October 2013 Headlines

Wounded Warriors Find Path to Healing in Alaska

After a decade of non-stop fighting abroad, a new program is bringing wounded warriors and their families to Alaska for healing of their bodies, minds, and marriages.

Is America Tsunami Ready?

Tsunamis are huge walls of water, moving toward coastlines at hundreds of miles per hour. They've pounded places like Japan and Indonesia. Is the U.S. next?

Gingrich Guides Kids through 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'

Most Americans know the classic song, "Yankee Doodle Dandy." Now it's also the title of a children's book written by Callista Gingrich, wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Hundred of Thousands Plan to Watch Graham's 'My Hope'

Evangelist Franklin Graham says hundreds of thousands of Christians plan to invite their friends to watch the upcoming telecast of "My Hope America with Billy Graham." 

Bobby Jones: Gospel Music Legend Reveals Painful Past

Gospel music legend  Bobby Jones opened up to CBN News about a painful childhood secret in hopes the lessons he learned might help others.

Coney Island Still Recovering from Sandy Damages

This week marks one year since superstorm Sandy devastated parts of the northeast and 12 months later, many victims are counting their blessings.

Halloween Crosses Mark Scary Abortion Reality

Pink crosses filled the lawn in front of the U.S. Capitol building this Halloween to mark the 915 babies killed each day by Planned Parenthood.

FAA Green Lights Most Electronic Devices in Flight

Airlines have been given the green light to expand the use of most portable electronic devices during all phases of flight.

Charges to Be Filed in CA School Sexting Scandal

San Diego police say they will file charges after a sexting scandal swept through area schools.

Monster Halloween Storm to Hit Central US

A monster storm is expected to hit the central United States this Halloween. Strong winds and torrential rain are forecasted from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.

Churches Brace for Influx after Cut in Food Stamps

Churches and non-profits are bracing for an increase in people seeking food assistance.

Boston Red Sox Celebrate Third Word Series Win

The Boston Red Sox are celebrating their third World Series title in a decade after beating the Saint Louis Cardinals 6-1 Wednesday night.

Restored Ten Commandments Back Near Sup. Court

The stone monument of the Ten Commandments that was toppled last month across from the U.S. Supreme Court has been restored and rededicated.

John Ashcroft: Singing the Legacy of the Hymns

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft has a new passion: bringing Christians back to a love of the classic hymns and gospel choruses that put the Word of God to music.

Navy Corpsman Awarded for Serving as Human Shield

One of the highest ways to honor bravery in combat is the awarding of the Bronze star. A Navy corpsman from Washington state received the prestigious award on Tuesday.

Texas School District Appeals Bible Banner Ruling

A Texas school district is appealing a ruling by a federal judge that allows cheerleaders to display run-through banners with Bible messages at sporting events.

Sandy Victims Still Battling Insurance Companies

While many businesses are on the path to recovery, thousands of people are frustrated and still battling with insurance companies for money to rebuild their homes.

This Time: Rock Legend Pens Pro-Life Anthem

Rock legend John Elefante's latest work is personal. That's because it's about how his daughter narrowly missed a date with death before she was born.

Texas AG Challenging Abortion Law Ruling

Texas's attorney general is filing an emergency appeal after a federal judge in Texas ruled the state's new abortion restrictions are unconstitutional.

Man Survives Double Lightning Strike, Credits God

A Texas man survived being hit by lightning twice over the weekend.

Hawaii Senate Weighs Benefits of Gay Marriage

Gov. Neil Abercrombie says passing the bill would put Hawaii in line with Supreme Court rulings that granted federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

Alabama, Catholic Broadcaster Sue over Health Law

The state of Alabama is teaming up with a Catholic TV network to sue the federal government over the contraception coverage mandate in Obamacare.

More Military Families Choosing to Homeschool

An increasing number of military families are choosing to homeschool their children, according to the the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

White House Tries to Calm NSA Spying Furor

Revelations that the National Security Agency tapped the phones of world leaders has created an international headache for the president.

Faith on Display at the 2013 World Series

CBN Sports encountered stories of hope and inspiration from baseball's best on the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox at the Fall Classics.

'God' Now Optional in Air Force Honor Oath

The U.S. Air Force Academy will no longer require cadets to use the phrase "so help me God" in the Honor Oath.

