November 2013 Headlines

First Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Grateful for Miracles

Everyone knows the Pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving feast in the New World. But what you may not know is just why they were so thankful.

Biker-Style Evangelism Combats Negative Stereotypes

A biker church in Virginia is offering bikers a new way of life while sharing their love for God and the open road.

Re-homing Orphans a Dangerous Internet Practice

What happens when parents say they can't take care of the child they adopted? For some orphans, it means falling into a dangerous Internet exchange market.

Biker: 27 Million People in Slavery Is 'Ridiculous and Dark'

Andrew Wallace, with has made it his mission to bring awareness to human trafficking industry hiding in the shadows of America.

'Black Nativity' Something New, Something Authentic

The story of Jesus' birth takes center stage as a modern-day, gospel musical hits theaters.

More Shoppers, Less Spending this Season

Holiday shoppers spent about 3 percent less than last year during the Black Friday sales. Stores drew more shoppers than last year, but they spent less.

TBN Founder Paul Crouch Dies at 79

Dr. Paul F. Crouch, evangelist and founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, passed away Saturday at age 79. He had been battling heart problems.

Obamacare Ads Encouraging Sexual Encounters

The Obamacare national marketing campaign is costing a whopping $700 million, but just as concerning to many is the kind of ads it's running nationwide.

Religious Liberties at Stake in Obamacare Challenge

The Supreme Court will hear challenges from two Christian-owned companies opposing required birth control coverage in Obama's health care law.

White House Move an Attempt to Silence Critics?

The Obama administration is trying to limit tax-exempt groups' ability to campaign politically

Judge Strikes Down Federal Tax Exemption for Clergy

A federal judge struck down a 1951 law that gives members of the clergy tax-free housing allowances.

Devastated Okla. Town Served a 'Table of Hospitality'

Just six months ago, a massive tornado leveled parts of Moore, Okla, claiming the lives of 23 people, including seven children at an elementary school.

The Miracles that Shaped the USA

Historian and author Bill Federer guides a walking tour of Philadelphia to reveal the many miracles that helped form the United States of America.

Weather Didn't Ground Thanksgiving Traditions

Storms could ground one of the most popular parts of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Historic Book of Psalms Sets Auction Record

A tiny book of Psalms published in 1640 sold for $14.2 million, setting a record for a book sold at auction at Sotheby's in New York.

Atheists Appeal 'Painful' Ground Zero Cross Case

The cross memorial at Ground Zero in New York City is back in the center of a legal dispute.

'Christmas Candle' to Become New 'Holiday Classic'

"The Christmas Candle," an inspiring novel from international, best-selling author Max Lucado, now has now made it to the big screen.

Massive Storm Threatens Macy's Day Parade

From Florida to Maine, millions of people along the Eastern seaboard are dealing with a massive winter storm system that threatens Thanksgiving plans.

High Court Will Hear Challenge to Birth Control Mandate

The Supreme Court will decide whether businesses can be exempt from the Obamacare requirement to cover birth control for employees over religious objections.

'Knockout' Victim: One Punch Put Man in Nursing Home

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and other city leaders say they won't tolerate a deadly "knockout game" in their city.

Winter Storm Wreaking Havoc on Holiday Travel

Holiday travelers up and down the East Coast are facing a tough trip this Thanksgiving.

Newtown Massacre Motive May Never Be Known

Investigators in the Newtown, Conn., school massacre say they "may never" be able to know the shooter's exact motive

Woman Awarded Damages over 'God Bless You' Complaints

The city of Portland, Ore., has been ordered to pay $19,000 to a city employee over religious harassment.

Tornado-Ravaged Resident's Find Hope Beneath the Rubble

Operation Blessing volunteers spent the weekend helping victims of the tornadoes that ravaged Washington, Ill.

Air Force Pulls 'So Help Me God' from Handbooks

The U.S. Air Force Academy has removed the phrase "so help me God" from handbooks and also pulled down a poster that included "God."

