December 2014 Headlines

Belarusian Independent News Sites Blocked

Several independent news websites have been blocked in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, where the government exerts close control of news media.

Saeed Pens Christmas Message from 'Hard, Cold' Prison

Saeed Abedini has penned a Christmas letter to his family and supporters from an Iranian prison. For this American pastor, brutal circumstances have only served to drive home the meaning of the holiday.

Purpose Finds 95-Yr-Old Woman Who Prayed to Die

What do two university students, a 95 year old American woman and orphans in India have in common? How so many lives are tied together with a common thread of love.


More than 100 Women, Children Kidnapped in Nigeria

Boko Haram has struck again in Nigeria, killing 35 people and kidnapping 185 women, children, and militia fighters in a northeast village, according to government officials.

US-Cuban Relations Has Twitter Abuzz about Iran

As the United States and Cuba work to restore full diplomatic relations, many hope the same policy shift will happen in Iran.

Could Better Relations with Cuba Bless Christian Church?

The Communist regime in Cuba has severely restricted religious freedom. Mike Gonzalez, Senior Fellow at the Heriatge Foundation, tells CBN News what this means for the Cuban Church.

Battered Ukraine Wary of Wounded Russian Bear

The Russian economy is now crumbling, and some fear President Vladimir Putin may lash out to prove he's still in charge. The target? His vulnerable neighbor, Ukraine.

Brutal Winter Looms for Iraq Refugees, Until...

Unlike last Christmas, many Iraqi Christians say they're finding little to celebrate this year.

Putin: Economic Woes Price of Russian Sovereignty

President Vladimir Putin is blasting the West for Russia's economic downfall, saying it's trying to subdue and disarm the nation.

Some Hail US-Cuba Deal. Others, Not So Much…

The move to restore relations between the U.S. and Cuba is getting mixed reactions. While some celebrate, others are protesting the deal that have nations once on the brink of war now preparing to open embassies.

Mandatory Verses Have City Driving for Jesus

One city in the Philippines requires that a scripture be painted on the main public transportation method -- a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Obama Moves to Normalize Relations with Cuba

In a televised White House statement, President Barack Obama announced steps to re-establish a U.S. embassy in Havana, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba broken in 1961.

Australian PM: Cafe Gunman Dropped from Watch List

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is looking for answers on why the gunman in Monday's deadly hostage crisis was dropped from a national security watchlist.

Alan Gross after Cuba Release: 'This Is the Best Hannukkah'

After serving five years of 15-year sentence in Cuba, U.S. contractor Alan Gross landed in Maryland today, a free man.

Taliban Justifies School Massacre, Vows More Ahead

Pakistan is mourning Wednesday after Taliban gunmen killed 132 children and 10 adults at a military-run school. International condemnation has been quick, but jihadi terrorists say the attack was justified.

Australia in Mourning for Victims of Deadly Siege

There is grief and sadness across Australia Tuesday after a violent end to a 16-hour standoff that claimed the lives of the gunman and two of his hostages.

Saudis Target Iran, Russia in High-Stakes Oil War

Americans are actually smiling as they fill up at the pump these days. But for some of America's adversaries like Russia and Iran, plummeting oil prices are hurting -- and hurting bad.

Taliban Massacre: 'Their Sole Purpose Was to Kill Those Kids'

Pakistani officials have fended off Taliban gunmen who stormed a military school in Peshawar Tuesday, but not before the attackers massacred 132 children and nine staff members.

Police End Hostage Standoff with Islamist Gunman

People in Australia are still in shock after a deadly terror hostage situation in Sydney left many to wonder about the safety of their country.

Russian Bear Back: Is NATO Ready?

Remember after the Cold War when all the talk about Russia was sweetness and light? Well, the Russian bear is back. But this time, NATO and Western Europe seem unprepared.

Defiant Afghan President Condemns Terror Attacks

Defying insurgents, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has given an impassioned speech following a wave of recent militant attacks, vowing to his country: "We will never surrender."

Ceasefire in Ukraine: Is Russia Resurging?

This week Ukraine saw its first 24-hour pause in violence since the war between government separatists militias began seven months ago.

Climate Deal Shaky as UN Summit Nears an End

U.N. global warming talks in Lima, Peru, are heading into their last scheduled day, with rich and poor countries bickering over who is to blame for global warming and how to divide the emissions cuts.

