February 2011 Headlines

Imprisoned in Iran: One Missionary's Journey

American missionary Dan Baumann risked his life when he spent two weeks in Iran spreading the gospel.  In his darkest hour, he says Jesus met him in a prison cell.

Coptic Priest Murdered in Sinai, Egypt

Egyptian Christians are grieving the murder of a Coptic priest in Northern Sinai.

Unfrozen: Gospel Reaches the 'End of the World'

In the northernmost parts of Siberia, Peter Khudi is braving the frigid temperatures to share the gospel with remote tribes.

Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood's Threat

Former FBI agent John Guandolo told CBN News that the United States must become more aware of the Muslim Brotherhood's growing influence.

Europe's Multiculturalism Leading to Civil War?

Multiculturalism was supposed to bring a multi-ethnic, multi-religious utopia to Europe. Instead, it's brought division, extremism and, some say, the prospect of civil war.

Opposition Forces Close in on Libya's Gadhafi

Opposition forces in Libya are closing in on dictator Muammar Gadhafi as the move to take control of the country is just one city away from the capital city, Tripoli.

Mideast Panel: Is Current Unrest Biblical Signposts?

Although all eyes are on the Middle East right now, the world's Christians in particular are watching with great interest.

Mideast Panel: Libya Unrest's Worldwide Impact

CBN News' roundtable of experts discussed the tumultuous situation unfolding in the region and its implications for the U.S. and the world.

Mideast Panel: Is Israel Becoming More Isolated?

On a special edition of the CBN News Channel's Midday News, a panel of experts on the Mideast and Israel discuss if Israel becoming more isolated in the world.

Clinton: Gadhafi Must Leave Power 'Without Delay'

State Secretary Clinton joined other world leaders in Geneva on Monday to coordinate international action against Maommar Gadhafi bloody crackdown.

WorldReach 'Share's Love' with Indonesian Orphans

The Christian Broadcasting Network's WorldReach office in Indonesia recently invited local partners to participate in a "Share Love" event.

NZ Quake Does Not Stop Church Services

The devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand last week did not stop churches from worshipping together on Sunday.

Yemen: Opposition Parties Join Protests

It has been a tough weekend for Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

McCain, Lieberman Start Middle East Tour

The senators met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Friday, saying they "continue to stand with Israel at a time of historic change in the region."

Libyan Forces Open Fire Again on Protestors

The Obama administration said Friday it's preparing to issue sanctions against Libya as a violent crackdown on protestors in the country continues.

White House Freezes Libyan Assets

The Obama administration is freezing all assets in the U.S. held by the Libyan government, Gadhafi and four of his children and abandoning the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.

Man Blows Himself Up at Moscow Supermarket

A man blew himself up with a grenade near a supermarket in Moscow, Russian news agencies said. No other injuries were reported.

U.N., World Further Isolate Libya's Gadhafi

Armed with tough Security Council sanctions, the U.N. and many nations began moving to isolate Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from the international community.

Clinton: U.S. Ready to Aid to Libyan Opposition

The Obama administration stands ready to offer "any type of assistance" to Libyans seeking to oust Moammar Gadhafi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday.

Group Urges Prayer for Libya's Christians

As anti-government protests continue to escalate across Libya, Arab World Ministries is asking believers around the world to pray for Libya's Christians.

Afghan Christian Freed After International Pressure

An Afghan Christian who was condemned to death for leaving Islam is now free, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul confirmed Feb. 21.

U.S. Condemns Pirates' Killing of Americans

The U.S. has strongly condemned the killing of four American citizens by Somali pirates. It has urged the world to bring the maritime criminals to justice.

Search Still on for New Zealand Quake Survivors

Rescue teams in Christchurch, New Zealand, have intensified their search for survivors of Tuesday's magnitude 6.3 earthquake as time is running out.

Coptic Christian Priest Killed in Southern Egypt

The killing of a Coptic Christian priest has prompted thousands of Christians to take to the streets of southern Egypt in protest.

Mayo Clinic, Charity Help Patients in El Salvador

The prestigious Mayo Clinic recently teamed up with Operation Blessing International to provide medical training and health care services in El Salvador.

