June 2012 Headlines

India's Innocent: Secret Weddings of Child Brides

In India, marrying off a daughter means one less mouth to feed, which is why children are forced to illegally marry very young. CBN News was there for one ceremony.

Disappearing Daughters: India's Female Feticide

Abortion is legal in India. Sex-selective abortion, however, is illegal but widely common. The impact has been devastating.

Christian Campaigns Give Indians 'Power to Change'

Advertisements in major cities from Asia to the Middle East are introducing millions of people to a life-changing message about Christ.

Turkey : Scrambled F16s to Check Syrian Border

Turkey's military says it scrambled fighter jets to its border on Saturday after Syrian helicopters flew too close to the frontier.

Indonesian Christians Face Deportation from US

A group of Indonesian Christians in New Jersey are facing deportation. They say they fled their home country because of persecution by Muslim extremists.

Coptic Christians Praying for Egypt's Believers

Bishop David of the Coptic Christian Association of North America said he's hopeful Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi, will allow Christians to worship freely.

CBN Asia Reaches Millions with 'Shackles' Program

CBN Asia is continuing to make strides in the Philippines, with millions of residents tuning in to the original television movie series "Shackles."

Key Boko Haram Terrorist Killed in Nigeria

A radical Islamist sect says a member blamed for a deadly Christmas Day church bombing in Nigeria is dead.

Syria Forms New Gov't; Shoots Down Turkish Plane

Syrian President Bashar Assad formed a new government Saturday, headed by a key loyalist. The move comes after Syria shot down a Turkish plane.

Christian Ambassador: Peace Necessary in Nigeria

The radical Islamist group Boko Haram continues its war on Christians on a weekly basis. Now Nigeria's former Ambassador to the Netherlands is urging peace in her country.

Turkey Says Its Warplane Missing Off Syria

A Turkish air force jet went down in Syrian waters on Friday, but Turkey's prime minister said he could not confirm media reports that it had been shot down.

Operation Blessing Builds School in Haiti

Children in a small Haitian village now have the chance to get an education because of efforts by CBN's Operation Blessing International.

US Labels Boko Haram Leaders as Terrorists

The U.S. State Department has added members of the radical islamic group Boko Haram to its list of international terrorists.

Lawmakers Join in Support of Detained Iranian Pastor

A Senate mommittee voted unanimously in favor of a resolution calling for the immediate release of imprisoned Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

World Leaders Could Offer Syria's Assad Clemency

The United States and Britain may offer Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad a clemency deal if he will relinquish power.

French Police End Hostage Standoff with Al Qaeda Gunman

A self-proclaimed member of al Qaeda who took four hostages in a bank in southern France has been captured, ending the standoff.

Power Struggle Ensues in Wake of Egypt Elections

Egyptian demonstrators are expected to gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square Tuesday to protest military control in the wake of presidential elections there.

Russia Warships Setting Sail for Syria

Observers say the move reveals Russia's concern about the growing intensity of the civil war and the future of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

French Socialists Sweep Parliamentary Elections

Socialists swept into power in France in the final round of parliamentary elections this weekend.

Wirewalker Wallenda Thanks God for Peace, Strength

Wirewalker Nik Wallenda made history Friday night, completing the first ever high wire trek across Niagara Falls in just over 25 minutes.

Nigerian Church Attacks Spark Reprisal Killings

A Nigerian Red Cross official says at least 12 people were killed and 80 wounded in bomb attacks on three churches in the country's north.

USAID, Churches Unite to Stop Preventable Diseases

When an American child stubs his toe or is bitten by a mosquito, there's a very slim chance he'll die.  But across the globe, those same ailments will kill millions.

Ministry Giving Hope to India's Vast Needs

In many ways, India is emerging on the world stage as a powerful force, yet this vast and diverse country still has great needs. One group believes there is a solution.

Doyle: Syrian Violence One of the 'Worst Disasters'

E3 Parnters works with church leaders across the region and has been helping thousands of Syrian refugees who've fled to nearby countries.

Accident Paralyzes Flying Car Missionary Steve Saint

Steve Saint, the son of legendary martyred missionary Nate Saint, is in intensive care after suffering a "paralyzing injury" while testing new equipment for missions.

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Has Died

Crown Prince Nayef, who spearheaded Saudi Arabia's fierce crackdown crushing al-Qaeda's branch in the country then rose to become next in line to the throne, has died.

Voters Uncertain with Egypt Under Martial Law

Egypt's military-led government vowed that this weekend's presidential election will proceed as scheduled even though the country is now under martial law.

Chinese Officials Suspended after Forced Abortion

China has taken the unusual step of suspending three officials who forced a woman to undergo an abortion.