Robert Redford Back on Screen with 'All Is Lost'

Bob Walisweski from Plugged In reviews "All is Lost" and "The Hunters" for famnily friendly ratings.

Army Warns Soldiers of Christian, Tea Party 'Threat'

Soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were a threat to the nation, according to FOX News.

Billy Graham Released from Hospital

Evangelist Billy Graham was released from Mission Hospital in Ashville, N.C., Thursday after undergoing precautionary pulmonary tests.

Eden Foods Loses Contraception Mandate Appeal

A Michigan natural foods company lost its fight against Obamacare's birth control coverage mandate.

Gay Marriage Movement Expands to More States

Thousands gathered at the Illinois state capitol to urge lawmakers to back traditional marriage, even as a smaller crowd of pro-gay activists showed up.

Instead of Arrest, Officer Pays for Shoplifter's Groceries

Instead of arresting a shoplifting single mom, a Miami police officer buys her the groceries she needs to feed her family.

Hospital Network Blames Obamacare for Layoffs

A health network in Indiana announced it would be making major cuts to its job force because of Obamacare.

Air Force Missteps Highlight Nuke Arsenal Safety

Some Air Force officers have made dangerous missteps when it comes to safeguarding U.S. nuclear missiles, according to Air Force officials.

Boston Beefs Up Security Ahead of World Series

Boston's Fenway Park is decked out for the World Series. But security is on the minds of Boston officials as the city prepares for game one Wednesday night.

Student: Scrapped RFID 'Huge Weight off Shoulders'

Sophomore Andrea Hernandez is relieved over her school's decision to shut down a controversial program that tracked students using radio frequency technology.

Culture Shift: Americans Favoring Pot Legalization

America's attitude toward marijuana is vastly different today than it was just a year ago as most Americans now believe it should be legal.

'Hero' Teacher Dies Confronting School Shooter

In Nevada, a middle school teacher is being hailed as a hero after he died trying to stop a student from shooting his classmates.

Duck Dynasty's Alan Opens Up about Tough Childhood

The eldest brother of the Duck Dynasty clan opened up to CBN News about his bumpy childhood, including having his dad throw his family out of the house.

US Drone Strike Investigations Point to Civilian Deaths

The U.N. and two high-profile human rights groups are calling on the Obama administration to investigate reports of civilians killed and injured by drone attacks.

NYC Candidates Back Muslim Holidays for Schools

New York City public schools may see two Muslim holidays added to their calendar.

More States Suing Over Employer Mandate

South Dakota is joining 17 other states in a lawsuit against Obamacare's employer mandate.

Hobby Lobby Petitions High Court on HHS Mandate

A battle against Obamacare's contraception coverage mandate could be fought in the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorneys for Hobby Lobby are asking the high court to hear its case.

Lawmakers Vow to Fight EPA's 'War on Coal'

After deeming carbon dioxide a pollutant, the EPA has unleased numerous regulations under the Clean Air Act - a move lawmakers call a "war on coal."

Study: Church Losing the Younger Generation

The younger generation is increasingly moving away from conventional religion, according to a Pew Research Center report.

Millions of Young Americans Out of Work, School

Millions of young adults in the United States are unemployed and living idly, a new study by the Opportunity Nation coalition found.

Vets 'Emotional' over Reopening of War Memorials

Military veterans roamed freely this weekend around Washington's war memorials, dedicated to honor their sacrifice and the freedoms they fought to defend.

New Jersey Begins Officiating Same-Sex Nuptials

New Jersey is now the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriage.

Two Deaths as Bay Area Strike Continues

A San Francisco Bay Area commuter train struck and killed two maintenance workers Saturday as transit unions continued their strike.

Air Force Sgt. Won’t Drop Faith Discrimination Claim

An Air Force sergeant isn't backing down from his claim of religious discrimination - even though the Air Force says the allegation is false.

Obamacare Glitches Has Americans Floundering

The kickoff to Obamacare has been plagued by problems, with users reporting long delays and an inability to create accounts. Now there's another wrinkle.

Amish Schoolhouse Shooter's Wife: 'I Had to Choose to Believe'

Marie Monville's husband walked into an Amish schoolhouse in their hometown and shot 10 girls, killing five of them. Now she's finally able to talk about it.

