August 2009 Headlines

Academy Transforms Boys into Men

During the East Texas summer, the ALERT Academy turns boys into men with a unique program that's one-part Boy Scouts, one-part Bible school, and lots of good, manly fun.

How Starbucks Saved One Man's Life

You've heard of people going from rags-to-riches. Well, this is the story of the man who went from riches-to-rags.

Lasting Marriages: The Keys to Making it Work

It's a sad fact that more than half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, but what are the keys to the marriages that do last?

Author: Christians Should Accept Religious Pluralism

George Barna has a firm -- and somewhat controversial -- message for Christians:  It's time for Christians to accept the realities of multi-culturalism and religious pluralism.

A Family's Back-door Ministry of Giving

The Green family are the proud owners of the successful Hobby Lobby and Mardel Christian stores. Their story is a testament to how giving changes countless lives.

Faith-Based Prison Changes Hardened Criminals

In Texas, faith is proving to be the antidote to crime thanks to a program at one prison.

Idaho School Sues Over Teaching from Bible

A public charter school is suing Idaho officials after they barred the school from using the Bible.

Gov. Crist: God Kept FL Hurricane Free

It's been a very calm year on the hurricane front, and the governor of Florida says he's giving God the credit for that.

Va. Tech Mourns Loss of Slain Couple

Back-to-back funerals were held Monday for two slain Christian students from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va.

Bary Case: Mosque 'Clear and Present Danger'

A controversial mosque in Ohio is now the focus of attention in the case of a Christian convert from Islam.

Prejean Sues Miss USA Pageant Officials

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean sued pageant officials for libel, slander and religious discrimination on Monday.

Anne Graham Lotz: Becoming a True Friend of God

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, released her new book Monday.

Stranded Boaters Rescued After Week of Hunger

Three Texas fishermen endured hunger, blistering heat, scares from sharks and hallucinations, but never gave up hope they'd be rescued.

Disney to Buy Comic Book Powerhouse Marvel

The Walt Disney Co. said Monday it is buying Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Terri Schiavo's Father Dies of Heart Failure

Robert Schindler, the father of Terri Schiavo, has died of heart failure. He was 71.

Son: Slain Pastor's Funeral Witnessing Opportunity

The son of the pastor who was brutally killed inside her Oklahoma church says her funeral will be another chance for his mother to spread the word of God.

Pat Robertson Recovering from Successful Heart Surgery

The Christian Broadcasting Network announced Monday that its founder and Chairman, M.G. "Pat" Robertson, has returned home after extensive heart surgery.

Calif. Wildfires Make Dangerous Turn Toward LA

The massive wildfire moving quickly through Angeles National Forest in California doubled in size overnight and threatened 12,000 homes Monday.

Police: Dugard Kidnapper '90s Crime Connection

Federal investigators are uncovering new evidence against the man accused of kidnapping a California girl and holding her hostage for 18 years.

Wildfire Threatens 12,000 Homes Near Los Angeles

A massive wildfire near Los Angeles, Calif. has destroyed at least 18 structures and is threatening some 12,000 homes. Mandatory evacuations are underway.

New Details About Alleged N.C. Terror Cell Leader

CBN News has uncovered new details about the ringleader of an accused Islamic terrorist cell in North Carolina.

Temporary Ruling Bans Nativity at State Capitol

The Washington State Capitol will no longer allow nativity scenes, but a holiday tree will still be displayed during the Christmas season.

Church Merger Goes Beyond Saving Money

Two Kentucky churches-- one congregation all black, the other all white-- are bringing light to the true meaning of unity.

Wildfire Near LA Threatens Thousands

A growing wildfire above Los Angeles surged north Sunday, forcing more evacuations and threatening some 12,000 homes.

Calif. Firefighters Wage Fierce Wildfire Battles

A growing wildfire in the mountains north of Los Angeles spread over nearly 9 square miles of bone-dry forest.

Jimena Now a Hurricane in the Pacific Ocean

Forecasters say Jimena has strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane off Mexico's southern Pacific coast.

