September 2007 Headlines

Spiritual Rally on Wall Street

Market upheaval is not the only event in history that has changed the landscape on Wall Street. More than 150 years ago, one of the world's most unique revivals began. Some have called it America's last Great Awakening.

Christian Actors: No One Mocks Jesus

The Miracle Theater, a faith-based production group, paid nearly $100,000 to run a full page ad titled "Christian Entertainers Say 'Enough Is Enough'" in USA Today to address blasphemous remarks made about Jesus.

UPDATE: Feds Leave Key Rate Unchanged - NEW YORK - The Federal Reserve chose not to cut a key interest rate, while acknowleding the "strains in financial markets have increased significantly and labor markets have weakened further."

Navy Seal Tells Story of Loss and Survival

Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell spoke candidately about six days in the mountains of Afghanistan as he and his "brothers" fought off an ambush by Taliban.

America Remembers 9/11 Six Years Later

For the families it must be an extremely painful day. Our prayer is that the sweet memories of the lives of those lost will somehow relieve the trauma of that unforgettable day.