May 2010 Headlines

Road to Damascus: Arab Believers Risk Death for Faith

There are dangers, but also blessings of embracing and sharing the Gospel in a very distressed region of the world.

Burmese Refugees Find New Life in Christ

In Burma, former Buddhists were baptized into the Christian faith after learning about God's love for them.

Islamic Police Ridding Streets of Sin and Vice

In one Islamic province of Indonesia, hundreds of Muslims patrol the streets to guard against so-called vices and discipline is administered quickly.

Iran Targeting Dissidents Through Global Police

The Iranian government is using an international police agency to track down dissidents in other countries, including those in the U.S.

Storm Leaves Thousands Homeless in C. America

Torrential rains brought by the first tropical storm of the 2010 season pounded Guatemala and southern Mexico, triggering deadly landslides.

Militants Attack Minority Sect Mosque in Pakistan

Suspected Islamic militants in Pakistan attacked two mosques Friday, killing at least 80 people.

U.S. Lawmaker Speaks Out for the Persecuted

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to suspend more than $700 million in economic aid to Morocco.

UK Abortion Commercial Upsets Pro-Life Groups

Pro-life groups in the United Kingdom are outraged over a new commercial that promotes abortion services.

Iranian Christians Acquitted on All Charges

Two Iranian Christian women are free Monday after months of imprisonment and trial over their faith.

Spanish City Bans Islamic Veils in Public Buildings

The new law makes Lleida the first city in Spain to regulate the veils, which have sparked intense debate across Europe.

U.S. Toll Reaches 1,000 Deaths in Afghan War

The war against the Taliban in Afghanistan has reached a grim milestone as the American military death toll has reached the 1,000 mark.

Pentecost: Christians Observe Global Day of Prayer

Hundreds of thousands of Christians around the globe are gathering in their churches and homes to pray to God for their countries Sunday, May 23.

Dozens Killed in India Train Collision

Investigators believe Maoist rebels known as Nazalites are behind the overnight attack. The passenger train derailed and crashed into an oncoming cargo train.

Britain Follows U.S., Reveals Size of Nuclear Arsenal

Both Britain and the United States have now unveiled the number of nuclear weapons in their arsenal as part of a nuclear arms treaty.

S. Korea Holds Military Drills, Warns N. Korea

South Korea held anti-submarine drills Thursday, in conjunction with its U.S. allies offering words of support and warning North Korea not to try attacking again.

U.S. Pledges Support for South Korea

Secretary of State Clinton has pledged U.S. support for South Korea's government and its decision to end trade with North Korea.

Europe Faces Era of Gov't. Spending Cuts

Wearing her diamond-studded crown, Queen Elizabeth II arrived at Parliament in a gleaming horse-drawn carriage to deliver a message of austerity.

Jamaica Police Gain Hold on Drug Lord's Stronghold

Jamaican security forces gained a tenuous hold on the slum stronghold of a powerful reputed drug lord.

Religious Violence in Nigeria Leaves 6 Dead

Six people were killed in recent clashes between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.

Global Stocks Drop Amid Europe Debt Fears

Stock markets around the world are down Tuesday amid fresh fears from the European debt crisis.

North Korea Severs All Ties with South Korea

North Korea announced it would be severing all ties and communication with Seoul in punishment for what it calls a "smear campaign."

S. Korea Halts Trade with N. Korea after Attack

South Korea is threatening that North Korea will pay a price for an apparent torpedo attack against one of its warships.

Youngest Everest Climber: Dream Big

For Jordan Romero, the 13-year-old American who became the youngest climber to summit Mount Everest, it all began with the desire to dream big.

Jamaican Police Battle with Violent Drug Gangs

The Jamaican government is in a state of emergency as police in the country battle with local drug gangs.

Radio Station Blesses El Salvador Inmates

Radio Esperanza, or Radio Hope, is the first closed-circuit radio station in Central America operating within a prison.

Millions Celebrate Global Day of Prayer

An estimated 250 million Christians lifted their voices to God on the 10th anniversary of the Global Day of Prayer which was observed on Sunday.

U.S.-Born Cleric Calls for Killing Americans

A U.S.-born cleric who has encouraged Muslims to kill American soldiers called for the killing of American civilians.

Egypt Unearths 57 Tombs with Mummies

Archaeologists unearthed 57 Egyptian tombs, most with a wooden sarcophagus containing a mummy.

Uzbekistan Police Arrest Christians, Take Bibles

A government crackdown against evangelical Christians is still underway in the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan.

Black Box Found After Fiery India Plane Crash

Of the 166 passengers and crew aboard when the plane overshot a hilltop runway and plunged over a cliff at dawn Saturday, 158 were dead. Only eight survived.

Christian Workers Abducted by Gunmen in Sudan

Two Sudanese men and a 36-year-old woman from California were abducted Tuesday evening, May 18.

Protests Ended, Thailand Begins to Heal

The streets of Bangkok were mostly quiet Thursday after the government used military force to crush recent demonstrations.

Christian Girls Kidnapped in Yemen Freed

The children of a German missionary family who were kidnapped in North Yemen were rescued this week by Saudia Arabian security forces.

