April 2013 Headlines

Duck Dynasty Stars: Faith, Family Keys to Success

A&E's "Duck Dynasty," a show about a family, their faith and duck calls is cable television's top-rated reality show.

Prodigal Faith: Why Secondhand Belief Isn't Enough

Many youth leave the faith these days. But the good news is about half will find their way back. But how much pain will they have to go through first?

Three New Suspects Arrested in Boston Case

Three more suspects have been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing case.

Metaxas Book Defines What Makes a Man Great

In his latest book, Seven Men and the Secret to Their Greatness, author Eric Metaxas shares the stories of seven modern day heroes.

Tip of the Iceberg: Gosnell Case Exception or Rule?

A new undercover video shows Dr. Kermit Gosnell may not be the only abortion doctor engaging in questionable practices.

NJ Drill Team Performs on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Camden, N.J. made headlines this year as the country's poorest and most violent city.

Jet's Drop Tebow, NFL Career Jeopardy?

Tim Tebow's NFL career could be in jeopardy. On Monday, the Jets announced they've dropped him as their back-up quarterback after only one season.

Holocaust Survivors Urged to 'Keep History Alive'

On Monday, survivors of the Nazi Holocaust met for what may be their last big reunion.

Gay Groups Want Laurie Banned from Day of Prayer

Gay rights groups are trying to bar Pastor Greg Laurie from events at the National Day of Prayer because of his biblical stance on homosexuality.

Pro-Lifers, Pro-Choicers Weigh in on Gosnell Trial

The murder trial for abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is now in the hands of the jury, and both sides of the nation's abortion debate are weighing in on the trial.

ESPN's Broussard Draws Heat over Collins Remarks

The media are portraying the NBA's Jason Collins as courageous for becoming the first player in a major team sport to announce he's gay.

Day of Prayer Chair: US Headed for Judgment or Revival

Christians should seek personal revival before praying for the nation, according to National Day of Prayer Honorary Chairman Greg Laurie.

Lawmakers: Boston Bombing Suspects Had Outside Help

Some lawmakers believe the Boston bombing suspects may have received training to help them carry out their attack.

Flooding, Hail Cause Mayhem in South, Midwest

There was deadly flash flooding and winds from Texas to Tennessee this weekend. And in the Midwest, there is still no relief from record flooding.

Guantanamo Hunger Strike

A hunger strike among prisoners at Guantanamo Bay keeps growing.

Russia Caught Bomb Suspect on Wiretap

Russian authorities secretly recorded a telephone conversation in 2011 in which one of the Boston bombing suspects vaguely discussed jihad with his mother.

Girls Told to Ask for Lesbian Kiss at School

Parents of children attending a Red Hook, New York, middle school are outraged after a recent anti-bullying presentation at Linden Avenue Middle School

Sandbagged: Midwest Still Dealing with Floodwaters

Residents are bracing themselves as more rivers are close to cresting, while in other areas floodwaters are just beginning to recede.

Mormon Church Approves Boy Scout Proposal

The Mormon church supports a new proposal by the Boy Scouts to end a ban on gay youth members. The ban on gay adult leaders would stay in place.

Networks Pull Violent Programs after Boston Bombing

NBC killed an episode of its new serial killer drama "Hannibal" in response to the Boston bombing violence.

Defense Rests W/out Witnesses in Gosnell Trial

The defense rested in Dr. Kermit Gosnell's murder trial without calling a single witness, including Gosnell himself.

Dramatic Surveilance Video of FRC Attack Released

Newly released video from last year's attack on the Family Research Center in Washington allows the general public to see exactly what took place.

Boston Bombing Suspect Moved to Detention Center

Boston Marathon bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been transported to a federal medical detention center in central Massachusetts.

Congress Fired Up Over Massive DHS Ammo Purchases

The U.S. government's ongoing purchases of massive amounts of ammunition are raising concerns on Capitol Hill.

Samaritan's Purse Simulates SC Earthquake

Relief teams across the globe are responding to an "earthquake" in South Carolina. It's a not a real disaster, but simulated to train aid workers to respond to real-life emergencies.

Boston Suspects' Mother: Sons Were Framed

The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings stopped talking to the FBI after he was read his Miranda rights.