Secret Six: Spies Who Saved the American Revolution

A fascinating tale of American heroism has been shrouded in secrecy for more than 200 years. It's the story of a spy ring that helped turn the tide of the Revolutionary War.

Powerful Storm Making Thanksgiving Travel Tough

A powerful winter storm system is dumping heavy rain and snow across a large part of the country.

Saving C.S. Lewis: Jack's Journey to Faith

On the same day JFK was assassinated, another iconic figure passed away - renowned Christian author and scholar C.S. Lewis.

Winter Storms May Stick Around Through Thanksgiving

Winter Weather is the cause for at least eight deaths over the weekend. Forecasters say it could slow Thanksgiving travel in parts of the nation.

Airlines Recoil at FCC Cell Phone Use Proposal

The FCC is considering allowing passengers to use their cell phones to make calls during flights above 10,000 feet, but that's not sitting well with the airlines.

America Pays Tribute to President John F. Kennedy

The nation pays tribute to President John F. Kennedy on Friday, the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

Court Approves Firing Teacher over Religious Items

Ohio's Supreme Court okayed a decision by the Mount Vernon City School District to fire a teacher who kept religious materials in his classroom.

Regent Ventures into Cutting Edge MOOC Program

One of the latest developments in online education right now centers on a new type of teaching known as MOOCS, or Massive Open Online Courses. 

Costco Apologizes for Labeling Bibles 'Fiction'

A pastor was recently shopping at Costco in Simi Valley, Calif., for a gift when he decided to stop and look at the Bibles. He says that what he saw shocked him.

School Cuts Ties with 'Operation Christmas Child'

Students at a charter school in Douglas County, Colo., will no longer wrap and send Christmas gifts to less fortunate children after a humanist group threatened to sue.

Shock Sets In as Midwest Clean-Up Continues

Rescue and clean-up efforts continue Tuesday after a series of deadly tornadoes and powerful storms wreaked havoc across 12 states in the Midwest.

Illinois Cleanup, Rebuilding Continues after Twisters

Midwesterners hit hard by tornadoes earlier this week are trying to find anything left behind after the twisters flattened almost everything.

Gun Control: Lessons to Learn from the Third Reich

America has suffered shocking incidents of gun violence over the years. But author Stephen Halbrook says there's are good historical reasons not to create new gun laws.

Faith Groups Score Temporary HHS Mandate Victory

Several groups fighting against mandates in Obamacare have won a temporary court victory in Pennsylvania.

Evangelist Billy Graham Returns Home from Hospital

Evangelist Billy Graham returned to his home in Montreat, N.C., Thursday, after a two-day stay at Mission Hospital in nearby Asheville.

Iowa Planned Parenthood Fraud Case Begins

The former manager of an Iowa Planned Parenthood clinic is suing them for submitting "repeated false, fraudulent, and ineligible claims for reimbursements."

Rev. Billy Graham Hospitalized with Respiratory Issue

Rev. Billy Graham has been hospitalized for the second time in a month.

Clinton, Winfrey, Lynn Awarded Medal of Freedom

What do country singer Loretta Lynn, media mogul Oprah Winfrey and President Bill Clinton have in common?

Texas Abortion Restrictions Stay; NM Ban Rejected

The states of Texas and New Mexico emerged from major abortion fights Wednesday with two very different outcomes.

Lawmakers Push Bipartisan 'Don't Track Kids' Act

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is pushing Facebook and other Internet companies to better protect privacy for children and teens.

Illinois Gay Marriage Bill a Threat to Businesses?

An Illinois bill says religious institutions, clergy and some private clubs don't have to allow gay weddings. But it's not as clear for businesses whose owners may not want to participate.

Key Leaders: Immigration Reform 'Will Pass' Soon

Some key supporters of immigration reform say it will pass soon even though Speaker of the House John Boehner said he won't take action this year.