Many Missed Chances to Nab Kidnapping Suspect

It became increasingly clear Friday that this 18-year nightmare did not have to be for Dugard, with new details surfacing that authorities blew numerous chances to catch her alleged captor.

Homeschoolers Beat Nat'l Average on ACT

A recent report shows homeschoolers' averaged higher scores on the ACT college aptitude test than the national average.

Dark Details Emerge in Dugard Kidnapping

Kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard is now back with her family. But joy has turned to horror as more details about her ordeal are coming to light.

Iowa School District Revises Plan for Bible Classes

An Iowa school district is changing its religious liberties policy after protests from secular groups.

Vick Receives Warm Welcome from Fans

Michael Vick made his return to the NFL with his debut with the Philadelphia Eagles to a rousing ovation from the crowd in Thursday night's preseason game.

New Details Emerge in Christian Convert Case

CBN News has new details on Rifqa Bary's story including a court petition with harsh claims against her family and an Ohio Muslim community.

Gay Marriage Opponents Target Iowa

The National Organization for Marriage wants to overturn an Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage.

MLK's Niece: There's Still Work to Do

Even though America has its first African American president, Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, Dr. Alveda King, recently told CBN News there is still work to do to achieve his vision of equality.

Calif. Holds Mega Garage Sale

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping the "Great California Garage Sale" will turn government clutter into cash.

Some 2,000 Flee California Wildfires

Wildfires chewed through tinder-dry brush up and down California on Friday, forcing thousands to flee upscale seaside neighborhoods.

Christian Professors: Balancing Faith, Curriculum

The cover story for the new edition of World Magazine deals with the difficulties Christian professors face on college campuses.

Grahams Send Condolences to Kennedy Family

Franklin Graham is another well-known minister mourning the loss of Sen. Edward Kennedy.

OSBI: Okla. Pastor's Body 'Staged' by Killer

Investigators are reviewing video surveillance tapes looking for clues regarding the brutal murder of 61-year-old Carol Daniels over the weekend.

Daughter Says Graham Looking Forward to Heaven

CBN News spoke with Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of well-known evangelist Billy Graham, about her father's health.

Marriage Supporters Campaign for Iowa

A group that supports traditional marriage is attempting to change an Iowa state Supreme Court decision that legalizes same-sex marriage there.

Jackson Tragedy: Wake Up Call to America?

Dr. Linda Mintle helped CBN News understand Michael Jackson's drug use and she explained how his addiction affects our culture.

Disabled Soldiers Learn to Water Ski

Some U.S. soldiers who were wounded while serving in the line of duty are getting a chance to learn to water ski at Sea World.

Vick Makes Eagles Debut amid Fan, Media Hostility

Michael Vick returns to the NFL Thursday, after serving prison time for running a dog fighting operation.

Judge: KY Can't Legislate Dependence on God

A Kentucky judge has ruled a state law that refers to dependence on "Almighty God" is unconstitutional.

Christian Group Challenges Homeschool Ruling

The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group, is challenging a New Hampshire court's decision to remove a girl out of homeschooling.

Church Drops 'Lutheran' in Protest of Gay Clergy

St. Timothy Church in Charleston, W.Va. has blocked out the word 'Lutheran' on the sign in front of its building in protest of the ELCA vote allowing the ordaining of gay clergy.

Author Dominick Dunne, 83, dies in NYC

Dunne had been battling cancer.  But the cancer had not prevented Dunne from working and socializing, his twin passions.

Firefighters Battle Blazes near LA

Two wildfires northeast of Los Angeles fouled the air breathed by millions of southern Californians on Wednesday.

Southern Baptist Denomination Losing Youth

The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said at least two-thirds of young people are leaving the Southern Baptist church.

Study: College Major May Affect Religious Views

A new study says that certain college majors could either strengthen or weaken a student's faith.

NJ Residents Protest Libyan Leader's Visit

New Jersey residents were outraged at a request made by Moammar Gadhafi to stay in the small town of Englewood for the meeting.

Faith-Based Groups Join to Fight Abortion Funding

Insurance coverage for abortions is a deal breaker when it comes to health care reform according to the conservative "Freedom Federation."

