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March 2012 Headlines

Harvest of Souls: Cuba's Church Stages Comeback

For more than 50 years, Cuba has been known as an authoritarian state. Now the island's faith community is staging a comeback.

Missionaries Reach Drug Infested Slums of Brazil

American missionary Eric Reese spends his days in the poverty and violence of Brazil's favelas, or slums.  And he's bringing light to some of the darkest areas.

Mixed Messages? Ex-Muslims Embrace 'Chrislam'

A growing number of believers from a Muslim background are seeking to worship in their own way. But what happens when they start their own fellowships?

Philippines Pastors Face Death for Ministry to Muslims

The Philippines is a mostly Christian nation. But in the south, Muslim extremists are trying to build an Islamic state, even putting some Christians to death.

Eyes of Faith: Miami Archbishop Optimistic on Cuba

Although the pope's for Cuban political reform appeared to fall on deaf ears, one Miami archbishop remains optimistic for the future of the Communist island.

Overcoming Heresy Among Former Muslims

Many Muslim background believers are uniting to worship in their own way, where they feel accepted and comfortable. But this can sometimes lead to misguidance.

Canadian Penny Dropping into History

They clutter your dresser and cost too much to make. They're a nuisance and have outlived their purpose.

French Police Arrest 19 Terror Suspects

French security forces took at least 19 Islamists into custody in pre-dawn raids Friday, President Nicolas Sarkozy later told Europe-1 radio.

Threat of Truckers' Strike Cause Gas Shortage Scare

Some gas stations in the United Kingdom had to close temporarily Thursday, after warnings from the government sent panicked residents rushing to stock up on fuel.

Vietnam Sentences 'Divisive' Pastor to 11 Years

A Vietnam court sentenced a Mennonite pastor to 11 years in prison Tuesday for creating division between the Communist government and its people.

Arab League Snubs Iraq at Opening of Summit

Mideast countries are criticizing Iraq as it hosts the Arab League summit Thursday.

Tunisia: New Constitution Not Based on Sharia

Tunisia's ruling party said Islamic Sharia law will not be enshrined in the country's new constitution.

Dashed Hopes? Cuba Rejects Pope's Calls for Reform

The Cuban government has made it clear there will be no political reforms after Pope Benedict XVI's call for change on the communist island.

Open Mic Gaffe Fires Up President's Critics

An open mic incident between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and President Obama is adding fuel to the fire for the president's critics.

Officials: No Fatalities in 7.1 Chile Earthquake

Chilean official said no deaths or serious damage occurred from a powerful earthquake that struck central Chile on Sunday night.

Obama to N. Korea: 'No Rewards for Provocations'

North Korea's announcement that it will launch a controversial rocket is upstaging an international nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea.

Cuban Catholics Anxious, Excited for Pope's Visit

Pope Benedict XVI continued his pilgrimage to Latin America on Monday with a visit to Cuba, marking the first papal visit to the communist country in 14 years.

'Miracle Village' a Refuge for Haiti Quake Survivors

Many amputees and other victims of Haiti's deadliest earthquake are finding new life in what used to be an orphanage.

Yemen Youth over Slain American: 'We Love You, Joel'

Young students in Yemen are demanding justice for Joel Shrum, the American English teacher executed by terrorists this week in the city of Taiz.

Ancient Hatred: Understanding Iran's War on Jews

Iran's view of Jews as sub-human sounds a lot like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. But according to author Andrew Bostom, it goes back much further.

Former Iraqi PM Warns Iran 'Swallowing' His Country

Iraqi former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said Iran is mostly responsible for what he calls an "emerging dictatorship" in his country.

'On Call' in Africa: A Medical Missions Journey

For the past 35 years, Dr. David Thompson and other surgeons have been trying to fill the need for better medical care in the heart of Africa.

Charity Aid Group Efforts Provide Clean Water Worldwide

CBN's Operation Blessing International is working to save lives by providing clean drinking water for people worldwide.

Hundreds of Pakistani Women Murdered in Honor Killings

More than 900 women died last year in so-called honor killings in Pakistan, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's annual report.

Turkey Named in Religious Rights Abuse Report

A new report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom shines the light on 16 nations for violating religious rights.

Military Video Shows Dramatic US Chopper Crash

Dramatic video released Thursday by the United States military shows a rare, close-up view of an American military chopper losing control and crashing in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda Claims It Killed American Teacher in Yemen

Al Qaeda's Yemen branch claimed responsibility for the murder of American teacher Joel Shrum in a statement on its website Thursday.

Egypt's Brotherhood Mulls Presidential Run

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is considering running a candidate in the country's presidential elections set for May 23-24.

Islamic Suspect Killed in Standoff with French Police

An Islamic jihadist, suspected in the murders of at least seven people, was killed Thursday in Toulouse, France, after a 32-hour standoff with police.

Yemen Youth Cry Out over Slain American Teacher

Young Muslims in Yemen are outraged that their American teacher Joel Shrum was shot dead in the city of Taiz by terrorists from an al Qaeda-linked group.