'Best Man Holiday' Displays Faith amid Adversity

Critics are not calling "The Best Man Holiday" a family-friendly film because of some of its language, but it still conveys a real celebration of faith in the midst adversity.

Thousands to Mark Gettysburg Address Anniversary

Tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

Documents Show NSA Defied Court on Spy Program

Newly declassified documents show the National Security Agency willfully defied a court ruling with its surveillance programs.

Judge Approves Halal Food for Mich. Muslim Inmates

A federal judge has approved halal meals for Muslim inmates in Michigan.

Seniors, Students Suffer as Doctors, Plans Cut

Thousands of doctors are being booted from health care insurance plans under Obamacare. That means thousands of patients will have to find new doctors.

'Everything Demolished:' Twisters Devastate Midwest

The Midwest is cleaning up after deadly storms ripped through several states this weekend. The twisters killed at least six people and leveled entire neighborhoods.

New Video Exposes Albuquerque Abortion Practices

An investigative video by Live Action exposes the gruesome late-term abortions performed at the Albuquerque abortion clinic Southwestern Women's Options.

Hero's Journey: Wounded Vet Gets 'House of Valor'

There's no place like home, and for retired Army Sgt. J.D. Williams and his family having a place to call their own has been a long time coming.

Early Look at 'Heaven Is for Real' Movie Trailer

The New York Times bestseller Heaven is for Real will soon be a major motion picture.

Iowa Court Suspends Web-Cam Abortion Ban

An Iowa court has suspended a ban on telemedicine abortions, the controversial method that allows doctors and patients to tele-conference when administering the abortion drug.

Albuquerque 20-Week Abortion Ban Vote 'Historic'

An initiative to ban late-term abortions is bringing Albuquerque, N.M., voters to the polls early.

New Mars Spacecraft to Explore Atmosphere

NASA hopes its newest Mars spacecraft lives up to its know-it-all name - Maven.

Miracle Survival: 'I'm Ready to Die for Christ'

Adamu spoke with Christian World News about how he survived and what that means for him today.

Insurance Industry: Obama's Fix Could Be Costly

The main trade group for the health insurance industry warned the president's push to restore insurance policies cancelled under Obamacare could be costly.

Movie Review: 'Book Thief' Is Inspiring, Family Friendly

A new inspirational movie, "The Book Thief," which recently hit theaters, remains relatively unknown but is rated well for family friendliness.

Tenn. Valley Utility Closes Eight Coal Units

The nation's largest public utility is closing down eight coal units at power plants in Kentucky and Alabama.

Marine Surprises Kids by Coming Home 'to Stay'

Lt. Col. Philip Eilertson is home from his fifth deployment to Afghanistan and says he feels blessed by God to be able to come home.

Young Adults Living on Their Own at Record Low

The number of young adults living on their own has fallen to the lowest level in more than 50 years.

Rutgers University Bus Driver Fired for Praying

Students at Rutgers University are rallying around a bus driver who says he lost his job for praying for a disabled student.

Hawaii Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) has signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Congress May Defund TSA's SPOT Program

A new government report won't help the troubled Transportation Security Agency win any new fans.

Several States Get Early Blast of Arctic Air

The official start of winter is still one month away, but temperatures across the nation are dropping this week with some areas dropping below zero.

Church on Wheels? Cabbie Ministers to Big Apple

A taxi driver in New York City is using his job as an opportunity to minister to the people of New York.

High Court Rejects Okla. Ultrasound Abortion Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal to revive Oklahoma's ultrasound abortion law.

Signups for Obamacare Fall Far Short of Target

Signups for insurance through Obamacare's federal exchanges are apparently falling far short of their goals so far.

End of Days: A New Light on JFK's Final Moments

It was a generation-altering event that still stirs up strong emotions 50 years later. Author James Swanson takes a riveting new look at a turning point in American history.