America's Evangelist Billy Graham Turning 95

Evangelist Billy Graham turns 95 next month. His son, Franklin Graham, said hundreds have been invited to his father's Nov. 7 birthday celebration.

'Church Girl' Pastor: Drugs, God Bookends of My Life

The film "I'm in Love with a Church Girl" is inspired by the real life story of a major drug dealer, Galley Molina, who calls his story a real life tale of surrender.

Graham: 'Greed, Lust' at Heart of Political Chaos

In an exclusive interview with CBN News, evangelist Franklin Graham says America is in crisis because we've taken God out of the picture.

Six-Yr-Old Sells Pink Pumpkins for Breast Cancer

A little girl from California used her love of gardening to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Microchip Cups Track College Students' Refills

The days of unlimited refills at the University of Southern Indiana have passed.New microchips on the bottom of cafeteria cups track how much students are drinking and when.

'Seasons of Gray' Film a Modern Day Joseph Story

A new film opening this weekend is billed as a modern-day story of Joseph.

Facebook Loosens Privacy Settings for Teens

Facebook announced Wednesday it is now allowing teenagers between the ages 13-17 to share their posts with anyone on the Internet.

Judge Delays Ruling on Mich. Gay Marriage Ban

A federal judge has delayed ruling on Michigan's gay marriage ban.

Mea Culpa: Army Withdraws 'Hate Group' Label

The U.S. Army issued a correction to a National Guard training camp after a recent briefing labeled Christian group a hate group.

Obamacare Sees Less Than 1 Pct. Enroll Nationwide

The kickoff of Obamacare has been plagued with problems.

Ministries File Class Action Suit over HHS Mandate

The Southern Baptist Convention's Guidestone health plan and two other non-profit groups are suing the Obama administration over its contraception coverage mandate.

North Carolina Gets First Gay Marriage Request

A North Carolina official has accepted the first same-sex marriage license request in that state.

Christmas Victory for Wis. High School Choir

A Wisconsin high school choir will be able to continue with a Christmas tradition.

Parents Protest National Common Core Standards

A new set of national education standards known as the Common Core has many parents concerned. Critics say it strips away local control and was poorly designed.

TobyMac, Redman Win Big at Dove Awards

Christian singer and songwriter Matt Redman won a leading six trophies at the 44th annual Dove Awards.

Anti-Faith Sentiment Growing at Alarming Rate

Hostility against Christian Americans is growing at an alarming rate, according to a new survey from the Family Research Council and Liberty Institute.

Veterans, Truckers Protest Over Closed Memorials

Americans are protesting the tactics being used during the shutdown, like spending money to put up barricades around veterans memorials in the nation's capital.

Dove Award Nomination Surprises Young Artist

The Dove Awards have honored excellence in gospel music for more than 40 years. This year is extra special for Jonathan McReynolds, a nominee from Chicago.

Is Obamacare Hazardous to Your Health?

Critics like Gordon D'Angelo, founder of NEXT Financial Group, warn Obamacare is bad for the economy and hazardous to your health.

Man with Muscular Dystrophy Finishes 17-Hr. Marathon

Maickel Melamed, born with muscular dystrophy, finished the Chicago marathon in last place, nearly 17 hours after he began.

Parents Hopping Mad over Ban on Christmas Music

The war on Christmas is already waging in one Wisconsin city after a school district issued a near-total ban on religious music this coming Christmas season.


Craig James 'Shocked' over FOX Firing for Beliefs

FOX Sports hired former NFL running back Craig James as an on-air analyst only to fire him days later over statements he made regarding gay marriage. Now he's suing.

Vikings' Peterson: Prayer, Playing Helping Him Cope

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said playing football and praying to God are helping him as he grieves the loss of his 2-year-old son.

Atheists Target Alabama Clergy Crime Program

An Alabama police department initiative aimed at lowering crime is under attack from atheists organizations.

Redoubt: Northwest a Haven for Dismayed Americans

Some conservative American Christians are so dismayed with direction of the country that they're looking for a safe place for their families. They call it the "American Redoubt."

European Parliament Calls for Pastor Saeed's Release

The European Parliament has passed a resolution this week calling for Iran to release and clear the name of American Pastor Saeed Abedini.