Christians Say US Suffering Leadership Crisis

Most Christians, 82 percent, believe the United States is suffering from a crisis of leadership, according to a new survey from the Barna Group.

Appeals Court Hears German Home Schoolers Case

A court in Cincinnati is weighing whether a Christian home-school family from Germany should be granted asylum.

Boston Marathon Bombing Mastermind, Family on Welfare

Boston bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his entire extended family were on welfare, according to a report in The Boston Herald.

Obama P. Parenthood Appearance Riles Pro-Lifers

President Obama will no longer deliver the keynote address at a huge Planned Parenthood fundraiser Friday but he's still speaking at the event.

Texas Blast Probe Ensues While Lawsuits Pile Up

The investigation into the West, Texas, fertilizer plant continues while lawsuits pile up against Adair Grain and its owner, Donald Adair.

FBI Searches Home of Second Ricin Letter Suspect

Federal agents searched the home of a second Mississippi man who may have ties to the ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and a U.S. Senator.

Associated Press Twitter Account Hacked

The Associated Press says hackers gained access to its Twitter account through bogus emails seeking private information. It's a technique called phishing.

CBN's Dr. Pat Robertson: 'We Love Israel'

Christians and Jews came together this week in Hampton Roads to stand with Israel.

Record Floods Devastate Midwest, Worst to Come

In parts of the Midwest, it's being called the the most devastating flood in recorded history, and the worst of it may still be upstream.

Three Murder Charges Dropped against Gosnell

The judge in the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell has thrown out three of the eight charges of murder he faces. No explanation was given.

Troops Ordered to Remove Verses from Scopes

The United States Army is directing troops to remove scripture that was etched into their military scopes.

Ex-Manager Exposes P. Parenthood 'Webcam Abortions'

Former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer is sounding the alarm about a procedure known as webcam abortion. She says it's is not just unethical, it's dangerous.

Boston Suspect Tells Authorities 'We Acted Alone'

Authorities say the Boston Marathon bombing suspects appear to have been motivated by their Islamic faith but not connected with any Muslim terrorist groups.

Gov't. Seeks 45-Year Sentence for FRC Attacker

The government is seeking a 45-year prison term for the man who attacked the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Family Research Council last year.

No Knives Yet: TSA Delays New Carry-on Policy

The TSA is delaying a new policy that would have relaxed the rules about carry-on items.

Bill Maher Butts Head with Guest Over Extremism

Liberal talk show host Bill Maher went toe to toe with a guest Friday night taking issue with the guest's comparing Islamic extremism with other faiths.


George Beverly Shea Laid to Rest at Graham Library

George Beverly Shea was being buried Monday in a private funeral ceremony on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C.

Prosecutors Move Quickly to Build Marathon Case

The Obama administration is taking steps to build a criminal case against the Boston Marathon bombings suspect as Republicans raise concerns about the approach.

Boston Suspect Charged, Grieving City Pays Respects

As federal prosecutors charged the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings, the city paid respects at the first funeral of a victim, 29-year-old Krystle Campbell.

Texas Church Meets in a Hayfield after Plant Blast

A West, Texas, congregation gathered for worship in a hayfield Sunday, following last week's deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant.

Shooting at Colo. Pot Holiday Gathering Injures 2

Gunfire erupted at a Denver pot celebration Saturday, injuring two people at the first 4/20 counterculture holiday since the state legalized marijuana.

Islam at Core of Boston Suspects' World View

The two suspects in the Boston bombings have been revealed to be Muslims and ethnic Chechens suspected in a horrific act of terrorism.

Some Residents Return Home After Texas Blast

Fourteen bodies have now been recovered from the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. As many as 200 were injured in the blast.

Boy Scouts Propose Lifting Gay Ban for Youth

The Boy Scouts of America is proposing to lift its ban on gays for youth members - but not for adult leaders.

Who's to Blame for Abortion Doc's 'House of Horrors'?

Despite the gruesome nature of the Kermit Gosnell trial, it still isn't getting much coverage from the major media.

Extra Security Deployed for London Marathon

A defiant, festive mood prevailed Sunday at the London Marathon despite concerns raised by the bomb attacks on the Boston Marathon six days ago.