Little Action Taken as Syria Massacres Its People

Thousands have been killed in Syria over the last 16 months but little has been done to stop the massacre, as world leaders bank on calls to stop the violence.

Most See China, Not US, as Economic Leader

A global survey revealed more people believe China is now the world's leading economic superpower, not the United States.

Shiites Targeted in Series of Iraq Car Bombs

Terrorists in Iraq used car bombs to target Shiite religious processions Wednesday, killing at least 66 people.

Vatican Applauds Bishops' Fight with Gov't

The pope's ambassador to the United States is praising American bishops for confronting the government over religious freedom.

Sen. Cornyn Joins Calls for Holder's Resignation

Fireworks blasted as Republicans expressed frustration with Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to appoint a special prosecutor to probe recent security leaks.

Wreath Ceremony Honors Victims of Communism

Longtime opponents of communism gathered in Washington, D.C., Tuesday to lay wreaths at a statue honoring the many victims of communism.

Church of England Opposes Gay Marriage Proposal

The Church of England is standing against the government's plan to legalize gay marriage.

From Poor to Rich: Why Brazil's Economy is Flourishing

While the United States and Europe struggle with financial woes, Brazil has become one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world.

French Socialist Party Takes Lead in Elections

The news comes as France's new president, Francois Hollande, has begun to show his socialist colors.

Jerusalem Egypt's New 'Capital?'

A leading Muslim cleric says if Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi wins Egypt's presidency, Jerusalem -- not Cairo -- will become the new capital.

Sharapova Defeats Errani for French Open Title

Maria Sharapova won the French Open on Saturday, defeating Sara Errani 6-3, 6-2 in the final to complete the career Grand Slam.

Intense Shelling of Southern Syrian City Kills 17

Syrian troops shelled the southern city of Daraa early on Saturday, killing at least 17 people, activists said. And in Damascus, residents spoke about a night of shooting and explosions.

Young Missionary Couple Killed in Plane Crash

A missionary couple from Spokane, Wash., were killed recently when the plane the were flying hit an electric pole and crashed in Africa.

Canada Schools Forced to Admit Gay-Straight Groups

Lawmakers in Ontario, Canada, have passed a law that forces Catholic schools to violate their beliefs about homosexuality.

Another Syria Attack Feeds International Concern

United Nations Envoy Kofi Annan is urging the rest of the world to step up pressure on Syria.

Syria Activists Move to Unite as UN Plan Unravels

Anti-government rebels say they've ended their commitment to the United Nation's Syrian Peace plan after President Bashar Assad missed a deadline.

Boko Haram Islamists Kill 15 in Church Attack

A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives in a north Nigeria church's compound Sunday killing at least eight people and wounding dozens more.

US Top Money Man Urges Tougher Syria Sanctions

During an address to a Friends of Syria group, Timothy Geithner called for the world to exert "maximum financial pressure" on Syria.

Food Bank Helps Save Niger from Starvation

CBN's Operation Blessing International is working to save lives in Niger, one of several nations in the Sahel region of West Africa on the brink of

White House Confirms al Qaeda's No. 2 Killed

The White House has confirmed al-Qaeda's second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi has been was killed, calling it a "major blow" to the terror network.

Danish Court Sentences Four Men in Terror Plot

A Danish court convicted four men of planning a terror attack at a Danish newspaper's office for publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammed.

Queen's Jubilee a Success Despite Economic Worry

There were fears that the celebrations would be met with apathy as Britain faces economic problems. But thousands gathered to honor the queen.

Orphan's Promise Helps Expose Kiev Sex Trade

CBN's Orphan's Promise is working to bring awareness to the fight against human trafficking in Ukraine.

Va. Lawmaker Warns Clock Ticking on South Sudan

Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf is once again urging the Obama administration to do more to fight the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

Death Toll Expected to Rise in Nigeria Plane Crash

Nigerian emergency workers have begun recovering bodies from the site where an American-built airliner crashed in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city.  

Hudson Taylor's Mission Work Celebrated in Britain

Pioneer missioinary Hudson Taylor served 51 years in China. Now his home town in England hopes to draw Chinese tourists.

Life Sentence for Egypt's Mubarak; Sons Acquitted

Former President Hosni Mubarak has received a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters during Egypt's uprising.

British Queen Leads 1,000-Strong Jubilee Flotilla

Queen Elizabeth II led a flotilla of more than 1,000 vessels down the River Thames to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

Rights Groups Condemn Sudan for Stoning Sentence

Human rights groups are condemning the Islamic regime in Sudan for sentencing a women to death by stoning.