February 2009 Headlines

Old Bethel UMC: If These Walls Could Talk

If you take a stroll down the historic cobblestone streets of Charleston, S.C., you'll find horse drawn carriages and people sipping sweet tea and eating ice cream - almost year round.

Confronting Evolution's Racists Roots

Darwin's book on human evolution, The Descent of Man, revealed him as what John West calls "a virulent racist."

Grand Theft Auto Continues Amoral Tone

The original version of Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in Liberty City, a takeoff on New York City. The game follows a Russian immigrant named Nikko Belik as he comes to the U.S. to live the American dream. But Nikko quickly finds out that the experience isn't exactly how his cousin told him it would be.

Obama to Rescind Bush Abortion Rule

The Obama administration is expected to reverse a federal ruling that protects doctors who refuse to perform abortions or who provide abortion counseling.

Arrests Revive Nation's Right-to-Die Debate

The arrests of four members of the assisted suicide group known as Final Exit is reviving the nation's right-to-die debate.

TV Station Owner's Alleged Honor Killing

The U.S. Muslim TV station founder charged last week with beheading his wife may have committed the murder because of rules in Islamic law, well-known blogger and Middle East expert Daniel Pipes claims.

High Court Denies Religious Sect's Display

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the government does not have to allow permanent monuments from opposing organizations in a public place - saying that such enduring displays go beyond the realm of free speech.

U.S. Troop Coffin Photos to be Allowed

The Pentagon has lifted the ban on photographs of the returning coffins of America's fallen soldiers.

Fans Have Hand in This Year's Dove Awards

For the first time, Christian music fans will decide who takes home the gospel music title of "Artist of the Year" and "Best New Artist" at this year's Dove Awards.

Single Mom Credits Prayer for New Home

A single mother in Kansas City, Mo., says she relied on prayer and the help of good samaritans to buy her first home in these tough economic times.

New Jobless Claims Hit 26-Year High

The number of people filing for unemployment continues to rise faster than expected.

Habitat Loses Support over Alcohol Use

Baptist pastors in Rutherford County, N.C., have drawn a line in the sand against Habitat for Humanity's use of alcohol.

Users Proclaim Facebook Fast for Lent

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, which is a time for fasting and reflection.

Remembering the True Purpose of Lent

Television, alcohol and sweets are a few of the things people tend to give up during Lent.

Charitable Giving Up, Despite Economy

Despite the daily doom and gloom economic reports, many faith-based nonprofit groups say they have exceeded expectations for giving contributions.

Hawaii Senate to Vote on Same-Sex Unions

The Hawaii state senate is voting today on a measure that would legalize same-sex civil unions in the Aloha State.

Israeli Defense Officials Fear U.S. Aid Cuts

CBNNews.com—JERUSALEM—Some Israeli defense leaders are concerned that the Obama Administration may threaten cuts in aid to Israel as a means to restrict Israel's policy on Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]. 

VA Senate Kills Reversal on Chaplain Prayer

CBNNews.com - A setback in Virginia for state police chaplains who want to pray in the name of Jesus.

Hudson 'Miracle' Points to Troubled Industry

CBNNews.com -  US Airways Flight 1549 has come to be known as "the Miracle on the Hudson." But today, the miracle pointed to serious trouble in the airline industry.

Time to Buy? Milking the Mortgage Crisis

The current mortgage crisis has many Americans concerned about the value of their home and, more importantly, the ability to own or keep a home at all.

Booker T: Lifting the Veil of Ignorance

Tuskegee University is known as one of the nation's most outstanding institutions of higher learning.

Postmaster's Pay to be Subject of Hearing

CBNNews.com - The head of the U.S Postal Service will have to answer to Congress about his recent pay raises.

California Turning Off Farmer's Water Taps

A severe drought is gripping California and authorities in the country's number one agriculture state are turning off the water to thousands of farms.

Killzone 2: Hot, Violent… Beware!

You are landing in a war zone with gun fire all around you. Your comrades cursing at you as they jump ship and make their way for cover.

