June 2013 Headlines

American Revivals: Key to Shaping US History

An ongoing debates over America's start is whether the founders meant to establish a Christian nation. Many wonder today if we disconnecting from our foundation.

Gary Sinise on Mission to Serve 'America's Bravest'

Many celebrities work to help America's veterans. One of the most passionate is Gary Sinise, who's on a mission to serve vets, their families and others in need.

Covert Agenda: US Didn't Become Pro-Gay Overnight

After the Supreme Court's recent gay marriage rulings, the media reported that America had a rapid change of heart on the issue. But the U.S. didn't get here overnight.

Naghmeh Abedini: 'God, Not Iran, Will Free Saeed'

One year ago Naghmeh Abedini said goodbye to her husband Saeed Abedini as he set off on a trip. She never dreamed that 12 months later she'd be fighting for his freedom.

Gay Activists Set Sights on Next States to Target

Gay activists have been quickly planning their state-by-state same-sex marriage strategy in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's landmark rulings.

Kennedy Rejects Final Plea by Prop 8 Supporters

Justice Kennedy rejected Prop 8 supporters' request to intervene after California ignored the waiting period and started issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Southwest Bakes in Record Triple-Digit Heat

The Southwest is tying a number of record temperatures as a heat wave settles in.

How Should Christians Respond to a Growing Hostility?

The U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage raised a crucial question: How should the Church respond to a culture that seems increasingly hostile toward Christianity?

Faith Community Braces for Impact of Gay Rulings

The Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage have set the Christian community on edge, causing many to wonder how they'll impact religious freedom.

Marijuana's March Toward Mainstream Confounds Feds

Public opinion is shifting toward acceptance of marijuana even as science reveals more about the drug's potential dangers, particularly for young people.

Faith Groups Give HHS Mandate Run for Its Money

Christian organizations like Criswell College and Hobby Lobby are giving the Obama administration a run for it's money on its contraception coverage mandate.

Chick-fil-A Downplays President's Gay Marriage Tweet

Chick-fil-A is hoping to prevent another firestorm after its president, Dan Cathy, tweeted his disappointment in the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage Wednesday.

Oval Office Under Attack in 'White House Down'

Hollywood's latest action thriller, "White House Down," is being released in theaters across the nation Friday.

Record-Breaking Heat Wave to Hit Western US

The western U.S. is being hit with a record breakingt heat wave in years.

NC Education Bill Warns of Dangers of Abortion

Middle school and high school students in North Carolina could soon get lessons about the dangers of abortion.

'Yes Jesus!' Nick Wallenda Conquers Grand Canyon

Daring aerialist Nick Wallenda completed an historic 1,500-high tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon in just 22 minutes Sunday.

Traditional Marriage Backers: Court Set Bad Precedent

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that defenders of California's Proposition 8 had no legal standing to defend it -- a move some say sets a dangerous precedent.

Pentagon to Extend Benefits to Gay Military Spouses

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the Pentagon is working to extend benefits to the spouses of gay military members as soon as possible.

ND's Only Abortion Clinic Challenges New Restrictions

The only abortion clinic in North Dakota is challenging a new state law that bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy, when an unborn baby's heartbeat can first be detected.

Justices Back Fla. Family in Property Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed property owners a victory. It ruled Tuesday that governments cannot demand unreasonable amounts of money for a building permit.

Court Strikes DOMA; Clears Way for CA Gay Marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday that gay couples are entitled to the same benefits as married heterosexual couples.

Evangelicals: Obama's Coal Restrictions Hurt the Poor

More than 100 evangelicals endorsed an official statement opposing new restrictions planned by President Barack Obama on carbon-dioxide emissions from electric power plants.

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen: 'I'm Not a Racist'

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen said she is not a racist during a tearful interview on NBC's "TODAY" show Wednesday.

Florida Law Lets Kids Stay in Foster Care Until 21

A new law in Florida will allow children in the state's foster care system to stay until age 21.

New Jersey Assembly OK's Reparative Therapy Ban

The New Jersey Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that forbids therapists from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with youth under age 18.

NY Police to Wallenda: No Tightroping Allowed

High-wire walker Nick Wallenda said he wants to take his next show on the road to New York City between the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings.

