April 2009 Headlines

Jerusalem Bears Witness to Greatest Story

Jerusalem itself bears witness to the greatest story ever told; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Jewish Jesus: Lamb of God

Millions of Jews from around the world gathered to celebrate passover in Jerusalem and among them were Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples.

Adrenaline Junkies Flock to New Zealand

It's known as the "extreme sports capital of the world."  New Zealand has long been a haven for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Egypt Slaughters All Pigs over Swine Flu

Egypt began slaughtering the roughly 300,000 pigs in the country Wednesday as a precautionary measure.

Rallies Shed Light on 'Invisible Children'

Thousands gathered around the world this weekend at Invisible Children rallies to bring attention to kids suffering from violence in Uganda.

Egypt-Hezbollah Tensions Growing

A major Hezbollah terror cell has been broken up and it could have huge ramifications for the Middle East.

Israeli Museum Puts 'Face' on the Holocaust

Israelis stopped to remember the Holocaust and to tell the world it will never happen again. 

'Invisible Children' Rallies for Kids in Uganda

This weekend, thousands of people are expected to gather around the world to draw attention to Africa's longest-running war.

G-8 Summit to Meet in Italy Quake Zone

Italy's government is trying to move the upcoming Group of 8 summit to the site of a recent deadly earthquake.

Concern Over Taliban Rise in Pakistan

The Pakistani military deployed six Frontier Constabulary platoons in northwestern Buner amid new concerns about the Taliban gaining ground in the country.

Al Qaeda Calls for Attack on Jerusalem

Members of Al Qaeda are calling for an attack on Jerusalem.

Probe: Gaza Op Did Not Violate Laws

The Israeli military has wrapped up internal investigations into accusations of soldier misconduct in the recent war in Gaza.

WEB EXTRA: Worldview & the Environment

For more of the CBN News interview with Dr. Calvin Beisner, click the player to see what Dr. Beisner says about the worldview and the environment.

Clinton Says Iranian Reporter Innocent

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says journalist Roxana Saberi is innocent of the charges against her and should be freed immediately.

Afghan Women Protest Law Legalizing Rape

Afghan president Hamid Karzai says a controversial law that restricts women's freedom will be changed.

UN Racism Conference Boycotted, Protested

Nine countries are boycotting the United Nations racism conference.

Israel Ready for Attacks Against Iran

The Israeli military is one step closer to bombing Iran's nuclear sites, according to officials in the country.

Were Obama's Summit Moves Successful?

President Barack Obama has returned from his Latin America summit claiming progress.

Tackling Central America's Drug Trafficking

While U.S. authorities worry about drug-related violence spilling over the Mexico border, they're keeping a wary eye on Central America.

Month-long Elections Underway in India

CBNNews.com - Elections are underway in India, the world's largest democracy.

Obama Heads to Summit with Cuba Focus

In Trinidad and Tobago Friday, President Obama will join leaders from 33 countries for a Summit of the Americas.

China Turning to Copper as Dollar Struggles

CBNNews.com - Many economists have expected China to start moving into gold because of the dollar's decline.

Pakistan Region Now Controlled by Taliban

CBNNews.com -- Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is calling for more non-military aid to Pakistan. 

Afghan Wives Protest Restricted Freedom

CBNNews.com - About 300 women took to the streets of Kabul this week to protest a new law that restricts their freedom.

Egypt Moves Against Hezbollah Smuggling

Egypt says it has broken up a major Hezbollah terrorist network.

Thai Protestors Surrender to Gov't Forces

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The streets in Bangkok have returned to normal just a few hours after leaders of the anti-government protestors, the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship or UDD, peacefully surrendered.

Second Pirate Attack Delays Captain's Return

Pirates attacked another U.S. cargo ship off the coast of Somalia, Wednesday, delaying the return of the American captain freed last week from pirates in the area.

Church Worker Wows Brit Talent Judges

Susan Boyle may not look like a typical reality show contestant, but the unemployed church volunteer is now known around the world for her recent unexpected performance.

Thai Protest Leaders Cancel Demonstrations

Protest leaders in Thailand have called off their demonstrations after days of chaos in Bangkok, the country's capital.

Somali Pirates Retaliate after U.S. Rescue

CBNNews.com - Somali pirates have captured four more ships in the Gulf of Aden, taking more than 60 crew members hostage in apparent retaliation for their five colleagues killed by U.S. and French naval forces during two separate rescues only days apart.

Thai Troops, Protestors Clash in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Clashes between anti-government protesters and the military continue on the second day after Thailand's prime minister placed Bangkok and surrounding provinces under a state of emergency.

Christians Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

Thousands of Christian pilgrims travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Obama: Economy Shows Glimmers of Hope

The premier of China says his country's economy is showing what he calls, "positive changes."

Captain Heads Home After 'Miracle' Rescue

Some are calling the rescue of American Captain Richard Phillips nothing short of a miracle and one that appropriately took place on Easter Sunday.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Navy Rescues Sea Captain

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON - In a  swift firefight on Sunday, U.S. Navy sailors rescued the American sea captain who had been held hostage by pirates off the coast of Somalia.

Live Easter Webcasts from Jerusalem to the World

Thousands of Christian pilgrims are here in Jerusalem to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now a unique ministry is taking the celebration of Easter -- and other Christian celebrations -- to the world. It's called IPrayTV and it connects viewers online to some of the most notable Christian sites in and around Jerusalem. For example, on Wednesday, April 15th, they plan to deliver the first ever live webcast from within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Christians Celebrate Good Friday in Israel

On this Good Friday, millions of Christians around the world are celebrating the passion of Jesus Christ.