Hawaii Legislature Poised to OK Gay Marriage Bill

Hawaii is set to become the latest state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Chaplains Sue Vet Affairs for Religious Harassment

The Conservative Baptist Association of America is suing the Secretary of Veterans Affairs over harassment of its chaplains.

Veterans Day: Defending Military Religious Freedom

The service and sacrifices of the U.S. Armed Forces are being honored across the nation Monday.

Surviving WWII Doolittle Raiders Toast Comrades

The surviving members of the World War II Air Force Doolittle Raiders, toasted their fallen comrades in a ceremony at Ohio's Air Force Museum.

Cancelled Health Policies: 'How Dare You in Washington!'

For millions, the reality of Obamacare is hitting home in the form of a letter informing them that they're losing their current coverage since it doesn't comply with the new law.

Tattoo Removal Gives Ex-Offenders Second Chance

Longtime sheriff's chaplain Wayne Heintze has a new calling as part of his ministry: removing tattoos.

Federal Court Blocks Contraception Mandate

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has ruled in favor of an Illinois-based Catholic business suing over Obamacare's controversial birth control mandate.

Six States Refuse Gay Military Couples' Benefits

Six states are refusing to process benefits for married, same-sex military couples, despite a recent order from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Charles Krauthammer: Things That Matter

What do you get when you combine political commentary with observations on art, beauty, and pop culture? When the writer is Charles Krauthammer, you get a book.

Opponents Challenge New CA Transgender Rights Law

Organizers are challenging the new California law that gives transgender students a long list of rights.

Poll: Uninsured Americans Reject Obamacare

Only 22 percent of uninsured Americans say they plan to get insurance through the exchanges.

Shutdown Surprise: How it Affected Jobs Numbers

The government shutdown may have affected October's jobs numbers. But not how you think.

Who Should Handle Military Sexual Assault Cases?

Lawmakers are demanding a change in how the military deals with sexual assault cases, insisting that prosecutors handle those cases, not commanders.

Graham Celebrates Birthday with 'The Cross' Sermon

Roughly 800 people packed into the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C., to show their love and admiration for the man known as "America's pastor."

An Olympic Swimmer's Soul Saving Mission

Nearly 10 people drown every day, and it is one the leading accidental causes of death for children. Cullen Jones, 29, almost became one of those statistics. Instead, he is an Olympic swimmer.

Single Payer System Coming If Obamacare Fails?

Many liberals are already saying that the problems with Obamacare mean the country should give up on it and go to a different system: the single payer plan.

The Day God Said 'Go Feed the Strippers'

Erin Stevens was a happy pastor's wife and a mom of three. Then, following a 21-day fast, she heard God speak. What He said surprised her.

Eighteen-Year-Old Elected to School Board

Many young people are disinterested in politics, which is just one reason 18 year old Chase Harrison from New Jersey is standing out.

Momentum Building to Toughen Trafficking Penalties

Strong momentum now exists to pass anti-trafficking legislation at the state level, according to Shared Hope International.

Movie Review: 'Thor' Intense, Not Gruesome

Focus on the Family's Bob Waliszewski spoke with CBN News Today about two films: "Thor: The Dark World" and "Pete's Christmas," both being released this weekend.

Country Music Awards Star of the Night: Obamacare

The 47th Country Music Awards were last night and perhaps the biggest winner of the night was hosts' Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's "Obamacare by Morning" spoof.

Justices Weigh Constitutionality of Town's Prayers

The Supreme Court is again wrestling with the role for religion in government in a case involving prayers at the start of a New York town's council meetings.

Lesbians File Complaint after Wedding Venue Denied

A lesbian couple in New York has filed a complaint against Christian business owners for refusing to book their wedding last year.

Pa. Diocese Suit: Birth Control Mandate 'Historic'

A federal judge will hear a lawsuit by the Catholic Dicoese of Pittsburgh over the Obamacare requirement that employers offer employees contraception coverage.