Girl's Pro-Life Speech Captures Thousands

A 12-year-old Canadian girl's passionate pro-life speech has captured the attention of thousands on the Web and earned her top recognition at her school.

Media Coverage and the Stim Bill: Is it Fair?

President Obama's economic stimulus plan has been a main talking point since he took the oath of office last month.

In Wilmington, Opportunity Knocks

WILMINGTON, Ohio -- The Federal Reserve says don't expect the economy to improve any time soon. High unemployment levels are expected to hold through 2011. One of the communities hardest hit by the economic conditions is Wilmington, Ohio. Wilmington is a small city that recently lost more than 7,000 jobs. That's more than half of the city's population of nearly 12,000 people. However, residents are working to turn depression into opportunity.

The Drying of the American West

The American West is in a severe drought, and water experts are scrambling for solutions. In spite of water shortages, people continue to flock to the area.

Banker Speaks out about Prison for Fraud

The search for investment tycoon Allen Stanford, who is under investigation for billions of dollars in fraud, is finally over.

Ad Uses Jesus to Spotlight Gov't Spending

Outcry over the stimulus package continues. A group launched a TV ad that uses the birth of Jesus Christ to illustrate how expensive the plan is.

Palin, Graham to Help Needy AK Villages

CBNNews.com - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Rev. Franklin Graham are joining forces to help a few Lower Yukon Alaskan villages in desperate need after a tough winter season.

Dove Award Nominees Mix of Old and New

Stephen Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin and tobyMac are just a few of the gospel singers up for the title of "Artist of the Year" at this year's Dove Awards.

Graham Ministry Faces Cutbacks

Billy Graham's ministry reaches millions around the world. But his organization is facing cut-backs.

Pro-Life Pastor Jailed for Abortion Protest

A California pastor was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail, three years probation and fined $1,130 after being convicted under an Oakland ordinance barring protestors from coming within eight feet of anyone entering an abortion clinic.

Ind. Senate Opens with Hindu Prayer

The Indiana Senate started its session yesterday with a Hindu prayer.

Facebook Rejects Sex Offenders

The popular social networking web site Facebook has removed more than 5,500 sex offenders.

Investors Fear Economic Fall Far from Over

WASHINGTON - Stocks tumbled, Friday, but managed to regain some ground after Wall Street fell to its lowest close in more than six years, Thursday.

College Students Jailed for Pro-Life Display

CBNNews.com - A group of college students are demanding an apology from Birmingham, Ala. police for violating their right to free speech.

Several Tornadoes Touch Down in GA, AL

A stream of tornadoes, lightning, and hail storms pummeled Georgia and Alabama residents overnight, killing one person and injuring at least 16 others.

NY Post Political Cartoon Seen as Racist

CBNnews.com - A political cartoon published in the New York Post, Wednesday, is being called a racist attack on President Obama.

Pro-Life Pastor Faces Jail Time

CBNNews.com  - A group of pastors will rally in California, Thursday, to support Rev. Walter Hoye II who faces prison charges for his pro-life demonstration.

More Americans Concerned about Jobs, Bills

New economic numbers are out and the forecast is not good.

Lawmakers Back Measure to Overturn Prop 8

A panel of legislators in California are backing efforts to overturn Proposition 8, which ended same-sex marriage in the state.

Fat Chance for N.Y. Obesity Tax

CBNNews.com - New York's governor says his proposed obesity tax on sugary drinks won't pass the state legislature.

N.D. House Move Could Ban Abortion

CBNNews.com - North Dakota lawmakers have approved a measure that would give fertilized human eggs the same legal rights as human beings, a step that could essentially ban abortion in the state.

Firefighters Win Suit Over Gay Pride Parade

A group of San Diego firefighters who were ordered to ride in a gay pride parade claimed victory in a high profile case Tuesday.

Gay Marriage Speech Sparks Lawsuit in CA

The debate surrounding California's Prop 8 banning gay marriage has spilled into the classroom, prompting a lawsuit that could change the line between Christian students' rights and school rules on offensive speech.