Judge Rules 'Big Mountain Jesus' Can Stay Put

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a statue of Jesus can remain atop Montana's Big Mountain, saying it does not violate the Constitution.

Santorum Takes Helm of Christian Film Co.

Former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is now CEO of EchoLight studios, a Dallas-based Christian film production company.

Fla. Professor in 'Jesus Stomping' Case Reinstated

Florida Atlantic University has reinstated the professor who had students stomp on a piece of paper with the name of "Jesus" written on it.

Violent Storms Ravage Upper Midwest, Plains

Severe storms pummeled parts of the Plains and upper Midwest states Monday. In Illinois, wind and rain triggered mudslides, downed trees, and blew over vehicles.

Pastor Chuck Smith's Cancer Upgraded to Stage 4

The daughter of Calvary Chapel's founding pastor Chuck Smith issued an urgent prayer request for her father as doctors upgraded his lung cancer status to Stage 4.

State's Funds Offer 'Real Alternatives' to Abortion

Some states are so tied to abortion they're trying to shut down pro-life centers. But one Pennsylvania group is using tax dollars to fund pro-life alternatives.

Court Rules on Affirmative Action, Mulls Gay Marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to weigh in Monday on same-sex marriage and affirmative action, among other cases.

Transgendered First-Grader Can Use Girls' Bathroom

Colorado officials have ruled that a 6-year-old boy can use the girls bathroom in his school.

Retirement Crisis: Americans Living Longer, Saving Less

When it comes to growing old in America, there's good news and bad news. Millions will live to see retirement -- but their savings will not sustain them.

Wing-Walker, Pilot Killed at Ohio Air Show

The pilot and a wing-walking stunt woman perished Saturday when their biplane crashed and burned while performing at an air show in Ohio.

iSpy? Gov't Can Use Cell Phones to Track Users

The government can use its data programs to track people's movements and even their personal interests, McClatchy News reports.

Video: Nik Wallenda: A Life on the Line

High wire artist Nik Wallenda talks about his Grand Canyon tightrope walk scheduled for June 23, 2013.

Exodus International Shuts Down; Apologizes to Gays

Christian ministry Exodus International is closing its doors after nearly 40 years even as the organization's leader apologized to the gay community.

Hispanics Gather for Prayer amid Immigration Debate

Hundreds gathered in Washington, D.C., Thursday for the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast hosted by Esperanza.

Geneva Exempted from Contraception Mandate, for Now

A Christian college in Pennsylvania has been granted a temporary exemption from Obamacare's contraception coverage mandate.

Moore Thankful for Prayer, Help after Tornado

It has been one month since an EF-5 tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., killing 24 people and destroying thousands of homes and buildings.

Gallup: One in Four Americans Trusts News Media

Americans have very little trust in the news media, according to a new Gallop poll.

Humanists Sue Calif. City over War Memorial Cross

A humanist group is suing Lake Elsinore, Calif., for funding a monument depicting a solider kneeling at a gravestone with a cross on it.

Pastor Choco among Time's 'Most Influential People'

Pastor Choco grew up in a rough Chicago neighborhood and his future didn't look promising. Then at 14 years old, his life turned around and he found his destiny.

Investigators: TWA Plane Crash Report 'Falsified'

A group of retired crash investigators featured in a new documentary claim the cause of a 1996 plane crash near Long Island, N.Y., was covered up.

FRC Welcomes '19 Kids, Counting's' Josh Duggar

The eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will be taking over as executive director of the Family Research Council's FRC Action group in Washington.

Military Gets Flak over Women Combat Integration

The military is catching flak over its new order to integrate women into combat, including special operations forces.

Study: Media Promotes Pro-Gay Marriage Bias

A new Pew study shows media coverage around the time the U.S. Supreme Court first considered homosexual marriage had more supporter content.

Traditional Marriage Movement Gaining Steam

A recent poll shows 72 percent believe gay marriage is inevitable. But a traditional marriage movement has entered the game, and it is gaining steam.


Military to Begin Women Combat Training by 2015

The U.S. military is making plans to integrate women into combat roles, including special operations.

