April 2011 Headlines

Moscow Church Spearheads Russia Revival

Despite social and political upheaval, Russia is witnessing a Christian revival. At the heart of this powerful move of God is the Moscow Good News Church.

Russian Evangelicals Leery of Orthodox Church

Once persecuted by the Communist Party, the Russian Orthodox Church now has a relationship with Russia's government that worries the country's  evangelicals.

Russia's Muslims Demand More Mosques

Moscow has four mosques serving some two million people, the largest Muslim population in Europe. But the need for more space is stirring controversy.

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Exclusive with Israeli Vice PM

On this week's encore edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon sits down for a wide-ranging interview.

Cubans Learning the Value of Free Market Economy

Cuba's Raul Castro has promised to institute economic reforms for Cuba. In response, some churches are moving to help their members start their own businesses.

Film Shows Japanese Christians as 'Light'

A new documentary shows how Japanese Christians have responded in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, which struck the island nation on March 11.

The Royal Wedding: Why We Are Fascinated

What's the world's fascination with the British monarchy?  Anglican church expert David Virtue says the behavior stems from a "culture of celebrity."

Egypt's Christians: A Dying Population?

Egyptian Coptics belong to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.  But as attacks on them increase, many believers in the country may leave.

Radical Islamic Threat Grips Denmark

Denmark has been a strong ally in the global war on terror. But when it comes to the threat of radical Islam in its own borders, there's indeed "something rotten" there.

Poles Joyful Over Beatification of John Paul II

Polish pilgrims are flocking to Rome to witness the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Deadly Morocco Blast Possibly a Terrorist Attack

Moroccan officials are trying to determine if a massive explosion that killed more than a dozen people at a café in Marrakech was an act of terrorism.

Operation Blessing China Saves Young Mom’s Life

A young Chinese mother is alive thanks to the help she received from Operation Blessing China.

Britain’s William, Kate Wed at Westminster Abbey

Prince William and Kate Middleton were wed Friday in a lavish ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey to the delight of millions around the world.

Muslim Brotherhood Backs Syrian Protesters

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement Friday encouraging Syrian protesters to press on with their demonstrations.

Afghan Officer Opens Fire, Kills Nine Americans

A senior Afghan military pilot opened fire at Kabul airport on Wednesday, killing eight U.S. soldiers and an American civilian contractor.

Egyptians Mixed Over Role of Islam in New Gov't

A new poll says most Egyptians are optimistic about their country's future, but don't want an incoming government that strays from the principles of the Koran.

China to Keep One-Child Policy

President Jintao explained Wednesday that the strict birth limits are needed to ensure economic growth and development.

Japan's Royal Couple Visits Disaster-stricken Town

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Japan's tsunami-battered northeastern coast on Wednesday.

Syria Opposition Demands Reforms, Vows Protests

Opposition activists seeking to overthrow Syrian President al-Assad warned that unless the embattled leader transitions to a democracy, they will break his regime.

Yemeni President Fights Calls to Step Down

Recent amateur video from the southern city of Taiz in Yemen showed forces loyal to the country's embattled president attacking protesters again.

Syria Violence Continues, Sanctions Possible

Witnesses say members of the Syrian army shot and killed 11 protestors Monday.  Now, the White House is considering sanctions.

State Dept. Urges Americans to Leave Syria

U.S. State Department issued a warning urging Americans to leave Syria while commercial flights are still available.

NATO: al-Qaeda Commander Killed in Afghan Airstrike

A NATO airstrike earlier this month killed a key al-Qaeda operative in Afghanistan.

More Churchgoers Detained on Easter in Beijing

At least 30 Christians in China were detained while attending church service on Easter. Two weeks prior, nearly 200 members were also taken into custody.

German 700 Club Touches Internet Viewers

The German 700 Club is reaching beyond its home country to other European nations, including Austria and Switzerland.

Bomb Explodes Near Baghdad Church on Easter

A bomb exploded near a church in central Baghdad on Easter Sunday, wounding four policemen and three others.

Search for Mementos Slows Japan Rebuilding

The work has been further slowed by clearance crews who feel duty bound to help survivors search the rubble for lost possessions, precious mementos of their former lives.

Taliban Break More Than 450 Out of Afghan Prison

"This is a blow," presidential spokesman Waheed Omar said. "A prison break of this magnitude of course points to a vulnerability."

NATO Airstrikes Hit Gadhafi's Libya Compound

The military assault comes one day after pro-Gadhafi forces unleashed a barrage of shells and rockets on Misrata, the largest rebel-held city in the west.

