March 2010 Headlines

Ex-Terrorist Takes CBN News Inside Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is obsessed with destroying the U.S. And according to one former colleague of Osama bin Laden, they don't care how many innocents are killed.

Child Welfare Agency Echoes Nazi Germany?

It sounds like Nazi Germany -- families fear a loud knock on their door, police burst in, and take away their children. But It's not Nazi Germany. It's today's Germany.

The Forgotten People: Lessons from the Holocaust

The new film, "The Forgotten People," documents the parallels between Nazism and radical Islam and why Christians must take a stand.

Search for Trapped Miners in China Stops

Search teams say they will not be able to reach the last of the missing miners in China, despite a miraculous rescue Monday.

UK Muslim Leader: Islam Not a Religion of Peace

A leading Muslim radical says Islamic teachings are what shaped his pro-jihad message.

Egyptian Brothers Fight to Keep Christian Identity

Two Egyptian teenage brothers filed a legal challenge to retain their Christian identity after government designated them as Muslims.

Troops Prep for Offensive in Taliban Heartland

U.S. forces in Afghanistan are preparing for a major offensive on Kandahar -- the Taliban's spiritual heartland.

Haiti to Receive More Than $1 Billion from U.S.

The Obama administration is pledging a little over one billion dollars to rebuild Haiti.

Brazil Fines Couple for Home Schooling

A Brazilian couple has been fined for home schooling their children instead of enrolling them in the country's school system.

France Considers Ban of Burqa

France could soon become the first European country to ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa.

New Suicide Blasts Rock Southern Russia

Two suicide bombings on Wednesday morning have left at least 12 people dead in Russia.

Bodies of Dead Babies Found in China River

There was a grisly discovery in Eastern China on Tuesday when the bodies of 21 babies were found in a river.

Russia Mourns Suicide Bombing Victims

Tuesday is a day of national mourning in Russia, following Monday's double suicide bombing in the Moscow subway system.

Female Suicide Bombers Attack Moscow Subway

Authorities say two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on the subway while it was packed with Monday morning rush-hour passengers.

Obama Returns from Secret Afghanistan Trip

President Barack Obama is arriving back in Washington Monday morning after a surprise trip to Afghanistan over the weekend.

U.N. Suspects Iran of Planning More Nuke Sites

This comes despite international demands for the Islamic Republic to open up its nuclear operations for inspection.

Search Underway for S. Korean Patrol Boat Crew

South Korean military divers are hoping to rescue survivors from a sunken naval patrol boat.

Pope Opens Holy Week Amid Sex Abuse Crisis

 Pope Benedict XVI opened Holy Week on Sunday amid one of the most serious crises facing the church in decades.

Ministry Translates Bible Stories in Sign Language

A Christian ministry is recording key Bible stories in the sign language of every African country.

Afghanistan: Troops Work to Cut Off Opium Harvest

It's spring in Afghanistan, and for the Taliban that means it's time to harvest opium poppies.

N. Korea Eyed After S. Korean Ship Sinks

A South Korean military ship sank, Friday, near its disputed boarder with North Korea.

Secular Challenger Edges Out Iraqi PM in Election

Results in Iraq's parliamentary elections show Ayad Allawi edging out Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form the country's next government.

UK Equality Bill Allows Civil Partnerships

Church leaders are worried they'll face prosecution for refusing to provide the services for same-sex couples.

S. Korean Ship Explosion Cause Unclear

Military divers have searched in vain for 46 marines missing since a South Korean ship exploded and sank near the tense maritime border with North Korea.

New Mosque Rattles Small Austrian Town

Austria has seen a large influx of Turkish Muslims in recent years and this growing influence isn't just limited to big cities.

U.S., Russia Reach New Nuclear Arms Deal

Both nations will still have enough weapons to destroy the other, but Obama said that's not the goal.

Vietnamese Pastors See 'New Day' for Christians

Vietnamese pastors recently told evangelist Luis Palau that big changes are taking place in their country.

Aid Group Brings Clean Water to Peru Village

Operation Blessing International is helping a community of 1,500 people in Peru try to avoid disease from polluted water sources.

