December 2010 Headlines

Hillsong Church: An International Phenomenon

The Australian Hillsong megachurch is known worldwide for its contemporary praise and worship music.

Underground Chinese Church Goes Public

They've faced torture and death for their beliefs. But decades after the Cultural Revolution, China's Christians are getting bolder about sharing their faith.

Culture War: The Battle for Australia's Soul

A cultural battle pitting Christians against Australia's first atheist prime minister and her party may be looming in the land down under.

Operation Blessing Delivers New Shoes to Peru Kids

Operation Blessing International is working to reach the poorest communities in Peru, recently providing new shoes to thousands of children.

Massive Flooding Forces Australia Evacuations

Floodwaters in Australia are now covering an area larger than France and Germany combined, and affecting at least 200,000 people.

German Surfers Ride City River Waves

No beach? No problem. Surfers in Germany are taking advantage of high water levels in the cities rivers.

Islamic Terrorists Continue Attacks on Iraqi Christians

Islamic terrorists have killed two more Iraqi Christians, attacking four Christian homes with bombs and grenades Thursday night.

Somali Militants to Obama: 'Embrace Islam or Else'

About 20 Somali-Americans have traveled to Somalia to train with al-Shabab.

Authorities Foil Alleged Denmark Terror Plot

Radical Muslims may have been just hours away from launching a bloody terrorist attack on a famous Danish newspaper when authorities foiled their plot.

Islamic Sect Claims Credit for Nigerian Attacks

A radical Muslim group in Nigeria has claimed responsibility for bombings and church attacks that killed at least 80 people on Christmas Eve.

Stakelbeck on Terror | Inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards

CBN News goes inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards with Reza Khalili, a former member who worked with the CIA to bring down the Iranian regime.

London Groups Fight Gambling, Help Addicts

London residents are rallying to address the growing problem of gambling and its impact on local families.

Iraqi Christians Hold Christmas Mass in Baghdad

Iraqi Christians refused to let the recent terror attacks keep them from celebrating Christmas.

Nepal TV Honors WorldReach Childrens' Program

After evaluating all of its 500 programs -- both religious and non-religious - CAR-Net chose the weekly, 30-minute program "Happy World" as No. 1 in broadcast quality.

Nigeria Attacks Leave Dozens of Christians Dead

A mob attacked and killed six Christians in the central African nation of Nigeria on Christmas Eve.

Pope Lunches with Poor, Condemns Church Attacks

Before the meal, the pontiff delivered his traditional Sunday blessing from his studio window, denouncing Christmas Day attacks on Christians in the Philippines and Nigeria.

Top U.S. Gen. Visits GIs in Afghanistan on Christmas

The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan crisscrossed the country on Saturday, making a Christmas visit to coalition troops at some of the main battle fronts.

Did the Wise Men Know Jewish Prophecy?

Almost everyone knows the story of Christmas. But what really led the wise men to follow a Jewish prophecy? Archaeological discoveries are helping illuminate the biblical story.

Haiti's Progress Nearly a Year After Earthquake

In an interview with CBN News, Richard Sterns, president of World Vision, discusses his impression of how the people of the island nation are coping one year later.

Fearful Iraqis Cancel Christmas Celebrations

Iraqi Christians have cancelled Christmas celebrations and have been advised not to decorate their homes to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth.

S. Korea Places Christmas Tree on N. Korea Border

The South had not lit up the 100-foot steel Christmas icon in seven years, because the North objected.

Iraqi Lawmakers Approve New Government

Iraqi lawmakers unanimously approved on Tuesday a new government to be headed by incumbent Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

50 Years Later, YWAM Still Innovating Missions

Loren Cunningham's vision of Youth with a Mission first took shape in 1960. Fifty years later, nearly 4.5 million people have been involved with his group.

Fmr. CIA Spy: Iran Will Use Nukes Against Israel, West

A former CIA spy who was planted inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards tells CBN News what Iran's leaders really have planned for Israel and the West.

West Decries Flaws, Violence in Belarus Election

Election violence has spread in Belarus, the country called by many as the "last dictatorship in Europe."

CBN Ministries Give Gifts to Thailand's Children

CBN's WorldReach ministry and its charity aid organization Operation Blessing International have given hundreds of gifts this Christmas to needy children in Thailand.

Iran Forces on Alert as Economic 'Surgery' Begins

Iranian security forces remain on high alert after the government slashed subsidies on food and gas.

South Korea Military Drills Escalates Tensions

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are at the highest level since the Korean War ended in 1953.

Twelve Men Arrested in Possible UK Terror Plot

British law enforcement officials say a dozen men were arrested on Monday, who are suspected of plotting terrorism.

