April 2016 Headlines

Eyes on N. Korea, US, China Affirm Nuclear Security Commitment

At a recent summit, President Barack Obama and China's president exchanged views on many pressing issues, but safeguarding the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons was of urgent concern.

Indian Priest Still Alive, Held Hostage by Jihadists in Yemen

The external affairs minister for India says a Catholic priest held hostage by Islamic extremists in Yemen is still alive, despite rumors he had been crucified.

Taliban Faction Threatens More Attacks after Pakistan Easter Bombing

The Taliban faction responsible for that deadly Easter bombing in Pakistan is threatening more attacks against Christians and other minorities in the days ahead.

Meet the Family Who Fled ISIS: 'They Cut My Brother to Pieces'

Dahan and Aziza are Syrians who fled to Kurdistan. Though they escaped ISIS, their troubles were far from over and that's why CBN is stepping in to help.

British Woman's Note Links Suicide to Her Abortion

A young mother in Britain has committed suicide after aborting her second child. The 21-year-old left a suicide note in which she wrote of her struggle after her abortion.

Blood on Their Hands: Europe's Immigration Lie

When it comes to immigration and open borders, Europe has been dancing with the devil for years. But now the bill has come due in the form of crime, chaos and terrorism. CBN's Dale Hurd reports on how European leaders deceived their own people.

Europe's 'Jihad Capital' a Warning against Islamization

The Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels may look unassuming, but it's a virtual hotbed of terror, having produced three of the terrorists in the Paris massacre last November alone.

Christian Town Freed from 'Lions of the Caliphate' in Syria

Syrian troops have recaptured the town of Qaryatain from ISIS, liberating an area where Islamic jihadists had repeatedly abducted and terrorized Christians.

Garrisa Students Mark Grim Anniversary: 'We Are Not Defeated'

Thousands of Kenyans marked the one-year anniversary when terrorist attacked the university campus in Garissa, slaughtering 147 mostly Christian students.

Ex-Muslim Hacked to Death During His Morning Walk

Islamic militants have murdered a Christian man in Bangladesh, ambushing him as he was taking a morning walk.

Why No One Cares about the 'Campaign of Death' against Christians

The bombing of Christians in Pakistan on Easter was just one of the latest examples of rising Christian persecution around the world. But most Americans don't understand how serious the state of Christian persecution is worldwide.

Oxford Drops 800-Year-Old Tradition: Required Christian Study

Oxford announced it will allow its undergraduate theology students to skip studying Christianity after the first year. Instead, they can swap in subjects like feminism, Buddhism, Islam and even mysticism.

'One In, One Out' Questioned as First Deportees Dock in Turkey

The first three boatloads of migrants to be deported from Greece docked in Turkey on Monday. The move is part of the EU's new "one in, one out" deal, which aims to stem immigration to Europe.

Funeral Held for Muslim Murdered for Saying 'Happy Easter'

Friends and family gathered for the funeral of a U.K. Muslim man who was murdered for wishing Christians a "Happy Easter" on Facebook.

Wycliffe Associates Press On In Middle East Despite Risks

Wycliffe Associates says it will continue to bring the gospel message to remote regions in the Middle East despite the danger.

EU High Court Rules Iranian Christian Convert Cannot Be Denied Asylum

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that governments must grant Iranian Christian converts a fair evaluation before they can be denied asylum and sent back to the Islam Republic.

Brussels Terror: When These Missionaries Were Seconds from Tragedy...

When two bombs exploded at the Brussels airport on March 22, it changed the lives of thousands. Two Christian missionaries found themselves a breath away from disaster -- or a miracle.


CBN News Showcase: Islam: Terrorizer or Peacemaker?

 On CBN News Showcase, April 2: A Pakistani Christian leader shares what the church in Pakistan is facing following the Easter bombings. And, Nabeel Qureshi shares about Islam from the perspective of an insider.

Father Ordered Not to Take Son to Church

A judge in the UK says a British father is not allowed to take his son to church.


'Judeo-Christian' West Threatened by Growing Terror Attacks

Islamic extremist violence could threaten Judeo-Christian civilization worldwide, according to a new analysis.

Kenyan President Posthumously Honors Muslim Who Protected Christians

The President of Kenya presented a posthumous award to a Muslim man for protecting Christians during a December terrorist attack.

Saudis Seek Death Penalty Option for Gays

The government of Saudi Arabia reportedly wants to impose stricter sentences, including the death penalty, on gay people.

ISIS Uses Civilians as Human Shields to Stall Strategic Battle

Tens of thousands of innocent civilians are trapped in the midst of the battle in the town of Hit, just 85 miles from the capital.

Is Great Britain Next ISIS Target?

British intelligence is tracking more than 50 jihadists reportedly planning upwards of 20 terror attacks against the United Kingdom.