October 2008 Headlines

Inside Iran: Ahmadinejad's 'Divine' Mission

Despite criticism of him and his regime, the 53-year-old president of Iran is a deeply religious man.

More Attacks Leave Afghanistan Fearful

Violence continued in Afghanistan, Thursday, after a suicide bomber stormed a government building in the capitol city of Kabul.

Shariah Law to Govern Britain's Muslims

In England, the government is now allowing Islamic courts to preside over cases of Muslim family and marital disputes.

'Atheist Buses' to Hit London Streets

London residents could soon see atheist advertisements on their streets.

Wall Street Down After Yesterday's Big Gains

WASHINGTON - Despite a key interest rate cut by the Fed, Wall Street failed to continue the big gains investors had hoped for, Wednesday.

World Markets Slide on Recession Fears

World markets sold off once again today. Investors are getting out of stocks for now as they fear a global recession.

'Obamamania' Felt Across Europe

PARIS and BRUSSELS - (Editors note: The views expressed in this piece by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet are her analysis of the election coverage in the French and European media.

Taliban to Christians: You Are Being Watched

Taliban gunmen are warning Christians in Kabul that they are being watched.

Global Crisis - Is There an End in Sight?

WASHINGTON - Global markets are still not convinced that the credit crisis is over and jittery investors are selling off stocks as a result.

IAF Instructor, Student Killed in Plane Crash

JERUSALEM, Israel - An Israel Air Force flight instructor and his student were killed Wednesday when their plane crashed during a training flight in the Negev desert.

World Staggers Under Economic Storm

WASHINGTON - It was another day of plunging markets overseas with Japan's down 2.5 percent and South Korea's down more than 7 percent.

Bomber Offers Insight into Terrorist Mind

A Pakistani man is providing rare insight into what motivates terrorists to strap on bombs and blow themselves up.

First Mosque in East Berlin Opens

CBNNews.com  - The first mosque in East Berlin, Germany is now open. Besides Muslim worshippers, protestors have also appeared behind police barricades three blocks away to show their distain for the Khadija Mosque.

Beijing Officials Order Cars Off City Streets

Here's another example of how China is trying to clean up its image even after the Olympics. It seems tackling the country's pollution problem is at the top of their list. But not everyone is happy about the new road rules.

U.S. Steps in for Christians in Iraq

The United States is asking Iraq to do more to protect its Christian community.

Woman Appeals Christian Symbols Ruling

A Christian woman is appealing a ruling that British Airways did not discriminate against her when it asked her to stop wearing a cross visibly at work two years ago.

Some Still Unconvinced on N. Korea

North Korea will allow U.N. weapons inspectors into its main nuclear facility again.

Dow, World Stocks Bounce Back

WASHINGTON - It's a new week and perhaps the beginning of a fresh hope for struggling markets at home and abroad.

Markets End Week of Volatile Losses

WASHINGTON - The weekend break was welcome relief to Wall Street investors after ending a week of devastating losses that pummeled stocks to five-year lows.

U.S.: Afghanistan in 'Downward Spiral'

U.S. intellegence groups say Afghanistan is seeing some of the worst violence since 2001.

World's Tallest Dad

It hasn't been the most uplifting week in the news, to say the least.  The markets in China don't look much better than in the U.S., as the China Securities Index reported its worst week on record, dropping 4.4 percent, and even though China's government would love to put the melamine-tainted milk disaster behind it, many consumers, both in China and abroad, have lost confidence in Chinese-made products.

Petraeus Says Al-Qaeda Determined

General David Petraeus says the U.S. has made great progress in Iraq, but he warns that it could be lost in the months ahead.

Patraeus Sends Warning on Iraq

General David Petraeus warned in Washington, Wednesday, that any progress made in Iraq could be lost in the months ahead.

Gitmo Detainees to be Released in the U.S.

A federal judge has ordered the United States to release a group of Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo Bay, marking a decision that could lead to the freeing of several detainees in the near future.

Wall Street Skids Again after Fed's Warning

WASHINGTON - Wall Street skidded further into despair as the Dow closed another 500 points down after Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke warned the current financial crisis would not go away soon.

Day of Prayer Held for Jerusalem

On Sunday, October 5th hundreds of Christians and Jews gathered in Jerusalem for the Day of Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

Dow Jones Falls to Four-Year Low

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON - Wall Street took another dive Monday, as the Dow Jones fell as much as a record 800 points at one point, amid a growing credit crisis that is rippling across the world.

The Mideast: More Complex, More Dangerous

JERUSALEM - For years, Iran has stood as the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East. Now, however, the Middle East is getting more complicated and it is also more dangerous.

Italians to Hear Bible Read on TV All Week

The Bible will be making history this weekend in Europe.

Commander: Troops Needed in Afghanistan

The top military commander in Afghanistan announced today that more troops are "quickly needed" there.

Olympic Officials Clear China Gymnasts

International officials have finally cleared China's medal-winning gymnasts of lying about their ages.