Illinois to Become 15th State to Allow Gay Marriage

llinois is poised to become the 15th state to allow same-sex marriage. State lawmakers voted 61 to 54 Tuesday on a measure to allow gay couples to wed.

Graham Crusade to Be Most 'Important' Message Ever

Evangelist Billy Graham turned 95 Thursday and he rang in his next year by preaching what some predict could be his largest-ever crusade.

Millions Lose Insurance Plans Under Obamacare

Millions of Americans have had their current health insurance plans cancelled by Obamacare.

Forty-Two Days of Worship Ends Near White House

A rare event is coming to an end in the nation's capital: 42 consecutive days of worship bursting forth from a white tent located just a few hundred yards from the White House.

Minnesota Takes Anti-Trafficking Fight to US Senate

At a breakfast fundraiser, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., announced plans to introduce anti-trafficking legislation to the U.S. Senate.

Missouri Legislators Override Christmas Veto

Lawmakers in Missouri have voted to allow schools and other public buildings to observe Christmas without restriction.

Albuquerque to Vote on Late-Term Abortions

A ban on late-term abortions is on the ballot in Albuquerque, N.M. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe is urging parishioners to vote "yes."

Couple Sues NJ Gov. over Conversion Therapy Ban

A New Jersey couple is suing Gov. Chris Christie for signing a bill that bans gay conversion therapy.

Newsboys, Colton Dixon, Lecrae Headline 'Winter Jam'

Headlining the Winter Jam tour are the Christian pop-rockers Newsboys, hip-hop/rapper Lecrae, and "American Idol's" Colton Dixon.

Lecrae Featured in Billy Graham 'My Hope' Film

Billy Graham's "My Hope America" film "The Cross" will also feature stories from some of the biggest names in Christian music, including rap artist Lecrae.

Supreme Court to Revisit Public Prayer

Public prayer goes before the U.S. Supreme Court again next Wednesday.

John Ashcroft Hosts Classic Hymn-Sing

Regent University hosted an old fashioned community hymn-sing this weekend in Virginia Beach, Va.

Court Backs Ohio Business on Contraception Mandate

An appeals court is siding with Ohio business owners who challenged the Obamacare birth control coverage mandate.

Obamacare website to go offline

Bedeviled by technology glitches that frustrated millions of consumers, the Obama administration is taking down its health overhaul website for repairs this weekend.

Suspect in LAX shooting targeted TSA

Seeking to stir fear in "traitorous minds," a man suspected of a shooting spree at Los Angeles airport allegedly set out to kill employees of the Transportation Security Administration.

New York Docs Give Affordable Care a Thumbs Down

New York doctors are giving Obamacare a big thumbs down, according to a new New York State Medical Society survey of 409 doctors.

Court Reinstates Texas Most Abortion Restrictions

An appeals court has reinstated most of Texas' new abortion standards. One of the new measures requires all abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

LAX Shooting: suspect's family received disturbing texts

Moments after gunfire broke out at the Los Angeles airport, Paul Ciancia's father called police in New Jersey, worried about his son in L.A. The young man had sent texts to his family that suggested he might be in trouble, at one point even saying goodbye.

'Fairy God-Judge' Finalizes Adoptions

While some remember Halloween as a very spooky day, eight kids in Nevada will remember this Halloween as a very special one.

TSA Employee Killed in Shooting at LAX

A gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle opened fire at the Los Angeles airport Friday, wounding a Transportation Security Administration employee and two others.

Reviews: 'Ender's Game', 'Free Birds' Family Friendly?

Focus on the Family's Bob Waliszewski spoke with CBN News Today about the box office openings for the beginning of November, "Ender's Game" and "Free Birds."

Storms, Tornadoes Hit Central US, Move Northeast

Severe storms swept through the central United States on Halloween, with at least 12 states getting hit with tornadoes and flooding.

Churches Standing for Fatherless on Orphan Sunday

Thousands of churches across the country are observing Orphan Sunday this weekend. It's a day meant to encourage Christians to consider adopting.