Okla. Officials Warn Pastors to Take Precautions

Officials warned pastors in Anadarko, Okla., that they should take precautions at their churches after pastor Carol Daniels was brutally murdered in her own church over the weekend.

Missouri Woman Celebrates 112th Birthday

Florence Poe of Cape Girardeau, Mo., is celebrating her 112th birthday.

Fla. Gay Adoption Ban Goes to Appeals Court

The state is appealing a Miami-Dade County judge's ruling that the gay adoption ban is unconstitutional.

Houston Public Schools Ban 'Sexting'

Public schools in Houston, Texas have a new rule for students returning to school this year - no 'sexting.'

IL Pharmacists Can Refuse to Sell Abortion Pill

Two pro-life pharmacy owners have won the right, for now, to refuse to stock and dispense the morning-after pill.

Judge Rules Against Arrest of Former Lesbian

A Virginia judge ruled, Tuesday, against a request to send a former lesbian to jail for keeping her daughter away from her former partner.

Vets Wrongly Told They Have Fatal Disease

The Veterans Administration says a computer glitch is responsible for accidentally telling hundreds of military veterans they have a fatal disease.

Vick Accepts Second Chance with NFL and God

As Michael Vick attempts to step back into the NFL after his prison sentence, he says he also wants to do it, this time, with God in his life.

Group Puts Rock Spin on Christian Music

The two-time Grammy-nominated and Dove award-winning group Skillet released their latest CD, Tuesday.

Judge: School Clerk Did Not Violate Prayer Ban

A judge has cleared a Florida school district clerk of violating a federal court order against prayer in school or at school-related events.

Atheist Ad Bus Driver Back at Work - for Now

An Iowa bus driver suspended for refusing to drive a bus displaying an atheist ad has returned to work this week. But her future is still uncertain.

Officials OK Walmart Near Va. Battlefield

Officials in central Virginia approved a Walmart Supercenter early Tuesday near one of the nation's most important Civil War battlefields.

'I Have a Dream' Speech Remembered

Tuesday is the 46th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

Pastor Found Dead in OK Church

An Oklahoma congregation is in mourning after their pastor was discovered dead inside her church early Sunday morning.

Official: Jackson Death Ruled a Homicide

The finding makes it more likely criminal charges will be filed against the doctor who was with the pop star when he died.

Critics: Booklet Asks Vets to Question Life's Value

Some say a booklet distributed by the Veterans' Administration steers vets to consider their life not worth living.

Matt Redman on His Latest Worship Album

One of the most anticipated albums due to release Tuesday is from worship leader Matt Redman.

Decision Nears on Wal-Mart Near Va. Battlefield

Wal-Mart should know this week if it can build a Supercenter near a Civil War battlefield in Virginia.

'Cash for Clunkers' Comes to an End

Cash for Clunkers, the popular government-backed car-buying incentive program, is set to end Monday night, even as car dealers hope the sales momentum it created lasts through the Fall.


Bill Downgraded, Leaves Two Dead on East Coast

The storm moved out into the North Atlantic ocean Monday, but is expected to produce storms and gale force winds over the next few days.

Lutheran Church Allows Gay Clergy Relationships

The nations largest Lutheran denomination will now be able to appoint clergy members who are in committed homosexual relationships.

Christian Convert Allowed to Stay in FL for Now

A 17-year old girl who fled her home after converting to Christianity has been allowed to stay in Florida for now.

Nowadays God, Sports Go Hand in Hand

From politicians to Hollywood stars, those in the national spotlight aren't always on their best behavior, but many athletes are changing that.

Spectators Swept to Sea by Wave are Rescued

The Coast Guard says three people were rescued at Acadia National Park in Maine and no others are believed to be missing after a large wave washed over a crowd watching the surf.

Hurricane Bill's Winds Weaken as it Nears U.S.

A weakening Hurricane Bill spun northward Saturday, churning up rough seas, creating dangerous rip tides and closing beaches to swimmers up and down the eastern seaboard.

'Cash for Clunkers' Out of Gas, Ends Monday

If you have a clunker you're hoping to cash in for a new fuel efficient car, get down to your local dealer before the program screeches to a halt. The wildly popular program officially ends Monday.