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strikes

North Korea's military warned South Korea and the United States on Friday of 'unprecedented nuclear strikes.'

Pakistan: Five Soldiers, 21 Taliban Killed

At least 21 Taliban fighters and five Pakistani soldiers were killed in pre-dawn gun battles near the Afghan border on Friday.

New Bin Laden Tape Threatens Americans

Osama Bin Laden is threatening to kill captured Americans in a new audio message released Thursday.

Victims Claim Vatican Covering Up Abuse

The Vatican said there have been no cover-ups in a growing scandal over pedophile priests, despite new allegations that leaders have ignored claims of abuse.

6.0 Earthquake Strikes Philippine Islands

The quake was centered just west of Manila and shook buildings in the capital city for about 30 seconds.

Quebec Law Bans Burqas in Gov't Settings

A new law requires Muslim women in Quebec, Canada, to remove their head coverings while applying for government services in the province.

Saudi Arabia Nabs Scores of Terror Suspects

The Saudi Interior Ministry said the group had been preparing to launch terror attacks on oil installations.

Violence Up as Sudanese Elections Approach

Violence is increasing in southern Sudan as April elections approach, according to a U.N. official living there.

Documents of Auschwitz Guards Found

Food coupons for Nazi doctors at the Auschwitz death camp have been found in the attic of a nearby house, where they had lain unseen for decades.

China Upset Over Google Search Engine Move

Google's decision to stop censoring search engines based in China has upset country officials, who've enforced strict Internet regulations for years.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Not a 'Settlement'

Israel's prime minister assured AIPAC conference attendees that Jerusalem neighborhoods would remain Jewish in any peace settlement.

Former Nazi Hit Man Convicted Over WWII Murders

A German court on Tuesday convicted an 88-year-old of murdering three Dutch civilians as part of a Nazi hit squad during World War II.

Karzai Talks Peace with Taliban Allies

Afghan President Hamid Karzai held an unprecedented meeting Monday with representatives of a major Taliban-linked group.

Khmer Rouge Trial Reopens Old Wounds

Three decades have passed since the genocide. Many families of the victims have moved on with their lives. But in the eyes of the world, justice must still be served.

Clinton: U.S. Wants Biting Sanctions on Iran

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Monday that the Obama administration will not accept a nuclear armed Iran.

N. Korea to Try American for Illegal Entry

North Korea said Monday that it will put an American on trial for illegally entering the country from China.

Socialists Sweep French Regional Elections

The long-flailing French left made a big-time comeback Sunday, crushing Nicolas Sarkozy's conservatives in regional elections.

British Airways Cabin Crews Strike for 2nd Day

British Airways cabin crews walked off the job for a second day Sunday, upsetting travel plans for scores of customers.

Pope Urges Church Not to Judge Sinners

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday urged Catholics to refrain from judging sinners a day after he rebuked Irish bishops.

UN: 2 Killed in Quake Collapse in Northern Haiti

A U.N. spokesman says a small earthquake in northern Haiti has collapsed an apartment building and killed two people.

UK Christians Concerned About Religious Freedom

Christians in England feel their freedoms are being eroded bit by bit and the government's reaction to a Muslim girl's conversion to Christianity is one example.

Hospital Launches Web Rehab for Teens

A hospital in the United Kingdom may be the first medical facility to treat young people addicted to technology.

Christ the Redeemer Statue to be Renovated

The iconic sculpture was voted one of the seven modern wonders of the world in 2007.

China Disputes World Currency Manipulation

Chinese officials are heading to Washington, D.C. to defend accusations that China is a currency manipulator.

Muslims Clash With Coptic Christians in Egypt

Muslims firebombed Christian homes and attacked a Coptic community center this weekend, leaving more than 20 people injured. 

Pakistan Arrests Halt U.N. Taliban Talks

Pakistan's recent arrests of top Taliban leaders have halted the United Nation's secret talks with the group.

Handprints Spell Hope in War-torn Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has continued for more than eight years. Still, in the middle of the fighting, there are signs of hope.

Pastor: Morroccan Gov't Has Violated People's Rights

A pastor in Morrocco says Christians were surprised by the government's recent actions against them and an orphanage operated by a ministry.