USAID Attempt to Co-opt Cuban Hip-Hop Scene Fails

A United States agency infiltrated the Cuban hip-hop world in an attempt to launch a youth movement against the government.

Philippines Labors to Recover in Time for Christmas

Areas of the Philippines ravaged last year by the monster Typhoon Haiyan were hit again this year by Typhoon Hagupit.

Hagel: Iraq Gaining Momentum against Islamic State

Outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Iraq's security forces have gained a new momentum, thanks in part to U.S. airstrikes against ISIS.

US, NATO Mark End of Mission in Afghanistan

Unites States and NATO forces have ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan, transitioning now to a training and support role.

Uruguay Welcomes Six Former Gitmo Bay Detainees

Six prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay are now beginning their new lives in the South American country of Uruguay.

Philippine Typhoon Weakens to Tropical Storm

Typhoon Hagupit that struck the Philippines has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Indian Police Arrest Uber Driver Accused of Rape

Indian police on Sunday arrested a driver from the international taxi-booking service Uber for allegedly raping a young woman in the capital.

Tenth Sierra Leonean Doctor Dies from Ebola

Another Sierra Leonean doctor has died from Ebola, the 10th to succumb to the disease, a health official said Sunday.

What's Behind Failed Rescue Effort of Journalist?

A U.S. operation to rescue American Luke Somers in Yemen last month was unsuccessful, the Pentagon revealed Thursday. The 33-year-old was kidnapped last year by al Qaeda, who's now threatening his execution.

Mayor Campaigns for God After Miraculous Escape

A year ago one of the strongest storms in history devastated the Philippines. As one city slowly recovers, its mayor speaks out about how his faith helps with the challenges of rebuilding.

Cuban Family Giving Children a 'Vision of Eden'

The Cuban government lost its major patron when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s. Ordinary Cubans began to suffer shortages of food and other supplies for their homes. 

Christian Wins in World's Most Populous Muslim Nation

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Despite opposition from Islamic extremists, the capital city of the world's most populous Muslim nation now has a governor and he's a Christian.

Cuban Family Giving Children a 'Vision of Eden'

The Cuban government lost its major patron when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, triggering food shortages. But one Havana family managed to turn crisis into an opportunity. 

Colonizing for the Kingdom: Remembering Myles Munroe

Thousands celebrated Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth, two influential leaders in Christianity being laid to rest Thursday in a state-recognized funeral in the Bahamas.

Jihadis Massacre Non-Muslim Quarry Workers in Kenya

Kenyan authorities believe Islamic extremists from neighboring Somalia killed 36 quarry workers Tuesday morning in Mandera Country, near the Somalia border.

Super Typhoon Hagupit Set to Hit the Philippines

A year after the massive Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, another super typhoon is on its way.

Pope, Faith Leaders Team Up to End Modern Slavery

Pope Francis and religious leaders from a half-dozen faiths signed a new Vatican initiative Tuesday aimed at ending modern-day slavery by 2020.

Christian Couple Leaves Qatar After 2-Year Battle

Matthew and Grace Huang, the American couple that had been facing charges in connection to their 8-year-old daughter's death, are now free to leave Qatar.

Iranian Envoy Targeted in Deadly Yemen Bombing

At least two people were killed by a massive explosion in Yemen on Wednesday near the home of the Iranian ambassador. Some speculated that al Qaeda was behind the attack.

Myles Munroe, Wife Get State-Recognized Funeral

Thousands of mourners will gather in the Bahamas on Wednesday to honor Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth.

S. African Aid Worker, Children Killed in Afghanistan

A South African doctor is still working in an Afghanistan hospital, after Taliban suicide attackers killed her husband and family Saturday evening.

African Countries Hit 'Important Milestone' in Ebola Fight

Three of the African countries hit hardest by Ebola are making progress in the fight against the deadly virus.

ISIS Targeting Military Personnel through Social Media

The FBI is warning members of the U.S. military to protect themselves from a possible attack by ISIS on U.S. soil, urging them to erase all information on social media that could help extremists learn their identitites.

Shocking! Reality Check on Britain's Modern Slavery

There are shocking new government figures on the number of people being held as modern-day slaves in Britain

Islamic Terrorists Threaten European Holiday Travel

Islamic terrorists are threatening to bomb five European airliners over the Christmas season, prompting changes to traveler guidelines.

Police, Protesters Clash in Hong Kong Democracy Push

Police and pro-democracy protesters have been clashing in Hong Kong. At least 40 people were arrested.