Boston Bombing Suspect in Serious Condition

The younger suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings remains hospitalized today and in serious condition after police captured him late Friday.

Obama: Boston Capture Closes Out a 'Tough Week'

President Obama questioned why the terrorists targeted America even as the capture of a second Boston bombing suspect brought a little closure.

Captured: Second Boston Bombing Suspect Caught

The second suspect has been captured in the Boston bombing manhunt. The other suspect is dead after a shootout with police.

Pastor Recalls Chaos at Boston Marathon Finish Line

As the manhunt unfolds for one of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, Americans are still reeling from Tuesday's attack.

Miss. Man in Custody in Ricin Letters Case

A Mississippi man is in custody, accused of sending letters to President Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Tenn., that tested positive for the poisin ricin.

Search on for Survivors of Deadly Texas Plant Blast

The search is on for survivors in an explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, that killed as many as 15 people and injured more than 160 people.

Break in Boston Case? Image Sparks Hunt for Suspect

Investigators spotted a suspect from security video taken before the deadly Boston blasts that killed three and injured 176 near the finish line of the race.

Kurt Warner: 'It's Never Too Late to Realize Your Dream'

Kurt Warner is taking nine hopefuls on the adventure of a lifetime. The journey involves giving each contender a second chance to fulfill their biggest dream.

Graham Crusade's George Beverly Shea Dead at 104

George Beverly Shea, the baritone voice that preceded thousands of evangelistic messages by the Rev. Billy Braham, has passed away.

Abused Missionary Kids Begin Journey to Healing

A first of its kind conference for survivors of abuse and trauma on the mission field is being held in Chicago this weekend.

NYC Teen Wins Battle to Start School Bible Club

Courage perfectly explains what it took for one NYC Christian high school student to start a Bible club at his school after three months of being denied.


Bruins Lose Game But Win the Heart of Boston

The Boston Bruins hosted the first sporting event in the city since Monday's bombings. But it wasn't the game that made the evening, it was the opening.

Boston Remembers Most Tragic Bombing Victims

Boston is remembering the three victims who lost their lives in the Marathon explosions.


Legendary NFL Announcer Pat Sumerall Dies at 82

Veteran sports broadcaster Pat Sumerall died Tuesday at the age of 82 of cardiac arrest.

Abortion Victim's Daughter Testifies at Gosnell Trial

The family of a woman who died at a Philadelphia abortion clinic is testifying at the trial of the doctor accused of killing her.

FBI Investigators Find Remains of Boston Explosives

The FBI has recovered the partial remains of one of the bombs: a medium-sized pressure cooker packed with wires, a circuit board, nails and ball bearings.

Lesbians Win Case against Christian B&B Owner

A Hawaiian bed and breakfast lost a discrimination lawsuit filed by a Southern California lesbian couple.

Boston Explosion: Therapist on Coping With Trauma

Family Therapist Dr. Linda Mintle talks about coping with trauma and more on the Tuesday, April 16 Newswatch.

US Searches for Answers in Deadly Boston Bombings

The full weight of the U.S. government is behind work Tuesday to find out who is responsible for Monday's Boston Marathon bombing that left at least three dead.

Regent Announces Partnership to Reach Minorities

Regent University is launching a new program to help African-American and Latino students complete a degree in higher education.

New York Gun Registration Law Takes Effect

New York's new gun registration measure is set to kick in Monday.

White House Official Calls Bombings 'Terrorism'

A White House offficial, speaking on condition of anonymity about the unfolding investigation, says the Boston Marathon bombings are a terrorist act.

Warren Criticized for Holding Private Funeral

California mega-church pastor Rick Warren and his family held a private funeral service for their son Matthew last week.

White House: President Can't Comment on Gosnell Case

The murder trial of abortion doctor Kermitt Gosnell continued Monday, yet officials say it's not clear whether Gosnell will testify this week.

Christian Author Brennan Manning Dead at 78

Influential Christian author Brennan Manning passed away Friday after years of health problems. He was 78 years old.

Ex-Employee Sues P. Parenthood for Medicaid Fraud

A former Planned Parenthood official in Los Angeles says the abortion provider over-charged the state and federal government by hundreds of millions.