No Recourse for Girls Harassed by Transgender Student

The push for radical transgender rights in schools is trumping privacy rights at one Colorado high school.

The Real Capt. Phillips: 'There Is Power to Prayer'

It's been about four years since Navy SEALs freed the Maersk Alabama cargo ship from Somali pirates off the Coast of Africa.


Hollywood Revisits Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juiet'

The film, starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, tells the tale of two young teens who fall in love, even as their families are embroiled in a long-standing feud.

Facebook Removes 'Hide Profile' Privacy Setting

Facebook getting rid of a privacy setting that allows members to hide their profiles from anyone who wanted to see them.

Women Fined for Hiking in Park Closed by Shutdown

Two women were fined for "creating a nuisance" in a Nevada park closed by the government shutdown.

German Home-Schoolers Petition US Supreme Court

Attorneys for a Christian couple that fled Germany for America so they could home school their children are taking their case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Obamacare Could Hike Rates for the Already Insured

Georgia resident Debbie Dooley voiced concerns after a recent letter from her insurance carrier indicated her policy will no longer be available.

CA Gov Signs Bill Allowing Non-Physician Abortions

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Wednesday legalizing non-physician abortions.

Man Ordered to Stop Mowing Lincoln Memorial Lawn

One man has defied the shutdown of the National Mall, giving his time and energy to clean up the area since Park Service employees have been blocked from doing it.

Indiana Sues IRS over Obamacare Penalties

Fifteen Indiana public school districts and the state are suing the Internal Revenue Service over the penalties it will it impose to implement Obamacare.

Taxpayers Shell Out over $600M for Obamacare Site

The site to enroll in the president's health care plan has cost taxpayers big time.

Park Service Abuses Spark New 'Battle of Yorktown'

In the same place where America fought its final battle of independence, one businessman is refusing to bow to pressure to close up shop during the shutdown.

Obama's Job Approval Drops as Shutdown Continues

President Barack Obama's job approval is dropping as the government shutdown drags on.

Outcry Prompts Re-Opening of World War II Memorial

The memorial had been closed due to the government shutdown. Consequently, many veterans from around the country who traveled to visit the site were shut out.

School Must Pay Legal Fees over Jesus Portrait

The Ohio school district forced to take down a portrait of Jesus will also have to pay thousands in legal fees.

Young Duck Dynasty Fan Makes Pitch for Shoes

One 7-year-old boy from Idaho asks for shoes for foster kids for his birthday.

Brutish Park Service Treatment Outrages Americans

From coast to coast, stories of brutish behavior by members of the National Park Service during the government shutdown are cropping up and stirring grassroots anger.

Sex Politics: CA Schools Not ‘Interested in Education’

California isn't exactly known as a conservative stronghold and now liberal lawmakers are pushing even further.

'Church Girl' Film Based on Life of Drug Trafficker

"I'm in Love with a Church Girl" is the title of a new movie opening in theaters in Oct. 18. Efrem Graham sat with the executive producer and writer Galley Molina.

Christians Sue Iowa Commission after Gay Flap

Christian business owners in Iowa filed a lawsuit defending their decision not to host a same-sex wedding at their facility.

Amber Alert Site Back Up after Public Backlash

The website for the nation's Amber Alert system is back up and running after being offline due to the government shutdown.

Feds Force Elderly Nevada Couple from Home

The Obama administration is forcing a senior couple out of their home because it sits on federal property.

Justice Scalia: 'Devil at Work' in US Society

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned that although Satan isn't doing the same things he was in biblical times, he's still active.

Calif. Law Allows More than Two Legal Parents

Children in California can now have more than two legal parents.

Pearl Harbor Survivor, Wife Celebrate 70th Anniversary

A World War II veteran and his wife recently celebrated 70 years of marriage.

Abortion Protestors Form Four-Mile 'Life Chain'

Pro-life protestors lined up in downtown Indianapolis, forming a four-mile-long life chain Sunday afternoon.

'SURGE' Event Tackles Teens' Deepest Fears

Teen Mania founder Ron Luce is hosting a one-of-a-kind, interactive event designed to address teens' deepest fears.

Midwest Plagued by Tornados, Floods, Blizzards

People across the country endured extreme weather conditions this weekend.