VW Cars Recalled Amid Transmission Concerns

Complaints from Volkswagen and Audi drivers of a horrifying experience being described as "the flash of death" has led to a major recall.

Operation Blessing Helps Flood Victims in Va.

Residents in Norfolk, Va. are cleaning up after a flash flood last week. Torrential rains dumped more than seven inches in the area in just a few hours.

Bermuda, U.S. Warned as Bill Stays Offshore

Hurricane Bill weakened slightly early Friday but still threatened to flood Bermuda's coastlines and generate dangerous waves and riptides along the eastern U.S. coast.

Lawsuit Challenging Prop 8 Heads to Trial

A federal lawsuit challenging California's ban on same-sex marriage will go to trial in January.

Driver Refuses to Drive Bus with Atheist Message

A bus driver in Iowa said she will not drive a bus that carries an atheist advertisement.

S.D. Doctors Required to Say Abortion Ends Life

A federal judge has upheld a South Dakota law that requires doctors to tell women that abortion ends human life.

S.C. Governor's Wife Talks About Faith in Interview

Jenny Sanford, the wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, made news this week when she said she's praying for her husband's mistress.

Evangelical Lutherans to Vote on Gay Clergy

The nation's largest Lutheran denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has decided to take a more liberal position on homosexuality

FCC 'Diversity' Post Raises Concerns on Talk Radio

A recently-created position at the Federal Communications Commission has some Republicans concerned.

U.S. Coptic Christians Protest Egypt's Persecution

While Mubarak and President Barack Obama met at the White House, Egyptian Christians were outside protesting the persecution of the Egyptian church.

Actress Mentors Youth at Inner City Camp

Dawnn Lewis is best known for her roles in sitcoms but for the past 14 years, she has taken on a more important role -- acting coach and mentor to inner city kids.

Judge to Rule on Fate of Christian Convert

A court will decide Aug. 21 whether Rifqa Bary will be emancipated and allowed to stay in Florida or returned to her parents in Ohio.

Bermuda on Alert for Hurricane Bill

Bermuda was under a hurricane watch, while dangerous waves and riptides were likely along most of the eastern U.S. coast over the weekend.

'Express Lane' Makes Grocery Shopping Easy

People in Sandpoint, Idaho, now have a more convenient method of grocery shopping -- from the comfort of their own cars.

Kennedy Asks for Speedy Replacement Process

A cancer-stricken Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has written a letter to Massachusetts leaders asking that they change state law to allow a speedy replacement of him in Congress.

Midwest Tornado, Storms Cause Heavy Damage

Powerful winds slammed parts of four Midwestern states on Wednesday, leaving behind shattered windows, toppled power lines and injuries.

Lesbian Turned Christian Still in Custody Battle

A Virginia mother could face jail time for refusing to allow her 7-year-old daughter to see her former lesbian partner in Vermont.

Pro-Life Ad Warns Against Health Care Reform

A coalition of pro-life groups has launched an ad campaign to warn Americans that the White House health care plan will lead to taxpayer funded abortion.

Pro-life Law Struck Down in Oklahoma

A state judge struck down a pro-life law that required doctors to do an ultrasound along with describing the fetus to the woman before the abortion begins.

'Cool Water' Helps Homeless Teens Bounce Back

A mentoring program in Spokane, Wash., is helping homeless teens by providing them with jobs.

Christians Differing on Health Care Reform

Christians concerned about health care in America start from the same premise, but it's how to achieve that goal where the differences emerge.

Atheist Bus Ads Stir Debate in Iowa

An Iowa town is embroiled in a free speech debate over allowing atheist ads to be displayed on the sides of city buses.

Young Christian Band Leeland Discusses New CD

Leeland, one of the most popular groups in Christian music, has released a new CD titled Love is on the Move.

CBS News Pioneer Don Hewitt Dies at 86

CBS News says Don Hewitt, the newsman who invented "60 Minutes" and produced the popular newsmagazine for 36 years, has died.

Vick's Second Chance. Will He Blow It?