'Natwivity' Brings Birth of Jesus to Social Media

The story of Christmas is coming to social networking phenomenons Twitter and Facebook in the form of Natwivity.

Some Protest Despite War Review Showing Progess

The Afghan war strategy has weakened al-Qaeda terrorists and the resurgent Taliban who gave them cover, according to a new report by the Obama administration.

Pope: Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group

The pope said Thursday that Christians are the world's most persecuted religious group, adding that religious intolerance and violence is an insult to God.

Vietnam Police Beat Pastor, Destroy Bible School

Police in Vietnam recently beat and arrested a Mennonite pastor before destroying his home and Bible school.

Flashy Hotel Displays $11 Million Christmas Tree

A hotel in Abu Dhabi decided to go extravagant this holiday, erecting a bedazzled Christmas tree valued at more than $11 billion.

'God Exists!' Spelled End to Communist Romania

Today, Romanians remember the 1989 revolution as more than just a battle to overcome communism. For many, it was spiritual warfare.

U.S., Europe Warned of Possible Christmas Attacks

Iraqi authorities have obtained confessions from captured insurgents that could give insight on a possible terror plot.

Iraqi Christians Want Their Own Province

Assyrian Christians, who trace their roots to the time of Noah, have historically claimed the Ninevah Plains region as home.

Court: Irish Abortion Ban Violates Women's Rights

A European court ruled Thursday that Ireland's constitutional ban on abortion was a violation of human rights.

WikiLeaks Founder Released From British Custody

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial website WikiLeaks, is out on bail in London following a week of legal drama over his extradition.

More Countries Added to Child Labor List

U.S. government officials believe children are bearing the brunt of the global economic crisis.

WikiLeaks Founder Assange Granted Bail

A British judge has granted bail to Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks website responsible for the release of several top secret U.S. diplomatic documents.

The Coming Revolution: Creating a New Middle East

From al Qaeda to Iran, Islamic terrorists are on the march in the Mideast. There's another movement in the region that could be just as important.

S. Korea Stages Evacuation Drill Amid Tension

South Korea staged the country's largest evacuation drill Wednesday amid renewed fears of a war on the divided Korean peninsula.

Hugh Jackman Injured in Oprah Publicity Stunt

"Oprah's Australian Adventure," began with a bang, but was punctuated with the unexpected thud of Aussie actor Hugh Jackman's face against a lighting rig.

Latin Missionaries Increasing in Muslim Nations

A growing number of Latin American Christians are entering Muslim countries like Morocco, Turkey, and Indonesia as missionaries.

Palin Urges Americans to 'Remember Haiti'

After getting a first-hand look at the humanitarian disaster gripping Haiti,  Sarah Palin urged Americans to get out of their comfort zones and help the island nation.

CBN's WorldReach Launches 700 Club in Ukraine

The Christian Broadcasting Network's WorldReach ministry is producing a new version of The 700 Club television series in the Ukraine.

Swedish Police Investigate Failed Terror Attack

Sweden's Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has asked his country to remain calm after what appears to be the first suicide bombing in Sweden's history.

Groups Want Violence Against Nigerian Christians Stopped

Thousands of Christians have been killed in recent attacks -- especially in northern and central Nigeria.

UK Law Forces Christian Adoption Groups to Close

Nearly every Christian adoption agency in the United Kingdom has been forced to close after resisting the government's equality laws.

'Last Languages' Bringing Word of Life to the World

In Africa, entire people groups have no Bible. In fact, they don't even have a written language. Wycliffe Bible Translators has been trying to reverse that trend.

Why Does the Media Ignore Persecuted Christians?

While the Christian media diligently covers stories of Christian persecution around the world, the issue often goes unreported in the mainstream media.  

U.K. Approves Tuition Hike, Students Protest

Angry students clashed with police in the streets of London Thursday, after British lawmakers approved a controversial plan to triple university tuition.

Obama Urges China to Free Nobel Laureate Liu

For the first time in 74 years, the award was not personally presented since its recipient is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence in the communist country.

Palin and Franklin Graham to Visit Haiti

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rev. Franklin Graham will travel to Haiti this weekend to help aid in ongoing humanitarian efforts in the island nation.

CDC: Cholera Has Spread Throughout Haiti

Operation Blessing International has a team in Haiti to help improve the conditions for medical staff and patients.

Prince Charles, Camilla Attacked by Student Mob

Students protesting a parliamentary vote to triple tuition fees attacked a car carrying the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Thursday.

WikiLeaks Denies Culpability in Cyber Attacks

Wikileaks says it doesn't have any ties to the recent cyber attacks on the websites of international businesses.

