August 2008 Headlines

Higher Heating Bills Possible this Winter

Consumers across the country could face soaring heating bills this winter.

New Orleans May Evacuate Ahead of Gustav

Tropical Storm Gustav is headed for the United States, strengthening into a hurricane again and likely to become the first major hurricane to hit America this year.

Kiss Airport Hassles Goodbye?

WASHINGTON - New baggage fees, long delays and even longer security lines - these are just a few of the potential hassles air travelers dread as they head off to summer vacation.

NIU Students Return after Shooting

Students at Northern Illinois University are heading back to classes today - just 10 days after a deadly campus shooting.

Movie Explores 'Fireproof' Marriage

When a church in Albany, Ga., released the film "Facing the Giants," nobody expected it to become such a success.

WEB EXCLUSIVE with Emmy Winning Actor Gary Sinise

The star of the television series CSI New York sat down for an exclusive interview with White House Correspondent Melissa Charbonneau at Washington, D.C., to talk about the film industry's portrayal of the U.S. military.

Ryan Hall: US Olympics Runner - Endurance. Webster defines it as the ability to withstand hardship or adversity. Few know that better than Olympic athletes.

Candid Talk with USA Softball Coach Mike Candrea - Mike Candrea is a man who knows how to win. He led his softball team at the University of Arizona to eight national titles. In 2002 he was named head coach of the US national team and they took home the gold in the 2004 Olympics! After 31 years, Coach Candrea has come to realize that coaching is more than winning games or teaching people how to play softball.

Fay Drenches the South

A powerful new hurricane is crawling across the Caribbean. Gustav has taken a bead on Haiti and Cuba, and its target after that could be Florida.

How U.S. Down-turn Affects Global Economy

In the last two weeks, gas prices have fallen 15 cents after oil dropped from nearly $150 a barrel to just over $110.

Some Evangelicals Say Faith Too Political

Some evangelicals are saying they want to repair the damage done by evangelical activists who've made the faith too political.

'I.O.U.S.A' Documentary Exposes Nat'l Debt

The spike in inflation is a blow to American families who are already struggling with enormous debt.

Alabama Gets Tough on Obese Workers

Some workers in Alabama may have to bypass the burger and fries. The state is planning to crack down on state employees who are too fat.

Web 101: Minding Your Net-iquette

Many people are familiar with the old saying, 'mind your manners.' But what about etiquette for the Internet - or 'netiquette,' as it's called.

Fay Bedevils FL for Fifth Weary Day

WASHINGTON -- President Bush has declared parts of Florida a disaster area, after Tropical Storm Fay moved across the state after making landfall for the third time in a week.

Todd Bentley Leaves Revival Ministry

Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley is leaving the ministry altogether after new reports that he had entered into an "unhealthy relationship."

Hallmark Creates Gay Marriage Cards

The nation's largest greeting card company is now offering same-sex wedding cards.

U.S. Rejects Boeing 767 Request - JERUSALEM, Israel - The US will not be selling Boeing 767 airplanes to Israel, according to a report on Israel's Channel 10 television Thursday.

Brace Yourselves - Food Prices to Soar

A new forecast predicts the price of food is going to continue to soar throughout this year, and it's likely to be just as bad next year.

Administration Backs Pro-Life Doctors

The Bush administration wants more protection for doctors who are against abortion.

Tropical Storm Fay Stays on Florida Coast

Fay keeps everyone guessing. Will the storm become a hurricane? Will it continue to soak land or move back to sea?

Atlanta's Largest Mosque Opens

Atlanta's Muslim community is celebrating the opening of their largest mosque this week.

Ruling: Religious Bigotry Not Allowed

Child Evangelism Fellowship is savoring the sweet taste of victory after a federal court decided Monday that a Virginia school district was guilty of religious discrimination.

Christian Marriage Movement's Ground Zero

SAN DIEGO - Many Americans think of San Diego as one of the country's most beautiful, recreational cities.  But these days, it's building a new identity. 

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama Talks to CBN News During Compassion Forum -- LAKE FOREST, Calif. -- Sen. Barack Obama granted CBN News an exclusive interview during Pastor Rick Warren's Civil Forum at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.

Court: Docs Can't Withhold Care from Gays

Doctors cannot use religious beliefs as a reason to deny services to homosexuals, California's highest court ruled Monday.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Barack Obama

Attention Brody File readers.

Laurie Holds Crusade after Son's Death

Megachurch pastor Greg Laurie, who lost his son less than a month ago in a car accident, carries on with his annual Harvest Crusade events this weekend -- his first large-scale evangelistic outreach since his son died.

Getting Ready for 'The Call' D.C. -- Again

It began several years ago as an urgent call to pray for the nation and has spread into a world-wide prayer movement.

Judge: Christian Credits Can Be Denied

A federal judge ruled last week that a public university can deny course credit to students from Christian high schools.

Young People Pray for Nation's Leaders

They flock to Washington, D.C. from all over the country with one goal: to pray for America.

A Solution to the Porn Problem

In an age where much of the world pours into our homes through computers, it should be of no surprise that pornography and the addiction it can so easily create have now reached epidemic proportions.