Small Businesses Say Tax Code a Major Burden

A new National Small Business Association survey released showed the tax code is a major burden on American's small businesses.

Ky. County Removes Commandments from Schools

School officials in Breathitt County, Ky., are removing Ten Commandments displays from all high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

Teacher Suspended for 'Nazi' Essay Assignment

The teacher instructed tenth grade students to write an essay to an imaginary Nazi official convincing him that Jews are "the source of our problems."

Jackie Robinson Biopic Bittersweet Tale of Courage

"Hero" is a word we often hear in sports, but heroism isn't always about the achievement on the field.

Army Officer Labels Conservatives 'Hate Groups'

An email sent by a United States Army officer identifies two conservative pro-family groups as "hate groups," and some members of the groups are demanding an apology.

Workers Recount Abortion Doc's Clinic of Horrors

Eight former employees of abortion doctor Dr. Kermit Gosnell testified about the horrific and often chaotic practices at his Philadelphia clinic.

Critics: Abortion Sign Ban Could Erode Free Speech

It may seem like a question only affecting pro-lifers. But some say such a ban could affect the free speech rights of all Americans.

IRS Tracking Americans' Online Activities

The Internal Revenue Service is using its computers to track online activities of Americans as it tries to find tax cheats.

Louisiana Company Recalls 468K Pounds of Meat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a Louisiana-based meat packing company has expanded a recall of meat products because of possible bacterial contamination.

NJ Teacher Files Complaint over Bible Firing

A former substitute teacher in New Jersey says he was fired for giving a student a Bible.

Poll: Support for Abortion Down, Gay Marriage Up

Support for abortion is dropping across the U.S., according to a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll. Meanwhile, support for gay marriage is on the rise.

Tough Themes, Inspiring Stories Box Office Homeruns?

"42" and "Not Today" tackle tough topics but worth it says movie reviewer Bob Waliszewski.

'Iconic' Colonial Era Hymnal Up for Auction

A tiny hymnal that could be the first book ever printed in America is going up for auction.

Missouri AG Won't Appeal Birth Control Ruling

The Missouri Attorney General said he will not appeal a federal appeals court's decision to strike down a state law exempting those with moral objections from Obamacare's birth control mandate.

Dr. Carson Withdraws as Hopkins Graduation Speaker

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is stepping down as this year's commencement speaker at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Medal of Honor Goes to Korean War's 'Father Kapaun'

Father Kapaun was among the first U.S. troops on the ground in the Korean War. Fellow soldiers remember him as a "saint" and "a blessing from God."

IRS Claims Americans Enjoy 'No Privacy' in Emails

The Internal Revenue Service is arguing that it has the right to read Americans' email without a search warrant.

Warrens Flooded with Prayers after Son's Suicide

Pastor Rick Warren gave thanks for the outpouring of support his family is receiving following the suicide of his youngest son Matthew.

Wash. Florist Sued for Refusing Gay Couple

A Washington florist is being sued by the state's attorney general for refusing to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

Wild Weather Pounds Midwest with Snow, Rain

Wild weather is pounding in the Midwest, with powerful storms packing rain, snow and wind moving through the region.

Calif. Bill Seeks to Punish Scouts for Gay Ban

California lawmakers are seeking to make the Boy Scouts of America ineligible for some state tax exemptions.

Osteen Resignation from Faith Confirmed a Hoax

Pastor Joel Osteen confirmed that an online resignation from the faith was all an elaborate hoax.

PTC Cries Foul over Bid to Loosen TV Nudity Rules

The Federal Communications Commission wants to loosen on TV nudity and expletives. But the Parents Television Council is objecting to the proposal.

Pizzeria Takes Stand on Second Amendment Rights

All Around Pizza in Virginia Beach, Va., earned the national spotlight after a promotion to show support for the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

More Young Women 'Shacking Up' before Marriage

More young women are choosing to live with their boyfriends before getting married, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control.

Spring Snow Storm Slams Midwest

A spring snow storm is slamming into the Midwest today.


The Dead Zone: Detroit Becomes Urban Wasteland

Welcome to Detroit, or what some call "The Dead Zone." Crime is the only growth industry, with murder being an everyday occurrence.

