August 2010 Headlines

'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West

The French people have become increasingly fed up with what they see as the growing Islamization of France.

Zimbabwe: Building a Nation that Forgives

Zimbabwe is on the verge of writing a new constitution. Christians there are using this time to lay the groundwork for a model nation for reconciliation and healing.

'Daughters of Cambodia' Leave Sex Trade for Christ

In Cambodia, 90 percent of prostitutes are sold into the sex industry by their parents, but missionary Ruth Elliott is determined to provide a way out for the victims.

Indonesia Christians Suffer for Religious Freedom

Christians in Indonesia are finding it more difficult to gather for worship, yet the church continues to grow in the world's largest Muslim nation.

Christians Denied Foster Kids Over Moral Stance

A former vicar and his wife have been denied the opportunity to foster children in the United Kingdom because of their stance on homosexuality.

Video Shows Trapped Miners Healthy, Happy

The first video of the 33 men trapped deep in a Chilean mine shows the men appearing slim but healthy.

Obama: 'It's Time to Turn the Page' in Iraq

President Obama declared an end to combat efforts in Iraq, Tuesday night, stopping short of claiming victory in the war that has taken the lives of more than 4,400 U.S. troops

U.S. Marks End of War on Terror in Iraq

President Barack Obama will address the nation Tuesday night to announce the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.

Obama Thanks U.S. Military for Their Service

President Barack Obama is honoring all U.S. servicemen and women who have served in Iraq.

Faces of Desperation: Blessing the Children

I was tossing back and forth thinking of the children I met in the camp who were in dire need of medicines, a bath, and clean clothes.

Two Yemenis From U.S. Suspected of Terror Plot

Dutch authorities arrested two passengers deplaning on a flight from Chicago on suspicion of staging a rehearsal for a terror attack.

Mexico Arrests U.S.-Born Drug Lord

Federal police captured a Texas-born kingpin blamed for a vicious turf war that has included bodies hung from bridges and shootouts in Mexico.

Indonesian Volcano Erupts After 400 Years

A volcano in Indonesia is erupting for the second day in a row after 400 years of being dormant.

CBN Holds Summer Bible Camps in Ukraine

In the camps, over 400 children and young adults go to Bible classes. They also attend workshops that help them learn practical skills they can use in the future.

Faces of Desperation: Eyewitness to Pakistan

The Director for International Operations and Programs at Operation Blessing gives a firsthand account of the situation in the Taliban-oppressed region.

Triple Threat of Storms Loom in Atlantic

The height of hurricane season has arrived with three storms churning in the Atlantic Ocean.

Report: Taliban Kills Three Christian Aid Workers

The aid workers were helping flood victims in Pakistan's northwestern Swat Valley. The Taliban had warned that it would attack foreign and Christian aid workers in the region.

Dormant Volcano Erupts in Indonesia, Two Die

Two people died and thousands were evacuated in the Indonesian island of Sumatra after a volcano dormant for 400 years erupted.

Newborn Hurricane Earl Threatens Caribbean

Islanders set up emergency shelters and airlines canceled flights as newly born Hurricane Earl churned toward the northern Caribbean on Sunday.

Iraq on Highest Alert for Terror Attacks

Iraq's prime minister put his nation on its highest level of alert for terror attacks, warning of plots to sow fear and chaos as the U.S. combat mission there ends Tuesday.

Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Seven American soldiers were killed in weekend attacks in Afghanistan's embattled southern and eastern regions.

U.S. Christian Home After Months in N. Korea Jail

Aijalon Gomes, the American Christian who was imprisoned in North Korea for seven months, is back home in the U.S. after being released from custody.

Is Iraq Ready to Handle Its Own Security?

Since the last U.S. combat brigade pulled out of Iraq last week, insurgents have stepped up their deadly attacks.

With No Arms, Man Learns Piano with His Toes

Even after a tragic accident, Liu Wei didn't let his physical disability stop his passion for music.  As a teen, he learned to play the piano -- with his toes.

Charity Group Builds Peruvian Family New Home

A family in Peru was left with only the clothes on their backs after an electrical fire destroyed their home - until Operation Blessing stepped in.

British Singing Star Boyle to Perform for Pope

Susan Boyle is getting ready to achieve yet another dream. Next month, Boyle will perform for Pope Benedict XVI at an open air mass during his visit to Britain.

Taliban Threatens Aid Workers as Flooding Continues

As floodwaters put more Pakistani villages in danger, foreign aid workers were on alert after warnings of possible Taliban attacks.