CBN's Pat Robertson Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson was honored with the Faith and Freedom Coalition's first "Winston Churchill" Lifetime Achievement Award.

US Navy Moves to Rid Workplace of Porn

The secretary of the U.S. Navy is taking steps to rid the Navy and Marines of racy or pornographic images.

Assemblies of God, Wycliffe Resolve Bible Dispute

The Assemblies of God will continue working with Wycliffe Bible Translators after threatening to withdraw its support over previous Bible translations.

Weather Drama: Fire, Floods Plague Colorado, Texas

Firefighters in Colorado have now contained 65 percent of the worst wildfire in the state's history. The blaze killed two people and destroyed nearly 500 homes.

'Man of Steel' a Christ-like Figure, Symbol of Hope?

It's one of the most anticipated movies of the summer: "Man of Steel" opened in theaters across the country on Friday, but many are wondering who is this new Superman?

Eastern Storm Causes Death and Destruction

Extreme weather is working its way up the eastern seaboard, including a tornado that touched down near the nation's capital Thursday.

Deadly Colo. Fires Destroy Homes, Force Evacs

The deadly wildfires in Colorado are the worst in the state's history. The fast moving flames have devoured nearly 16,000 acres and destroyed 360 homes.

Deadly Storm Hits Midwest, Bears Down on Northeast

Forecasters said a giant line of ferocious storms spawned 17 tornadoes in the Midwest Wednesday. Now the system is headed for the Northeast.

Local Police DNA Databases Trigger Privacy Fears

A growing number of local police departments are building up DNA databases of residents in their communities, raising new privacy concerns.

Man Up! Men Urged to End Abortion's War on Women

Women may get abortions, but without men, there wouldn't be any abortions. Now some men say it's time for males to step up and end this war on women.

Firefighters Battle Worst Fire in Colorado History

Giant flames and thick smoke are moving across Colorado as three massive wildfires continue to burn out of control.

About Face: Boy Can Sing 'God' Song in Talent Show

A kindergartener in Chula Vista, Calif.,  will now be allowed to sing in his school's talent show, after being banned because his selection was a Christian song. 

West, Texas Leaders: 'FEMA Aid Denial Is Unacceptable'

Local and state leaders are disappointed over the Federal Emergency Management Agency's refusal to provide funds that would have gone toward rebuilding West, Texas.

Four Md. Abortion Clinics Shut Down after Fatality

Authorities shut down four Maryland abortion clinics and suspended the licenses of three doctors in May.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Styrofoam Ban

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg now wants to abolish Styrofoam cups and containers in city stores and eateries.

SBC Officially Opposes Boy Scouts' Gay Policy

At its annual Wednesdy, the Southern Baptist Convention formally voiced its opposition to the Boy Scouts' new policy allowing openly gay members.

Chapter 2 for Paralyzed Missionary Steve Saint

Steve Saint, the paralyzed son of martyred missionary pilot Nate Saint, says he's living out chapter two of his life and it's a story he's letting God write.

AAA: Hands-Free Car Devices Doubly Dangerous

A new AAA study finds that hands-free car devices to talk on the phone, send text messages and control the radio are worse than holding your phone while driving.

High Court Declines Graphic Abortion Images Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a free speech case about showing graphic abortion images.

Calif. Gender Bending Bills Target Young People

California state lawmakers have been pushing through legislation that blurs gender rules for youth groups, schools, and sports teams.

Strong Winds Fuel Four Colorado Wildfires

At least four major fires are blazing across Colorado Wednesday morning. The worst is in the Black Forest area near Colorado Springs.

Critics: Oregon Bill a 'Sex Trafficking Magnet'

Anti-trafficking advocates say a bill being considered by the Oregon Legislature could make the state a magnet for sex trafficking.

Hard Times Soften Hearts, Foster Church Growth

In every recession since 1968, evangelical churches have grown about 50 percent. Pastor Todd Lane sees that play out each week at Gateway Church in Texas.

Tebow to Sign with New England Patriots

Looks like Tim Tebow's career in the National Football League isn't over just yet.

SBC Tackles Contraception, Scouts at Annual Meeting

The Southern Baptist Convention will vote on resolutions declaring federal policies on contraception coverage and gays in the military to be threats to religious liberty.