U.S. Warns N. Korea Over Ship Attack

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said North Korea must face consequences for sinking a South Korean warship.

Calderon Urges Changes in U.S. Immigration Policies

The president of Mexico called on U.S. leaders to enact immigration changes that "fix a broken and inefficient system" and reduces the causes for migration.

Pakistan Blocks YouTube Over Content

Pakistan's government has blocked access to the video website YouTube because of what it calls "sacrilegious" content.

Moms Reunite with Detained U.S. Hikers in Iran

The mothers of three jailed Americans brought appeals for their freedom to Iran on Wednesday.

N. Korea Threatens War Over Ship Sinking

North Korea warned that retaliation against accusations they had sunk a South Korean ship last March could trigger war.

Women Protest as French Cabinet Gets Veil Ban Bill

On Wednesday, French Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie presented a draft law to the Cabinet banning Muslim veils that cover the face.

Taliban Militants Attack U.S. Base in Afghanistan

Insurgents have launched an attack on one of the largest U.S.-controlled military fields in Afghanistan.

Clashes in Bangkok Continue Despite Curfew

Downtown Bangkok has been turned into a bloody, fiery battleground as Thai government troops forced a final violent showdown with militant protestors.

Last U.S. Missionary in Haiti Set Free

Laura Silsby, the last U.S. missionary behind bars in Haiti for arranging to transport 33 children out of the country, has been set free.

Thai Govt: No Peace Talks Unless Protests End

One day after protestors in Bangkok said they would accept a truce, Thai leaders said there would be no cease fire until they return to their camps.

UK to Scrap National ID Card, Registry

Conservatives and Democrats, which make up the new UK government, are among the critics warning that Britain had been losing its civil liberties.

Taliban Bomber Strikes NATO Convoy

A massive suicide car bomb ripped through a NATO convoy in Kabul Tuesday, killing six service members, including five American troops.

Prayer for the Afghan People

The Christian community in the Muslim nation of Afghanistan is so small that many residents have never encountered a believer.

Iran to Ship Uranium to Turkey in Deal

Iran has agreed to ship most of its enriched uranium to Turkey, which will then be returned to Iran in the form of fuel rods.

Despite Ash, Lighter Safety Rules Allow Flights

Many of Europe's busiest airports are back up and running, following a weekend of delays due to volcanic ash.

Asian Stocks Fall on Worries over Europe Debt

Asian stock markets tumbled in early trading Monday as fresh worries over debt woes in Europe dampened sentiment across the region.

Teen Girl Finishes Round-the-World Sail

A 16-year-old Australian who braved boat knockdowns and seven months of solitude on a sail around the world set foot on dry land on Saturday.

Boy Who Survived Plane Crash Back in Netherlands

The Dutch boy who survived the plane crash in Libya arrived back in the Netherlands on a medical evacuation flight.

Thai PM Defends Deadly Crackdown in Bangkok

Thailand's prime minister defended the deadly army crackdown on the Red Shirt protesters besieging the capital.

More Die as Protests Continue in Thailand

Eight people have died and more than 100 others have been injured in escalating protests in the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, Friday.

Fears Heighten as Iraq Violence Worsens

Increased violence in Iraq is raising fears about the country's political instability and the safety of its citizens.

New British PM an Answer to Prayers for Unity

When Britain's political future became uncertain following the country's May 6 elections, hundreds of Christians gathered to pray for their nation.

Human Rights Attorney Missing Again in China

Gao Zhisheng was last seen in March after a 13-month disappearance at the hands of the Chinese government.

Haiti Prosecutors Urge Prison Time for Missionary

Prosecutors have asked the court to sentence Laura Silsby, the U.S. missionary who tried to take children out of Haiti without proper paperwork, to six months in jail.

Sole Plane Crash Survivor Awake, Visits with Family

The nine-year-old Dutch boy who was the sole survivor of Wednesday's Libyan plane crash had a bittersweet reunion with some of his family members on Thursday.

Indonesian Police Uncover Plot to Kill President

Indonesian police have reported an al Qaeda-affiliated group plotted to kill the country's leaders and declare an the country an Islamic state.

Iran Easing Grip on Al Qaeda?

U.S. intelligence officials say some top al Qaeda agents have been quietly moving in and out of Iran.

Obama, Karzai Assure Commitment to War on Terror

Obama and Karzai met in the Oval office, smiled during a joint news conference and shook hands, re-affirming their commitment as strong allies.

Once-Opposing Parties Now Leading Britain

Britain's Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats have joined forces to create the country's first coalition government since World War II.

Is China Quietly Restricting Human Rights?

Experts say the Obama administration's goal for talks is to push China to treat its citizens better without angering the communist country that remains vital to U.S. interests.

Boy Only Known Survivor of Libyan Plane Crash

Officials said everyone on the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa, was killed except a young Dutch boy.

Abu Dhabi Hotel Adds Gold Dispensing ATM

The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi has added the world's first ever gold dispensing ATM machine.

Brown Resigns, Britain Gets New Prime Minister

Shortly after Gordon Brown's resignation, Conservative Party leader David Cameron accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth to form a new government.

