November 2007 Headlines

Civil War: Faith in Black and White

Today, Virginia's capitol is a vibrant center, surrounded by more than a million people. But in the spring of 1865, Richmond could not have looked more different.

One Navy SEAL's Tale of Survival

Navy SEALs are among the elite of America's military forces and have been used extensively in the war on terror. Only one SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, made it out alive. He told his amazing story of survival to CBN News.

Televangelists Face Intense Federal Probe

The ministries of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Eddie Long, as well as Randy and Paula White are currently under investigation for lavish expenses and management of donations.

Church Builds Wounded Vet New House

After National Guardsman Dale Beatty was wounded in Iraq, he had no place to call home.

Six Major Ministries Under Investigation

Six popular Christian televangelists are being investigated by the federal government for "possible misuse of donations."