March 2009 Headlines

Amazing End to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Many have heard of the famous Hatfield-McCoy feud, but there's a part of the story that's not often told.

Getting Through to Generation 'Text'

Like so many kids these days, you can find 16-year-old Cole Deardorff in lots of places.

Friendliness Key to the Gay Marriage Debate?

MISSOURI - Is friendship possible on the frontlines of culture wars surrounding issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage?

Hope for Native America

Some of the poorest areas in the United States are found on Native American reservations. Some wonder why, when many tribes have large casinos for revenue.

Operation Blessing Calls for N.D. Volunteers - Operation Blessing has put out a call for volunteers in North Dakota.

Pro-Lifers Petition for Conscience Clause

Pro-Lifers are mobilizing to protect doctors who are opposed to performing abortions.

Atheist Billboards Headed to TX Highways

Texas residents near Dallas may soon see atheist billboards along their highways.

Legal Battle Not Over for Abortion Doctor

The legal battle is not over for late-term abortion Dr. George Tiller.

NC Town Recovering From Shooting

A small town in North Carolina is trying to recover after a weekend shooting rampage at a nursing home.

Christian Radio Personalities Going Off Air

Two of Christian radio's biggest personalities have decided to end their popular morning show.

U.S. Warned Sudan of Israeli Air Attack

JERUSALEM, Israel - The U.S. warned the Sudanese government to halt its participation in arms smuggling to the Gaza Strip, according to a report in the London-based Arabic language daily A-Sarq al-Awsat.

OB Adopts N.D. Town Affected by Flooding - Operation Blessing International will arrive in North Dakota Monday, to help residents as they recover from floodwaters that engulfed their homes and businesses last week.

Ministries Dig Deeper in Tough Economy

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Youth Challenge has met the needs of hurting people in this local community for some 30 years.

Most Americans Want Friend Invite to Church - More than half of Americans say they would attend church if invited by a friend or family member, according to the latest LifeWay Research survey.

Fargo Residents Race Against Rising Water

North Dakota's Red River near Fargo rose to a 112-year high early Friday, breaching a dike south of downtown Fargo and forcing authorities to order the evacuations of about 150 homes.

U.S. Officials Confirm Israeli Strike in Sudan - JERUSALEM, Israel - A report in The New York Times alleges that two U.S. officials confirmed an Israel Air Force (IAF) air strike in January on a weapons convoy in Sudan.

TX Board Decides on Evolution in Textbooks

The Texas Board of Education is making a major decision today involving how evolution appears in school textbooks.

Man's 40-Year Crosswalk Seen in 'The Cross'

The true story of a man who carried a large wooden cross around the world premieres on movies screens around the country Friday in "The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story."

Senator: AmeriCorp Increase a 'Mistake'

President Obama's plans to increase volunteerism are sailing through Congress but not without controversy.

South Takes Beating from Severe Weather

Severe storms moved through the south again Friday damaging homes and toppling power lines.

Survey: Economy Not Pushing More to Church

Some might say job loss and financial trouble are enough to make any person go to church, but a recent Gallup Poll shows that may not always be the case.

Fla. Judge Leaps Over Bench to Stop Fight

Court surveillance video caught a Florida county judge as he jumped the bench to break up a fight on his courtroom floor.

Chinese Attack on Taiwan: War for U.S.?

Beijing recently authorized the use of force if Taiwan ever declares its independence. America has a defense treaty with Taiwan but honoring that treaty would mean war with China.

Silenced Christian Appeals to High Court

A former Virginia student who was silenced after referencing God in her high school graduation speech could see her case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

NJ Justices to Hear Sex Offenders Case

The New Jersey Supreme Court will on Tuesday hear a case to keep an ordinance on the books that prevents sex offenders from living near schools, libraries and playgrounds.

N.D. Uses Portable Wall for Flood Protection - The threat of flooding from the rising Red River has forced officials to consider all options of defense including a strategy used in combat, a portable wall system.

Notre Dame's Obama Invite Draws Critics

The University of Notre Dame is sticking with its invitation to President Obama to speak at its graduation commencement in May. But the President's invite has drawn criticism from Roman Catholics.

Vermont Takes Steps Toward Gay Marriage

The Vermont state Senate approved a measure to legalize same-sex marriage.

Groups Rally for National Day of Prayer

Several lawmakers have joined a religious rights group in fighting for the continuation of the National Day of Prayer, which is now facing a challenge in court.

Security to Tighten at U.S.-Mexico Border - The Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday a doubling of border security teams along the U.S.-Mexico border to fight drug cartels and increasing violence.

WA Lawmakers to Vote on Gay Benefits

Washington state is on course to pass a bill that would give same-sex partnerships the same rights as married couples.

Abortion Doctor Faces 19 Charges

Opening statements were made, Monday, against George Tiller, the late-term abortion provider in Wichita, Kan.

VT Senate to Debate Same-Sex Marriage

Vermont's senate takes up the issue of same-sex marriage today after a state senate committee unanimously approved a bill permitting in that state.

