October 2015 Headlines

US: Several Russian Cruise Missiles Landed in Iran

As many as four of the 26 long-range cruise missiles that Russia said it fired at Syrian targets landed instead in Iran, two U.S. defense officials said Thursday.

Russia One of Many That Tried to Hack Clinton Emails

Russian hackers were not the only ones trying to access Hillary Clinton's emails.

Defense Sec'y: Russia's Syria Strategy a 'Mistake'

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has made it clear the United States will not cooperate with Russia in Syria.

Cameron Cracking Down on 'Poison' of Radical Islam

British Prime Minister David Cameron is raising red flags about radical Islam's influence in Great Britain.

'Finding Noah' a Faith Adventure to Find the Ark

A movie-length documentary is being released about a recent expedition for what would be one of the biggest archeological finds in history.


Smugglers Caught with Nuke Material Meant for ISIS

Nuclear smugglers in Eastern Europe have been caught trying to sell radioactive material to Islamic State terrorists.

Smugglers to Top Sellers: What Kind of Bookstore is This?

In the world's most populous nation, in the midst of Communism and atheism, Christian bookstore owners are thriving on reaching China's masses with God's Word.

Obama Apologizes to Docs without Borders for Airstrike

President Barack Obama on Wednesday apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the American air attack that killed at least 22 people at a medical clinic in Afghanistan.

Bangladeshi Pastor Survives Terrorist Attack

A Bangladesh pastor is alive today, thanks to his wife who heard his screams as he was being attacked by three men.

Mideast Chess Game: What's Putin Doing in Syria?

With the Russian economy in the tank, the ruble tied to oil prices, and a military buildup in Syria, world leaders are wondering what President Vladimir Putin is really doing in the region.

Russian Agression Over Turkey Raises NATO Red Flags

Russia's bombing blitz in Syria is raising new tensions with NATO after Russian fighter jets flew briefly into Turkey's airspace on two separate occasions over the weekend.

Islamic Terrorists Among Mideast Wave of Migrants?

The EU migrant wave is now leading to violence against Christians, Yazidis and Kurds, and President Obama’s pledge to accept thousands into the U.S.  creating opposition in some communities concerned about terrorism. 

ISIS Destroys Famous Historical Monument in Syria

ISIS is continuing the destruction of historical sites in Syria.

ISIS's First Step: Conquer Rome, Defeat Christianity

ISIS has Rome in their crosshairs, but how real is the threat? One author unravels the terrorists' strategy to start an "Islamic Armaggedon."

CBN News Weekend: Russia Attacks U.S. Allies in Syria

On CBN News Weekend, Oct. 3: Russia carried out airstrikes in Syria, but against whom? Many are standing up for religious freedom in the United States, even if it means jailtime.

Vatican Distances Pope from Kim Davis Visit

The Vatican is seeking to distance Pope Francis from Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis after his visit with her last week in the United States.

What's Really Going on with Russia and Syria?

Russian fighter jets dropped bombs deep into the heart of Syria. But instead of hitting ISIS, they destroyed targets where U.S.-backed rebels are fighting the Assad regime. CBN's Gary Lane, George Thomas, and  Chris Mitchell discuss what's really going.

Russia Goes to War in Syria - but Against Whom?

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry say they welcome Russian efforts to defeat ISIS. But some U.S. officials are questioning Moscow's motives.