August 2015 Headlines

Well Diggers a 'God-Send' for Myanmar Villages

Much of Myanmar is under water due to heavy rains and mass flooding, prompting many to pray for the deluge to end. But it's a different story in communities such as Nyaung Ta Kar village, which still lack clean water.

Storm Erika Hits Caribbean, Mudslide Kills Residents

Tropical Storm Erika pummeled the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica Thursday, leaving at least four people dead and at least 20 others missing.

Christian Advocate Arrested in China Cross Crackdown

A well-known Christian lawyer has been arrested in China, in the same region where the Chinese government has been tearing down crosses.

Hoops Diplomacy: Scoring Hearts and Minds in Europe

Reaching people with the gospel while improving diplomatic relations between two countries can be tough. But throw in a basketball and many say it's easier than you might think.

Pastor: Boko Haram Killed 70 Percent of My Church

A Nigerian pastor says Boko Haram terrorists have killed 8,000 members of his church.

Islam's Civil War: What It Means for America

The Mideast faces a new threat pitting Iran against ISIS. While they hate each other, the two terror kingpins share common enemies. That means major implications for America and its allies in the region.

Hungary Overwhelmed by Flood of Mideast Refugees

Migration to Hungary has reached a new high this month. The increase in migration has prompted Hungary's government to build a 13-foot fence on the Serbian border to stop them.

French Train Gunman Charged with Terrorism

The gunman in last week's train attack in Europe has been charged with carrying out a "targeted and premeditated" terror attack.

ISIS Destroys 1,500 Year Old Monastery

The Islamic State has destroyed more ancient Christian sites -- this time, a 1,500-year-old Catholic monastery near Homs, Syria.

Jihadists Attack Christians in Burkina Faso

Suspected Islamic terrorists attacked Christians in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. The armed men wounded at least two people.

ISIS Blows Up Ancient Temple in Syria

Islamic State terrorists have destroyed the Baalshamin Temple at Syria's ancient ruins of Palmyra.

Koreas Talk as North Positions Troops for War

North and South Korean leaders are meeting to try and diffuse rising tensions between the two countries.

France Honors Americans, Brit for Foiling Gunman

French President Francois Hollande awarded the nation's top honor to three Americans and one Briton who risked their lives to stop a gunman on a crowded train in Europe.

N. Korea Leader Puts Military into 'War Time State'

Officials in Seoul said the North fired across the border after loudspeakers began broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda. North Korea later denied firing shots at the South.

China Crackdown: 'Why Won't They Let Us Believe?'

The big crackdown against Christians and their churches in China may be getting worse. Government workers are forcibly removing more and more crosses from church buildings.

'Drinkable Book' Filters Water, Teaches Safe Habits

Books are usually for reading, but there's one out there specifically for filtering water.

Secret Side Deal Allows Iran to Pick Nuke Inspectors

If you thought the Iran nuclear deal sounded bad before, it just got even worse. New revelations about the White House nuclear deal with the Islamic republic have critics up in arms.

ISIS Beheads Antiquities Scholar, Hangs Body

Islamic State extremists have beheaded a prominent antiquities expert in Palmyra, a town full of ancient monuments and temples.

Suspect in Bangkok Bombing Didn't Act Alone

At least 20 died and more than 120 were injured in what police are calling the worst attack in Bangkok's history.

Bangkok PM Vows to Bring Bomber to Justice

Bangkok Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha vows to track down whoever is behind a deadly explosion.

Modern-Day Schindler Rescuing ISIS Sex Slaves

The Islamic State has kidnapped thousands of Yazidi and Christian girls and sold them as sex slaves for Islamic militants. Now one Jewish man from Canada is on a mission to rescue as many girls as he can.

Rescuing Sex Slaves: Modern Day Schindler

Steve Maman is a modern day Oskar Schindler. Only instead of liberating Jews from Nazi Death Camps, he's rescuing Iraqi Yazidis and Christians from ISIS sex slavery.

A Rabbi Leads the Way in Uniting Jews, Christians

Christians and Jews have had a rocky 2,000-year history.  But that's changed as evangelicals and religious Jews have worked to find common ground. One of the pioneers in that effort is Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Images Show Iran's 'Clandestine Pathway' to Nukes

Iran denies it is hiding evidence of nuclear weapons activity even after satellite photos show work being done at its Parchin military complex, a site suspected of building a nuclear warhead.

Flooding Devastates Myanmar, Creates Food Shortages

CBN Humanitarian and Disaster Relief teams are bringing aid to the people of Myanmar. The nation was devastated by massive flooding responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people - and displacing at least 300,000.

Searchers Spot Wreckage from Missing Prop Plane

Searchers have spotted the wreckage of an Indonesian passenger plane that went missing Sunday with 54 people on board, including three children and two infants.

ISIS Feared to Have and Use Chemical Weapons

American officials believe Islamic State militants are now using chemical weapons.

