February 2013 Headlines

Ark. Governor Veto's 12-Week Abortion Ban

A pro-life victory in Arkansas comes despite a political show-down over abortion among state leaders.

Cold War Pianist Van Cliburn Dead at 78

Legendary Cold War pianist Van Cliburn lost his battle with bone cancer Wednesday.

Caring for the Stranger: Immigration Reform in the Pews

Faith leaders in key states are taking the immigration reform issue directly to their people in the pews, inspiring them to serve the immigrant and affect the national debate.

Rosa Parks Honored with US Capital Statue

The U.S. Capitol building added an important new statue to its collection Wednesday, one that helps better tell America's intricate story.

Tebow Controversy Makes Way for the Gospel

Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, says God has used the Tebow speaking controversy as a springboard for spreading the Gospel.

School Board Seeks Feedback on Faith Banner Ban

Residents of a small east Texas town are once again fighting for their right to freely express their faith.

Chicago Next Target for Midwest Snowstorm

The massive snowstorm working its way across the Midwest is still packing a big punch as it heads east. Forecasters predict Chicago will be it's next target.

Chosen Few: Montford Point Marines Make History

The road to becoming a Marine is grueling and tough. Now imagine what it must have been like for the first African Americans to join.

Carman Undergoing Treatment for Terminal Cancer

Christian singer and evangelist Carman Licciardello, who goes by the stage name "Carman," is undergoing treatment for terminal cancer.

Black History: Christians Urged to 'Change Atmosphere'

A small crowd gathered Sunday for a special Black History service in Ft. Meyer, Va., to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans.

Va. Passes Ban on Campus 'All-Comers' Policy

The Virginia state legislature passed a measure giving college groups the right to grant membership only to those who share their beliefs and mission.

Teen Driving Fatalities See Sharp Spike

Teen driving deaths increased sharply in the first six months of 2012, according to a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association.

'Nation's Doctor' C. Everett Koop Dead at 96

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, considered the nation's doctor by many Americans, passed away Monday at his home in Hanover, N.H.

Women May Be Required to Register for Draft

The Defense Department's decision to end the ban on women in combat may open the door to women being drafted into military service.

Save the Date! Hinn, Ex-Wife to Re-wed in March

After a highly publicized divorce, evangelist Benny Hinn and his wife, Suzanne, announced they will remarry in March.

Second Round of Brutal Weather Blasts Heartland

The second blizzard in less than a week is slamming the country's heartland, affecting around a dozen states.

Jimmie Johnson: Prayers with Daytona Crash Victims

Daytona 500 champ Jimmie Johnson said his thoughts and prayers were with everyone who was injured in Saturday's 12-car wreck.

Second Blizzard Headed to Central Plains

A second major winter storm was bearing down on the central Plains Sunday, forcing cancellations and sending public works crews scrambling.

Women in Combat Could Blunt 'Tip of the Spear'

As the Pentagon pushes forward with plans to integrate women in military combat units, some argue it will hurt our nation's ability to fight and win the next war.

Some Black Leaders Oppose More Gun Control

African Americans are victims of gun violence more than any other group. But a number of black leaders said more gun control could actually be a bigger threat.

How 'Theology of the Body' Debunks Gay Marriage

Author Christopher West writes about "the theology of the body" and how traditional marriage is meant to reflect the love between Christ and the Church.

Midwest Storm Causes Messy, Dangerous Travel

Much of the nation's heartland is buried in snow Friday. Now that massive storm is working its way northeast.

Heartland Braces for Worst Snowstorm in Two Years

A major winter storm is working its way across the nation's heartland, with 20 states under winter storm watches or warnings.

Obama Admin. May Ask Justices to Overturn Prop 8

The Obama administration is considering asking the Supreme Court to overturn California's amendment that effectively bars gay marriage.

Tim Tebow Backs Out of Church Appearance

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow cancelled an appearance at a Baptist megachurch after gay activists and some in the media pressured him to back out.

Bikers Ride Cross Country to Honor Nation's Vets

Every year, motorcycle riders fire up their Harleys and ride from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., to honor than nation's veterans.

Firefighters Search for Survivors after Mo. Explosion

Missouri firefighters are searching for survivors Wednesday of a natural gas explosion and fire that demolished a Kansas City restaurant.

Parents Agree Not to Pressure Daughter into Abortion

The parents of a pregnant 16-year-old Texas girl agreed Monday not to force their daughter to have an abortion.

Review Panel: Detroit in Financial Emergency

A state review team has determined the Motor City has "no satisfactory plan to resolve a serious financial problem."

Alabama Abortion Clinic Denied Bid to Reopen

An Alabama abortion clinic accused of injuring patients has been denied their bid to reopen.

