July 2014 Headlines

Panama Immigrants Flood US for Surprising Reason

The crisis on our southern border has many searching for reasons why thousands of immigrants are seeking to live in the United States.

Dutch Hold Day of Mourning for Jet Crash Victims

The bodies of some of passengers killed in last week's Malaysia airlines crash were flown to Eindhoven, Netherlands Wednesday, by two military planes.

Lawmakers Review 'Troubling Case of Meriam Ibrahim'

A House panel is holding a hearing on the plight of Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman stuck in Sudan after her death sentence for apostasy was overturned.

Iraq's Christians 'Systematically Targeted for Extinction'

Congressman Frank Wolf, R-Va., told Congress Tuesday Iraqi Christians are facing a "genocide" and horrific crimes against humanity.

Tired of Islam, Iranians Ask ' Who Is This Jesus?'

The harsh treatment of Christians in Iran is fueling church growth. Despite threats, one television channel is beaming the Christian message directly into the Islamic country.

Russia Faces Sanctions over Tampered Crash Site

European leaders are warning Russian President Vladimir Putin of hard-hitting sanctions if he doesn't cooperate with the investigation of Malaysian Airline Flight 17.

US Outraged over Forced Exodus of Iraqi Christians

The United States is condemning the Islamic radicals who forced thousands of Christians to flee for their lives from Iraq's second-largest city.

Kerry: Hamas in No Position to Claim High Ground

Secretary of State John Kerry is beginning his week in Cairo, pushing for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Ukraine Rebels Recover Bodies, Black Boxes

Ukraine rebels say they are recovering bodies from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and will hand over the plane's black boxes.

Separatists Block Jet Recovery Efforts, Anger Grows

President Obama is demanding Russian-backed separatists grant international investigators access to the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

Family Wants to Annul Sudan Mother's Marriage

The family of Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who was sentenced to death in Sudan, is suing to annul her marriage in a new attempt to stop her from leaving Sudan.

Convert, Pay or Die: Iraq Christians Flee Islamists

The extremist Islamic State has cleansed Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, of virtually all Christians.

Bombings Set Baghdad Residents on Edge

A series of bombings killed at least 27 people across Baghdad Saturday, shattering residents' fragile sense of security.

UN Finds 20 Rockets in Vacant Gaza School

Twenty rockets were found hidden in a vacant United Nations school in the Gaza strip.

'Islamic State' Launches Beheadings, Gov't Projects

The terror group Islamic State is taking new steps in their attempt to turn huge swaths of Iraq and Syria into a caliphate, including government projects and beheadings.

Deadly Typhoon Rammasun Slams into China Coast

A powerful typhoon ripped into the southern coast of China on Friday, killing at least one person.

Jet Crash: Intel Points to Pro-Russian Separatists

News reports suggest the United States is building a case that would pin the blame for the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine on pro-Russian separatist forces.

Jailed China Pastor's Family Safely Escapes to US

Three members of an imprisoned pastor's family have arrived safely in the United States following their escape from a campaign of harassment in China.

West Africa Facing Largest Ebola Outbreak Ever

Ebola is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, and now health workers say it is spreading. West Africa is now facing a serious crisis--the largest ever outbreak of the virus.

Britain's Lost Freedoms: 'We're Living in a Madhouse'

The calendar might say it's 2014, but in Britain it's starting to feel like George Orwell's "1984." Officials have decided that certain things can no longer be said.

No Survivors after Malaysian Jet Reportedly Shot Down

A Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 295 people was reportedly shot down by a surface-to-air missile near the Russia-Ukraine border.

Dad Drops 'Muslim' Suit Against Sudan Mother

A lawsuit brought against Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan, has been dropped.

US, EU Impose New Sanctions against Russia

The U.S. and the European Union imposed new economic sanctions against Russia Wednesday for its involvement in the fighting in Ukraine.

Deadly Typhoon Strikes Philippines, Spares Capital

A typhoon has killed at least 12 people in the Philippines, and with many people reported missing, the death toll could rise.

Church of England Allows Women Bishops

The Church of England has voted to allow women to become bishops, ending one of the church's longest and most divisive disputes.

Ibrahim: Obama Downplays Muslim Attacks on Christians

CBN News Contributor Raymond Ibrahim believes the White House is downplaying the extent of Muslim attacks against Christians worldwide.

Whistleblower: NSA's Goal is 'Population Control'

One of the highest level whistleblowers from the National Security Agency, William Binney, said the agency is moving toward watching everyone.

Germany Celebrates World Cup Victory

An extra-time goal gave Germany a win Sunday over Argentina and the World Cup title.

Boko Haram Leader Mocks #BringBackOurGirls

Boko Haram has released a new video mocking the social media campaign highlighting the plight of the young women abducted by the terrorist group.