CBN Premieres First Live Show in Latin America

"Club 700: Costa Rica," which began airing last week, is an hourly program broadcast three times a week across the Central American nation.

U.N.: 1 million More Pakistanis Displaced

Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis fled a southern district Friday after the bloated Indus River crushed a levee and flooded new areas.

Trapped Chilean Miners Survive on Faith

Throughout the South American country, people are praising God and thanking Him for sparing the lives of the 33 miners once feared dead.

Carter in N. Korea in Bid to Free U.S. Christian

Former President Jimmy Carter was greeted with warmth by North Korean officials Thursday at an airport in the capital city of Pyongyang.

U.S. Funding Mosques Around the World

State Department documents show that the U.S. government is funding the construction of mosques around the world as part of an outreach program.

Iran Searching for Domestic Uranium Deposits

Iran makes exploration and discovery of domestic uranium its priority .

Egypt Picks Nuclear Power Plant Site

The Egyptian president announced plans Wednesday to start building the country's first nuclear power plant.

Poll: Chavez's Popularity Down in Venezuela

Crime, recession and inflation have pushed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' popularity to a seven-year low.

Dozens Killed in Countrywide Attacks in Iraq

Insurgents in Iraq targeted government security forces in a series of coordinated attacks that killed at least 55 people Wednesday.

Somalia Violence Continues as Militants Declare War

A Somali hotel frequented by lawmakers in the region was attacked Tuesday, just one day after a radical Muslim group warned of a new "massive war" in the country.

Jet Misses Runway in China; 42 Killed

Aviation officials at a new airport in northeast China searched for clues to why a passenger jet crashed and burned.

Stakelbeck on Terror Show

This week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror takes a unique look at the 'mega-mosque' projects growing across the U.S. and the controversy surrounding them.

Biden Says He's Confident Iraq Will Improve

Vice President Joe Biden told veterans that with the guidance of the U.S., the Iraqis are now in a better position to take control of their country.

Pakistan's Children at Greatest Risk of Disease

Pakistan's Prime Minister said his country needs to prepare for epidemics following devastating floods. He warned millions of kids are at risk from waterborne diseases.

Report: N. Korea Executed Three Church Leaders

News just been leaked that North Korea executed three underground church leaders last May.

Iran's Bomber, Plant Heighten Nuclear Threat

Iran has once again flexed its military muscle, debuting a new unmanned aircraft over the weekend as it also prepares to launch its first nuclear power plant.

Freed al-Qaeda Hostages Arrive in Spain

Two Spanish aid workers kidnapped almost by an al-Qaeda affiliate arrived in Barcelona after a multi-million-dollar ransom was paid.

Philippines Bus Hijacking Ends, Hostages Killed

A 12-hour bus hostage drama ended in Manila, Philippines on Monday with a bloody shootout, which resulted in the deaths of seven bus passengers and also the suspect.

Canine Lifeguards Doggie Paddle to the Rescue

Italy's Coast Guard is using hundreds of specially trained dogs to help the country's lifeguards with water rescues.

Fmr CBN News Reporter Conny Mus Dead at 59

Mus also reported for European television networks and was a columnist for several magazines. He was one of the Netherlands' most well known broadcast journalists.

Pakistan Receives Over $800M in Flood Aid

Pakistan has said it has received more than $800 million in flood relief aid from countries around the world.

Australian PM Says Elections Too Close to Call

 It could take more than a week to learn who will govern Australia after a cliffhanger election - the closest in nearly 50 years.

Niger Faces Worst Hunger Crisis Ever

The United Nations says the African country of Niger is facing the worst hunger crisis in its history.

Meltdown: Zimbabwe Back from the Precipice?

In an exclusive interview with CBN News, Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai tells about the efforts to bring his country back from the brink of destruction.

UK: Adoption Agency Can't Ban Gay Couples

The British government says a Catholic adoption agency must change its policy on gay couples or stop offering adoption services.

U.N. Meets Aid Goal for Flood-Hit Pakistan

The news comes after the United States and other nations significantly increased their contributions to the flood-stricken nation.

Food Shortages Next for Pakistan Flood Victims

Tens of thousands of villages in Pakistan are still underwater, and with much of the crops flooded, severe food shortages could be ahead for the entire country.

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Leaves Iraq

The last U.S. combat brigade in Iraq left the country Wednesday night, crossing the border into Kuwait for flights back to the homeland.

