November 2008 Headlines

Special Forces Canine Sniffs Out Trouble

It's a program that's enjoying huge success and is very popular with the soldiers -- dogs being trained for special military missions.

Mission: Help Wounded, Gather Heroes

CBN News Military Correspondent Chuck Holton spent a week with an aviation unit Afghanistan and found out just how vital these pilots are to our troops, and just how heroic they are.

President Bush Discusses World AIDS Day

Read below for a statement from President George Bush about World Aids Day.

France Offers Lesson on Nuclear 101

PARIS and WASHINGTON - Nuclear power. It's cheap, reliable, abundant energy. That, plus the growing demand for fossil fuels, has refocused America's attention on nuclear as part of the solution to its energy needs.

Hindu Radicals: Kill a Christian for $250

In India, extremist Hindus are offering big rewards for killing Christians and destroying their property.

Tracking Aids Patients Via Microchip?

Aids patients in Papua, Indonesia may soon be required to have microchip implants, so government officials can keep track of them.

Bush and Olmert to Meet One Last Time

President Bush is hosting outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Monday night at the White House.

Iraqi Christian Girl Freed After Two Years

A Christian Iraqi girl jailed for killing her uncle is now free.

U.S. Investors Hope for a Turnaround - WASHINGTON - International markets rebounded today even though the Dow Jones lost 445 points Thursday. Asian and European investors bought up financial and technology shares, hoping to build some momentum in a chaotic financial environment.

What Can Israel Do about Iran?

WASHINGTON - CBN News Terror Analyst Erick Stakelbeck just returned from the Middle East, where he spoke to Israeli government and military officials about the threat from Iran.

Iranian Christians Ask Churches for Prayers

Christians in Iran are calling on churches worldwide to join them in three days of praying and fasting this weekend.

English Dethroned as World Language? - English is the most spoken language worldwide, but it might not be for long.

Why Words Matter in The War on Terror

Terms like "radical Islamist" and "jihadist" have dominated headlines and speeches since 9/11, with the Bush administration using them frequently to describe America's enemies.

Somali Pirates Grow Bolder in Exploits

The Indian navy was able to fight back against pirates today, sinking a suspected pirate "mother ship." But a band of Somali pirates also hijacked two more ships and their crews today. Click play for further analysis from CBN News Terror Analyst Erick Stakelbeck.

Israeli-Palestinian Tensions Rise

Tensions continued to escalate, Tuesday, between Israelis and Palestinians, as Israeli tanks forged into Gaza while protesters stormed through the area intensifying violence.

Israel Makes Moves to End Hamas Rockets

ASHDOD, Israel - Tensions continued to escalate between Israelis and Palestinians, Tuesday, even as Israel's defense forces made moves to stop Hamas from firing more rockets on Israelis.

Pirates Anchor Tanker off Somalia

Somali pirates who seized the Saudi oil supertanker, the MV Sirius Star loaded with around $100 million of crude oil as cargo, anchored the ship Tuesday just off the Somali coast.

From Cold War to Oil War? U.S. & Georgia

TBILISI, Georgia -- The Russian invasion of Georgia this summer sparked an international uproar and led many to predict a new Cold War with Russia.

Georgians Rebuild in War's Aftermath

TBILISIS, Georgia - This month displaced people from the war in Georgia began returning to their homes.

Rwanda's P.E.A.C.E. Gaining Ground  - KIGALI, Rwanda -- It has only been 14 years since the horrific genocide in Rwanda. If ever there was a nation in need of reconciliation and peace, it is this tiny African nation.

Afghanistan Kids Rediscover Laughter

KABUL, Afghanistan - After more than 30 years of civil war, the people of Afghanistan are trying desperately to rebuild their country and lives.

G20 Summit to Address Economic Crisis

WASHINGTON - All eyes will be on Washington this weekend as President George W. Bush plays host to the G20.

Leaders Seek Solution at Interfaith Meeting

President George Bush told members of the United Nations Thursday that his faith has sustained him through his presidency.

China Launches Quake Rebuilding Program

This week marks the six-month anniversary of the earthquake that devastated China.

Congo May Have Another Civil War

Fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo is threatening to plunge the country into another civil war.

Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

LONDON - Britain's top judge says the nation should allow Islamic Sharia law. The head of the Church of England said something similar.

Olmert: Israel, Hamas Confrontation Coming

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warns there will soon be a confrontation between Israel and Hamas.

Vatican Urges No Change on Stem Cells

The Vatican is urging President-elect Obama not to make any changes to policies on embryonic stem cell research.

Obama and Afghanistan: What's Next?

The Obama administration is planning a new approach in the war in Afghanistan.  But what exactly will the incoming President do?

Bin Laden Reportedly Planning U.S. Attack

Osama bin Laden is reportedly planning a massive terrorist attack against the United States, according to an Arab newspaper in London.

Olmert: 'Return to a 1967 Israel'

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is calling for Jerusalem to be divided in half.

Brit PM: Crisis Creates Global Opportunity

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the international financial crisis has given world leaders a unique opportunity to create a truly global society.

Afghanistan Copes with Resurgent Taliban

KABUL, Afghanistan - The war in Afghanistan will be one of the biggest foreign policy challenges facing President-elect Barack Obama.

The UK: Fighting Crime or Invading Privacy?

Every e-mail and Web site visit in the UK may soon be monitored by the British government.

Election '08: The View from China

The American election has also proven quite fascinating for one group of visiting international journalists: students from China.

Kidnapping Highlights Tensions in Kabul - KABUL, Afghanistan - More attacks in Afghanistan Monday put aid workers in the country on high alert.

Inside Iran: A Rising Chorus

In The Last Decade, Several Iranian Believers Have Paid The Ultimate Price. The Majority Of Those Killed Were Former Muslims.

Inside Iran: The Young and the Restless

Spend Some Time In The Streets Of North Tehran, And You Will Feel The Pulse Of A Vibrant And Modern Iran.