November 2015 Headlines

CWN Special Edition: Miracles Saved Their Lives

Watch the epic story of a Vietnamese boat family adrift at sea after the fall of Saigon. See how a series of miracles saved their lives and their souls. This and more.

Paris, Turkey, Russia and ISIS: What to Make of It All?

French President Francois Hollande met with President Barack Obama Tuesday as the U.S. State Department issued a global terror alert and news that Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet. CBN's Gary Lane offers some perspective.

Suspect in Paris Terror Attacks Heads to Court

The only person in custody who could face charges in connection to the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris is heading to court today.

Under Threat: Belgian Jews Living Amidst Terrorists

Jews have lived in Belgium for thousands of years, but when Muslim terrorism explodes in Europe, Jews are often the target. Many have already left for Israel or the United States because of the anti-Semitic violence.

Britain's Digital Cinema Media Bans Lord's Prayer Ad

Movie theaters in Britain are refusing to air an advertisement from the Church of England featuring the Lord's Prayer over concerns it could be offensive.

Happy Thanksgiving? Terror, Not Turkey, Top Concern

Cities across the United States are on high alert this Thanksgiving week amid concerns of a potential holiday terror attack.

CBN's Abigail Robertson Reflects on Paris Attacks, ISIS Threat

Abigail Robertson shares her thoughts about the attacks, ISIS, and the need to keep Paris in our prayers.

Iran Sentences US Journalist to Prison

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran has sentenced detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian to an unspecified prison term following his conviction last month on charges that include espionage, Iranian state TV reported Sunday.

Belgium on Lockdown as Parisian Terrorist Remains At Large

One suspect from the deadly Paris attacks is at large, and was last seen crossing in Belgium's capital city, which is now on a high security lockdown.

Mali forces hunting 'more than 3' suspects after attack

 BAMAKO, Mali (AP) - Malian security forces were hunting "more than three" suspects on Saturday after a brazen assault on the Radisson Blu hotel in the capital that killed 20 people, most of them guests, officials said.

Myanmar Landslide Kills Hundreds, Many Others Still Missing

A landslide in nothern Myanmar kills at least 100 people Satuday evening near a jade mine in the Kachin state community of Hpakant, many more people are still missing.

UK Prime Minister Shows Support for Persecuted Church

UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited Open Doors UK and Ireland, as it celebrates 60 years of work supporting persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Paris Terror Attack Suspects Arrested in Belgium

Turkish authorities arrested three people who have suspected ties to ISIS in last week's terror attacks in Paris.

Hotel Attack in Mali's Capital Leaves Dozens Dead

Islamic extremists armed with guns and grenades stormed the Radisson hotel in Mali's capital Friday. As evening fell, officials said no more hostages were being held and that at least 27 people had been killed.

What's Worse Than Muslim Radicals?

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell spoke with Rosenberg about this threat and other developments in the Middle East.

Iranian Escalation: Israeli Minister Warns of Buildup

Israeli Energy and Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz is warning of a massive Iranian military buildup with help from Russia and other countries.

Shell-Shocked Paris Mourns: 'I'm Afraid Because Now It's Real'

Parisians are doing their best to move forward after last week's terror attacks. But now that they know the jihadists were born and raised in France and Belgium, many wonder -- is it safe moving forward?

Fmr Iraqi Exile: Refugee Crisis Golden Opportunity for the Gospel

More than half of the nation's governors say they will refuse to accept any refugees from Syria. But could this crisis be a golden opportunity for the American Church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Fmr. Al Qaeda Jihadist Turned CIA Spy Talks Islamic Terror

Morten Storm is opening up about his former life as a jihadist and CIA spy. He also describes in detail the challenges the world faces in defeating radical Islam.

ISIS Supporters Stab Jewish Man in France

A Jewish teacher was stabbed in Marseille Wednesday night by three ISIS supporters.

Suspected Paris Attack Mastermind Killed in Raid

The radical Muslim suspected of masterminding the deadly terrorist attacks in France was killed in Wednesday's police raid on an apartment building in northern Paris.


New ISIS Video Heightens Fears of Thanksgiving Attack

The threat from ISIS is far from over in France, and it could be heading to U.S. shores during the holidays. Meanwhile, the terror group has released another propaganda video, this time threatening New York City.

Kasich Proposes Judeo-Christian Gov't Agency

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich says he would set up a government agency to promote Judeo-Christian values overseas to counter propaganda from Islamists.

US, Russia to Join Forces against Syrian ISIS Threat

America and Russia may unite in the fight against the extremist threat in Syria.

Boko Haram Blamed in Nigerian Suicide Bombing

A suicide bombing killed 32 people and wounded 80 at a truck stop in northeastern Nigeria.

Kerry Says Charlie Hebdo Terror Had a 'Rationale'

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is under fire for saying the Charlie Hebdo massacre had more of an understandable "rationale" than the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday.

Deadly Raid Targets Mastermind in Paris Terror Attack

A seven-hour raid in a Paris suburb ended Wednesday with two suspected terrorist dead, including one female suicide bomber who blew herself up.

