for minors.

Calif. Judge Dismisses Nativity Scene Lawsuit

A Los Angeles judge dismissed a Christian group's lawsuit to force Santa Monica to allow nativity scenes in a city park.

Pic of NYPD Cop Aiding Homeless Man Goes Viral

A photo of a New York policeman giving a pair boots to a homeless man has gone viral.

Pa. Restaurant's Church Discounts Allowed to Continue

The dispute over a Pennsylvania restaurant's discount to church-goers has been settled.

Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized

Former President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized in Houston for treatment of a lingering cough.

Montana Jesus Statue Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed

A lawsuit against a statue of Jesus near a Montana ski resort is moving forward.

Powerball Jackpot Winners in Missouri, Arizona

The record-breaking Powerball jackpot has two winning tickets. Powerball officials announced overnight the tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona.

Late Zig Ziglar Hailed as a 'Giant of the Faith'

Christian motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar has died in Texas. He was 86.

'Two and Half Men' Star Apologizes for 'Filth' Remarks

The teen actor in the CBS comedy "Two and Half Men" is now apologizing for calling the show "filth" and telling people not to watch.

'Giving Tuesday' Puts the Heart Back in the Holidays

After four days of hard-core holiday shopping, Giving Tuesday is meant to encourage people to give back.

Supreme Court Revives Liberty's Obamacare Challenge

The Supreme Court is reviving Liberty University's lawsuit against President Obama's health care plan.


Judge: School Can't Expel Student over RFID Badge

A judge has told a Texas high school it cannot remove a student because she refused to wear a "Smart ID" tracking badge.

Hurricane Sandy's Devastation Deeper than Katrina

The devastation from Superstorm Sandy will cost New York and New Jersey $71 billion and the cleanup and recovery will take years.

Outreach Yields Harvest in Tough Bronx Neighborhood

The Bronx community of Hunts Point has long been plagued by poverty and crime. But a local church is refusing to allow darkness to reign in their community.

Hagman Fans Flock to Southfork Ranch to Remember

Fans flocked to Southfork Ranch to remember actor Larry Hagman who played the infamous "J.R." on TV's "Dallas."

Time Bomb: Sandy Exposes Aging US Electric Grid

Modern America requires electricity, a utility many of us take for granted - until we lose it. Just ask those who lived in the dark courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.

Faith Struggle: Lincoln's Private Battle to Believe

Author Stephen Mansfield explains how Abraham Lincoln was also a man who struggled with God before coming to faith.

'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman Dies in Texas

Although he first gained fame as nice guy Capt. Tony Nelson on the NBC comedy "I Dream of Jeannie," actor Larry Hagman earned his greatest stardom on "Dallas."

Hobby Lobby Appeals ObamaCare Mandate Ruling

Christian-owned Hobby Lobby is appealing in federal court over its case against the abortion-pill mandate in ObamaCare.

Texas Student Kicked Out of School over RFID Badge

A Texas high school is kicking out a student for refusing to wear a Smart ID tracking badge.

San Francisco Bans Public Nudity, Except for Parades

Lawmakers in San Francisco narrowly approved a proposal to ban public nudity on Tuesday.

Veterans Walk to Raise Support for Soldier Sanctuary

Two Washington men are not only brothers in arms, they're comrades with a cause.

Mercy Chefs Serve Up Thanksgiving to Storm Victims

This year's hurricane season has been a difficult for millions. That fact has the Mercy Chefs ministry working hard to ease the burden for many who don't have a place to go this Thanksgiving.

Court Could Ban NYC Churches from Public Schools

A federal court has signaled that it is leaning toward banning New York City churches from using public school buildings for worship services.

Holiday Travelers Fight through Challenging Snags

Thirty-nine million Americans are expected to hit the road this Thanksgiving weekend, but possible bumper to bumper traffic isn't the only challenge facing holiday travelers.

Elmo Puppeteer Resigns amid Sexual Abuse Claims

The puppeteer behind the popular "Sesame Street" character Elmo has resigned after a second allegation that he sexually abused underage boys.

Four Calif. Men Charged in 'Violent Jihad' Plot

Four California men have been arrested for an alleged plot to join al Qaeda and the Taliban to kill Americans and destroy U.S. targets overseas.

Hobby Lobby Not Exempt from Contraception Mandate

A federal judge rejected a request by arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby for exemption from the health care law's contraception coverage mandate.