German Economy Bouncing Back: Ideas for the U.S.?

With Germany's new economic approach succeeding so far, some wonder if the U.S. could learn from the country's plan.

Amid Withdrawal, Troops See Deadly Day in Iraq

At least 60 people are dead and many more injured after a suicide bomber attacked a military recruitment center in Baghdad Tuesday.

Report: Moscow Heat Wave Kills Thousands

Several thousand people in Moscow are believed dead from a recent heat wave just in the month of July alone, according to a Russian scientist.

Authorities Probing 'Miracle' Colombia Plane Crash

A plane carrying 131 people crashed in a thunderstorm as it was trying to land on San Andres Island, Colombia, on Monday.

Mexico's Supreme Court Upholds Gay Adoptions

A law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children was upheld by the Mexican Supreme Court in a 9-2 vote on Monday.

Taliban Stone Couple for Adultery in Afghanistan

Taliban adherents in northern Afghanistan stoned a young couple to death for adultery.

U.N. Chief: Pakistan Floods Worst He Has Ever Seen

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Sunday the flooding in Pakistan was the worst disaster he had ever seen.

Cholera, Food Shortages Threaten Pakistan Recovery

A case of the deadly, waterborne disease cholera has been confirmed in Pakistan's flood-ravaged northwest, and aid workers expect there to be more.

CBN TV Series Targets Thailand's Children

The Christian Broadcasting Network's global Worldreach ministry has relaunched a weekly children's TV series titled "Pen Dek" for viewers in Thailand.

Cancer Expert Questions Lockerbie Bomber Case

A cancer expert who said Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi had only three months to live before his release from prison was quoted Sunday as saying he should have been more cautious about the prisoner's chances of survival.

Petraeus: Progress in Afghanistan Will Take Time

Progress in Afghanistan only began this spring and needs time to take root, Army Gen. David Petraeus said in comments broadcast Sunday that were aimed at shoring up American support for the war.


Newly Found Fault Caused Haiti Quake

The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line according to an analysis of new data.

Charity Aid Group Drills Water Wells in India

Clean drinking water is often very difficult for people in some parts of India to obtain. In response, Operation Blessing International has been in the country drilling water wells.

Iran's First Nuclear Plant Fueled by Russia

Russia is expected to provide Iran with fuel for its first nuclear plant, despite sanctions put in place to prevent the regime from developing its nuclear program.

Stakelbeck on Terror Show

In this week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, CBN News hits the annual Christians United for Israel summit in Washington, D.C.

Alfa Omega TV Brings Light to Europe

A growing hunger for Christ has helped one ministry expand from just seven tape machines into a 24-hour Christian television network.

Christian Group Encourages Prayer Through Ramadan

As Muslims around the world begin to celebrate Ramadan, Christian ministries are taking time or reach out to those who follow Islam.

Pakistan Flooding Worse than Tsunami, Haiti Quake

More have been affected by Pakistan's flooding than the combined impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 2005 Kashmir earthquake and this year's Haiti earthquake.

S. Korea: The Suicide Capital of the World

Choi Jin-Sil was one of South Korea's most famous actresses. Yet her suicide prompted as many as 700 more people to take their lives, including her brother.

Med Team in Afghanistan Remembered as Heroes

Mourners recently gathered in Kabul for a small memorial ceremony in honor of 10 aid workers murdered in Afghanistan this week.

Canadian Navy Boards Migrant Ship

Canadian security officials boarded a cargo ship Thursday carrying hundreds of Tamil asylum seekers from Sri Lanka.

Landslides in China Kill 24

New rainfall has triggered even more landslides in China's northwest Gansu province.

WikiLeaks Preparing to Release More Afghan Files

WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange said Thursday his organization is preparing to release the balance of the secret Afghan war documents it has on file.

Fmr Brit Capt. Becomes 1st to Walk Amazon River

Not even 50,000 mosquito bites could keep one former British Army captain from fulfilling his dream.

Somalia Militants Ban Christian Aid Groups

The radical Islamic group al-Shabaab has reportedly banned several Christian aid groups from Somalia.

FBI May Look into Afghanistan Aid Team Ambush

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may look into the case involving 10 Christian medical aid workers killed in Afghanistan.

Death Toll in China Landslide Disaster Tops 700

The death toll from floods and landslides in China is now more than 700 and more than 1,100 people are still missing.

Deadly Wildfires Burn Across Russia

More than 500 separate fires are burning across Russia in one of the country's hottest summers on record.

