September 2013 Headlines

Divine Gouda: When Nuns, Prayer, and Cheese Meet

It's a business model you won't see anywhere else: thirteen women who make artisanal Gouda cheese that sells out every year. Their secret ingredient? Prayer.

Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle Shares 'Si-cology'

Funny man Si Robertson is perhaps the biggest breakout star of "Duck Dynasty." When the show began, he was only to appear occasionally. But that changed.

Reality Dating Star Stands for 'No Sex' Before Marriage

Angela Zatopek, who starred on NBC's "Ready for Love," won the guy and got a proposal. But her stand for "no sex before marriage" attracted the most attention.

Culture Shift in Christian America Good for Gospel?

There is no more 'Moral Majority,' according to Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore. He also says the collapse of the Bible Belt could be a good thing for the Gospel.

Greg Laurie Leads Philly in Prayer for Awakening

Thousands took part in a Harvest Ministries event led by evangelist Greg Laurie to pray for the nation from Philadelphia.

Louisiana Pastor Shot to Death While Preaching

A pastor was shot to death in front of his church members, Friday at Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, La.

Mercy Chefs Bring Hot Meals to Colo. Flood Victims

Victims of this month's unprecedented flooding in Colorado are finding help from some newfound friends who came from very far away.

Obama's Health Care Law Explanations Not So Clear

President Barack Obama continues to push his health care plan as insurance exchanges scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Torrentials Rains, Howling Winds Batter Northwest

Torrential rains and howling winds battered the northwest part of the country over the weekend.

Reviews: 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs'

Bob Waliszewski talks with CBN News Today about the box office hits for the end of September.

FBI Spent Over 3 Million on Drone Operations

A new report from the Justice Department's Inspector General reveals the FBI has spent more than $3 million on drone operations since 2006.


Cardinal: Laws that Violate God's Plan Are 'Toxic'

Four years after interfaith leaders issued the Manhattan Declaration, Christian leaders warned this week that traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, and religious freedom are all "severely threatened."

Artist Demetria Stallings: Singing Is a Lifestyle

Christian recording artist Demetria Stallings is passionate about worshipping God. She spoke with CBN's Charlene Israel about worship, life, and her new music.

US Economy Grew at 2.5 Percent Rate in Spring

The U.S. economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate from April through June, an improvement from the first three months of the year. But economists are worried that growth may now be slowing.

Nashville Woman Offers Jobs to Prostitutes

A woman in Nashville has come up with a solution to help prostitutes get off the street.


Budget Showdown Centers on Obamacare Concerns

Washington faces a potential shutdown if Congress cannot agree on a budget soon. On top of the budget showdown: the government borrowing limit and the future of Obamacare.

FBI Releases Chilling Video of Navy Yard Shooter

The FBI has released chilling video of the gunman from the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

Somalis Living in America Still Drawn to Terror Groups

Leaders of the largest Somali community in the United States say young men are still being enticed to join al-Shabab, the terror group that attacked a Kenyan mall.

Share Your 'See You at the Pole' Experience

Students across America gathered to pray for their schools Wednesday. The gatherings were part of the 23rd annual See You At The Pole event.

Former WWII Gunman Gets Day in the Pilot's Seat

A decorated war veteran celebrating his 90th birthday accomplished a life-long dream: showing how you're never too old to learn new things.


Decades-Old Purple Heart Reaches Soldier's Daughter

A Purple Heart medal missing for 70 years finally makes it's way back to a fallen WWII soldier's daughter.

Vandals Topple Ten Commandments Near Sup. Court

Vandals knocked down a prominent monument of the Ten Commandments facing the U.S. Supreme Court this weekend.

Singer Ryan Stevenson on Not Giving Up on Dreams

Christian recording artist Ryan Stevenson is enjoying newfound success, but he almost gave up on his musical dreams after a series of tragic events.

FAA May Ease Electronic Restrictions on Aircrafts

More airlines are encouraging passengers to bring their own entertainment, but federal regulations restrict the use of electronic devices during take-offs and landings.