Colo. House Narrowly Passes Four Gun Control Bills

The Newtown, Conn., shooting has been the rallying cry for new gun control laws in states like Colorado, where lawmakers narrowly passed four bills.

Newtown Gunman Motivated by Violent Video Games

Law enforcement officials say violent video games and an obsession to top the murder count of another serial killer motivated Newtown, Conn., shooter Adam Lanza.

Old Man Winter Pounds Northeast, Midwest

Winter weather is blasting much of the United States Monday.

Dr. Carson: Prayer Breakfast Address 'Not Political'

Critics say Dr. Ben Carson's National Prayer Breakfast speech was too political. But the neurosurgeon credit's God for causing his words to resonate with the public.

Determined to Serve: Black Doctors in the Civil War

During that Civil War, many freed blacks enlisted in the Union Army, including several doctors. Little is known about these brave men but there is a move to change that.

World Missionary Evangelist T.L. Osborn Dies

Missionary and evangelist Tommy Lee (T.L.) Osborn, who established Osborn Ministries International with his wife, Daisy, in 1949 in Tulsa, died Thursday, Feb. 14.

Sproul: Christian Kids Shouldn't Be in Public School

The White House is proposing the government partner with states to provide preschool funding for all 4-year-olds from low and moderate-income families.

Rick Warren: Ministries Should Refuse Gov't Aid

Popular Pastor Rick Warren said any organization that sees evangelism as a priority should not take government money.

Bill Requires Students to Undergo Behavioral Tests

Connecticut lawmakers have introduced a controversial bill requiring behavioral health tests of all home-schooled and public school educated children.

Julianne Hough Stars in Nicholas Sparks' 'Safe Haven'

The romantic drama "Safe Haven" finds a mysterious twenty-something named Katie, played by Julianne Hough, on the run from a dark past.

FAA One Step Closer to Widespread Drone Flights

In a major step toward opening U.S. skies to thousands of unmanned drones, federal officials Thursday solicited proposals to create six drone test sites around the country.

Illinois Moves Closer to Legalized Gay Marriage

Illinois moved a step closer to becoming the tenth state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Ban on Foreign Laws

Oklahoma lawmakers are considering a ban on foreign law in the state's courts.

Mississippi Most Religious State in America

Mississippi is the most religious state in the United States, according to a recently released Gallup poll.

'Made in the USA' Making a Comeback?

The Alliance for American Manufacturing, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is working toward a brighter future for the nation's manufacturers.

Ohio School Board Votes to Keep Jesus Portrait

An Ohio school board has voted unanimously to keep a portrait of Jesus hanging in a school building, saying it's protecting student's free speech rights.

Hundreds Pay Respects to Fmr. SEAL Chris Kyle

Hundreds lined the highways in Texas Tuesday to pay their final respects to former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was shot to death at a Texas gun range.

Fugitive Ex-LAPD Cop Believed Dead after Standoff

California authorities are waiting for forensic tests to determine whether a body found in a burned-out mountain cabin is that of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

Several States Weigh Physician-Assisted Suicide

End-of-life advocacy groups have been working to push the cause, especially as a large number of baby boomers are beginning to face end-of-life issues.

Lecrae, Matt Redman among 2013 Grammy Winners

Christian musician Matt Redman led the pack of gospel music winners during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night.

President Bestows War Vet with Medal of Honor

Former Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha received the Medal of Honor for his courageous leadership during a day-long firefight in Afghanistan that left eight soldiers dead.

Woman Dies After a Botched Late Term Abortion

The death of a 29-year-old pregnant woman believed to be in the midst of a late-term abortion at 33 weeks is being investigated by the Maryland medical examiner and Montgomery County police.


Manhunt for Fugitive Ex-Cop Rattles Calif. Residents

Small towns in Southern California remained on edge Monday as helicopters and police cars searched for a former police officer suspected of killing three people.

Mississippi Tornado Wrecks Homes, Injures Dozens

Residents of Hattiesburg, Miss., began a day of surveying damage, removing felled trees, and cleaning up debris left by a twister that hit the area Sunday night.

Blizzard Slams Midwest as Northeast Digs Out

Another blizzard blasted the country Monday, this time striking the Northern Plains and Minnesota.

Baby Bust: What to Expect When No One's Expecting

Weekly Standard senior writer Jonathan Last warns that unless we change our views about the value of raising children, America faces a bleak future.

Push for Tougher Gun Control Sparks Ammo Shortage

As the debate over gun control continues, increased demand and price hikes on ammunition are leading to a nationwide shortage.

Bishops: Obama Health Care 'Compromise' Not Enough

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops are still not happy with the Obama administration's compromise plan over birth control coverage, saying it just doesn't go far enough.