GM, Chrysler Seek More Government Aid

CBNNews.com - General Motors and Chrysler are asking the government for billions of dollars in additional government loans.

Holton: Troop Morale Up Despite Conditions

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - U.S. troops in Afghanistan face some of the harshest conditions imaginable-- temperatures are more than 120 degrees in the summer and there are no showers or home cooked meals.

TV Founder Charged with Beheading Wife

Police have charged the president of a U.S. Muslim television network with second degree murder for allegedly beheading his wife.

Finding a Plan for National Survival

CBNNews.com  - Author Tony Blankley says he feels the U.S. can come out on top despite its current economic crisis.

A-Rod Apologizes to Fans for Steroid Use

Major League Baseball is not suspending Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

Bristol Palin Speaks Against Teen Pregnancy

Gov. Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter, Bristol, sent a message to teens her age, Monday, saying she hopes "people will learn from" her experience as a young mother and the challenges she's had to face since having her son.

Big Brother Watching Your Car Mileage?

A plan in Massachusetts to use GPS chips for monitoring the number of miles residents drive has some worried "big brother" is about to track their every move.

CA Church Pays Bills for those Struggling

A California church is opening its bank account to stimulate the lives of struggling people.

Do Americans Know Presidential History?

Today Americans celebrate President's Day as a national holiday.

U.S. Blocks Israeli Systems in F-35

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Despite Israel's repeated requests to install its own defense systems in the US-manufactured F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF), U.S. military officials insist it's not going to happen.

Street Fighter IV: A Blast From the Past

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It's a blast from the past. You would beg your parents to take you to Pizza Hut just so you could play in their small arcade. There you'd find a group of kids huddled around one machine cheering.

'Buy American' Good for America?

CBNNews.com - Buy American. It sounds patriotic - like the right thing to do.

Blood & Fire: The 1st Kansas Colored Infantry

They charged through blood and fire, so that the nation might live. However, at the time of their military service, they were not even recognized as citizens of the country they fought so valiently to defend.

Singleness Redefined: Living Wholly in Christ

Carolyn Leutwiler, author of Singleness Redefined, says it's important for Christians to live an abundant life in Christ with or without a mate.

Answering Questions After Tragedy

CBNNews.com  - Almost a month ago, a national hero was born when the pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 splash-landed his plane into the Hudson River, sparing every life on board.

Pastors Help Those Affected by Plane Crash

Many Buffalo-area pastors spent the day ministering to families affected by the crash of a Continental commuter plane Thursday night.

Praying for President Obama

In the New Testament, First Timothy tells us that we must pray for our leaders, but some Christians are finding it difficult to pray for newly-elected President Barack Obama.

Ice Buildup Noticed Before NY Plane Crash

Crewmembers of the commuter plane that crashed in upstate New York, Thursday night, talked about "significant ice buildup" on the wings and windshield of the plane, officials said Friday.

Keeping the Internet Safe For Kids

Each year, the number of young Internet users continues to grow, as social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace become more popular and information for school and research are more accessible.

'Fireproof' Wins Most Inspiring Movie Award

CBNNews.com  - Fireproof, the surprise blockbuster hit from a small town church in Georgia, has won the Epiphany Prize for the most inspiring movie of 2008.

Obama: Milestone on Road to U.S. Recovery

This week, I spent some time with Americans across the country who are hurting because of our economic crisis -- people closing the businesses they scrimped and saved to start; families losing the homes that were their stake in the American Dream; folks who've given up trying to get ahead, and given in to the stark reality of just trying to get by.

Prop 8 Battle Turns Personal for Some

CBNNews.com  - Same sex couples across the country rallied for marriage rights, Thursday, marking the 12th annual "Freedom to Marry Week."

America Honors Abraham Lincoln

Americans across the country honored Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday Thursday.