Germans Close Mosque Linked to Jihad

Authorities said the Taiba mosque in Hamburg was a 'recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war.'

CBN's 'Worldreach' Leading Nigerians to Christ

Millions of people in Nigeria are coming to Christ as a result of watching the Christian Broadcasting Network's programs produced by CBN Worldreach.

Death Toll Rises in China Mudslide

A deluge of flood waters and landslides is making rescue efforts extremely difficult in China's Gansu province.

Indonesian Cleric Arrested for Terror Links

Indonesian authorities arrested Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir on Monday morning for his latest terror-related activities.

Suicide Bomber Kills Eight West of Baghdad

A suicide car bomber struck a police patrol west of Baghdad Sunday and killed eight people, most of them civilians.

Turkey: 90 Percent Drop in Israeli Tourists

Turkey's Tourism and Culture Ministry suffered a 90 percent drop in Israeli tourists in June, compared to the same month last year.

500 Missing after Floods in Indian Kashmir

Rescuers searched for 500 people missing after flash floods sent massive mudslides down remote mountainsides in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Death Toll in China Landslides Nears 130

At least 96 people have died and 2,000 are missing after heavy rains triggered landslides in northwest China's Gansu province.

Army, Operation Blessing Send Pakistani Flood Aid

The U.S. Army and CBN's Operation Blessing International are among several groups giving aid to flood-ravaged Pakistan.

Smog over Moscow Worsens as Wildfires Rage

A thick cloud of smoke from the fires smothered the capital city of Moscow again Saturday. The smog has crept into buildings and the subway system.

New al-Qaeda Chief Former U.S. Resident

A suspected al-Qaeda operative who lived for more than 15 years in the U.S. has become chief of the terror network's global operations.

Pastor Murdered in Russia's Dagestan Republic

An unidentified gunman killed pastor Artur Suleimanov on the steps of Hosanna Church in July.

Mexican Court Upholds Capital's Gay Marriage Law

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a fledgling law allowing same-sex marriages in Mexico City is constitutional.

U.S. Taxpayers Funding Constitution Vote in Kenya?

Kenya's president praised the passage of a new constitution Thursday as a 'national renewal." But some fear the document will take Kenya down the wrong path.

Iran Authorities Arrest 15 Christian Converts

Iranian authorities have arrested 15 Christian converts and subjected them to harsh and inhumane interrogations.

China Defends Dealings with Iran

China is defending its business relationships with Iran following new sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program.

Kenyans to Vote on Abortion Clause

Church leaders in Kenya are sounding an alarm as people prepare to vote Wednesday on a new constitution which contains a clause that could open the door to more abortions.

Iran Media: Ahmadinejad Unhurt in Grenade Attack

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad escaped an assassination attempt on Wednesday, according to a conservative Iranian website.

Deadly Flooding Spreads to Pakistan's Heartland

Floodwaters surged into Pakistan's heartland and swallowed dozens of villages Tuesday.

Obama: U.S. Troops Will Leave Iraq as Promised

President Barack Obama said Monday that he plans to keep his promise to end the U.S. war in Iraq by month's end.

Cuban President Scaling Back Economic Role

Cuban President Raul Castro has said his government is going to reduce state control of the Cuban economy.

Tropical Storm Colin Not Aimed at Gulf Spill

A new tropical storm has formed far out in the Atlantic Ocean, National Hurricane Center announced Tuesday.

Officials: 37 Gunned Down in Pakistan's Karachi

Gunmen killed at least 37 people in Pakistan's largest city after the assassination of a lawmaker, officials said Tuesday.

Pakistan Residents Fear Cholera Outbreak

The spread of deadly disease is now the major concern in Pakistan after the country is seeing it's worst flooding on record.

China Tops Japan as World's 2nd Largest Economy

China is set to overtake Japan as the second-largest economy in the world.

UAE, Saudi Arabia Block Blackberry Usage

The UAE calls the BlackBerry, a 'security threat,' because data can be transmitted without being monitored for illegal activity.

New CBN TV Series Targets Indonesian Teens

"One Cubed.TV" will begin airing in the Muslim nation on Saturday, August 7.

Iran Says Three Americans Should Stand Trial

The attorney for three Americans imprisoned in Iran said they will either be released or put on trial this week.

July Deadliest Month for U.S. in Afghanistan

In another tragic milestone in the Afghanistan War, U.S. officials confirmed July was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in the nine-year-long conflict.