March 2015 Headlines

Syrian Christian Worries for Friends Kidnapped by ISIS

Hadeel Kouki, a 24-year-old Syrian Christian who now lives the U.S., speaks out on behalf of persecuted Christians. She told CBN News that she has friends and neighbors among the hundreds of Christians kidnapped by ISIS.

Liberia on Verge of Being Declared Ebola-Free

Liberia could be Ebola free in 42 days, health officials predict.

US Envoy 'Stable' after Knife Attack in S. Korea

America's ambassador to South Korea is in stable condition following a knife attack at a breakfast meeting in Seoul Thursday.

Libyan Oil Fields Shut Down after ISIS Attacks

Libya's state-run oil corporation says 11 oil fields in the country are now closed down after a series of attacks by Islamic State jihadists.

Canadian Pastor Goes Missing in North Korea

A Canadian pastor has been missing in North Korea for more than a month, raising fears he may have been detained.

Islamic State Releases More Assyrian Christians

The Islamic State released four more Assyrian Christian hostages Tuesday from the more than 200 they kidnapped last week in Syria.

ISIS Exposed: The Hellish Reality of Radical Islam

In his new book, CBN's Erick Stakelbeck describes how ISIS is calling on its legions of followers in the West to rise up and conduct attacks, turning the United States and Europe into a war zone.

Cuba Diplomacy: Last Ditch Effort for Dying Regime?

The United States and Cuba recently met for a second round of diplomatic talks aimed at restoring relations between the two nations.

Pakistan Jails Parents for Refusing Polio Vaccinations

Police arrested 471 parents in northwest Pakistan for refusing to give their children polio vaccinations.

Boko Haram Beheading Video a 'Hallmark of ISIS'

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has posted a beheading video that shows hallmarks of ISIS propaganda.

Netanyahu in US for 'Fateful, Historic Mission'

For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his trip to the U.S. is a "fateful, even historic, mission."


Thousands March in Memory of Slain Putin Rival

Thirty-thousand people marched in Moscow Sunday to mourn murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, a major critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

ISIS Frees 19 Assyrian Christian Captives

The Islamic state released 19 of the more than 200 Assyrian Christians it kidnapped last week.