New Zealand Christians Comforting Quake Survivors

The death toll has climbed to at least 113 from this week's devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Iran Looks to Africa for Uranium

Iran is expanding its covert global search for the uranium and a key focus is Zimbabwe.

Libya's Gadhafi Claims Sole 'Authority' to Rule

Protesters vowed to take Libya's capital city, as President Moammar Gadhafi compared himself to Queen Elizabeth and blamed Osama bin Laden for the revolt.

China's State News Agency Launches Search Engine

China's ruling Communist Party through its news agency has launched its own Internet search site in an effort to control what the Chinese public can see online.

Libya's Dictator Vows to Fight Protestors to the End

Libya's Muammar Gadhafi refuses to step down amid protests, even as President Obama said he is preparing a 'full range' of options in response to violence.

Stakelbeck in Israel: War Coming to the Middle East?

On this week's special edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, CBN News is in Israel for analysis of the latest events in the region.

Death Toll Rises, Hundreds Missing in NZ Quake

Authorities in New Zealand reported 75 confirmed dead and as many as 300 people missing in the wake of Tuesday's 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Christchurch.

Pirates Kill Christian Couple Devoted to Missions

Before they were killed, Scott and Jean Adam had been sailing the seas distributing Bibles and "seeking fertile ground for the Word."

Christian Leaders 'Tweet' for Convert's Freedom

Christian leaders are involved in a Twitter campaign to help a Christian who has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan.

Libya's Gadhafi Gov't Spins Out of Control

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi's appeared on state television briefly Monday night to quell rumors that he had fled to Venezuela.

U.S. Navy Tracking Hijacked 'Bible' Yacht

Three days after a yacht of four Americans was hijacked by Somali pirates, U.S. officials said they're still considering how to respond. 

Egypt Freezes Mubarak's Assets

Egypt's top prosecutor requested on Monday to freeze the foreign assets of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his family.

Deadly Quake Shakes N. Zealand, Rescues Underway

A powerful earthquake struck New Zealand's already-bruised city of Christchurch, sending rescuers scrambling to help trapped people amid reports of multiple deaths.

African TV to Broadcast Christian Programming

A television station in Africa is making it possible for people to watch Christian television programming in their own language.

Former Dissident Advocates Middle East Democracy

Demonstrations have continued to shake dictatorships from Libya to Yemen. Will these protests ultimately lead to democracy or even more tyranny?

Libya Gov't Warns Bloodshed Will Escalate

Hundreds are dead in Libya as bloody clashes between protesters and Moammar Gadhafi's Army threaten to push the country to the brink of civil war.

Middle East Protesters Stand Up to Tyranny

From North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula thousands of protesters in countries like Libya, Bahrain and Yemen are risking their freedom and their lives trying to unseat reigning governments.

China Tries to Stamp Out 'Jasmine Revolution'

Chinese authorities staged a show of force Sunday to squelch a "Jasmine Revolution" modeled after demonstrations sweeping the Middle East.

Death Toll Rises in Libyan Crackdown

Libyan leader Muammar Ghadhafi's forces, reportedly reinforced with mercenaries, continued cracking down on anti-government protesters Sunday.

Libya, Yemen Crack Down; Bahrain Pulls Back Tanks

The royal family, which was quick to use force earlier this week against demonstrators in the landmark square that has been the heart of the anti-government demonstrations.

South Sudan's Christians Prep for New Gov't

Jordan Sekulow, director of international operations for the American Center for Law and Justice, is in Juba, Sudan, helping draft the south's new constitution.

Walid Phares: Revolution in the Middle East

Last year, Walid Phares released the book The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East. Now it appears that revolution is sweeping across the region.

Embassy Worker's Jailing Threatens Pakistan Relations

Sen. John Kerry was in Pakistan this week in hopes of settling a dispute over an American Embassy worker detained in the country.

Influential Islamic Cleric Leads Egyptian Celebration

Egyptian Islamic cleric Sheik Youssef el-Qaradawi addressed tens of thousands of people gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, congratulating them on their victory.

Thousands Treated in Filipino Medical Mission

Operation Blessing International teams in the Philippines have concluded a week-long medical mission.

Lawmakers Propose Foreign Food, Medical Aid Cuts

The budget battles in Washington are forcing congressional lawmakers to make some hard choices about what programs to cut.