'Bossnappings' on the Rise, Workers Angry

Three British executives were taken hostage this week by angry workers in France after negotiations over the loss of 68 jobs collapsed.

Israeli Products Welcomed Worldwide

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - A research study conducted by Israel's Foreign Ministry of the 13 largest markets abroad revealed that consumers favor Israeli products.

Pirates Recapture U.S. Hostage

The American captain held hostage by Somali pirates since Tuesday made a desperate attempt to escape after two days in custody, but was recaptured.

Bush's AIDS Initiative Saves Millions

CBNNews.com - Former President Bush's AIDS initiative for Africa has saved more than 1 million lives in four years, according to a Stanford University study.

Terrorists Arrested for U.K. Easter Attack Plot

A dozen members of an Al-Qaeda cell have been arrested in England.

Italy Mourns Quake Victims

It's a day of mourning across Italy for the victims of this week's devastating earthquake.

Passover Remembrance Begins for Jews

Passover began Wednesday night at sundown.

Italy Death Toll Continues to Rise

Rescuers in Italy removed the last three bodies from a collapsed dormitory in L'Aquila, Italy on Thursday.

FBI Negotiating with Pirates Over Captain

The U.S. Navy was forced to turn to the help of FBI negotiators, Thursday, as officials continued to try and recover the captain of an American ship hijacked by Somali pirates.

U.S. Perceptions of Islam: Are We Right?

INSTANBUL, Turkey - The majority of American's have a negative view of Islam, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Israel Missile Defense Test Successful

CBNNews.com - Israel has successfully tested a missile defense system designed to protect the country against an Iranian attack.

U.S. Lawmakers Call to End Cuban Embargo

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling for an end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

Fate of Hijacked U.S. Ship Still Unknown

The destroyer USS Bainbridge arrived at the Somalia coast just before dawn, Thursday, hoping to aid in the release of a U.S. ship hijacked by Somali pirates Wednesday.

Americans Leave U.S., Join al Qaeda Group

Two Somali American men who left the U.S. to join an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group held a "press conference" last weekend.

Obama Surprises U.S. Troops in Baghdad

Before returning to the United States, President Obama made a surprise visit with American troops in Baghdad.

Int'l Investor: Replacing Dollar Not Bad Idea

International investor George Soros says it may not be a bad idea to replace the dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

Obama Wraps Up First Official Trip Overseas

President Obama is wrapping up his first overseas trip Tuesday.

Rescue Made Despite Aftershocks in Italy

Strong aftershocks continued to shake Italy, Tuesday, as crews searched through rubble for survivors following an earthquake in the country early Monday morning.

Turkey Police Foil Obama Assassination Plot

Turkish authorities have reportedly foiled an assassination plot against U.S. President Barack Obama.

Flogging of Girl by Taliban Causes Uproar

The video of the flogging of a teenage girl by the Taliban in Pakistan is causing an uproar.

N. Korean Launch Puts Spotlight on U.N.

North Korea may have failed to put its latest rocket into space, but it flew twice as far as any other it's launched.

Death Toll Rises After Italy Quake

The death toll continued to rise in Italy, Monday, after a powerful earthquake sent buildings tumbling to the ground.

Obama Hopes to Boost Ties with Turkey

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- President Barack Obama's trip to Turkey this week is a milestone.

Muslim Turkey Hopeful for Obama Presidency

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Turkey's famous and very busy Bosphorus Sea is a body of water that literally divides the city of Istanbul in two. On one side lies Europe, on this side lies Asia. And when president Obama comes to Turkey this weekend, he will find a nation literally divided between those who want to embrace the West and democracy and those who would prefer to embrace the Middle East and Asia.

NATO: Still Unifying or Losing its Edge?

Some will argue that after 60 years NATO is stronger than ever. They point to the Eastern Europe expansion and Nato's presence in Afghanistan. But critics say NATO is a shell of its former self.

Obama's Wants Afghan Help from NATO

STRASBURG, France -- President Barack Obama is now in France shifting gears from the economy to foreign policy.

Middle East Kids Get Christian TV Programs

CBNNews.com - Kids across the Middle East can now watch Christian television programs.

Christian TV Show for Kids in Middle East

Many children's TV programs in the Middle East are anti-semitic and anti-American.

Leaders Tackle Economy at G-20 Summit

LONDON - World leaders promised, Thursday, to provide billions of dollars in emergency loans to boost the global economy, but failed to heed to President Obama's suggestion at new stimulus spending.

N. Korea: Rocket Could Launch on Weekend

CBNNews.com - Global security may not have been on the G-20's official agenda but the topic was not ignored.

Queen Elizabeth Hosts Obamas for Tea

The Obama's had afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth, Wednesday.

Obama Accepts Invite from China, Russia

CBNNews.com  - The White House has announced that President Obama will visit China and Moscow later this year.

Senators Push for Easier Travel to Cuba

If several U.S. Senators have their way, American citizens will soon be able to travel freely to Cuba.

Obama Shoulders World Economic Concern

President Barack Obama will be at the center of the world stage Wednesday as the G-20 economic summit gets set to kick off in London.

Netanyahu Sworn in as Israel's PM

JERUSALEM -- Nearly thirteen years after he first took office, Benjamin Netanyahu is once again the prime minister of Israel.