Mouseketeer, Film Star Annette Funicello Dies

Annette Funicello, who became a child star as a perky, cute-as-a-button Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club" in the 1950s, died Monday. She was 70.

Holder Makes 'Dirty Dozen' Purveyor of Porn List

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is being called one of America's top facilitators of pornography.

Korean War Chaplain Awarded Medal of Honor

President Obama is awarding the Medal of Honor to an Army chaplain who served during the Korean War.

March Sees Fewest Job Gains in Nine Months

A slowdown in March job gains has experts questioning the strength of the market for the spring season.

ACLU Challenges Faith Groups' Access to Ky. Schools

The American Civil Liberties Union challenged religious groups' access to Kentucky elementary schools on Thursday.

Gun Control Laws Fail to Slow Gun Rights Push

Sweeping new gun laws in Connecticut and Maryland are being called some of the strongest in the nation. But they haven't slowed the march to expand gun rights.

'Idol' Jeremy Rosado Releases 'Don't Be Afraid'

American Idol season 12 is winding down, with the winner to be chosen in just a few weeks.

Report Shows Katrina Aid Funds Missing, Misspent

A new government report shows $700 million of Hurricane Katrina relief funds are missing or misspent.

Hawaii Faith Groups Lobby for Preschool Funding

Religious groups in Hawaii are protesting the governor's proposed preschool program.

Ohio School District Removes Jesus Portrait

An Ohio school district decided to remove a portrait of Jesus hanging in a high school building.

Exodus 2013: National Flee Abortion Industry Day

A group called And Then There Were None is working to help abortion clinic workers flee the industry.

Alabama Lawmakers Tighten up Abortion Clinic Rules

The Alabama state house gave final passage a measure that tightens up rules for abortion clinics.

Judges Says WTC Cross Can Be Part of 9/11 Museum

A federal judge in New York has ruled that the World Trade Center cross can be included in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Fight over Jesus Portrait Moves to High School

The fight over a portrait of Jesus has graduated from a middle school to a high school in Ohio.

Student Gov't Assoc. Won't Recognize Pro-life Group

The Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University refuses to recognize a pro-life group as an official club on campus.

Catholic University to Defy Birth Control Mandate

Ave Maria University is vowing to appeal after a federal court dismissed its suit against Obamacare's birth control coverage mandate.

Christian Youth Face Backlash after Marriage Hearings

Many young Christians are facing hostility and alienation from their peers after last week's national focus on gay marriage.

Conn., NRA Propose Different Gun Violence Solutions

In the wake of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, state lawmakers have agreed on some of the toughest gun control laws in the country.

New Jersey Closer to Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

New Jersey lawmakers are one step closer to banning children from receiving "reparative therapy" for homosexuality.

RI Becomes Fair Game in Gay Marriage Battle

America's smallest state is the last in New England to hold out for traditional marriage, making it "fair game" in the eyes of gay activists.

'The Bible' Series Finale Draws 11.7 Million Viewers

The series finale of the History Channel's "The Bible" got a big boost from viewers for its series finale on Easter Sunday.

Mich., NJ Towns See Series of Church Attacks

A series of attacks on churches over Easter weekend was reported in Shelby Township, Mich., and Camden, N.J.

Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrate Suburban America

Drug cartels from Mexico are embedding some of their most trusted agents inside the United States.

Heartland Hispanics Bolstering Local Economies

More than 50 million Latinos live in the United States. In the Midwest, Hispanics are not only propping up declining populations, they're helping to bolster economies.

Thousands Join in Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Tours of the White House may be suspended due to the sequester cuts, but 30,000 parents and kids spent time on the White House lawn Monday.

Rhode Island Law De-criminalizing Pot Takes Effect

Under the new Rhode Island law there is no longer the penalty of jail time for anyone caught with small amounts of pot. Instead they'll face a $150 fine.

Ark. Pipeline Break Could Influence Keystone Project

An oil pipeline spill in Arkansas could keep some people out of their homes for weeks.

Christian Author, Edith Schaeffer, Dies Easter Sunday

Evangelical author and co-founder of L'Abri Fellowship, Edith Shaeffer, died Sunday at age 98.