American Agents Attacked in Mexico, 1 Dead

Two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were targeted Tuesday in a deadly ambush in which one agent was killed and the other seriously wounded.

Will 'Demographic Suicide' Lead to Japan's Downfall?

One of the main reasons for Japan's decline is that the country is no longer growing -- its population is shrinking.

Army Locks Down Bahrain, Police Storm Protest

Bahrain armed forces clamped down on the fourth day of demonstrations in Manama early Thursday morning, effectively shutting down the capital. 

CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Attacked in Egypt

Senior CBS correspondent Lara Logan was brutally attacked by a mob last week in Egypt.

Chinese Activist Beaten After Video's Release

One of China's most prominent human rights activists and his wife have been brutally beaten following the release of a video exposing their house arrest.

Bahrain, Libya Join the Middle East Fray

Hundreds of Libyans clashed with government forces on Wednesday, demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Baghdad al-Mahmoudi.

Bad Omen? Brotherhood to Form Political Party

The Muslim Brotherhood announced plans to form a political party in Egypt, underscoring its intentions to play a key role in the country's future.

Chilean Miner Shares Testimony with the World

The miners have since become celebrities, but one in particular felt the world needed to hear his story.

Egypt's Military Calls for Return to Normalcy

Egypt's military took sweeping action over the weekend trying to get the country moving forward after President Hosni Mubarak stepped down on Friday.

Yemenis Protest Leader for Fifth Day

The people of Yemen have taken a cue from the Egyptian uprising and have held five straight days of protests so far.

Christian Leader Wants Legal Rights for Egyptians

An Egyptian Christian leader hopes Christians will play a role in leading the country and have the same legal rights as those enjoyed by the Muslim majority.

Iranian Protestors Clash with Security Forces

Tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets on Monday to call for the overthrow of the regime -- the first major demonstrations in Iran since 2009.

Brotherhood to Help Draft Egypt's New Constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood will be a part of the committee tasked with drafting Egypt's interim constitution.

Chevron Fined $9.5 Billion in Ecuador

An Ecuadorean judge ordered Chevron Corp. to pay $9.5 billion in damages and cleanup costs for contaminating a wide swath of Ecuador's northern jungle.

Egypt's Situation Echoes Across Region

The spirit of uprising in Egypt is continuing to spill over into other Arab nations.

Prayer Movement 'Rising Up' Australia

Flash floods and a powerful cyclone have taken a toll on Australia this year, but in the midst of their hardship, many residents have found the "good news."

700 Club Asia Comes to Filipino Radio

A radio station in the Philippines has made it possible for listeners to tune to the Christian Broadcasting Network's program The 700 Club Asia.

UK to Allow Gay Marriage Ceremonies in Churches

According to media reports, Britain may soon allow gay couples to hold partnership ceremonies in churches. The unions could also be officially known as marriages. 

Iran Clamps Down on Opposition Ahead of Rally

The successful protests that toppled President Hosni Mubarak's regime in Egypt have inspired Iranians to take to the streets once again.

Indonesian Cleric on Trial for Terrorism

The trial of Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, 72, began Monday in Jakarta.

Iranian Opposition Calls for Rally

Opposition groups invited Iranians to participate in a peaceful demonstration in support of Tunisian and Egyptian protesters.

St. Peter's Bones: Author Unmasks Iraq's 'Religicide'

In his new novel, St. Peter's Bones, Middle East expert Ken Timmerman offers a fictional account of the real horrors faced by Christians in Iraq.

Protesters Return to Cairo's Tahrir Square

Protesters returned to Tahrir Square on Sunday after Egyptian troops dispersed many of them early in the day.

Protesters Press for Voice in Egypt Democracy

Protesters, still partying over their victory in pushing Mubarak out, now pressed for a voice in guiding their country's move to democracy.

South Sudan to Become World's Newest Country

Results of an independence referendum vote in Sudan will make the country's southern region the world's newest country in July.

Obama: Egypt will Never be the Same

President Obama welcomed Hosni Mubarak's resignation in Egypt, saying he's "confident the people of Egypt can find the answers" for the reform they desire.

Charity Aid Group Builds Houses in Peru

This week, Operation Blessing International has been working on an extreme makeover in the South American nation of Peru.