Why Work Matters to God

Labor Day is a time when many people take a break from the daily grind. It's also a good time to reflect on why our work matters to God.

Catholic Business Loses Contraception Mandate Appeal

A federal court ruled Tuesday against a Catholic business in Michigan and in favor of the Obamacare contraception mandate.

Dairy Queen Manager's Kindness Wins America's Heart

What would you do if you got a call from the second richest man in America? Well, that's what happened this week to an unusual Diary Queen Manager.


NRA Leader: 'Not Enough Good Guys with Guns'

President Barack Obama said it is clear that change in gun control laws would not come from Washington, but would have to come from people demanding action.

Hobby Lobby's Obamacare Fight Heading to the Sup. Court?

Craft store giant Hobby Lobby's case against the Obamacare contraception coverage mandate might go before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Henry Blackaby to Have Surgery after Heart Attack

Experiencing God author, Henry Blackaby, is scheduled to undergo surgery after suffering a heart attack last week, the Baptist Press reports.

Obama Proposal Bans Most Coal-Fired Plants

President Barack Obama plans impose tough new regulations on the coal industry.

Help Celebrate CWN Hitting 100,000 'likes'

Christian World News reached a social media milestone this week, hitting 100,000 "likes" on our Facebook page

FRC Shooter Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

The man who shot a security guard at the Family Research Council last year has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Good & Evil: Cameron Film Explores Age-Old Question

In the new film "Unstoppable," Kirk Cameron explores why God allows evil in the world. It's a question, he says, that often wrecks people's faith.

The School Revolution: Fixing Our Broken Education

There's grave concern as less than one-quarter of U.S. students meet "college ready" standards. Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has a radical fix.

Lax Gun Law, Security Gaps: Is America Safe?

In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering two separate reviews of security at U.S. Defense facilities world-wide.

White House Giving Coal Miners the Shaft?

America's coal industry is in a fight for its survival. But the outlook is grim as the U.S. reduces its dependence on coal to the lowest level in decades.

Colo. Schools Re-Open as Many Struggle to Rebuild

As Colorado schools start to reopen, Operation Blessing is helping flood victims with the task of cleaning up after the disaster destroyed their homes.

Doc Gets Heat for Not Reporting Underage Abortion

Complaints have been filed against an Indiana abortion doctor who failed to report performing an abortion on a 13-year-old girl.

Tenn. Court: Parents May Name Baby 'Messiah'

A Tennessee judge has ruled in favor of parents who want to name their 8-month-old baby "Messiah."

Texas Ed Board Revives Creation, Evolution Debate

Creationism is again at the center of a Texas textbook debate. A public hearing in Austin, Tuesday, sparked rallies from from both sides of the issue.

New LGBT Protection Law Criminalizing Believers?

A new LGBT protection law in San Antonio has critics saying the ordinance protects sexual minorities while criminalizing biblical beliefs.

Kidnappers Release Nigerian Archbishop

Kidnappers released unharmed a Nigerian archbishop they'd been holding for more than a week.

Colo. Business Wins Birth Control Mandate Exemption

A family-owned Colorado company has won its fight for exemption from the Obamacare contraception mandate.

Colo. Pastor: Flood Strengthened Church's Faith

The Bible Baptist Church of Erie was flooded three times in three days, but each time members of the congregation - and strangers - came together to help.

Diocese Bans School Trips to Embryo Stem Cell Center

Catholic schools in a Wisconsin diocese will no longer make field trips to a research center that uses embryonic stem cells.

Churches Help CO Flood Survivors Clean Up, Rebuild

Many Colorado flood survivors are turning their attention to cleanup and rebuilding. And local churches in Boulder County are banding together to help.

Navy Yard Aftermath: A Closer Look at Base Security

The mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard is raising new questions about whether there's a problem with security on America's military bases.

Vet Prepares to Finish 58,000 Mile Run for POWs, MIAs

One veteran will commemorate National Prisoner of War and Missing In Action Day by completing his own personal mission of running one mile for every name on the Vietnam Memorial.