NYC Proposes Vehicle Tracking Plan

The New York City police are planning a controversial new tracking program to screen and follow every vehicle entering lower Manhattan.

Jury Rules in Favor of Osteen's Wife

Jurors unanimously rejected a Continental flight attendant's claims that the wife of evangelist Joel Osteen assaulted her in 2005.

Witnesses Deny Any Assault in Osteen Trial

Several witnesses say they never saw nor heard the wife of evangelist Joel Osteen assault a Continental flight attendant in 2005.

Teens Encourage Peers to 'Do Hard Things'

Teens can oftentimes be thought of as irresponsible, immature and even rebellious.

Pregnancy Pact Principal Resigns

A high school principal who claimed 17 teens at his Massachusetts school made a pact to get pregnant is resigning.

Judge Cleared in Commandments Case

An Ohio court says a judge did not violate a court order by displaying the Ten Commandments.

It's Mixed News for Team USA

WASHINGTON - Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps has made history.

Evangelizing on the Frontlines

There are few things that will get you thinking about eternity faster than going into combat.

Vets Walk the Streets of a Safer Iraq

Media watchdogs say as violence drops in Iraq, so does the news coverage of the war. Now, a veterans group wants to bring light to the progress happening there.

Would the U.S. Military Get Involved in Geogia?

Not a chance! Here's why: One, our troops are stretched awfully thin right now fighting wars on two fronts. Even with the recent success in Iraq, it would be unwise for a mass pullout there now.

Top Court May Hear Religious Rights Case

A middleshooler penalized for a religious-based project he did in fifth grade may soon see his day at the U.S. Supreme Court, marking the final step in a case that could dramatically impact the religious rights of public school students.

Pro-Life Group Wins Free Speech Dispute

Pro-life students at one Maryland university are celebrating a victory for their message and their constitutional rights.

Investors Eyeing Wall Street

Investors are hoping for another positive week on Wall Street.

Victory for CA Home Schoolers

A big sigh of relief for California home-school parents Friday as an appeals court ruled that parents did not need to have state teaching credentials in order to teach their children at home.

Hollywood, Military Join Forces on War Films

Brothers at War is being called a raw and gritty account of the Iraq war seen through a soldier's eyes. First-time filmmaker Jake Rademacher spent three months embedded in frontline combat units with his soldier brothers in Iraq.

CA Judge Upholds Marriage Ballot Changes

A California judge on Friday upheld changes made by the state attorney general to a marriage amendment ballot - changes that marriage defense groups say are biased.

California Could Adopt a Formal 'Gay Day'

California's legislature has passed a measure that could make it the first state to designate a day honoring a leader of the homosexual community.

EXCLUSIVE: McCain Takes a Leap of 'Faith'

GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain is finally breaking his silence on the subject of his faith. Today his campaign released an excerpt of the senator's memoir Faith of My Fathers to conservative grassroots groups nationwide.

Tyson Workers Overturn Labor Contract

Union members and Tyson Foods workers voted overwhelmingly to overturn a union contract that replaced Labor Day with a Muslim holiday, according to a statement from Tyson.

Chapmans Speak of Daughter's Death

Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his famly spoke Thursday night on Larry King Live about the loss of their 5-year-old adopted daughter and sister.

Unemployment at a Six-Year High

An unexpected jump in the nation's unemployment figures has Wall Street jittering with the Dow falling more than 80 points in afternoon trading.

EXCLUSIVE: Potential McCain VP: Revamp Party Image

WASHINGTON - Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is widely speculated to be among Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's top pick for vice president.

Months-Old Ministry Probe Still Unresolved

Last November, Sen. Charles Grassley launched an investigation into the finances of several prominent ministries.

Eleven Charged in Largest Identity Theft Case

It is believed to be the largest identity theft case ever prosecuted -- the theft and sale of more than 41 million credit and debit card numbers.

Racy TV Taking the Family out 'Family Hour'

A new television study reveals that the once valued "family hour" is hardly that. Television programming is getting racier.

Mayor says Cities Counting on Next President

The newly-installed president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors says Washington has abandoned the nation's cities.

Tyson Drops Labor Day for Muslim Holiday

A Tyson Foods' processing plant in Shelbyville, Tenn., is dropping the Labor Day holiday in favor of an Islamic holy day.

U.S. Cancels Gaza Fulbright Scholars' Visas - WASHINGTON - The U.S. revoked the visas of three Palestinian Fulbright scholars and one other student from the Gaza Strip, citing "new information."

Beloved College Football Figure Dies

A beloved member of the University of Alabama football program has died.

Edouard Weakens to Tropical Depression

GALVESTON, Texas - The National Hurricane Center says Edouard has been downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves inland across eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

Parents Concerned over Homeschool Rules

Homeschooling parents in the nation's capital must now be approved by the state board each year in order to be allowed to teach their children.

Suicide Latest Twist in Anthrax Saga - A top U.S. biodefense researcher who helped investigate a series of deadly anthrax attacks in 2001 has died from an apparent suicide, just as the Justice Department was about to arrest him, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Muslim Asks City for Woman-only Pool Times

It's a growing conflict between Western society and Islamic culture in America.