FRC Shooter Wanted to 'Kill as Many as Possible'

During his federal court appearance, the man behind last year's shooting at the Family Research Council revealed more about why he attacked the group.

Seattle Mayor Says No to Police Drones

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinnon has scrapped plans for using drones as a police tool.

Film Review: The Show Must Go On in 'Quartet'

The film "Quartet" tells the comedic yet dramatic tale of residents of a retirement home for aging opera singers.

Epic Snowstorm Bears Down on Northeast

The blizzard hitting the Northeast is so bad, Massachusetts' governor has banned non-essential traffic for the first time since the blizzard of 1978.

Ever After? A Love Story 80 Years in the Making

John and Ann Betar have an unusual love story: they are America's longest married couple.

'Nighmare' Blizzard Headed for New England

Forecasters say two storms may converge over New England on Friday, dumping up to two feet of snow in the region.

Sacrifice of Heroic WWII Chaplains Remembered

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the heroic sacrifice of four World War II chaplains.

Boy Scouts Postpone Vote on Reversing Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts of America has postponed a decision on whether to allow gays to become Scouts and Scout leaders until their annual meeting in May.

Military to Extend Benefits to Gay Service Members

The military is poised to extend some benefits to same-sex partners of service members, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Moment of Truth: Boy Scouts to Vote on Gay Ban

Scouts across the country say lifting the ban on gays would be huge -- especially because churches sponsor 69 percent of all Scout units.

InterVarsity Chapter Allowed to Stay at Mich. U.

The University of Michigan will now allow its Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter to stay on campus after dropping the group for its faith requirements.

Commuters Spend Billions Just Sitting in Traffic

Traffic congestion costs $121 billion in wasted time and fuel, according to an annual study of national driving patterns released Tuesday

Florist Sued for Refusing to Deliver to Teen Atheist

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing a Cranston, R.I., florist for refusing to deliver flowers to an atheist teen.

Ala. Bill Would Legalize Display of Ten Commandments

Three Alabama lawmakers are working to ensure that the Ten Commandments can be displayed in any public building in the state.

Obama: Boy Scouts Should Lift Gay Ban

President Obama said in a pre-Super Bowl interview that gays should be allowed in the Boy Scouts. Obama serves as honorary president of the group.

Death of Top ex-SEAL Sniper Highlights PTSD

A former top Navy SEAL sniper was shot to death this weekend by a fellow veteran.  Authorities believe the suspect was suffering from PTSD.

Boy Safe, Kidnapper Dead after Week-Long Standoff

Alabama police say a 5-year-old autistic boy held hostage for the past seven days is safe and his kidnapper is dead.

Baker Investigated for Refusing Gay Wedding Cake

An Oregon baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple is now the target of an investigation by the state attorney general.

'Triipawd' Hero Promotes Military Dog Monument

California's Universal City honored one of America's three-legged war heroes on Monday.

Chicken Wings, Pizza Rule Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has turned into the second-biggest eating holiday in the United States, second only to Thanksgiving.

Wyoming Schools May Offer Bible Study

Wyoming legislators aim to make it clear that public schools can offer Bible study courses as an elective.

Wyoming Public Schools May Offer Bible Study

Wyoming legislators aim to make it clear that public schools can offer Bible study courses as an elective.

Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis: 'We Finished the Race'

Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens captured their second Super Bowl Championship in franchise history Sunday over the San Francisco 49ers.

Gov. Perry: Boy Scouts Should Keep No-Gay Policy

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said emphatically the Boy Scouts shouldn't soften its strict no-gays policy, and dismissed the idea of bending to the whims of "popular culture."

Evangelical Churches Refine Message on Gay Issues

The pressure to change the way homosexuality is addressed in evangelical churches is increasing as mainstream support for gay and lesbian issues increases.

Another GOP Senator Backs Hagel for Defense Post

A second Republican senator says he will back former Sen. Chuck Hagel as the next Pentagon chief.  Democrats need at least 5 GOP votes to confirm him.

Oral Roberts Univ. Elects New President

Oral Roberts University has elected Dr. William "Billy" Wilson as the fourth president of the university.


Is Faith in God Reasonable? Atheist, Christian Debate

Does God exist? It's a question theologian William Lane Craig and atheist Alex Rosenberg matched wits over Friday in a debate at Indiana's Purdue University.

Immigration Bill Splits GOP on National-Local Line

The immigration debate is threatening to split Republicans, pitting those who focus on presidential elections against those who care mostly about congressional races.

Most Say God Won't Determine Super Bowl Outcome

When the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens meet in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, will God play a role in which team wins?

Ark. House Panel OKs Guns in Church Measure

An Ark. House panel endorsed legislation allowing concealed handguns in churches after hearing testimony from pastors who were split on whether it would make their sanctuaries safer.