Since Michael Vick's signing with the Philadelphia Eagles last week, the sports world has been abuzz about his second chance in the NFL.

Evangelical Lutherans Take Up Gay Clergy Issue

Should gay clergy be ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church?

'Kids Eat Free' Ads Boost Restaurant Sales

More restaurants are offering free meals for kids to try to entice mom and dad to dine out once again.

Reader's Digest to File for Chapter 11 Protection

The publisher of Reader's Digest, the country's most popular general interest magazine, said Monday it will file for Chapter 11 protection.

Political Columnist Robert Novak Dies at 78

Political columnist Robert Novak, a diehard conservative and pugilistic debater who became a household face on TV, has died after a battle with brain cancer.

Michael Jackson to be Buried on Birthday

The King of Pop will be buried on what would have been his 51st birthday, a spokesman for Michael Jackson's family said Tuesday.

Obama Admin. Walks the Fence on Gay Marriage

It appears that the Obama administration is taking both sides on the issue of same-sex marriage as government lawyers defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Credit Card Thief a Former Govt. Informant

The man at the center of the country's largest identity theft ever is a former government informant.

More Workers Hired to Speed Up Clunkers Program

The Transportation Department is tripling the number of workers processing Cash for Clunkers transactions.

Milwaukee Mayor Hailed as Hometown Hero

The mayor of Milwaukee, Wis., is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a grandmother and her young granddaughter from an attack at the state fair.

Advertisers Boycott Fox News' 'Glenn Beck'

More than a dozen companies have cancelled their television commercials on the popular Fox News cable network show "Glenn Beck."

Founder of Christian Right Group AFA Hospitalized

The Rev. Don Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association, has been hospitalized in critical condition at a Tupelo hospital for treatment of meningitis.

CBN News Uncovers Details in NC Jihad Case

CBN News has uncovered new details about the alleged Islamic terrorist cell broken up outside Raleigh, N.C., last month.

'Obamacare' Supporters Outspend Foes on Ads

Nearly $60 million is being spent debating health care through TV ads - and supporters of President Obama's plan are out spending the opposition.

Hawaii Plans Quiet, Sobering 50th Anniversary

Hawaii turns 50 years old as the 50th state Friday, but there will be no grand parades, no dazzling fireworks, no lavish displays of native culture.

Chicago Furloughs City Workers for Three Days

On Monday, all city agencies including sanitation, libraries, health clinics and even City Hall will be closed as workers are forced to take the three-day furlough.

Labor Groups Want Employee Act Approved

Labor advocacy groups like the AFL-CIO, are hoping to see the Employees Free Choice Act, or EFCA, receive congressional approval this year.

Yang Stuns Tiger to Become 1st Asian to Win Major

Y.E. Yang, a South Korean who didn't take up the game of golf until he was 19, became the first Asian player to win a major championship Sunday.

Storms Put Gulf Coast, Others on Edge

Tropical Storm Ana weakened to a tropical depression Monday morning, just as Tropical Storm Bill became a hurricane.

Residents Return to Fire-Threatened Town

Hundreds of residents returned home when an evacuation order was lifted in a Santa Cruz mountain town Sunday.

Film 'Pendragon' Delivers Strong Message of Faith

A new inspirational action movie has been released entitled "Pendragon: Sword of his Father." The film has a strong message of faith.

Tropical Storm Claudette Threatens FL Panhandle

Brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Claudette was bringing heavy rain to the Florida Panhandle Sunday.

Milwaukee Mayor Wounded, Hit with Pipe

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was hospitalized with head and hand injuries on Sunday after he tried to assist a woman crying for help.

Difficult Terrain Works Against Calif. Fire Crews

California residents are being urged to follow orders to leave their homes as crews struggled to control nearly a dozen wildfires.

Focus on the Family Faces Budget Downfall

Evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family is facing a nearly $6 million shortfall -- and now it's reaching out to donors and other Christian organizations for help.

Wildfires Spread as California Declares Emergency

Strong winds are spreading multiple wildfires across parts of California as officials worry the gusts could ignite more blazes and force more evacuations in areas already under a state of emergency.