Jewish Community Unites After School Shooting

Thousands gathered in Jerusalem to remember a rabbi, his two sons, and another young girl killed in a shooting at a Jewish school in France.

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Iraq Attacks

Al Qaeda in Iraq has taken credit for a bloody wave of attacks across eight Iraqi cities on Tuesday, which killed at least 46 people and wounded more than 200.

Swedish Home-School Family ‘Broken to Pieces’

Three years after Swedish authorities took the Johanssons' son for the "offense" of home schooling, some are likening the nation to the Soviet Union.

Attacks Across Iraq Kill 46 Ahead of Arab Summit

A string of bombing attacks in eight cities across Iraq killed at least 46 people and left more than 200 wounded, Tuesday.

Mexico Quake Tops 7.4, Spares Lives

A massive 7.4 earthquake shook central Mexico Tuesday, injuring at least 11 people and damaging hundreds of homes.

Attorney: Afghan Suspect Cannot Remember Incident

The attorney for the U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians says his client has little memory of the massacre.

PTSD Hinted as Soldier's Defense in Afghan Killings

Conflicting details continue to emerge in the case of the U.S soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians.

American Teacher Executed in Yemen 'Loved His Job'

A young American English teacher who was executed by Islamic terrorists accusing him of proselytizing in Yemen "loved his job" and had a heart for the poor.

Egypt's Coptic Christians Mourn Their Pope's Death

Pope Shenouda III, 88, is believed to have suffered from cancer. He led the Coptic Orthodox Church for more than 40 years.

Chavez Makes Energetic Homecoming

Chavez turned the event into a campaign rally, vowing to win re-election in the Oct. 7 presidential vote and demanding unity from his followers.

Beyond Kony: Child Soldiers Widespread in Africa

The "Kony 2012" viral video is bringing awareness to the issue of child soldiers in Africa, but it's an issue that aid groups say goes beyond warlord Joseph Kony.

CBN Gives Indian Villages Access to Clean Water

The Christian Broadcasting Network is working to purify water in villages near the capitol of India.

Army Capt.: Afghan Killing Suspect Has Saved Lives

A former platoon leader for the soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians says the allegations are "100 percent out of character" for the man.

Rep. Wolf: Time to Bring Sudan 'War Criminal' to Justice

The North Sudan continues its assault on the Nuba Mountains, home to one of its largest Christian communities. Now one lawmaker is seeking U.S. intervention.

Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels

The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: "Welcome to 'Belgistan." In fact, some are now calling it the Muslim capital of Europe.

Clooney, Congressmen Arrested at Protest for Sudan

Actor George Clooney is calling on the global community, and Washington in particular, to act now to save potentially thousands of lives in South Sudan.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams Resigning

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams resigned his position on Friday.

Details Emerge about Afghan Shooting Suspect

The lawyer for the U.S. soldier accused of the massacring 16 Afghan civilians is seeking to shed light on what pushed his client over the edge.

US Afghan War Strategy Challenges Worsen

Hopes for a smooth exit strategy in Afghanistan have been dashed once again for the United States.

Mufti: Arabian Peninsula Churches 'Must Be Destroyed'

Saudi Arabia's highest Islamic authority said no Christian churches should be allowed in the Arabian Peninsula.

Group Urges UN Action to Free Pakistani Christian

Fifty human rights activists from around the world are calling on Pakistan to free Asia Bibi, an imprisoned Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy.

New Boats are 'Victorious Treasure' for Japanese Village

Fishermen in one Japanese village were left in despair after last year's tsunami washed their livelihood away.  Now with new boats, they look forward to the future.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Grilled by His Own Parliament

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the first president in Iran's history to be called before the legislature.They're accusing him of mismanaging Iran's economy.

Clooney: Christian Ministries Key to Helping in Sudan

Actor George Clooney is using his star power to shine the light on human rights abuses in Sudan. He credits Christians for providing healing and relief.

Obama, Cameron Committed to Afghan Timeline

Both leaders made it clear they remain committed to the timeline that the United States, Britain, and their NATO allies have agreed to -- shifting to a support role in Afghanistan in 2013.

Swiss Official: Tour Bus Was Not Speeding

A tour bus that ran into a tunnel wall killing 28 people in the Swiss Alps was not speeding, a Swiss prosecutor revealed Wednesday.

Scene In Syria Described as 'Mass Murder'

A French surgeon who treated wounded civilians near Homs said his help was just a "drop in the bucket" compared to the overall need in the besieged city.

Iran Admits Pastor Faces Only Apostasy Charge

Iranian authorities have admitted for the first time that their case against Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani involves his Christian faith and religious activity.

Obama Admin: No Rush to Exit Afghanistan

The U.S. says there'll be no change of course in Afghanistan, despite rising ant-American outrage over the massacre of 16 civilians by a U.S. soldier.

Invisible Children Responds to Kony 2012 Criticism

Some critics are skeptical of Invisible Children, the non-profit group who produced a viral video exposing Joseph Kony's crimes and the Lord's Resistance Army.