Churches Hold Services for Slain CA Officers

Prayer services were held across Oakland, Calif., Sunday, in honor of four police officers who were shot in the line of duty just the day before.

Court Allows College to Deny Christian Club

A California law school can deny funding and recognition to a Christian club on campus because the group excludes membership to homosexuals and non-Christians, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

Group Calls to Save Civil War Battlefields - WASHINGTON - It remains the only war in which Americans fought Americans and now the sacred battlefields that ran red with the blood of young men who wore the Union blue and Confederate gray are disappearing.

The Game of Life -- Gay or Straight?

An online version of the popular family board game known as "The Game of Life" now gives children a choice to have either a traditional or same-sex family during the course of the game.

A 'Madworld' Warning to Parents - A strong warning is being issued about the extremely violent Nintendo Wii game, Madworld.

Existence of Satan Debate on Nightline

A controversial line-up has been selected to debate the existence of Satan on ABC's Nightline Face-Off series on March 26.

Dictionary Makes New 'Marriage' Definition

As the debate over traditional marriage continues to brew across America, a well-known dictionary has already made a compromise on the issue.

CT Lawmakers End Church Finance Bill

Connecticut lawmakers killed the controversial church finance bill which would have forced the Catholic church to re-structure it's financial system and move the power out of the bishops hands into the hands of church members.

Fla. Chaplain Resigns, Not to Limit 'God'

A hospice chaplain in Florida has resigned rather than limit her use of the word "God."

Billy Graham's Grandson Coral Ridge Pastor

One of Billy Graham's grandsons has become the new pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Record Births in U.S. Baby Boom - There have been a record number of babies born in the U.S., according to a new federal report.

Gov't to Finance Auto Parts Suppliers - The government is stepping in to help struggling auto parts suppliers linked to Detroit's automakers.

Salvation Army Shows Record Donations

People are still opening their wallets to help others during these tough economic times.

National Debt Reaches $11 Trillion

The growing national debt has reached a record $11 trillion -- the largest in U.S. history.

U.S. to Endorse Gay Rights Resolution - WASHINGTON - President Obama will endorse a U.N. declaration calling for a world wide de-criminalization of homosexuals.

Texas Moment of Silence Constitutional

A federal appeals court has upheld a Texas law requiring students to observe one minute of silence following the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jury Selection Continues for KS Abortion Doc

Jury selection continues today in the trial of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller who is charged with 19 misdemeanors, alleging he failed to obtain a second opinion from an independent doctor for late-term abortions.

Congress Threatens to Tax AIG Bonuses

THE WHITE HOUSE -- There's a concerted campaign to collect some of the public money used to help prop up insurer American International Group or also known as AIG.

Friends Remember Habitat's Fuller

Friends and co-workers of Millard Fuller, the co-founder of Habitat for Humanity, celebrated his life this past weekend.

Late-term Abortion Doc Faces Trial

Jury selection starts Monday for a Kansas doctor charged with performing 19 illegal late-term abortions.

IL Church Continues after Pastor's Murder

The First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., held its first service since its pastor was shot to death Sunday, March 7.

Ginsburg Hints at Supreme Court Vacancy

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told law students Friday that there will be a vacancy on the high court in the near future.

Bernanke: Recession Could End in '09

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke predicted, Sunday, that the recession could end this year if the government succeeds in strengthening the banking system.

Grad's Jesus Speech Prompts Lawsuit

A Colorado student forced to apologize for mentioning Jesus in a graduation speech brought her case before a federal appeals court Wednesday.

Funeral Services Held for Slain IL Pastor

Funeral services were held today for the Illinois pastor who was gunned down during a morning church service, Sunday.

Joker One: U.S. Courage in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON -- President Obama's new strategy in Afghanistan could be announced as early as next week.

Street Fighter Arcade FightStick: Joystick Joy - The Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick, by Mad Catz, is a new controller peripheral that was released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Licensed by Capcom, Street Fighter IV's developer, the controller brings the perfect arcade feel to your home. I performed special moves with the FightStick with ease as compared to trying to use the console controllers. Although the PS3's controller was definitely better to use than the 360's.

Investigators Seek Madoff Scam Accomplice

Investigators are digging deeper to see who else might have been involved in the money scam that landed Bernie Madoff in jail.

Christian Ministries Win Accreditation - Two leading Christian institutions have been accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Va. Islamic School Revises Textbooks

A controversial Islamic school in Virginia with close ties to Saudi Arabia has reportedly revised its religious textbooks

EXCLUSIVE: The White House Talks Abortion - The Obama Administration has not decided if abortions will be covered under any future universal health care plans, a top White House official told CBN News.

Madoff Pleads Guilty to Epic Fraud

The man accused of the biggest swindle in Wall Street history is now behind bars, possibly for the rest of his life.

WV Gay Couple Appeals Adoption Law - A case before West Virginia's Supreme Court of Appeals has the potential to set precedent for the right of same-sex couples in the state to adopt.