WH Grapples with Mubarak's Refusal to Resign

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's earlier announcement that he wouldn't resign left the Obama administration with figuring out what their next diplomatic move would be.

France's Sarkozy: Multiculturalism Has Failed

French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday in a televised debate that multiculturalism was a "failure," warning that such a concept fostered extremism.

Will Radical Islam Come to Power in Egypt?

Many Mideast experts worry that Islamic extremists could gain power in the Arab country.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Mubarak to Step Down

The Muslim Brotherhood held a press conference Wednesday and cited some of their demands for the Egyptian government.

Pakistani Police: U.S. Man Committed Murder

Pakistani police said an American who shot dead two men trying to rob him was not acting in self-defense.

Need Confession? There's an App for That

Practicing Roman Catholics who feel the need to go to confession but can't make it to a church, can now download an application on their iPhone to do just that.

Chinese Hackers Breach Oil Companies' Computers

Hackers in China have breached the computers of oil companies around the world, including some in America, the U.S. security firm McAfee Inc. confirmed Friday.

Mubarak Stops Short of Resigning, Gives VP Power

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told his nation he would transfer some power to his vice president Omar Suleiman, but still won't step down before September.

Teen Bomber Kills 27 Pakistani Soldiers

A teenage suicide bomber killed 27 soldiers and injured up to 40 others in the northwest Pakistani town of Mardan on Thursday.

Iran's New Missiles Raise International Concerns

Iran's has produced four new satellites, sparking international concern that the country is developing missiles that will eventually be used to attack Israel or others.

Egyptian Opposition Defiant After VP's Warning

Egypt's Vice President Omar Suleiman incurred the wrath of protestors and opposition groups after he warned they had two options left - dialogue or a coup.

Chechen Rebel Leader Admits Moscow Bombing

A Chechen separatist leader has claimed responsibility for last month's deadly suicide attack at Moscow's busiest airport.

Hamas Threatens to Boycott July 9 Elections

The Palestinian Authority announced it will hold their first local elections in five years on July 9 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - a move rejected by Hamas.

UK's Cameron: Europe Must Wake Up to Extremism

Britian's Prime Minister David Cameron says his country cannot tolerate Islamic extremism.

Egypt Sets Up Reform Panels as Rallies Continue

Egypt's president has moved to relax presidential eligibility requirements in an effort to appease proterstors, who want their leader to step down immediately.

Muslim Mob Burns Indonesian Church Buildings

The violence occurred after a judge sentenced 58-year-old Antonius Bawengan, a Christian, to five years in prison for blaspheming Islam.

Google Exec Talks of Role in Egypt Revolt

The young Google Inc. executive detained by Egyptian authorities for 12 days said Monday he was behind the Facebook page that helped spark "the revolution of the youth of the Internet."

Tunisia Calls Up Reserve Troops Amid Unrest

Tunisia's Defense Ministry is calling up recently retired troops as the country struggles to contain unrest that has persisted.

Rosenberg: What's Next for Egypt's Christians

Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg, author and founder of the Joshua Fund, speaks with CBN News about how the events in Egypt are affecting that country's Christians.

Russian Website Allows CBN Programming

The Russian website, emmanuil.tv, has made it possible for Russians to access the Christian Broadcasting Network's WorldReach programming anywhere across the former Soviet Union.

Egypt's Christians, Muslims Unite in Prayer

Hundreds of Muslim and Christian demonstators united in prayer in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Sunday, joining hands against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

'Iranium' Film Warns of Nuclear Nightmare

Some Middle East analysts have said a nuclear-armed Iran is about to become a reality. A new film shows why that may be the world's worst nightmare.

Christians Accused of 'Insulting Turkey' Appeal Ruling

Two Turkish Christians were convicted of 'lesser crimes' after facing more than $7,000 in fines or face jail time "insulting Turkishness."

Radical Islamic Group Included in Egyptian Talks

After nearly two weeks of demonstrations, Egypt's leaders have taken unprecedented steps to move forward.

Iran Opens Trial of U.S. Hikers

After 18 months of detention, the closed-door trial of three American hikers accused of spying on Iran began on Sunday in the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

Clinton Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood Participation

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in talks with the Egyptian government on Sunday.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Prophet and Spy

This week marked the birth of one of the most heroic Christian figures of the 20th century. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is known for his courageous effort to stop Nazism.