Graham: Japan's Tragedy Opening Hearts to the Gospel

In an exclusive interview with CBN News, the Rev. Franklin Graham explained how his ministries are helping to rebuild Japan, both spiritually and physically.

Terrorist Launches Deadly Attack on Nigeria Church

A suicide car bomber in Nigeria killed at least 10 people outside a Catholic church in the city of Jos, Sunday.

UK: Christian Workers Have No Right to Wear a Cross

British officials are preparing to make the case that Christians have no right to wear the cross to work.

Japan Rebuilds, Struggles in Fear of Second Disaster

There's growing anxiety in Tokyo as residents believe the city is long overdue for a powerful shaking.  Scientists are already warning of a mega-quake.

Pope Urges US Bishops to Stand for Sexual Morality

Pope Benedict XVI urged visiting U.S. Catholic bishops to take on America's culture of sexual permissiveness.

Taliban Vows Revenge for US Soldier's Killing Spree

U.S.-Afghanistan  relations are again in crisis after an American soldier allegedly went on a shooting rampage, killing as many as 16 Afghan civilians.

A Year Later: Restoring Hope to Tsunami-Ravaged Japan

Japanese Christians have been working non stop for the past year to bring hope and comfort to thousands devastated by the natural disaster.

Critics Steamed over Bible Translation for Muslims

Many missionaries say it's important for Muslims to receive a Bible in their own language. But critics say one Bible translation has gone too far.

Syria Forces in New Assault Amid Diplomacy Efforts

Syrian troops pushed ahead with a new assault on the northern region of Idlib, shelling one of the centers of the uprising against President Bashar Assad's rule.

Taliban Prisoners at Guantanamo Agree to Transfer

Five top Taliban leaders held by the U.S. in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, told a visiting Afghan delegation they agree to a proposed transfer to Qatar.

Canada's Nik Zoricic Dies after Skicross Crash

Canada and the action-sports world endured their second tragedy in two months  with the death of skicross racer Nik Zoricic.

Brazil Joins Fight to Save Iranian Pastor

The Brazilian government is joining the international effort save Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who's been sentenced to die for refusing to recant his faith.

'Kony 2012' Exposes Lord's Resistance Army Crimes

A grassroots effort across social media platforms to return justice to a country terrorized by a war criminal is taking off like wildfire.

US Gives Afghanistan Control of Detention Center

President Obama said the recent violence aimed at American soldiers after a Koran burning incident a couple of weeks ago supports the need to start withdrawing.

Three Days after Congo Blast, No Rescue Effort

Three days after a deadly explosion at a munitions depot in the Republic of Congo, authorities said Wednesday no coordinated rescue effort has been launched.

Father of Slain US Teacher Forgives Iraqi Shooter

The father of Jeremiah Small, an American gym teacher killed by one his students in Iraq, has offered forgiveness to the family of his son's killer.

UN Urges Syria to Allow Aid Workers In

The United Nations is urging the Syrian government to let humanitarian relief workers into the country.

French FM 'Skeptical' of Nuke Talks with Iran

France's foreign minister said Iran is using "double-speak" and has no intention of bargaining away its nuclear program.

Netanyahu: Israel Must be Master of Its Own Fate

When it comes to Iran, Israel's wants America and the world to know the Jewish state will decide how it deals with the growing nuclear threat.

Police Break Up Anti-Putin Protest in Moscow

Russian riot police cracked down on anti-Putin protesters Monday, dispersing and detaining hundreds.

Obama: US Commitment to Israel 'Rock Solid'

President Obama assured that the United States will stand by Israel, despite recent tension between the two countries over how to handle the growing threat from Iran.

Protesters Contest Putin Victory at Moscow Rally

Thousands of Russians gathered for a massive rally Monday in downtown Moscow to challenge Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential election.

Dozens of Policemen Massacred in Iraq Shooting Spree

The gunmen attacked checkpoints as well as officers' homes early in the morning before hoisting al Qaeda's battle flag in Hadith, a town northwest of Baghdad.

Why the Saudis' Downfall Could Impact America

Dictators are falling and Islamists are filling the gap across the Mideast. Now they're eyeing Saudis, and it could send shock waves through the U.S.

Russia's Putin Expected to Retake Presidency

Polls ahead of Sunday's election in Russia predict former president Vladimir Putin will win by as much as 60 percent of the vote.

US Gym Teacher Killed in Iraq Murder-Suicide

Authorities say the 18-year-old Biyar Sarwar shot gym teacher Jeremiah Small and then killed himself at a Christian school in Kurdistan.

Seven Pro-Democracy Workers Leave Egypt

Seven American pro-democracy workers on trial in Egypt for fomenting unrest posted a $5 million bail and left the country before a travel ban was imposed.

Two Troops Killed in Afghanistan after US Apology

Gunmen killed two American NATO troops Thursday in southern Afghanistan. Authorities believe one of the gunmen is an Afghan soldier.

UN: Syria Committed 'Crimes Against Humanity'

The death toll among the Syrian people has climbed to more than 7,500 in the nearly year-long uprising that began in March 2011.