Texas Couple Has Two Sets of Identical Twins

A couple in Dallas, Texas, managed to have two sets of identical twins -- a feat that is rarely accomplished.

Family, Friends Honor Eunice K. Shriver

Funeral services are being held Friday for Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Manson Follower 'Squeaky' Fromme Out of Prison

The Charles Manson follower convicted of trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford was released Friday from a Texas prison hospital after more than three decades behind bars.

American Pakistani Christians Protest at WH

The persecution of Christians in Pakistan took center stage outside the White House on Thursday.

Planned Parenthood Fined for Overbilling Medicaid

Planned Parenthood must return more than a half million dollars to the state of Washington for overbilling Medicaid, according to the Baptist Press.

SC Atty Gen. Supports Religious License Plates

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster supports religious license plates that read, "I Believe."

Controller on Phone During Hudson River Crash

The Federal Aviation Administration has suspended two employees following last week's deadly mid-air collision over the Hudson River in New York City.

Vick Returns to the NFL, Signs With Eagles

The National Football League's Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick, making his return official and ending speculation of where he would end up.

Wildfires Scorch Calif. as Thousands Flee

Thousands of firefighters continued to battle wildfires across California on Thursday.

CA Gay Rights Groups Debate Prop 8 Challenge

Supporters of same-sex marriage in California are divided over when to push for a ballot measure to overturn Proposition 8.

Dealership Seeks God, Not Gov't for Bailout

One Arizona car dealership is counting on a higher source to make it through this tough economy.

Episcopal, Anglicans Take Land Dispute to Court

The latest battleground in the legal fight between American Anglicans and the Episcopal church is Savannah, Ga., where the churches continue to dispute over land.

Officials Visit Possible Prison for Gitmo Detainees

A Michigan prison could be used to house terrorism suspects currently being held at Guantanamo Bay.

Shriver Remembered at Public Wake

Thousands attended a public wake Thursday for Eunice Kennedy Shriver at Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church in Barnstable, Mass.

No Troop Recommendation in Afghan Report

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that an Afghan assessment due soon won't contain any specific recommendations for increases in troops.

Electric Guitar Inventor Dies at Age 94

Les Paul, who invented the solid-body electric guitar later wielded by a legion of rock 'n' roll greats, died Thursday of complications from pneumonia.

Raging Calif. Wildfire Forces Hundreds to Evacuate

The fire has grown to about 1,200 acres and is still at zero containment.

Teacher Resigns to Save the Job of Another

The Bible teaches to put others before yourself. And that is exactly what one North Carolina teacher did for his coworker.

Mother Injured in MercyMe Bus Accident Dies

The young woman critically injured in a collision with the tour bus of the Christian band MercyMe has died.

Retail Sales Dip Unexpectedly, Jobless Claims Rise

The latest government reports reinforced concerns about how quickly consumers will be able to contribute to a broad economic recovery.

Jakes: God Sends Christians Challenges

Author and Bishop Thomas D. Jakes of the Dallas, Texas, megachurch The Potter's House, is speaking out about these tough economic times.

Ga. Man Convicted of Aiding Terror Groups

A 23-year-old Georgia man was convicted of aiding terror groups by sending videotapes of U.S. landmarks overseas and plotting to support violent jihad.

Foreclosures Rise 7 percent in July

The number of U.S. households on the verge of losing their homes rose 7 percent from June to July.

Crowds Press Grassley on Health Care

Republican Senator Charles Grassley played to packed crowds who clearly are not happy with health care plan.

Pastors Fight to Keep Tiller Abortion Clininc Closed

Ministers in Wichita, Kan., are fighting to keep Dr. George Tiller's late-term abortion clinic closed.

Medal Recipient has Controversial Views on Israel

The Obama administration's choice for America's highest civilian honor ran into opposition and some astonishment on both sides of the isle.

Golden 1950s TV Returns, Commemorative Stamp

Sales began Tuesday of "Early TV Memories" commemorative stamps featuring classic characters from the golden 1950s.