Stakelbeck on Terror: Middle East on Fire

CBN News examines a chilling video produced by the Iranain regime claiming the Islamic messiah, or Mahdi, will soon appear.

Scientist: Last Supper Date Mystery Solved

Many Christians worldwide have long celebrated Jesus' Last Supper on what is known as Maundy Thursday.

Kenyan Police Issue Easter Terror Alert

Kenya's police commissioner is warning that al-Qaeda-linked Somali insurgents may attempt to strike Kenya over the Easter holidays.

Japan Plans to Limit Access to Evacuation Zone

Japanese authorities are attempting to enforce a strict ban on residents entering the evacuation zone around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

France, Others Vow More Help to Libyan Rebels

France said Wednesday it will bomb more targets in Libya to help rebels fight the forces of dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Motorcycle Gunmen Open Fire on Yemen Protestors

Gunmen on motorcycles attacked demonstrators in Yemen Wednesday, killing one person and injuring several others.

'Resurrection Dance' Spreads to Other Countries

Believers on five continents are organizing their own "Resurrection dances" based off the popular Easter celebration by a Hungarian church last year.

Pro-life Victory: Baby Joseph Returns to Canada

A terminally ill boy has returned home to Canada after receiving life-extending help from doctors in the U.S.

Huge Bomb Found Near Indonesia Church

Nineteen terror suspects were arrested in Indonesia Thursday in relation to a bomb that was found buried next to a church outside capital city of Jakarta.

U.S. Agency Calls China to Allow Easter Worship

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has called on China to end harassment and detentions of Christians this Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Two Photojournalists Killed in Libya

A British and American photojournalist were killed Wednesday in the western, rebel-held city of Misrata as they were covering Libya's civil war.

End of an Era: Fidel Castro Steps Down

For the first time in more than 50 years, Fidel Castro does not hold a position in the Cuban government.

Operation Blessing Joins Mayo Clinic to Treat Haiti

Operation Blessing is working with a team from the Mayo Clinic to improve the health of Haitians still struggling after last year's devastating earthquake.

Libya's Civil War Shrinks Christian Communities

The Christian community in Libya is getting smaller as many believers continue flee the violence.

'Mahdi Video' Exposure Rattles Iranian Regime

The recent exposure by CBN News of an Iranian propaganda film has caused friction within the Islamic Republic.

Nigerian President Pleads for Calm after Riots

Nigeria's Christian president has called for calm in his country after Muslim protestors broke out in violent riots leaving several people dead, following his re-election.

Workers Pump Radioactive Water from Japan Plant

Japanese technicians have taken a key step in helping stabilize the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant.

Specialist Launches 'Death to Suicide' in Japan

Even before recent earthquake and tsunami disasters, Japan had the second-highest rate of suicide among industrialized nations.

Need a Vacation? Rent a Country

While most people rent hotels rooms or even houses when they vacation, now there's another option -- renting a country.

Car Bombs Mark Deadly Day in Baghdad

Two car bombs ripped though central Baghdad Monday, killing at least nine people including five Iraqi soldiers. Twenty-three others were wounded.

WorldReach Indonesia Website Reaches Millions

The Christian Broadcasting Network's WorldReach ministry website is reaching millions of people in Indonesia with the Gospel.

Egypt's Christians Flee amid Islamic Threat

Egypt's Christians are looking for ways to leave the country over concerns radical Muslims are gaining power in wake of President Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

U.N., Libya Reach Deal on Humanitarian Aid

World leaders worry that there could still be a massacre of civilians on a huge scale in Libya as Moammar Gadhafi's army continues to target rebel positions in several cities.

Robot Detects High Radiation in Japan Reactors

Japanese nuclear officials said readings from a robot from inside the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant showed radiation levels too high to allow workers inside.

'Underground' Beijing Pastors Arrested

At least two pastors from an underground Beijing church were in police custody and numerous other leaders remained under house arrest Sunday.

Radioactivity Rises in Sea Off Japan Nuke Plant

Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply in seawater near a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in northern Japan, signaling the possibility of new leaks.

Thousands Saved at Historic Vietnam Rally

Public rallies in Vietnam could signal a new openness for the church in a country long criticized for persecuting believers.

Faith By Hearing: Evangelize with Bible Stories

Some suggest the worldwide church's evangelism focus needs to shift to telling Bible stories, so people can learn to use and apply the scriptures.

Ghadhafi's Forces Shell Ajdabiya

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's troops shelled rebel forces in the eastern city of Ajdabiya on Sunday, forcing the rebels to retreat.