Chilean Police Detain Pakistani in U.S. Embassy

Traces of explosives were found on a Pakistani man who was summoned to the U.S. Embassy in Chile because his U.S. visa had been revoked.

Israeli FM: N. Korean Arms Bound for Terror Groups

Israel's foreign minister said N. Korean weapons aboard a plane seized in Bangkok in December were bound for Hamas and Hezbollah.

Pope Blames Church's Own Sins for Sex Scandal

Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday blamed the church's own sins for the clerical abuse scandal and called for profound purification to end what he called the "greatest persecution" the church has endured.

Morocco Maintains Delicate Religious Balance

Morocco is one of the most tolerant Arab Muslim nations.  But the U.S. ally raised concerns when it deported dozens of Christian missionaries.

Missile Strike Kills 14 in Pakistan Tribal Area

As many as 18 U.S. missiles struck an al Qaeda and Taliban stronghold near the Afghanistan border on Tuesday

Afghan Gov't. Seeks to Reintegrate Taliban

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been preparing a program to lure the Taliban off the battlefield and into peaceful coexistence.

Almost 100 Iraqis Killed in Deadliest Day of the Year

Monday was the deadliest day of the year in Iraq. Almost 100 Iraqis were killed in a series of attacks.

Gordon Brown to Step Down for Party's Sake

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will step down by September as part of a dramatic move to keep his Labour Party in power.

European Nations Work to Shore Up Euro

Investors seem to be more confident after European leaders took steps during the weekend to prevent their debt crisis from undermining the euro.

Filipinos Vote in Presidential Election Amid Violence

Many Filipinos are hopeful the elections will mark a clean start after decades of corruption.

Filipino Candidate Fights Back Against Militias

One Filipino candidate has paid a high price for running against the Ampatuans, a powerful, political dynasty that ruled in Maguindanao for a decade.


Saving Lives, One Candy Bar at a Time

For the last 20 years Mark Grantham has dedicated his life to raising funds for the five children he sponsors in Africa and India.

Afghan President Karzai Visits U.S. for War Talks

The trip comes as NATO is preparing to launch an assault in southern Kandahar province.

Volcano Ash Shuts European Airports

Airlines canceled hundreds of flights across Europe as planes were diverted around a large plume of ash spewed by an Icelandic volcano.

Blast Hits Russia's Largest Coal Mine

Two explosions tore through Russia's largest underground coal mine, killing at least 12 workers and injuring dozens of others.

Indonesia Issues Tsunami Alert after 7.4 Quake

Indonesian authorities issued a local tsunami warning on Sunday, following a 7.4-magnitude earthquake.

Officials: U.S. Missiles Kill 10 in Pakistan

U.S. missiles killed 10 people in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, according to Pakistani intelligence officials.

Volcanic Ash Delays, Reroutes Trans-Atlantic Flights

Many flights between Europe and North America were either delayed or canceled on Saturday due to the spreading cloud of volcanic ash, European flight control agency said.

British Political Future Could Be Up in the Air

Parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom have left the nation in a political limbo, but Christians are making sure their voice is heard.

Cameron Asks Lib Dems to Help Form UK Govt

Election results indicate Britain's Conservative Party may have won enough votes to form the United Kingdom's next government.

Charity Group Teaches Haitians to Farm Fish

Operation Blessing International is helping some Haitian families get back on their feet after the devastating earthquake struck their island nation in January.

Riots Continue as Greece Approves Bailout Bill

As thousands gathered in protest Thursday in Athens, Greece, lawmakers there approved a bill allowing a financial bailout from the European Union.

Brazil Bishop Says Kids Spontaneously Gay

A Brazilian archbishop said adolescents are "spontaneously homosexual" and in need of guidance, while society at large is pedophile, according to a Wednesday report.

Magnitude 6.4 Quake Hits Southern Peru

A magnitude-6.4 earthquake shook southern Peru near the Chilean border late Wednesday.

Nigeria President Yar'Adua Dies after Long Illness

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua, 58, died on Wednesday, following a long illness.

Families Urge Ahmadinejad to Release Hikers

The mothers of three American hikers, who are being detained in Iran, have asked Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to free their children.

Greek Workers Strike Over Bailout Deal

Angry workers walked off the job in Greece on Wednesday over major spending cuts aimed at saving the country from bankruptcy.

Iran Boldly Rejects Nuke Charges at UN Conf.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the U.S. of committing acts of terror and rejected allegations that his country is developing nuclear weapons.

British Judge: Christian Beliefs Can't Be Proven

A British judge has said Christian beliefs have no standing in the law, because they can't be proven.

Christian Students Targeted in Iraq Bomb Attacks

Two bombs exploded near buses full of Christian students in Mosul, Iraq on Sunday.

Uzbekistan Pastors Imprisoned for Sharing Gospel

Two pastors of churches in Uzbekistan were thrown in prison last week for sharing the Gospel.

Pope All But Endorses Authenticity of Turin Shroud

Pope Benedict XVI all but gave an outright endorsement of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin on Sunday.