Spending Bill Ends D.C. School Vouchers

The spending bill President Obama signed into law Wednesday will eliminate a program that provides school vouchers for low income students in Washington D.C. to attend private school.

Prop 8 Petition Heads Door to Door

Gay rights supporters in California have until August to collect a list of signatures showing those in favor of overturning Proposition 8 which ended same-sex marriage in the state.

Will the Market Rally Have Legs?

Investors on Wall Street tried to hold on to gains from Tuesday's best rally in three months.

Churches Offer Counseling After AL Shooting

Michael McLendon reined down terror on three small Alabama towns before finally killing himself in a deadly shooting rampage Tuesday.

Wounded War Vets Get Well-Deserved Gifts

A group of paralyzed veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were recently presented with a well-deserved gift-- a high tech wheelchair with cutting-edge capabilities called the "iBOT."

Gunman's Family Meets with a Church Pastor

The family of the man charged with shooting the pastor in an Illinois church Sunday has met with one of the pastors of that church.

Utah Weighs Roadside Cross Atheist Appeal

A federal appeals court is weighing Utah's use of crosses on roadside memorials honoring fallen highway patrol troopers.

Fewer Americans Say They're Christian

Evangelical Christians still make up a large percentage of Americans, but a growing number say they have no religion at all.

With Dobson Done, Who's Next to Lead?

With the recent resignation of Focus on the Family's James Dobson, many evangelicals are wondering who's next to handle the reigns of the conservative movement.

CA Supreme Court Hears Prop 8 Arguments

Conservatives in California believe they may have lost a battle, but won the war.

Bringing a New Era to RTS Video Games - With the advent of Halo Wars comes the first non-cumbersome Real Time Strategy game on a home console.

Pro-Life Group Out of Brownback Meetings

CBN News has learned that the pro-life Family Research Council is temporarily pulling out of weekly meetings chaired by Sen. Sam Brownback.

Spring Forward Sunday or You'll Be Late

Get ready to "spring forward" and give up an extra hour of sleep-- daylight savings time will officially take place this weekend.

FDIC May Borrow Billions from Treasury

The government may allow the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to borrow as much as $500 billion from the treasury department.

Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Resigns - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Sallai Meridor announced his resignation earlier  this week.

Gays Target Arkansas Adoption Ban

An Arkansas judge will decide Friday whether a lawsuit challenging the state's ban on adoption for unmarried couples will be allowed to continue.

Pet Lovers Protest Micro-Chipping Law

The city of San Marcos, Texas is taking a second look at its mandatory pet micro-chipping law.

Chinese Shop the U.S. for Real Estate Bargains (UPDATED VERSION)

It's not uncommon to see large Chinese tour groups throughout the U.S. shopping for bargains in various malls throughout the country.  But many wealthy Chinese are no longer limiting their purchases to designer souvenirs.  They're looking for more sizeable investments.

Investors Brace for Unemployent Report

The Labor Department is expected to report that employers cut at least 600,000 jobs in Febr

Elizabeth Taylor Gives to Christian Education

Actress Elizabeth Taylor is giving a large donation to the Alliance for Christian Education.

WA Doctor Assisted Suicide Becomes Legal

Physician-assisted suicide became law today and doctors in Washington state can now help patients commit suicide.

Calif. Prop 8 Rally Draws Both Sides

Protesters on both sides of the gay marriage debate have been rallying outside the California Supreme Court.

U.S. Sailors Return to Haifa - HAIFA, Israel - Four hundred crew members of the USS Aegis are enjoying a five-day holiday in Israel's northern port city.

Federal Funding Promotes Healthy Marriages

The federal government is spending $5 million to promote healthy marriages.

Clinic Owner Arrested Over Botched Abortion

A Florida abortion clinic owner accused of throwing a mother's live baby in the trash has been arrested.

Koobface Worm Strikes Facebook Users  - Facebook, the leading social-networking community, has become the latest hunting ground for cyber crooks looking to steal precious user information.

Lawsuit Threatens Defense of Marriage

More than a dozen gay couples in Massachusetts are suing the federal government.

WA State Law Would Allow Assisted Suicide

Washington State will soon allow assisted suicide under the state's death with dignity law.

Classroom Furniture Exercises the Brain

A fourth grade teacher in Colorado has substituted her student's classroom chairs for large exercise balls.

N.J. Football Coach's Appeal to Pray Denied

The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a blow to a high school football coach who was fighting to bow his head and kneel when his players pray.

Feds to the Rescue Again for Troubled AIG - The government has unveiled a new plan to rescue insurance giant American International Group, by providing the struggling company another $30-billion on an "as needed" basis.

Late Winter Storm Roars into Northeast

WASHINGTON - The old saying about March coming in like a lion certainly came true for millions of people Monday morning.

Dobson Resigns As Focus on Family Chair

James Dobson has stepped down as chairman of Focus on the Family, the conservative group he founded more than 30 years ago as a voice on moral issues like abortion and marriage.