Vietnamese Pastor Fights Church Crackdowns

Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang is a Mennonite pastor who has become a thorn in the flesh of Vietnam's ruling party.

Chinese Christians Released from Custody

Chinese authorities have released more than 100 churchgoers arrested for worshipping in a public park.

N. Korea Will Indict U.S. Man for Missions Work

North Korean officials say they will indict an American who was reportedly arrested for doing missionary work in the country.

Gadhafi's Daughter Sends Defiant Message

From her father's compound, struck by U.S. bombs exactly 25 years ago, Moammar Gadhafi's daughter sent a defiant message early Friday.

Ashley Judd Joins Human Trafficking Fight

Sexual abuse is a topic that Judd takes personally, and she says fighting the sex trade is her true calling in life.

Syria: Women, Students Join Protests

Women, children and students took to the streets in Syria on Wednesday, lending their voices to a month-long uprising.

Bolivia Pushes U.N. for 'Mother Earth' Treaty

Bolivia has asked the United Nations to give "Mother Earth" the same rights as humans.

Libyan Rebels Urge Stronger U.S. Military Role

Libyan rebels are asking the U.S. to take a stronger lead in the NATO-led air campaign or risk more civilian casualties.

Reprisals Rock Ivory Coast after Gbagbo Deposed

New reports from the Ivory Coast indicate that military forces loyal to President Alassane Ouattara are carrying out reprisal attacks against supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo.

Critics: Defamation Rule Designed to Guard Islam

While the most recent push for a defamation resolution was recently dropped by the U.N., rights groups warn it will likely be brought back in the future.

Egypt's Mubarak, Sons Detained for Questioning

Two-and-a-half months after Egyptian protests toppled the government, former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons have been detained for questioning.

China Police Arrest Churchgoers for Meeting in Park

Chinese authorities have arrested nearly 200 members of one of the largest unregistered churches in the country.

Ivory Coast's Ouattara: All Fighters Must Disarm

Leaders allied with the new the president say their country's nightmare is over.  But others are concerned that deep divisions remain and more tough times lay ahead.

CBN's 'Superbook' Brings Bible Stories to Life

The Christian Broadcasting Network is working to bring the Bible to life through its newly reimagined, 3D animated Superbook series, which is now available on DVD.

Muslim Women Protest French Burqa Ban

France's new law banning the Islamic face veil has been met with protests, arrests, and charges of Islamophobia.

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to Three Years

A military tribunal in Egypt sentenced a blogger to three years in prison for criticizing the army.

Japan Ups Nuke Severity to Match Chernobyl

Japan's nuclear regulators raised the severity level at a stricken nuclear plant Tuesday on par with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Operation Blessing: Helping Japan in the Darkest Hours

The president of the charity aid organization told CBN News of the devastation, but also of the people who will never forget the ways that Americans helped them.

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Taken into Custody

After weeks of refusing to to cede power, Ivory Coast incumbent Laurent Gbagbo was arrested by forces loyal to the nation's internationally recognized leader.

Forces Arrest Ivory Coast's Gbagbo

After a week of heavy fighting, forces backing Ivory Coast's internationally recognized leader on Monday arrested strongman Laurent Gbagbo.

France Imposes Stiff Penalties for Islamic Veils

A new law banning the Islamic face veil in public took effect in France on Monday.

Aftershock Rattles Japan on One-Month Mark

Another strong aftershock rattled northeast Japan Monday, exactly one month to the day when a massive 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated the nation.

Heavy Fighting Rages along Eastern Libyan Front

Heavy fighting raged for a second day around a key front-line Libyan city Sunday as rebels struggled to keep control of a buffer zone protecting their main eastern strongholds.

Anger Flares at Egypt Army for Lethal Raid

Demonstrators barricaded themselves inside a central Cairo square demanding the resignation of the military's head after troops violently dispersed an overnight protest killing one and injuring 71.

Second Election Bombing Strikes Nigeria

A federal spokesman says a bomb has exploded in a vote counting center in northeast Nigeria after the oil-rich nation cast ballots for its National Assembly.

Seven Dead, 15 Wounded in Dutch Shooting

A gunman opened fire at a Dutch shopping mall, leaving seven people dead and wounding 15 others.

Charity Group Gives Eyeglasses to Japan Victims

Operation Blessing International is working to help restore the vision to some of the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Church of England Prays for Royal Couple

The Church of England has announced its praying for the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Children Killed as Gunman Attacks Brazil School

A gunmen opened fire in an elementary school in Brazil killing at least 12 students Thursday in what crime experts are calling the worst school massacre in Brazil's history.