Gov't Asks Why Airline Passengers Were Stranded

The overnight stranding of 47 airline passengers on an airport tarmac in Minnesota has grabbed the attention of the Obama administration and Congress.

GM Changes Strategies to Lure Back Consumers

General Motors has unveiled its much-anticipated new electric car called the "Volt" which will arrive in showrooms in late 2010.

States Cut Deep into College Financial Aid

Struggling with budget shortfalls that reach into the billions, several states nationwide are making deep cuts in college financial aid programs.

Rove's Role in Firing Detailed

Former White House political adviser Karl Rove played a central role in the ouster of a U.S. attorney in New Mexico, one of nine prosecutors fired in 2006.

Administrators Face Charges for School Prayer

Two Christian teachers in Florida are facing jail time for allegedly breaking the law as they prayed at a school-related event.

Recession Linked to Fewer Babies?

U.S. births fell two percent in 2008, the first full year of the recession and was the first annual decline in births in eight years, ending a small turn-of-the-century baby boom.

Ex-Madoff CFO Pleads Guilty in Court in NYC

The former chief financial officer for Bernard Madoff has pleaded guilty in a cooperation deal to 10 charges, including conspiracy.

JFK's Sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver Dies at 88

President John F. Kennedy's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, died Tuesday morning. She was 88.

Brooks & Dunn to 'Call it a Day" After 20 Years

Best-selling country duo Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn posted a message on their Web site Monday saying they agreed to "call it a day" after 20 years of making music together.

Virginia Jail Ends Censorship of Religious Materials

Officers at the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, Va. have agreed to stop censoring religious material mailed to detainees.

House Leaders Drop Passenger Jet Request

House Democratic leaders are backing down on plans to force the Pentagon to buy four additional passenger jets.

Christian Girl Says Her Muslim Family Will Kill Her

A young Ohio girl in hiding in Florida says she fears for her life because she is a Christian.

MercyMe Performs After Fatal Tour Bus Accident

The Christian music band MercyMe performed for the first time, Monday, since a deadly crash involving their tour bus.

'End-of-Life' Proposal Adds to Healthcare Debate

Critics say a provision in President Barack Obama's healthcare reform bill encourages "end of life" counseling for seniors, one of the bill's most controversial issues.

Helping Chemo Patients One 'Knot' at a Time

A Newport Beach group called "Knots of Love" is reaching out far beyond southern California to help chemotherapy patients.

Air Force Used Twitter to Track NY Flyover Fallout

Newly released government documents show the military also uses these Internet tools to monitor and react to coverage of high-profile events.

NY Divers Find Another Body in Plane Wreckage

Hudson River divers on Monday found the wreckage of a small plane and one of two victims missing following a midair collision.

Some 250 Injured in Calif. Prison Riot

More than three dozen inmates were released from hospitals after a racially motivated riot that damaged a Southern Calif. prison.

Records: DC Metro Safety System Failed Before

A system that is supposed to help subway trains avoid crashes malfunctioned months before the deadly Washington Metro crash in June.

More Bodies Found in Hudson After Midair Collision

Investigators resumed the search for wreckage of two aircraft that collided above the Hudson River.

Sotomayor is Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Sonia Sotomayor became the Supreme Court's newest justice Saturday, pledging during a brief ceremony at the high court to defend the Constitution and administer impartial justice.

This Week's Movies: Dos and Don'ts

Bob Waliszewski, director of Focus on the Family's Plugged In Online, spoke with CBN News about the latest movies playing in theatres.

Good Samaritans Return Lost $800 to Owner

A Boulder, Colo., couple found and returned a plain envelope with $800 inside back to its owner.

Religious Jews in America on the Decline

The American Jewish population is declining in it's religious observance.

U.S. Army Ranger Brothers Reunite with Family

Two brothers serving in the U.S. Army have reunited with their family in Spokane, Wash., after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eight-Year-Old Squeezes Her Way to Disneyland

After some controversy, an eight-year-old girl's dreams of going to Disneyland have come true.

Wis. Gay Couples Apply for Domestic Partnerships

Wisconsin became the first Midwestern state to enact protections for gay and lesbian couples through legislation.