2 Dead, 7 Arrested In Raid Targeting Paris Attack Mastermind

Amid gunfire and explosions, police raided a suburban Paris apartment where the suspected mastermind of last week's attacks was believed to be holed up Wednesday.

Obama Shows Solidarity with Philippines amid Tensions

President Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to the Philippines, Tuesday, in the midst of increasing tension over China's territorial ambitions in disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Russia Offers $50M for Info in Airline Terror Attack

The Russian Federal Security Service is offering $50 million for information leading to the arrest of those behind the downing of a Russian jetliner over Egypt.

Ex-Intel Chief: Obama Must 'Get Real' on Fighting ISIS

The president's former intelligence chief has a warning: the White House is underestimating the deadly ambitions of ISIS and needs to "get real" about the threats faced by America and the world.

Too Little, Too Late? France Launches Wiretaps, Wireless Searches

As France works to return to normal after Friday's deadly terror attacks, its president declares war on ISIS.

Obama Won't Change ISIS Strategy, Despite Paris Attack

President Barack Obama called the terror attacks on Paris a "terrible and sickening setback" in the fight against ISIS. Yet, he's making it clear he will not change strategy or even expand the military campaign against the terror group.

In the Name of Honor: Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America

Even legal immigrants can bring problems into our country. A practice called female genital mutilation, predominantly seen in Muslim-controlled countries, is now an issue in the U.S.

ISIS Threatens America: 'We’ll Strike at Its Center'

Islamic State terrorists vow that countries taking part in airstrikes against Syria will suffer the same fate as Paris and warns it will attack Washington D.C.

France Awakened to Fight with ISIS: 'We're at War'

French President Francois Hollande told a joint session of French lawmakers Monday he wants to unite with the U.S. and Russia in a coalition dedicated to smashing ISIS.

Anonymous Hackers Pledge Cyber War on ISIS

The hacker group Anonymous is allegedly planning to take on ISIS in a massive cyber war.

Five Yemenis Held at Gitmo Sent to Mideast Country

The Pentagon has transferred five Yemeni detainees who had been held for more than a decade at Guantanamo Bay.

As France Grieves, Hunt for Suspects Escalates

The nation of France held a moment of silence across the country Monday as police spread out a nationwide dragnet in a desperate hunt for suspects.

Paris Massacre: Should France Have Seen This Coming?

Long before Friday's massacre in Paris, voices from France were warning it would happen, with some wondering why French authorities didn't do more to prevent it.

Under the Radar: God’s Smuggler Brings Gospel to Darkest Places on Earth

For decades, a missionary known as Brother Andrew has had one mission, and that is to bring the Gospel to some of the darkest places on earth.

CBN News Blogs: Insight on Paris Terror Attacks

CBN News Reporters are working to bring insight into the terror attacks in Paris. 

Our Brothers' Keepers: Inside Haiti's Child Hunger Crisis

Imagine living where most children don't get enough to eat. That's the reality in Haiti where 1 in 14 kids will die before age 5. CBN News traveled to the island nation for a closer look at this hunger crisis and the search for solutions.

AP Newsbreak: Iraq Warned of Attacks Before Paris Assault

Senior Iraqi intelligence officials warned coalition countries of imminent assaults by the Islamic State group just one day before last week's deadly attacks in Paris killed 129 people, The Associated Press has learned.

Analysis: Terror in Paris: More to Come?

The Global Lane offers analysis on the terror attacks. "French multiculturalism, open European borders, and compassion for Middle Eastern migrants may have allowed this attack."

Analysis: Why ISIS is Targeting Europe

Police have arrested 17 people in a blitz across Europe on suspicion of planning ISIS-linked terrorist attacks.

Blog: Terror in Paris: Can It Happen Here?

Here are some quick thoughts on the deadliest violence to rock France since WWII–and the second deadliest Islamic terror attack (next to the 2004 Madrid train bombings) to strike a Western city since 9/11.

What to Do: Syria Talks Billed as 'Make-or-Break'

This weekend brings a key international meeting in Vienna on what to do about Syria.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Twin Beirut Bombings

ISIS is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing that killed at least 43 people Thursday in a Hezbollah stronghold in southern Beirut.

ISIS Butcher 'Jihadi John' Killed in US Airstrike?

"Jihadi John," also known as Mohammed Emwazi,  has been one of the leading symbols of the bloodthirsty terrorists of ISIS. Now, it appears the killer has been killed.

Pastor Abedini's Wife Cites Stress in Suspending Public Efforts for Husband's Freedom

Naghmeh Abedini is pulling back her public fight to see her husband Pastor Saeed Abedini freed from an Iranian prison.

Paris Terror Attacks: Special Coverage and Analysis

Seven people arrested Sunday in Belgium in connection with the Paris terror attacks that killed 129 people Friday.


Migrant Crisis Fuels European Bickering, Border Disputes

Border disputes are escalating between eastern European countries struggling to deal with the Middle East migrant crisis.