Chinese Artist Arrested for 'Economic Crimes'

China's most famous artist Ai Weiwei is under investigation for suspected "economic crimes," a catch-all charge meant to discredit those who speak out on human rights.

Japan Lifts New Tsunami Warning after 7.1 Quake

Japan's meteorological agency says it has lifted a tsunami warning for the northeastern coast 90 minutes after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck offshore.

Japan Races to Recover Bodies

Japanese police raced Thursday to find thousands of missing bodies before they decompose along a stretch of tsunami-pummeled coast.

Syria President's Cousin: Reform or Go

For nearly 40 years, president Bashar al-Assad and his family have ruled Syria with an iron grip. Now the president is possibly facing a threat against his regime like never before.

Libya Rebel: NATO 'Too Slow' on Airstrikes

NATO's airstrikes allowed Libya's rebels to push back against Moammar Gadhafi's troops. Now they say the strikes aren't coming fast enough.

What Mideast Unrest Means for Christianity's Future

George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization, shares how recent developments in th Mideast have caused concerned among the region's Christians.

Gbagbo's Ivory Coast Home Under Attack

Ivory Coast President Gbagbo's home has again come under fire one day after the incumbent sought to negotiate the terms of his exit with U.N. authorities.

Japan Stops Highly Radioactive Leak into Pacific

Workers at the crippled Fukoshima Dai-ichi nuclear complex stopped the leak of highly radioactive water into the ocean on Wednesday.

Koran-Burning Pastor Defiant Despite Riots

At least 20 are dead in Afghanistan, including two American soldiers, as Muslim riots rage, fueled by a Florida church's burning of a Koran.

U.S. Withdrawing Support for Yemen's President

Officials say the U.S. doubts the ability Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to reform his nation and believes he should eventually be removed from office.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Negotiates Surrender Terms

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo laid down their arms Tuesday, as the country's entrenched leader negotiated the terms of his surrender.

Japan Sets New Radiation Safety Level for Seafood

Test have revealed the seawater surrounding the crippled nuclear plant was several million times the legal limit.

Libyan Rebels Advance on Strategic Oil Town

Opposition forces in Libya have been making steady advances in their campaign to take down the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, with the backing of NATO-led airstrikes.

Five Christians Tried for Blasphemy in Iran

Five Christians imprisoned in the Iranian city of Shiraz are scheduled to be tried for blasphemy on Monday, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

WorldReach Russian Website Popular with Users

A Russian language website of the Christian Broadcasting Network's WorldReach ministry is growing steadily.

Thousands of Islamists Return to Egypt: What's Next?

Thousands of Islamic leaders are headed back to Egypt after their names were removed from a "wanted" list.  How will they impact the unstable country?

Japan Pins Hopes on Polymer to Stop Nuke Leak

Engineers pinned their hopes on chemicals and sawdust to stop highly radioactive water pouring into the ocean from Japan's crippled nuclear plant.

Vietnam's Christians Not Afraid of Persecution

The Vietnamese are under the firm grip of a one-party system that controls every area of their lives -- including faith.

Groups Hail Changes to Pro-Islam Measure

Religious rights advocates are praising Muslim nations for dropping a United Nations resolution that restricted free speech and favored Islam.

Libya's Christians Hope for Change Amid Protests

Christians in Libya hope the revolt against dictator Moammar Gadhafi could result in new freedoms for believers.

Christian News Source Suspended in Iran

A Christian news group in Iran has been suspended after reporters revealed the government seized and burned 600 New Testaments in the city of Salmas.

Violence in Syria Continues to Heighten

At least three anti-government protesters were killed by security forces in Syria Friday, bringing the death toll for this week to 75.

Japanese, U.S. Military Search for Tsunami Victims

Japanese and U.S. military ships and helicopters searched Japan's tsunami-ravaged coastline Friday as part of a last chance search effort to find victims swept out to sea in last month's disaster

Charity Group Installs Water System in Peru Village

One community in Peru has clean drinking water thanks to Operation Blessing International, the Virginia Beach, Va.-based charity aid organization.

Ivory Coast Rebels Attack Gbagbo's Palace

The presidential standoff in West Africa's Ivory Coast, also known as Cote d'Ivorie, appears to be entering its final violent stage.

Libyan Rebels Set Conditions for Cease-Fire

Libyan rebels say they would agree to a cease-fire only if Moammar Gadhafi's military forces stand down and allow for peaceful protest against his government.