Mom: DC Chase Suspect Had 'Post-Partum Depression'

The woman who led police and Secret Service agents on a dramatic high speed chase in the nation's capital Thursday has been identified.

Ten Commandments Toppling Caught On Tape

Video of two men suspected of toppling a Ten Commandments monument has been made public as part of the police investigation.

'Gravity,' 'Grace Unplugged': Good Weekend Movies?

This could be a good weekend for family friendly movies at the theater, but are there any issues that parents should be aware of? Bob Waliszewsi answers this and more on CBN News Today, Oct. 4.

Kerry Urges Congress to End Shutdown

Secretary of State Kerry Urges Congress to End Shutdown

Snow, Tornadoes in Great Plains

Snow and tornadoes cause millions of dollars in damage in the Great Plains

Calvary Chapel Founder Chuck Smith Dies

Calvary Chapel founder Pastor Chuck Smith, died Thursday after a battle with lung cancer. He was 86.

Gulf Coast Prepares for Tropical Storm Karen

Residents of the Gulf Coast are preparing Friday for the first major storm of the season, Tropical Storm Karen.

Police Fight Sex-Trafficking with Unlikely Partners

Human trafficking is challenging illegal drugs as the most profitable criminal enterprise. In Chicago, A growing number of missing person are children, causing police to realize they can't fight alone.

Americans Voice Shutdown Frustrations via Twitter

Unlike past government shutdowns, Americans now have social media to voice their opinions. And they are taking out twitter feeds.

Online Censors 'Threat' to Christian Free Speech

Religious liberty watchdogs fear that it may be tougher than ever to protect Americans' First Amendment rights online.

Rap Artist Flame: Life Between Two Worlds

 Marcus, better known as "Flame," spoke with CBN News' Charlene Israel about his life and his new music.

Tearful Witness: Church Bus Accident 'Very Bad'

Several members of a North Carolina church were killed in a head-on collision on a Tennessee highway Wednesday.

'Grace Unplugged' Film Explores the Perils of Fame

A new movie opens Friday called "Grace Unplugged." It's about a young worship leader who dreams of becoming a big star outside the Church walls. But will the price of fame prove to be too high?


'Hunt for Red October' Author Tom Clancy Dies

Many are mourning the loss of one of the kings of the American thriller. Author Tom Clancy died Tuesday in Baltimore.

New Jersey Seeks Stay on Gay Marriage Ruling

The New Jersey government is asking a judge to delay implementing an order allowing gay marriage.

Ball State Students Say Course Promotes Atheism

Ball State University in Indiana says it will review a class curriculum some students say promotes atheism.

Sex Trafficking: Groups Expose Houston's Dark Secret

Houston tops an ugly list. According to the U.S. Justice Department, the Texas metropolis is one of the country's largest hubs of human trafficking.

Wild Car Chase Ends Tragically on Capitol Hill

A wild car chase in the nation's capital ended with one female suspect dead and an officer injured. Police fired on the car after the driver ignored the checkpoint at Capitol Hill.

Group: LGBT Month Promoting Gay Porn to Kids

The Pacific Justice Institute is issuing a warning to parents, saying LGBT History Month in school is inappropriate.

Closed WWII Memorial: Visiting Vets 'Deserve Better'

The government shutdown has turned into a potential legal showdown, revolving around the closing of the World War II Memorial in Washington.

Jerry Johnson New NRB President

The National Religious Broadcasters has selected Dr. Jerry A. Johnson as their new president a chief executive officer by unanimous decision.

Study: Countries Can't Care for Rising Elderly

A new United Nations study claims most countries aren't prepared to support the growing number of elderly people.

America the Great, Is This Still True?

Nick Adams, author, speaker and political analyst from Australia has a unique perspective about the government shutdown and the start of Obamacare.

Obamacare May Trigger Exodus of Christian Doctors

Thousands of Christian doctors across the nation are considering quitting medicine or working overseas because of concerns over the new healthcare law.

Justice Dept. to Sue North Carolina over Voting Law

The suit is the latest effort by the Obama administration to fight back against a Supreme Court ruling that struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act.

Buyer Beware? Health Law Rollout Begins

The Associated Press is warning "buyers beware" regarding the president's Obamacare rhetoric.

The Next Step: 'Wearable' Technology

Personalized technology is now getting even more personal with new inventions available to the public.