Navy Yard Shooter Had Mental Health History

An intense FBI investigation to uncover the motive of the Washington Navy Yard shooter is underway as new information indicates that shooter had a history of disturbing behavior.

Abbas: No Israeli Presence in Jordan Valley

Mahmoud Abbas' declaration that there would be no Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley didn't warrant a response, the Prime Minister's Office spokesman told CBN News.

NH Mom Back Praying at School after Ban

A New Hampshire mother has returned to praying at Concord High School after being banned a month ago.

Hundreds Rally in Support of NC Town Meeting Prayer

Hundreds of people gathered Monday outside North Carolina's Rowan County Administration Building to support the right to pray before meetings.

Christmas Comes in September for Retailers this Year

Christmas is more than three months away, but some retailers are trying to jump start the holiday season earlier than ever.

Colo. Rains Stop, Heartbreaking Search Continues

The rains have finally ceased in Colorado, making it easier for crews to continue to search for those still missing following historic flooding in the state.

Rescue, Cleanup Underway in Flooded Boulder, Colo.

Major rescue plans are in the works Monday in the Boulder, Colo., area where historic flooding has killed six people and has entire towns crumbling.

Thirteen Dead in Navy Yard Shooting Rampage

A gunman opened fire inside a military building at the Washington Navy Yard Monday morning, leaving 13 people dead and wounding several others.

'Tiny Superheros' Helping Sick Kids Brave Disease

When you are a small child and you're battling for your life, you need good medical care. It's also not a bad idea to have a superhero cape made just for you.

So. Baptist Leader Warns Bible Belt Collapsing

The new president of the South Baptist Convention public policy organization said the Bible belt is collapsing.

Chargers' Philip Rivers: Faith, Family Are Priority

On a day with some important NFL games, quarterback Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers pulled out a thrilling victory over the Eagles in Philadelphia.

Abortion Clinics Closing at Unprecedented Rate

Abortion centers are closing their doors at an unprecedented rate in America. So far, there have been 44 closings this year.

Group Sues over School Graduation at Chapel

A humanist group in South Carolina has filed a lawsuit to stop a public school from holding its 5th grade graduation ceremonies at a Christian university.

Deadly Torrential Rains Wreak Havoc across Colo.

Torrential downpours continue Friday as massive flooding wreaks havoc across parts of Colorado, killing at least three people.

Graveside Vigils to Mark Deaths of Nation's Unborn

If you should come upon a grave marker with many names listed, there's a good chance it's marking a grave filled with unborn children killed at a nearby abortion mill. 

Rare Country Star Spotlights Child Abuse Epidemic

A rising music star is using her voice to shine a light on the epidemic of child abuse and neglect, and her unique story is making even more people pay attention.

Crews Fight to Contain Jersey Shore 'Monster' Fire

Firefighters are still working to bring a monster fire under control along the Jersey shore.

Film Review: 'Instructions Not Included'

In the dramatic comedy "Instructions Not Included," Valentín Bravo goes from Latino playboy to hapless single father overnight.

Court Orders Clerk to Stop Issuing Same-Sex Licenses

A ruling is expected soon in the case of a Pennsylvania county clerk who issued same-sex marriage licenses in violation of state law.

Ohio Activists Seek to Ban Sex Orientation Therapy

Gay rights activists are seeking to ban sexual orientation therapy in the heartland.


Bikers Roar into Washington to Honor 9/11 Victims

Thousands of bikers from around the country filled the streets of Washington, D.C., Wednesday in a ride to honor the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Mayor Invites Gay Couples to Come Tie the Knot

The mayor of Minneapolis hopes to make his city a destination spot for gay couples in the Midwest.

Americans Remember the Victims of 9/11

Americans across the country paused Wednesday to remember the victims killed 12 years ago in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

Federal Court Keeps 'In God, We Trust'

A challenge to America's national motto has been struck down by a federal district court.

Congress Honors Victims of 1963 Church Bombing

The House and Senate presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to the families of four girls killed in the 16th Street Church Bombing in Alabama 50 years ago.