Report: ISIS Guilty of Genocide against Yazidis

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum says the Islamic State is not only guilty of terrorism, but also of genocide. 

Myanmar on Brink of Freedom after Election Landslide

The people of Mynamar have overwhelmingly voted for democracy, and the church played an important role in the quest for freedom.

Mideast Miracle: ISIS Releases Christian Hostages

Islamic State militants this week freed 37 Assyrian Christians held captive for more than nine months.

Twin Suicide Blasts in Beirut's Shiite Suburb Kill 37

Twin suicide bombing struck a Shiite suburb in southern Beirut on Thursday evening, killing at least 37 people and wounding scores more in one of the deadliest attacks in years, a Lebanese official said.

Peshmerga Captures Strategic ISIS Supply Road

Kurdish fighters have captured a strategic road in northern Iraq, cutting off one of the most important supply routes for ISIS.

Russia Calls for New Syrian Constitution to End War

Russia is calling for a new Syrian constitution to help put an end to the nearly five-year war in Syria.

Christian Journal Takes Higher View of Foreign Policy

The Providence Journal provides an evangelical view on international issues of the day and offers biblical principles on how to shape foreign policy.


Ending Haiti's Hunger, One Tilapia at a Time

Operation Blessing is on the scene in Haiti, breeding protein rich tilapia on fish farms to restock empty lakes and help the econmy in the poverty-stricken island country.

Kidnapped Foster Child of Slain US Missionary Found

Authorities say the 4-year-old foster child of the late U.S. missionary Roberta Edwards is in police protection after being kidnapped last month.

Critics Cite Weak US ISIS Strategy in Russian Crash

Republicans say President Obama's weak policy against ISIS played a role in what now looks to be a terror attack on the Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai.

Riches to Rags: A Surgeon's Journey to Haiti

A few years ago, Dr. David Vanderpool was a sucessful trauma surgeon with a prosperous clinic in Nashville, Tennessee.

Russian Crash: ISIS Role Carries Alarming Implications

There is growing evidence that Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 was brought down by a bomb planted by Islamic State terrorists. If that's the case, experts say it is a frightening change in tactics by the extremist group.

Russia-Iran 'Nightmare' Alliance: Why You Should Be Concerned

It's a nightmare scenario: A military powerhouse with a huge nuclear arsenal, aligning itself with Islamic terrorists hostile to the U.S. and Israel. That's the situation in Syria, as Russia coordinates with Iran to prop up the Assad regime.

UK Prison Minister Forced to Quit after Quoting Bible

A minister at a U.K. prison says he was pressured to resign after quoting the Bible in a chapel service.

Canada Swears in Pro-Abortion Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau, Canada's new prime minister, has been sworn into office.


ISIS Suspected in Russia Crash: What It Means

Growing evidence is leading investigators to believe a bomb may have downed the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai this past weekend.

US Intel Suspects ISIS Behind Russian Plane Crash

The Russian plane that crashed in Egypt Saturday after taking off from the resort of Sharm al-Sheikh might have been brought down by an explosive device, British officials said Wednesday.


Iranians Mark US Embassy Siege: 'God Damn America!'

Several thousand Iranians set U.S. flags on fire and chanted anti-American slogans on Wednesday, marking the 36th anniversary of the 1979 student takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Iranians Shout 'God Damn America' on US Embassy Siege Anniversary

Several thousand Iranians set US flags on fire and chanted anti-American slogans on Wednesday marking the 36th anniversary of the student takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.


New Audio: Al Qaeda, ISIS Urged to Unite Against West

Al Qaeda's chief is calling jihadists worldwide to join forces to drive foreign forces from Syria. The news comes as critics say President Obama isn't doing nearly enough to stop the bloody conflict in the war-torn country.

Kurdish Peshmerga 'Puzzled' over US Indifference

The Kurdish military force that's fighting ISIS in northern Iraq needs more help from the United States and the West.

TransCanada Requests Pause on Keystone Review

The heavily debated Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, has hit a new snag.

ISIS Closing in on Strategic Christian Town in Syria

ISIS jihadists are within a few miles of an ancient Christian village in northern Syria.

Israel: The World's Water Superpower

The planet is on the brink of a water crisis. Without action, food prices will rise, economic growth will slow, and political instability will likely follow. Meanwhile, in remarkable defiance of this emergency stands Israel.

Russian Investigators: 'External Impact' Caused Crash

Officials are looking into what caused a Russian airliner to lose speed before crashing into Egypt's Sinai Peninsula Saturday, killing 224 people.

Somalia: 5 Islamic Militants Attack Hotel in Capital, Kill 6

Five of Somalia's Islamic extremists attacked a leading hotel in the capital at dawn Sunday, killing at least six people and injuring 10, before all the assailants were killed by security forces.

Pope 'Hopes' Can Still go to Conflict-Torn African Nation

Pope Francis has decried a flare-up of violence in Central African Republic and says he hopes he can still visit that conflict-torn country during his pilgrimage to Africa this month.