Cuban Rule Change Allows More Business, Ministry

A change in Cuban government rules has allowed a small number of residents to become private business owners and a few Cubans, have done quite well.

CBN News Weekend: China Crackdown on Christians

On CBN News Weekend, Aug. 14: The crackdown against Christians in China may be getting worse as government workers forcibly remove crosses from government approved church buildings, and more.

Iraqi Christian Radio Reaches Millions Amid ISIS Threat

Iraq is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians.

Firefighter Found Alive in Rubble of China Blast

Good news surfaces after deadly explosions rocked a Chinese port city earlier this week - a firefighter was found alive in the rubble.

Dissidents Not Invited to US Flag Ceremony in Cuba

Secretary of State John Kerry is traveling to Cuba for Friday's historic flag-raising ceremony at the U.S. Embassy. Though U.S. policy towards the island has focused on dissidents for years, they were not invited.

Islamic State Claims Suicide Bombing, Beheading

A truck bomb killed at least 76 people and injured 212 others in a Baghdad market Thursday morning. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility.

Death Toll Climbs after Explosions Rock China City

The death toll continues to climb in the massive explosions that rocked the Chinese port city of Tianjin Wednesday night.  Dozens have been killed in the warehouse blasts, including a dozen firefighters.

US Reporter Has Final Day in Iranian Court

The Iranian-American reporter who was detained by Iran more than a year ago had his final day in court Monday in Tehran.

'Sounds of Worship' at Historic Myanmar Youth Rally

More than 13,000 Myanmar youth gathered for a historic youth rally in July, organized by the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Association and Teen Mania.

Inside ISIS Price List: 'Girls Peddled Like Petrol'

The Islamic State is apparently circulating a slave price list for captured women and children. 

Fleeing Death: Can Europe Survive Migrant Crisis?

Europe is being overrun by immigrants: millions of men, women and children running from civil war, from ISIS, from religious persecution. While they may want to help, can European nations with struggling economies afford to do so?

1 Shooter Captured in US Istanbul Consulate Attack

Authorities in Turkey are investigating after two female assailants fired shots at the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul. No one was hurt in the attack.

Christians Flee Syria as ISIS Advances

Hundreds of Christian families in Syria are fleeing for their lives as the jihadist army advances.

Churches Protest as China Continues Cross Crackdown

Chinese officials in Zhejiang province are continuing their campaign of tearing down crosses from churches.

Syrian Church Growing Despite Islamic State Menace

Hundreds of Christians are feared captured by ISIS in central Syria after more than 200 Christians went missing when fighting broke out near their villages.

Top Democrats Jumping Ship on Iran Nuclear Deal

Democratic support for the nuclear deal with Iran appears to be dwindling. Top New York Sen. Chuck Schumer announced Thursday evening he will oppose the agreement.

Hundreds of Thousands Displaced by Myanmar Flood

CBN humanitarian relief teams have responded to the Myanmar government’s request to help an estimated 200,000 victims displaced by massive flooding and landslides.

Terror Leader Calls for 'Lone Wolf' Strikes on America

Khaled bin Umar Batarfi is seen in a video posted Wednesday on the AQAP website encouraging so-called "lone wolf" attackers.

Sudanese Pastors Facing Possible Death Set Free

Two pastors who had been facing a possible death sentence in Sudan have been released from prison.

US Missionary Arrested for Smuggling N. Koreans

An American missionary has been arrested in Thailand for smuggling North Koreans into the country.

US Welcomes Iraqi Christian Refugees, with Jail Time

Some Iraqi Christians fleeing the Islamic State sought safety and freedom in America. But instead of being welcomed in as religious refugees, they were arrested and sent to a San Diego prison.

Boko Haram Slits Throats of 16 Christian Fishermen

The Islamic State-affiliated militant group Boko Haram killed 16 Christian fishermen last Monday on Lake Chad in Nigeria's Borno state.

Obama Likens GOP Nuke Deal Foes to Iran Hardliners

President Barack Obama went to American University to push his arms deal with Iran. He compared himself to John F. Kennedy, and he wasn't shy about trumpeting his accomplishment.

Conflicting Malaysia Flight Reports Anger Families

There is confusion and anger after Malaysia's prime minister claimed plane wreckage found on an island in the Indian Ocean last week is from the missing Flight MH370.

Nigerian Troops Rescue 178 from Boko Haram Camps

Boko Haram is losing ground in Nigeria. Government troops attacked several Boko Haram camps and rescued 178 hostages from the terrorist group's grasp.

ISIS Unfazed after Yearlong US-led Air Campaign

The year-long U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS has not weakened the jihadi army, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

US, Egypt Resume Formal Security Talks with Kerry Visit

The United States and Egypt on Sunday resumed formal security talks that were suspended six years ago amid the political unrest that swept the country in the wake of the Arab Spring.