Whistle Blower Claims Being 'Punished' over Benghazi

One of the Benghazi whistle blowers said he's being "punished" for speaking out about the Obama administration's response the night of the attack.

Report: One-Quarter of New Jersey Considered Poor

A new report released Sunday found that nearly 25 percent of those living in New Jersey were considered poor in 2011.


Faith-Based Alternative to Boy Scouts Emerges

Just three months after the Boy Scouts voted to allow gay members, a new faith-based organization, Trail Life USA, has emerged as an alternative.


SBC Chaplains Banned from Performing Gay Nuptials

The Southern Baptist Convention has barred its members from performing same-sex marriages, taking part in counseling, or attending gay couples retreats.

Scalia: Capitalism Needs Christian Values to Succeed

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said he thinks Christian values are necessary for capitalism to succeed.

Feds Head to Assess Rim Fire Damage

Enviromental scientists head to California to assess the damaged caused by the Rim Fire.

Regent University President Stepping Down

Regent University has announced that Dr. Carlos Campo is stepping down as President.

Crystal Cathedral's Robert Schuller Has Cancer

The Rev. Robert Schuller, founder of Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, Calif., has been diagnosed with cancer.

San Antonio Council Passes Punishing LGBT Measure

The City Council of San Antonio has approved a controversial ordinance that protects gays and transgender people from bias.

Santorum Promotes 'Modern Day Story of Joseph'

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is best known for making news in the political realm. Now he's promoting his beliefs in an entirely different setting.

Google Denies Culpability in Gmail Scanning Case

A federal judge in San Jose, Calif., will decide Friday whether Gmail users are victims of invasion of privacy.

Review: 'The Utlimate Life' Defines True Family Legacy

"The Ultimate Life" continues the story of Jason Stevens, the young man who inherits his grandfather's multibillion-dollar fortune after passing a series of character tests.

RI Man Sues to Silence Bells at Catholic Church

A Rhode Island man is suing to silence the church bells in his neighborhood.


Bible Readers Using More Electronic Devices

A growing number of Americans are finding a new way to read the Bible - on the Internet.

Privacy Fears: Most Prefer Online Anonymity

A growing number of Americans are worried about protecting their privacy online, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

Atheists Want Albuquerque to Get Rid of Chaplains

In New Mexico, the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants the Albuquerque Police Department to get rid of its chaplain's unit. 

Lawmakers Push to Label Ft. Hood 'Act of Terror'

The 2009 Ft. Hood massacre is the worst mass shooting on a military base in U.S. History. Victims of the shooting spree say it should also be known as the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

Atheist Couple: 'Under God' Favors Religious Group

A lawsuit to strike the words "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance goes before the Massachusetts Supreme Court this week.

Yosemite Wildfire Now 80 Percent Contained

Crews are pushing forward and building containment lines around the Yosemite blaze. Evacuation orders have been lifted for several nearby communities.

Texas Nat'l Guard Won't File Gay Marriage Benefits

The Texas National Guard won't be providing benefits to gay couples, saying Texas law defines marriage as between a man and woman.

Ore. Bakery Owners Won't Be Cowed by Gay Backlash

The Christian bakers in Oregon who were targeted by gay activists are far from giving up or losing faith.

Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Hanged in Prison Cell

The man who held three women captive in his home for nearly a decade has been found dead and is believed to have committed suicide.

Flower Shop Owner Sued for Refusing Gay Wedding

A flower shop owner in Richland, Wash., is being sued for refusing to provide flower arrangements for a gay wedding.

One Third See Religious Discrimination at Work

One-third of American workers say they have seen or experienced religious discrimination at their workplace.

Texas Breakaway Churches Can Keep Their Property

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that 52 breakaway Texas Episcopal churches can maintain ownership of their property.

Oregon Bakery in Gay Wedding Cake Controversy Closes

The Oregon bakery that refused to make a same-sex wedding cake because of the owner's religious beliefs has closed.