Muslim Brotherhood Meets with Egypt's Gov't

State TV says the top leadership body of Egypt's ruling party, including the president's son and the party secretary-general, resigned as a gesture that the regime is serious about reform.

US-Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty Finalized

The U.S. and Russia have finalized a nuclear arms treaty that limits the number of atomic warheads the two former Cold War foes are allowed to possess.

Sudan's South Living Biblical Prophesy?

Christians in southern Sudan believe recent events in their country are part of God's plan for their nation.

State TV Says Iraqi PM Won't Run for Third Term

Iraqi state TV is reporting that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki won't run for a third time when his current term is up in 2014.

Should Egypt’s Christians Fear Life after Mubarak?

Egyptian Christians fear they could be the target of even more attacks and persecution if President Hosni Mubarak resigns.

Egypt Protests Continue, WH Works to Get Journalists Out

Demonstrations continued on the streets of Cairo, Egypt on Friday as protestors returned demanding President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

Protest Leaders Meet with Egypt PM

Leaders of Egypt's unprecedented wave of anti-government protests have held talks with the prime minister over ways to ease President Hosni Mubarak out of office.

Mitchell: 'Situation Here Dangerous for Journalists'

CBN News's Chris Mitchell was in Egypt covering the riots, but left because of security concerns. Listen to his eyewitness account of the intimidation and beatings of journalists.

Egypt's Christians Concerned About Aftermath

The Egyptian street revolution has created uncertainty around the world, and especially for the Arab country's 10 million Christians.

Pastor: Muslim Brotherhood 'Tragic' for Egypt

Pastor and Egypt native Michael Youssef says his greatest concern is the Muslim Brotherhood -- a radical Islamic group founded in Egypt -- will take control of his native country.

Rosenberg: What to Make of the Middle East Shakeup

Middle East expert and author Joel Rosenberg spoke with CBN News about the events in Egypt and what they mean for the U.S., Israel, and the Middle East.

Egypt's Protests Scaring Other Nations?

The protests in Egypt and the revolt in Tunisia are spilling over into the leadership of other countries.

Terror, Ruin but No Deaths in Australia Cyclone

The most powerful cyclone in more than a century ripped across Australia's northeast coast early Thursday.

Gov't Supporters, Opponents Rally in Yemen

Tens of thousands of government supporters and opponents took to the streets in the Yemen capital of Sanaa on Thursday.

Promises Do Little to Ease Egypt's Chaos

Violence continued in Egypt Thursday, even as government officials took to the airwaves promising political reforms in the country.

China Restricts Reports on Egypt Protests

China's state media is painting the protests in Egypt as the kind of chaos that comes with Western-style democracy.

CBN News Reporter Caught in Cairo Rioting

CBN News Reporter Chris Mitchell was caught in the thick of the clashes between Mubarak supporters and protestors in Cairo. Listen to his observations. 

WikiLeaks: Al Qaeda Building 'Dirty Bombs'

Al Qaeda is close to producing radioactive weapons after getting nuclear material and recruiting rogue scientists to build "dirty bombs."

Mubarak Supporters Demand End to Protests

Supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak clashed Wednesday with democracy protestors, demanding they end their anti-government movement.

Australians Await Category 6 Cyclone

Cyclone Yasi has already been recorded as one of the most powerful storms in history.

Mubarak Says He Won't Seek Re-Election

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced he will not run for another term as the country's leader -- but will remain in office until elections in September. 

Palestinian Authority to Hold Municipal Elections

Tremors from Egypt's political earthquake are being felt in the West Bank.

Dr. Youssef: More to Egypt Crisis than Meets Eye

Egyptian-native Michael Youssef, founder of the television ministry Leading The Way, says there's more to the current turmoil in Egypt than meets the eye.

Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Terrorist Influence

Many analysts believe that the radical organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood will gain great influence with a change of government in Egypt. 

Jordan's King Fires Cabinet Amid Protests

Jordan's King Abdullah II fired his government on Tuesday amid protests in the streets in Amman.

Cyclone Roars Toward Australia's Flooded North

Authorities scrambled to airlift hospital patients from the path of a cyclone roaring toward waterlogged northeastern Australia.