Son of Hamas: Journey from Terror to Freedom

As a boy, Mosab Yousef was groomed to be a Hamas "prince." He tells CBN News about his journey out of a culture of terror to total freedom in Christ.

Arab Confidence in Obama Eroding

Arab leaders are increasingly leary that President Barack Obama will back their agenda in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

U.S. Muslims Face Terrorism Charges in Pakistan

Terrorism charges have been filed against five young American Muslims arrested in Pakistan.

U.S., Israel Seek to Calm Tensions

U.S. and Israeli officials are working hard to ease tensions between the two countries.

Irish at Home, Worldwide Cheer St. Patrick's Day

Much of the world is turning green Wednesday for St. Patrick's Day, the annual celebration of all hues of Irishness.

Air Strikes Target Terrorists in Pakistan

Suspected U.S. drones targeted two vehicles in northwest Pakistan, killing at least nine terrorists, according to officials.

Israel Fights Back Against Critics

During the past 65 years, the UN has issued more declarations against Israel than all other member nations combined.

Global Leaders Cry Foul on Myanmar Election Law

The international community is condemning Myanmar's leaders for an oppressive new election law.

Karzai 'Very Angry' at Taliban Arrest

The Afghan government was holding secret talks with the Taliban's second in command when he was captured in Pakistan.

German Chancellor Urges Iran Sanctions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Iran has failed to agree to "constructive offers" put forth by nations negotiating with Tehran.

Ireland Releases U.S. Woman in Alleged Plot

An American woman and three others arrested in Ireland over an alleged plot to assassinate Swedish artist Lars Vilks have been freed without charge.

Egyptian Gov't. Cancels Synagogue Ceremony

In a symbolic gesture, Egyptian authorities cancelled the official inauguration of Cairo's Ben Maimon Synagogue on Sunday.

Mexican Gunmen Kill Three with U.S. Consulate Ties

Gunmen killed a U.S. consulate employee and her husband as they drove in this violent border city with their baby in the back seat.

Chile Residents Find Hope Amidst Disaster

Chile is still hurting from the powerful earthquake that killed hundreds and destroyed thousands of buildings late last month.

Suicide Attackers Hit Afghan City

A suicide squad detonated bombs at a newly fortified prison, police headquarters and two other locations killing at least 30 people

US Avoids Anti-Abortion Debate at UN Meeting

A U.N. meeting to assess progress in advancing the fight for women's equality had a dramatically different slant than a similar session held five years ago.

Afghan Leader to Allow Foreign Election Monitors

Afghanistan's president has agreed to reverse an earlier decision and allow foreigners on a commission monitoring upcoming parliamentary elections.

China Undervaluing Currency for Trade Benefits?

Many economists estimate China artificially undervalues its currency by as much as 40 percent, allowing them to produce low-cost goods.

'Baby Isaiah' Dies After Life Support Battle

Baby Isaiah, the 4-month-old boy at the center of a controversial life-support case in Canada, died from natural causes, Thursday.

Charity Aid Group Gives Woman Sturdy Home

CBN's Operation Blessing International learned of one woman's difficult situation in Zacapa, Guatemala and was able to build a new sturdy home for her.

Nigerian Christians Cry Out for Help Amid Attacks

Nigerian Christians are asking their government to protect them as violence continues, while the U.S. and human rights activists call on the country to investigate recent deadly attacks on Christian villages.

Chinese Official: Mega-Church to be Demolished

A local land official in Linfen, China recently announced that a mega-church serving 50,000 Christians is to be torn down by the government.

Well-Known Ministry Attacked in Pakistan, 6 Killed

A terror cell bombed the World Vision offices in northwest Pakistan, Wednesday, killing six staff members.

Aftershocks Shake Chile during Inauguration

Strong aftershocks shook Chile during the inauguration ceremony of newly elected Presiden Sebastian Pinera.

Pakistan Tests Missiles in Arabian Sea

Pakistan's navy successfully test-fired a series of missiles and torpedoes Friday.