Santa Monica City Nixes Decades-Old Nativity Scene

After nearly 60 years, Santa Monica, Calif., leaders said "no" to a Nativity display at a city park.

Tyndale Wins Stay against Abortion Drug Mandate

A federal court has issued a temporary injunction against an Obamacare mandate for Bible publisher Tyndale House.

Franklin Graham: US Has Turned Its Back on God

Evangelist Franklin Graham is issuing a wake-up call to America, saying the nation has turned its back on God.

Obama Offers Aid, Assurance to NY Storm Victims

After taking time to speak with New York storm victims, the president promised that the federal government would be a part of the rebuilding process.

More African Americans Supporting Gay Marriage

An increasing number of African Americans are supporting gay marriage, according to recent polls.

IRS Sued for Lax Response to Church Politicking

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing the IRS for allowing tax-exempt churches and religious groups to get involved in political campaigns.

Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast

Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast. Several injured and two people missing.

The owner of an oil platform that caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico says divers will continue the search for one remaining missing worker. Divers hired by the rig's owner recovered one body in the waters near the site Saturday evening. The Coast Guard has suspended its search.

Review: 'Breaking Dawn- Part 2' Caps Twilight Saga

Bella Swan is no longer the angst-ridden high school senior. She's now one of the undead and married to Edward Cullen, the vampire of her dreams.

Dallas Pastor Trades Home for the Streets

Dallas resident Leon Reyes is not homeless but the young pastor has set out this month for a 30 day-beat on the street to raise awareness for the homeless in his city.

Mets' Pitcher Dickey Wins Cy Young Award

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey, a dedicated Christian, finished an amazing season by winning the Cy Young award for the best pitching in the National League.

Group Targets California's Mt. Rubidoux Cross

California's Mount Rubidoux Cross has stood in Riverside for more than 100 years. Now the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants the cross removed.

Destined: Why the Trinity Matters

While the Trinity is a fundamental belief of the Christian faith, many believers don't understand its relevance to their lives.

Top Bishop Vows to Fight Birth Control Mandate

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops vowed the Church will never comply with the Obama administration's mandate to provide birth control coverage in health insurance.

Secession Petition Movement Swells Across the Country

The number of citizens adding their names to petitions for states to secede from the union continues to grow.

S.C. Students Can Continue Taking Religion Courses

High school students in South Carolina will be allowed to continue earning credits by taking off-campus religion courses after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal.

Man Flies Flag Upside Down to Protest Election

Jim Hart of Hereford, Ariz., said he is very worried about the re-election of President Barack Obama and believes America is heading into dire straits.

Evangelical Group Pushes for Immigration Reform

The Evangelical Immigration Table, a politically diverse group of evangelical Christians, is pressing Washington to move quickly on immigration reform. 

Giunta: Military Must Learn from Petraeus Scandal

In the wake of the scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus, Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta says the damage has been done but the military must learn from it.

Secession Requests Flood White House after Election

Residents in 22 states have petitioned the federal government to secede from the Union after President Obama's re-election.

UPS Cuts Funds to Boy Scouts over Gay Policy

The UPS Foundation is cutting off support to the Boy Scouts over its policy of excluding gays and lesbians from being Scouts or Scout leaders.

Operation Blessing Helps Speed NY, NJ Storm Recovery

Operation Blessing volunteers are spread throughout New Jersey and New York distributing food and rebuilding damaged homes.

Huckabee: Timeless Thoughts on the Important Things

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has worn many hats in his lifetime. But he says his most recent role as a grandfather is the most important yet.

Thousands of American Veterans Remain Homeless

Roughly 60,000 veterans remain without homes -- 14 percent of the country's homeless population.

Nation's Vets Embody the Red, White, and Blue

Author Jane Hampton Cook explained the meaning behind the colors of the nation's flag and how America's service men and women embody all they represent.

Tempers Fray as NY Shifts from Recovery to Rebuilding

The Northeast is shifting from recovery to rebuilding. Authorities warn the process will take time, but power outages and gas shortages have tempers wearing thin.

Graham: No Human Leader Can Solve America's Problems

Regardless of how many Christians may have felt about the outcome of the 2012 election, Rev. Billy Graham offered one admonition: pray for the nation's leaders.

Group Urges Honoring Veterans with Prayer

November 11 is the day set aside each year to honor America's war veterans. One group wants to start a new tradition this Veterans Day.