Windstorm Cuts Electricity in Northeast

CBNNews.com  -Thousands from Ohio to New York are left without power and electricity after a fierce windstorm whipped across the area.

Economic Diversity Helping in Peoria

PEORIA, Illinois -- President Barack Obama takes his economic town hall to Peoria, Illinois today. The community recently received a blow by massive layoffs at Caterpillar, whose company headquarters are located here.

Review: Idol Contestants Vie for Top 12

The second group of 12 performed live on Wednesday night. American Idol hopefuls covered songs ranging from 1960s classics to recent Grammy nominated songs.

Church Leaders Rally for Immigration Reform

CBNNews.com  - Leaders from faith-based groups across the country gathered in Washington, Wednesday, to discuss new immigration reform efforts.

Okla. Tornado Victims Describe Storm

The National Guard is headed to Oklahoma to assist emergency crews who are sizing up the damage from a string of deadly tornados.

Clean Up Continues After Okla. Tornadoes

Rescue crews continued to clean up, Thursday, after a deadly string of tornadoes tore through Oklahoma this week.

Crime Rate Drops as Illinois Town Prays

Many residents in a small midwest community say its lower crime rates are a direct answer to prayer from God.

Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Sits Down with Stakelbeck on Terror

I recently sat down with Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor, in CBN's Washington, D.C. studio to discuss the gathering threats Israel is facing as it prepares to elect a new government.

East Jerusalem Arabs Stab U.S. Student

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Three Arab youths assaulted and knifed an American Jewish student when he inadvertently entered an east Jerusalem neighborhood.

Green Jobs Could Mean Green for Workers

WASHINGTON - Some 2,500 environmental and labor advocates are rallying this week at a Washington conference and expo to push green jobs.

Mother Files Suit After 'Born Alive' Abortion

On July 20, 2006, Sycloria Williams gave birth to a baby girl she once thought would never be born.

Regent University Honors Ronald Reagan

Some conservatives who say the stimulus bill is too excessive gathered today at Regent University's Ronald Reagan Symposium.

Katrina Victims Help in Ice Storm Aftermath

CBNNews.com  - A team from some of Lousiana's Southern Baptist churches are helping those affected by the recent ice storm in Kentucky and Arkansas.

Why AL Car Makers are Hanging Tough

As Detroit's Big Three automakers try to stay alive, many foreign automakers in the U.S. are holding their own. Much of their success can be attributed to their location.

Storm Survivors Thank Operation Blessing

CBNNews.com - KENTUCKY - Last week's ice storm blanketed most of Kentucky, taking down trees and power lines and leaving thousands without heat or power. After a brief weekend thaw temperatures have dropped to the 20s and 30s.

Ginsburg Recovering From Cancer Surgery

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON --  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is currently recovering from her surgery on Thursday for an early stage of pancreatic cancer.

Fla. Abortion Doctor Stripped of License

CBNNews.com  - A doctor's license was revoked in the case of a teenage girl who claimed her baby was killed after birth at an abortion clinic in Florida.

CA Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional

A California judge has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is unconstitutional.

Obama Meets Families of 9/11 Victims

President Obama met today with family members of those killed in the attacks on 9/11 and the USS Cole.

Police Prayer Bill Passes Va. House

CBNNews.com - Virginia's House of Delegates has passed a bill that restores State Police chaplains' rights to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

Group Calls ABC News on 'Conflict of Interest'

A conservative media group is urging ABC News to publicly address what it calls "conflicts of interest" within its reporter staff.

FL Family Group Hopes to Cut Divorce Rate

CBNNews.com  - Evangelicals in Florida have a plan to cut the divorce rate there 10 percent by the year 2012.

Obamas Visit Second Grade Students

CBNNews.com  - The president and first lady may be used to taking on reporters, but what about a group of second graders?

Madoff Investigator Testifies on Capitol Hill

CBNNews.com  - The tipster who blew the whistle on Bernard Madoff's multi-billion dollar investment scheme testified on Capitol Hill today.

China's Auto Sales Surpass the U.S.