Kerry, Iran Envoy Meet amid Looming Nuke Deadline

Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Mohammad Javad Zarif, one of Iran's top diplomats, in an attempt to revive faltering nuclear negotiations Monday.

German FM to Meet Kerry to Discuss Spying Claims

Germany's foreign minister says he will tell U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Berlin wants to reinvigorate the two countries' friendship after asking Washington's top spy to leave.

What's Taking So Long? Sudan Mom Stuck at Embassy

Almost two weeks after being freed from prison, many wonder why Meriam Ibrahim is still stuck in a corner of the U.S Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.

College Soccer Team Uses World Cup to Witness

One U.S. women's soccer team is using the World Cup to put on a show of their own. 

British PM: 'No Scaling Back' Data Snooping

British Prime Minister David Cameron is pledging to rush through measures that will allow officials to gather mobile and Internet data.

Kurdish Ministers Boycott Iraqi Cabinet Meetings

There are new signs Iraq's government is breaking down after the terrorist takeover in the north.

US Failure Leads to Sudan Mom's Legal Limbo

Tina Ramirez, founder of Hardwired, an organization that works to end religious oppression, says the U.S. bears a portion of the blame for the family's situation.

Iraq: Chem Weapons Site Seized by 'Islamic State'

Iraqi officials say the Islamic State terrorists group has captured a huge former chemical weapons site.

Muslims Kill 17 in Central African Republic Church

Heavily armed Muslim fighters attacked a Catholic Church compound in the Central African Republic, killing at least 17 and seriously wounding others.

Pope Asks Victims of Sexual Abuse for Forgiveness

Pope Francis is asking forgiveness from victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy.

India Court Rejects Shariah Law as Authority

India's Supreme Court has ruled that Islamic courts in their country have no legal authority and people are not bound by any of their decrees.

US to China: Release Pastor from 12-Year Sentence

The pastor of a Christian church in China has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

UK Imams Warn Muslims against Joining Syria Jihad

Approximately 100 Muslim leaders in Great Britain are urging fellow Muslims not to join the jihad in Syria.

Dozens of Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram

More than 60 women and girls have escaped from the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram.

Ukraine Military Retakes Rebel-held Slovyansk

In Ukraine, pro-Russia separatists are refusing to give up their fight against government forces.

Israel: Jewish Attackers Suspected in Teen Death

Israeli authorities have arrested a number of Jewish suspects in the killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death set off days of violent protests in Arab areas of Jerusalem and northern Israel, an official said Sunday.

Pro-Russia Separatists Vow to Keep Up the Fight

Discouraged but defiant, pro-Russia separatists vowed to keep fighting the government in Kiev from the largest city in eastern Ukraine, where they regrouped Sunday after being driven out of a key stronghold.

Syrian Opposition Meets to Elect New President

The main Western-backed Syrian opposition group began a three-day meeting in Istanbul on Sunday to elect a new president and discuss the offensive by Islamic militants straddling Iraq and Syria, an official with the group said.

Iraq Analyzing Tape Allegedly Showing Top Militant

Iraqi officials are working to determine the authenticity of a video that purportedly shows the leader of the Islamic extremist group that has seized large swaths of the country delivering a sermon this week in the nation's second-largest city, authorities said Sunday.

Ukraine Claims Victory in Rebel Stronghold

Ukraine's forces claimed a significant success against pro-Russian insurgents on Saturday, chasing them from a key stronghold in the country's embattled east.

Jill Biden Travels to East Congo on Africa Tour

Jill Biden, the wife of the U.S. vice president, traveled Saturday to conflict-wracked eastern Congo, where she met with survivors of sexual violence as part of her three-nation tour of the continent.

Jihad in Iraq: What Does it Mean for America?

U.S. officials are concerned Syria and Iraq have become a terrorist's training ground that is breeding cooperation between groups who want to strike America.

Sudan Mother: Baby Harmed Because of the Chains

Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian Sudanese mother who was forced to give birth with her legs chained in prison, says that her baby daughter is disabled as a result.

Christian Twins Face Ritual Killing, But Then...

Mabel and Bethel were born to Christian parents in a remote Nigerian village where twins were considered a curse and witch doctors rule. How did they escape certain death?

Calling All Jihadists: ISIS Calls for Holy War

The leader of the Islamic terror group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is calling for a holy war in Iraq.

US Men's Team Falls to Belgium in World Cup

The U.S. men's soccer team is out of the World Cup after a heartbreaking loss to Belgium, but some are calling it a big win for U.S. soccer.

European Rights Court Upholds French Burqa Ban

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld France's law banning Muslim veils from being worn on the streets.

June Death Toll in Iraq Highest since 2007

More than 2,400 people were killed in the Islamic takeover of Iraq in June. That's the highest monthly toll since 2007.