'80s Teen Flick Director John Hughes Dies

Writer-director John Hughes, 59, Hollywood's youth impresario of the 1980s and '90s, died Thursday of a heart attack.

Study: U.S. Jewish Population Declining

The American Jewish population is declining in its religious observance, according to the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey.

Healing Ministry Pioneer Remembered

Memorial services were held this week for healing ministry pioneer Frances Hunter.

Petitions for US Worker Green Cards Down Sharply

The number of petitions from employers trying to bring foreigners to work permanently in the U.S. has declined dramatically over the last two years, an Associated Press review of government data has found.

APA Grants Some Gays Struggle with Faith

A new mental health report says it is unlikely a therapist can change someone's sexual orientation. But calls on professionals to take client's religious views seriously.

Medal of Freedom Nominee Labeled Anti-Semitic

Mary Robinson headed a notorious 2001 U.N. conference on racism that was widely condemned as anti-Semitic.

Billions Set Aside for Electric Car Proposal

President Obama wants the U.S. to invest in building electric cars, he said Wednesday as he unveiled his national campaign for the alternative transportation.

Family Wants Sierra 42-Year Mystery Solved

After 42 years of uncertainty, a family is hopeful the mystery of the last plane believed missing in the Sierra Nevada is ending.

Marines Banned from Social Networking Websites

The U.S. Marine Corps issued an order Monday banning sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter citing a possible security risk.

Judge: Six Terrorism Suspects in NC to be Held

Six North Carolina men accused of plotting holy war overseas will remain jailed until trial.

Russian Subs Patrol Off East Coast

Two nuclear-powered Russian attack submarines have been patrolling in international waters off the East Coast for several days.

Man Opens Fire in Pa. Gym Killing Self, Others

Police have identified a gunman who went on a rampage killing three and wounding several others at a Pennsylvania gym, Tuesday night.

Feds: NC Terror Suspect Told Family of Jihad

The accused ringleader of a group of North Carolina terrorism suspects talked about loving jihad and fighting for Allah.

Phillips Craig & Dean: From Pastors to 'Fearless' CD

The trio started as pastors and essentially joined to became worship leaders to Christians around the world.

Jobless Grad Sues N.Y. College for Tuition

Trina Thompson, 27, graduated from Monroe College in Bronx, N.Y., in April with an information technology bachelor's degree, but has not been able to find job.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

It's President Barack Obama's birthday. He turns 48 on Tuesday.

Postal Service Mulls Changes

Financial losses are forcing the Postal Service to consider consolidating or closing hundreds of local facilities.

Controversial Islamic School Gets OK to Expand

A Fairfax, Va., school said to be linked to terrorism teachings was given the go-ahead to expand its campus, Monday.

PBS Sets Online Cross-Country Adventure for Kids

PBS is launching an online cross-country adventure for children starring two brothers - who happen to be gophers.

Turbulence Slams Continental Jet, at Least 26 Hurt

More than two dozen people were hurt when a Continental Airlines jet hit turbulence on a flight from Brazil to Texas, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Miami early Monday, officials said.

Episcopal Church Nominates Gay Priests for Office

At the Episcopal General Convention on July 14 in Anaheim, Calif., members reversed the temporary moratorium on promoting gay and lesbian priests.

Praying Dad Found Guilty for Daughter's Death

A father charged with reckless homicide for not taking his dying daughter to a doctor told police that he believed God would heal her.

20 Blind People Test Drive Student-Designed Car

Several blind people were able to get behind the wheel of a new high-tech vehicle designed by Virginia Tech engineering students.

Police: 6 Injured by Gunfire Near Chicago Church

Chicago police say six people suffered gunshot wounds when someone fired into a crowd outside a church where mourners were gathered.

Popularity, Web Snafus Nearly Broke 'Clunkers'

This was one government stimulus plan that yielded quick results. Maybe too quick.

LaGuardia Terminal Evacuated, One in Custody

The main terminal at New York's LaGuardia Airport was evacuated Saturday morning, stranding hundreds of passengers, after a man entered the building with a fake bomb in a bag, police said.