It's no breaking news that the U.S. auto industry hasn't had the best couple of months.  This January auto sales hit their lowest level in 26 years, dropping 37 percent to selling only about 650,000 vehicles.  But that doesn't mean every nation is having a severe slump in car sales. While official numbers won't be out until next week, many estimate that 790,000 cars were sold in China during the same month, indicating the first time in history that the number of car sales in China topped those in the U.S. This month's results weren't just a fluke, however.  Mike DiGiovanni, the executive director of General Motors predicts that China's auto sales will be about 10.7 million, versus just 9.8 million within the U.S. China's growing auto market presents a strong opportunity for struggling U.S. automakers like GM, which sold 1.09 million vehicles last year in China, and expects to see strong China sales next year, even in the struggling economy.   With a population topping 1.3 billion, and millions of aspiring car owners, there's huge potential to see growing car sales in China.  The bailout package proposed in late 2008 has billions allocated to infrastructure development, including constructing many roads, potentially expanding the number of citizens who would benefit from car ownership.   The government has also invested about $1.5 billion dollars into improving car technology, in order to make vehicles more fuel efficient, and is now providing tax incentives to those who plan to purchase vehicles. At the same time, a slowing economy, excessive traffic in many major cities, and severe pollution concerns still deter many potential car owners.   Despite these issues, the potential for future automotive sales in China remains very bright in the long term, as millions look forward to owning their own car.  

CA High Court to Hear Prop 8 Case Soon

California's Supreme court has set a hearing date of March 5 for oral arguments in a series of lawsuits seeking to overturn Proposition 8.

EXCLUSIVE: Obama to Create Faith Council

CBN News has learned that President Obama will create a President's Council on Faith.

EXCLUSIVE: President Obama's Council on Faith

The Brody File has learned that President Obama will announce the creation of a new President's Advisory Council on Faith during this Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.

Special Edition: Tampa Residents Get Bibles

Thousands of Tampa Bay residents got more than a list of Super Bowl parties in their newspaper before Sunday's big game.

Most Against Overseas Abortion Funding

Despite overwhelming support in the U.S. of his policies thus far, most Americans say they disagree with President Obama's decision to renew funding to family planning groups that provide abortions and other services overseas.

Ex-Lesbian Continues Custody Battle

A Vermont judge denied custody of a Christian girl to a lesbian woman last week.

Thousands Pay Tribute to N.C. Coach

Family, friends and fans are remembering N.C. State Women's Basketball Coach, Kay Yow.

U.S. to Tackle Middle East Peace Issues

CBNNews.com  - The special U.S. envoy for Middle East peace wants to open a permanent office in Israel.

Co-founder of Habitat for Humanity Dies

CBNNews.com - Millard Fuller, the visionary behind the largest non-profit housing ministry in the world, died Feb. 3. He was 74.

Americans Don't Like Tax Cheats

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of people who cheat on their taxes.

Prop 8 Campaigns Raise Millions

The same-sex marriage campaign has become the most expensive ballot measure on a social issue in the nation's history.

Negative News Bad for the Economy?

Coverage of the economy has dominated the news lately and it seems the reports could be doing more harm than good.

OB Continues Aid to Ice-Ravaged Kentucky

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear says his state has a long way to go before they fully recover from last week's massive ice storm.

Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl Title

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the first NFL team to win six Super Bowl titles. They came from behind in the last minute to beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.

Late Term Abortion Clinic Rallies Pro-lifers

Nearly 2,000 pro-lifers gathered outside a University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics center, Saturday, urging its doctors not to allow the opening of a sister clinic to perform second trimester abortions.

Harsh Winter Storm Prompts OB's Help

Operation Blessing has started its response to the recent winter storm that left millions without power-- sending heaters, fuel and other items to shivering residents across the country.

Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl?

CBNNews.com  - Several players on the two teams in Sunday's Super Bowl game are devout Christians.

Christians and Sexual Sin: How to Handle It

Former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard has brought light, recently, to Christians and sexuality.