China Cracks Down on House Churches

China has reportedly launched a new crackdown on unregistered house churches as the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for a Chinese dissident nears.

Gates Declares Afghan War Strategy Working

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is assessing war efforts in Afghanistan and will present his findings to the White House.

International Test Scores: U.S. Not in Top 10

The latest International Reading, Math and Science Test scores show that American students aren't even in the top ten globally.

Haiti Election Results Spark Mass Riots

Demonstrators took to the streets of Haiti on Wednesday to protest results of the island nation's presidential election, believing the contest was rigged.

Somali Christian Killed for Refusing to Wear Veil

Islamic militants in Somalia recently killed a Christian woman for refusing to wear a veil in public.

Tensions Remain High on Korean Peninsula

South Korea's president vowed Tuesday to turn five islands along the North Korean border into "military fortresses," heightening tension between the two countries.

Picasso Artwork Trove Turns Up in France

Some rare, unknown artwork created by Pablo Picasso have been discovered in France.

Taliban Video Possibly Shows Captured American

A new video has been released that shows a man believed to be the only known U.S. serviceman held captive in Afghanistan.

U.S. Diplomat Visits Controversial Mosque

America's top diplomat in Great Britain is coming under fire for visiting a London mosque with terrorist ties.

More Die as Drug Gangs Battle in Mexico

The violent drug war in Mexico is escalating following an attack, Saturday, in Ciudad Juarez that killed 16 people.

Raul Castro Celebrates Hanukkah with Cuban Jews

Cuban President Raul Castro celebrated Hanukkah with the island's tiny Jewish community on Sunday.

British Court Denies Bail to WikiLeaks Founder

Even while sitting behind bars in the London Tuesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned he'll publish more top secret U.S. documents.

S. Korea Ignores North's Warning, Holds Drills

South Korea moved forward with routine naval firing drills Monday, ignoring warnings from the North that such a move would add to already heightened tensions.

Groups Align to Make 'Ukraine Without Orphans'

By the year 2015, Ukraine will be a country without orphans, according to the vision of a newly established alliance known as Ukraine Without Orphans.

U.S. Cable: China Ordered Hacking on Google

Contacts told American diplomats that hacking attacks against Google were ordered by China's top ruling body, leaked U.S. government memos show.

Iran Engages in Nuclear Talks

Nuclear talks are underway between Iran and delegates from the United States and five other world powers, including the European Union, Russia, Britain, France, and Germany.

'Lost Boy' Seeks Progress for Sudan

One victim of a civil war in Sudan is doing all he can to help his country move forward.

Afghan Minister: WikiLeaks Hurt U.S.-Afghan Ties

A leaked diplomatic cable has undermined the U.S. ambassador's relationships with key Afghan ministers at a time when ties between the two nations are already strained.

Christians Pray as Mexico's Drug War Rages

Around 500 Christian leaders from Mexico's 32 states recently joined in Mexico City to pray for an end to the national crisis.

N. Korean Refugees Risk Lives to Spread Gospel

Every year, thousands of North Koreans flee for their freedom. Some of them come to faith in Christ. Incredibly, some decide to go back to spread the gospel.

Tensions High, S. Koreans Fear Another War

Tensions remain high along the Korean Peninsula weeks after the North's deadly attack on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong.

Obama Makes Surprise Visit in Afghanistan

President Obama honored troops in Afghanistan with a surprise visit to Bagram Airfield on Friday.

Chinese Bullet Train Breaks Speed Record

A Chinese bullet passenger train set a world record in a trial run on Friday, hitting a top speed 302 miles per hour.  But some say their technology for high speed trains is not exactly new.

Police: Attack on Indonesian Catholics Foiled

Police in Indonesia say they have foiled a potential attack on a group of Christian worshippers in the Muslim majority nation.

U.S. Loses Bid to Host 2022 World Cup

The results are in and the U.S. will not be hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Deadly Winter Storm Blasts Europe

A deadly winter storm is crippling most of Europe, killing 18 people in Poland after exposure to temperatures as low as 14-degrees Farenheit.

Star of David Discovered Atop Iranian Building

Iranian officials are outraged after learning the Star of David has adorned the top of its nation airline headquarters -- possibly for decades.

Groups Highlight Progress on World AIDS Day

Advocates around the globe marked the 7th annual World AIDS Day Dec. 1, raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and remembering victims of the deadly disease.

WikiLeaks Recovers from Major Cyber Attack

WikiLeaks, the whistleblower Web site that released a trove of secret U.S. documents, is back online after a crippling cyber attack rendered it inaccessible.