Ohio Churches: Health Law Short on Faith Protections

A multi-denominational group of Ohio churches is worried President Obama's health care law does not protect religious liberty.

Conservatives Reject Fed's Education Initiative

Tea Party groups and other conservatives are fighting an attempt to give the federal government more control over education.

Child Advocates Concerned About Oregon Sex Trafficking Bill

The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that in part could toughen penalties for soliciting sex from underage prostitutes.

Gay Protections Buried in Education Bill

A proposed rewrite of the nation's education law includes a ban on discriminating against students who are gay or perceived as gay.

Calif. Gunman ID'd, Had History of Mental Illness

Police have identified the suspected gunman who went on a shooting rampage in Southern California that left five people dead.


FBI Makes Changes to Not Offend Muslims

The FBI has removed material that may be offensive to muslims from its anti-terror training guidelines.

Churches Reassess Scout Troop Sponsorship

The Boy Scouts of America are known for their commitment to God, country and morality.

Home Schooling Skyrockets in the US

The number of home-schooled children in the United States has increased by 75 percent since 1999, according to a new report published in Education News.

Bible Find a Small Miracle in Moore, Oklahoma

Small miracles are bringing a little peace to Moore, Okla., the area hit by two major tornadoes last week.

Baker Sued for Refusing Gay Couple Wedding Cake

A gay couple has filed a discrimination complaint against Masterpiece Cakeshop after the owner refused to sell them a wedding cake because of his faith.

A New Mission for 'Blind Side' Mom Leigh Anne Tuohy

Leigh Anne Tuohy, the tough mom in the "The Blind Side," has taken on a new TV series and a new mission: to turn other foster homes into "forever families."


SBC Expected to Call for Exodus from Boy Scouts

The head of the Southern Baptist Convention said he expects a resolution next Tuesday encouraging an exodus from the Boy Scouts of America.

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Drone Strikes

A new poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal finds that 66 percent of Americans surveyed overwhelmingly support the use of drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists.

Rain Too Little Too Late for Texas?

The Southern region of Texas has finally received rain, but farmers there fear it is too little, too late to save their crops.

Valedictorian Bucks Graduation Prayer Ban

A South Carolina valedictorian disregarded a new ruling that prayer would be cut from his school district's graduation ceremonies.

Muslim Brotherhood Gains Foothold in Boston

U.S. authorities are still piecing together how the two brothers behind April's Boston Marathon bombing became Islamic terrorists.

Justice Scalia Issues Warning on DNA Decision

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warns the high court's ruling on a DNA case could lead to a police state.

Mammoth Twister! Okla. Tornado Widest on Record

Experts say the EF5 tornado that tore through Oklahoma last week, packing 300 mph winds, was the widest ever recorded, coming in at 2.6 miles.

Artist Says Pentagon Censoring Christian Art

An artist whose painting was removed from an U.S. Air Force dining hall says the Pentagon is censoring Christian art.

Pa. Building Collapses, People Believed Trapped

A four-story building being demolished collapsed Wednesday on the edge of downtown, injuring 12 people and trapping two others, the fire commissioner said.

Fort Hood Shooter to Represent Himself

A military judge has granted U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan permission to represent himself in his trial for the deadly 2009 terror attack on Fort Hood, Texas.

Nurses: Del. Clinic a 'Meat Market Assembly Line'

Testifying at a Delaware Senate hearing, two nurses said a Planned Parenthood clinic performed abortions like a "meat market style assembly line."

High Court Poised to Rule on Same-Sex Marriage

With only a few weeks left in the current term, the U.S. Supreme Court will soon issue its decisions on same-sex marriage cases.

Most Americans Believe Religion Losing Influence

America is losing its religion, according to a new Gallup survey.

Fla. Students' Irises Scanned without Permission

A school district in central Florida has issued an apology for using eye scanning tracking devices on students without their parents permission.

Deadly Storms, Fire Menace Much of US

Damage assessments are underway again Monday across the Midwest after another round of devastating twisters left at least 13 people dead.

Jean Stapleton, TV's Edith Bunker, Dies at 90

Jean Stapleton, TV's beloved Edith Bunker from 'All in the Family' dies at 90 in NYC