Turkey Recalls Swedish Ambassador over Resolution

One week after Turkey recalled its U.S. ambassador, Erdogan sent the Swedish ambassador packing over Sweden's recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Expelled Christian Workers Worry for Orphans

The expelled Village of Hope workers are concerned that no one will care for the needs of their orphans, including one with cerebral palsy.

Mexican Telecom Tycoon Takes Richest Man Title

Bill Gates is no longer the world's richest man. Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim now holds the title.

Britain Confronts Debt of Greek Proportions

British government's debit is growing as is the deficit and the currency is plummeting.

Chilean Town Embarks on Road to Recovery

Less than two weeks after a massive earthquake hit the South American country of Chile, residents in one coastal town are trying to salvage what's left of their homes.

German Diocese to Examine Choir Abuse

A diocese in Germany will investigate allegations of physical and sexual abuse that have swirled around a famed choir once led by Pope Benedict XVI's brother.

London to be Income Tax Capital of the World

If you think taxes are high here in the U.S., London is about to impose the highest taxes of any financial capital in the world.

British Gov't Creates Medical Online Database

Doctors warn the government is putting some patients records on it without their consent.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan NATO Base

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing two NATO service members.

President: Haiti Needs Jobs, Not More Donations

Haiti President Rene Preval said Tuesday that his country needs more help with job creation and less donated food from the United States.

Britain Could Force Owners to Microchip Dogs

The British government is proposing a new law that would require microchips in dogs and pet owners to carry canine insurance.

Charity Aid Group Involved in Chile Quake Recovery

Members of CBN's Operation Blessing International are on the scene to help the victims of the Chile earthquake get their lives back to normal.

Dutch Group Pushes for Euthanasia Support

Lawmakers in Holland could soon debate legalizing assisted suicide for the elderly.

Students Return to Schools in Chile

Life is starting to return to normal in Chile, more than a week after the devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake, as most students are returning to school.

N. Korea Ready for Talks or War

North Korea's foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday her country is ready for either dialogue or war with the U.S.

Iraqi Parties Both Claim Lead

The Iraqi prime minister's coalition and its main secular rival both claimed to be ahead in the vote count Monday.

Gates Praises Progress of American Troops

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in Afghanistan and he is praising the recent progress against the Taliban by American forces.

American Missionary Released from Haiti Jail

One of the last two remaining American missionaries detained in Haiti can now go home.

Biden Begins Middle East Tour

Vice President Joe Biden began the first leg of his five-day Middle East tour in Israel Monday.

Captured U.S.-Born al Qaeda Suspect Not Spokesman

Pakistani officials say they're holding an American member of al Qaeda, but not who they originally thought.

Quake Hits Turkey as Haiti, Chile Cont. Recovery

Monday's 6.0 temblor is the third significant earthquake in the last two months following the disasters in Haiti and Chile.

Hundreds Slaughtered in Nigeria Religious Violence

More than 200 people are dead in attacks on Christian villages in central Nigeria - the latest round of violence between Christians and Muslims.

Banker: Maintaining the Dollar is Good for China

China will keep supporting the U.S. dollar in the next few years, according to one of the country's top state bankers.

Iraqis Go to Polls Despite Violence

Thousands of Iraqis went to the polls Sunday, despite dozens of insurgent attacks meant to disrupt their national elections.

6.0 Quake Hits Eastern Turkey Killing Dozens

A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6 struck eastern Turkey on Monday.

Massive Suicide Bombing in Pakistan

Pakistani authorities said at least 11 people have been killed and 50 others injured in a massive suicide bombing in the city of Lahore.

Post-Tsunami, Aid Group Stays to Rebuild Lives

The 2004 tsunami that killed 200,000 people may have faded from the public's memory. But one Christian humanitarian group is still busy at work in southern Thailand.

Aid Groups Working Together in Chile Quake Relief

CBN's Operation Blessing and Humedica have teamed up to help the people of Chile's recover from the recent earthquake.

Iran Announces New Missile Production

Iran launched a new production line of short-range, radar-evading cruise missiles, according to its state-run media.

Islamic Groups Battle in Afghanistan

At least 50 gunmen have been killed in battles between the Taliban and other Islamic groups in northeastern Afghanistan.

Death Toll Mounts as Iraqis Vote

By mid-morning on Sunday, the death toll mounted to 19 as Iraqis headed toward polling stations.