NY Gas Rationing Begins, Many Still Without Power

Gas shortages in Sandy's aftermath have led to long lines at the pump. Now New York is following New Jersey's lead, implementing gas rationing.

Bible Publisher Challenges Abortion Drug Mandate

Tyndale House Publishers is challenging the Obamacare birth control mandate, arguing that the administration's strict exemption excludes most religious companies.

More Women Being Snared by Porn's Lure

Millions of Americans regularly visit porn sites, but what is surprising is that about a third of them are women. Author Shelley Hitz says there's hope for freedom.

Mohler: Election a 'Catastrophe' for Moral Issues

Christian leader Albert Mohler said Christians should view the 2012 election as a "catastrophe" for moral issues, saying the election reflects a trend of growing secularism.

James Bond Rises Again in 'Skyfall'

James Bond, the world's most well-known spy, is back in theaters this weekend in "Skyfall."

San Francisco Offers Free Sex Changes for Uninsured

San Francisco is set to become the first city in the United States to offer free sex change operations for uninsured transgender residents.

Ariz. Shooting Suspect Gets Life without Parole

The man who pleaded guilty to a deadly Arizona shooting rampage that wounded former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

Justice Dept. Targeting Abortion Protestors

Conservatives and business groups often complain about the government's growing numbers of regulations. CBN News has learned that government officials are using lawsuits to go after American citizens.

Pew Poll: Faith Vote Split Along Racial Lines

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life says 60 percent of white Catholics voted for Mitt Romney, while three-fourths of Hispanic Catholics supported President Obama.

Mont. Voters OK Parental Notice on Teen Abortion

In Montana, 71 percent of residents supported a move that will require parental notification for all abortions on girls younger than 16 years old.

Nor'Easter Dumps Rain, Snow on Battered Northeast

The storm-ravaged Northeast is taking another blow Thursday as a powerful storm moves through the area hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy.

Happy Birthday! Billy Graham Turns 94

Rev. Graham's daughter, Ann Graham Lotz, credits her father's long life to prayer and said she hopes people continue to pray for him.

More Bad Weather Ahead for New York, New Jersey

Residents of storm-battered New York and New Jersey are bracing for more rough weather.

Court to Hear Ariz. 20-Week Abortion Ban Case

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges are set to hear arguments Monday in the fight to overturn Arizona's ban on abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Sandy Victims Still Struggling, Brace for Nor'Easter

Millions on the Eastern Seaboard are still recovering from Sandy. The death toll now stands at 107 and approximately 1.7 million are still without power.

Falling Temps Add Urgency to Superstorm Recovery

Storm victims went to church Sunday to pray for deliverance as cold weather and another drenching in the forecast added to the misery of people already struggling with gasoline shortages and power outages.

Viral Video: Girl Cries over 'Bronco Obama,' Romney

The endless election barrage left one little girl in tears, saying she's tired of "Bronco Bamma" and Mitt Romney.

Manhattan Joyful as Power Restored, More Work Ahead

After days in the dark, residents in Manhattan literally saw the light Saturday after power was restored to roughly 65,000 homes in the storm-battered New York borough.

Electricity Explains Why Some Have Gas, Some Don't

It's a question that's rankled and bewildered many in the Northeast: Why do some areas struck by Superstorm Sandy have plenty of gasoline and others still don't?

Victory for Company Fighting Obamacare Mandate

A judge has granted an early victory to a company that's challenging the contraception mandate in Obamacare.

NASA Specialist Wasn't Fired for Religious Views

California Superior Court sided with NASA, claiming a computer specialist was let go because he was combative and did not keep his skills sharp, not because of his faith.

Day 4: Sandy Survivors Face Long Lines, No Electricity

With hour-long traffic jams and hundreds still without electricity, food or clean water the patience of many New York City residents is wearing thin.

Hobby Lobby Seeks Halt to Abortion Drug Mandate

Representatives for the national arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby appeared in federal court after filing a lawsuit against the Obamacare "preventive services" mandate.

Post-Sandy NJ Reeling, New York Transit in Gridlock

Three days after superstorm Sandy pounded the mid-Atlantic and parts of the Northeast, the long clean-up process is only just beginning.

Woman Blocked from Voting over 'Bible' T-Shirt

A woman was blocked from early voting near Austin, Texas, last week after wearing a T-shirt that said "Vote the Bible."