European Union Growing Ally for Persecuted Christians?

The religious rights group Open Doors reports that 100 million Christians worldwide are persecuted in their own countries. But the European Union is taking steps to help. 

Aftershocks Weaken Chile's Damaged Buildings

A father's unanswered cry for his missing son rang out Saturday from the wreckage of an apartment building that has become a symbol of Chile's devastating earthquake.

Pakistani Taliban Deputy Believed Killed

A top Pakistani Taliban commander close to al-Qaeda is believed to have been killed in an army airstrike, officials said Saturday.

Iraq Election a Turning Point for Democracy?

Iraqis will cast their votes Sunday in an important election that could be a turning point for democracy in that country.

Churches Help Quake Torn Chile Rebuild

With the help of its churches, an earthquake-torn Chile is now beginning the process of picking up the pieces of their tattered lives.

Latin America's First Gay Marriage Law Now in Effect

The Mexico City Legislature approved the law in December, but is now being challenged by the government in Mexico's Supreme Court.

Syria: Israel is Trying to Frame Us

Syria claims Israel was the source of suspicious uranium particles found at a Syrian desert complex.

'Son of Hamas' Author Talks to CBN News

The son of a Hamas terrorist leader is shaking up the Middle East with claims that he was an agent for Israel's secret service, the Shin Bet.

Deadly Wave Strikes Cruise Ship, Kills Two

A set of freak waves smashed into a Mediterranean cruise ship travelling off the coast of Spain Wednesday killing two people and injuring a dozen others.

Aftershocks Hinder Chile Relief Efforts

More than four days after a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile, powerful aftershocks continue to rock the country.

China Rejects New Iran Sanctions

China has rejected a revised proposal for new sanctions against Iran called for by key Western nations.

Powerful Earthquake Rocks Taiwan

A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked southern Taiwan on Thursday.

Iran Sanctions Proposal Sent to Russia, China

Key Western powers have sent a revised proposal for new sanctions against Iran to Russia and China.

Six Killed as Early Voting Begins in Iraq

Six people were killed by a bomb as early voting began Thursday morning in Iraq's parliamentary election.

Home Video Captures Moments of Chile Quake

New video released Wednesday captures the moment last week's massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile.

WWII Vets Mark 65th Iwo Jima Anniversary

Dozens of U.S. veterans returned to the Japanese island of Iwo Jima Wednesday to mark the 65th anniversary of one of the fiercest battles of World War II.

Chile Quake Survivors Still in Need of Aid

Devastated villagers on Chile's coast are still waiting for relief to arrive.

Chilean Government Cracks Down on Looting

The government is cracking down in Chile, imposing a curfew to stop looting in the ravaged South American country.

Libyan Students Protest Ban on Swiss Minarets

Hundreds of student protesters in Libya are joining Moammar Gadhafi's call for jihad against Switzerland.

Chile Quake Could Affect U.S. Produce Prices

The earthquake in Chile could mean higher produce prices in the U.S.

Clinton Arrives in Chile, Offers Aid Package

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in earthquake-damaged Chile Tuesday, delivering much-needed satellite communication equipment and a technician. 

Dubai: Israelis to be Detected by Looks

Dubai police will deny entry to Israelis attempting to enter the country with a foreign passport by identifying them physically.

Holocaust Denier Freed after Prison Term

German activist Ernst Zundel was freed after serving five years in prison for denying the Holocaust ever happened.

Iraqi Christians Protest 'Targeted' Killings

Hundreds of Christians in Iraq took to the streets Sunday to protest the killings of Christians in the democratic country.

Christians in Chile Still Gather to Pray

CBN News' Latin American affiliate, Mundo Christiano, submitted the following report on Chilean believers standing strong.

Earthquake Recovery Continues in Chile

More than a million Chilean homes have been damaged or destroyed after Saturday's 8.8 earthquake. Now thousands of people are living on the street.

Victorious Canada Bids Farewell to Olympics

Canada capped the last day of the Vancouver Olympic Games with a dramatic finish -- an ice hockey victory against the U.S., and a grand closing ceremony.