February 2013 Headlines

'Joni and Friends' Bring Hope to Disabled Ugandans

U.S.-based ministry Joni and Friends is sending its interns to Uganda so they will become better advocates for people with disabilities.

World Race Sets Missionaries on Adventure of Lifetime

Imagine leaving everything you own behind and embarking on a nearly yearlong mission trip in 11 countries. For Emily Wright, it is the adventure of a lifetime.

Pope Benedict XVI Makes Final Public Appearance

Tens of thousands gathered in St. Peters Square in Rome for Pope Benedict XVI's final public appearance ahead of his official resignation on Thursday.

Syria: Muslim Militia Forces Christian Exodus

Syria's 2,000-year-old Christian community is being devastated by the country's civil war.

New Delhi Rape Triggers Shift on Female Abortion

Women's rights in India took center stage, following a New Delhi gang rape. Public outrage has sparked a cultural shift on the practice of female abortion.

Pope Benedict XVI Pledges Loyalty to Successor

Pope Benedict XVI pledged his "unconditional reverence and obedience" to whomever his cardinals choose as his successor.

Imprisoned Pastor's Wife: Nightmare is Not Over

The wife of Saeed Abedini, the American pastor imprisoned in Iran, revealed her pain and suffering in a new blog.

Saudis Arrest Ethiopian Christians for Worshipping

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested 53 Ethiopian Christians during a private worship service this month.

Iceland Seeks to Ban Print, Online Pornography

The government of Iceland wants to block pornography in print and online. Their main goal is to protect children from violent, hardcore, sexual imagery.

US Stays Deportation of Indonesians, For Now

Eight Indonesian Christians seeking asylum in the United States have been granted a temporary stay of their deportation orders.

Expectations Low for Fourth Round of Iran Talks

Negotiations are underway Tuesday between Iran and six major world powers over the country's nuclear program.

Sec'y of State Kerry on First Official Overseas Trip

John Kerry kicked off his first official overseas trip as Secretary of State.

Cuba's Raul Castro to Step Down in 2018

Cuban President Raul Castro announced Sunday that he will step down in 2018 after a final five-year term, ending a more than five-decade era of Castro rule.

CBN Provides Aid to Thousands in Cambodia

The Christian Broadcasting Network is providing medical help to more than 3,000 people in Cambodia.

Pope Benedict: 'I'm Not Abandoning the Church'

In his final blessing Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI told the crowd God has called him to go up on the mountain and dedicate himself to prayer and meditation.

Iran Prison Letter: US Pastor Describes Torture

An American-Iranian pastor imprisoned in Iran because of his faith has released a letter detailing his abuse.

Russia Jails US Pastor for Attempted Bribery

Religious rights advocates are calling for the release of an American pastor detained in a Russian prison on charges of attempted bribery.

Philippines Still Struggling to Recover from Typhoon

Victims of December's Typhoon Bopha are still struggling to recover in the southern Philippines. The CBN Disaster Relief Team is still there helping.

Russia Urged to Stop 'Exploiting' Adopted Boy's Death

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia is calling on Russian leaders to stop their "exploitation" of the death of an adopted boy in the United States.

Al Qaeda Tipsheet on Eluding Drones Found in Mali

Al Qaeda terrorists in Mali have created a tip sheet to help them avoid deadly drones.

Egypt President Morsi Calls for April Elections

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is calling for parliamentary elections in an effort to calm down the civil turmoil that has rocked Egypt in recent months.

Death Toll in Syria Climbs with No End in Sight

The death toll from two years of fighting in Syria is approaching 70,000. That number jumped by dozens Thursday after a bombing in the heart of Damascus.

Libya Arrests Missionaries for Spreading Gospel

Four foreign Christian workers in Libya have been arrested on suspicion of spreading Christianity and giving out Christian literature in Benghazi.

Syrian Refugees Take Shelter with Jordanian Christians

What's it like to leave home, walk for miles, and end up in a foreign land? For the past two years, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have faced that challenge.

'Baby Box' Pastor Rescues Unwanted Korean Infants

Hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, every year. The tragic loss moved one pastor to set up a way to save the infants,

Taliban Vows to Keep Targeting Afghan Officials

The Taliban says it will continue to target Afghan officials and civilians linked to the United States.

Tire Executive Denounces France's 'Crazy' Unions

Maurice Taylor, chief executive of Titan International, says he won't take over a plant in France because of its "crazy" unions.

Egypt's Military, Morsi at Increasing Odds

Tension is rising between Egypt's powerful military and the country's Islamist president.

Kerry: Worst Threat to US is Congress, not China

America's new secretary of state said the greatest threat to American foreign policy is not the unrest in the Middle East or even an emerging China. It's Congress.

France Plans Mali Pull Out Despite New Violence

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian's decision to withdraw comes despite new difficulties in rooting out armed extremists in the West African country.

Cyber Espionage Report Reveals US Vulnerability

A new federal report released Wednesday revealed evidence of an unrelenting campaign of cyber-stealing linked to the Chinese government.

European Courts Rule in Favor of Gay Adoption

Two courts in Europe ruled in favor of homosexuals seeking to adopt children.

Disease Still a Problem for Haiti's Children

Three years after Haiti suffered a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake, the nation's children remain vulnerable to sickness and disease.

Tanzanian Christians Suffer Increased Islamic Attacks

Radical Islamists are stepping up attacks against Christians in the East African nation of Tanzania.

Report: China's Military Behind US Cyberattacks

A new investigative report says China's military is behind a massive hacking campaign against U.S. targets.

Ministry Issues Call to Prayer for Iraqi Pastor's Release

World Compassion Terry Law Ministries (LINK) is issuing an urgent call to prayer for the release of an imprisoned Iraqi pastor.

Iraq Suicide Attacks Within Minutes of Each Other

Multiple car bombs exploded within minutes of each other as Iraqis were out shopping in and around Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 37 people and wounding more than 100 in mainly Shiite areas.

Singapore Protest Over Population Plan

Nearly 3,000 people held a rare rally in Singapore on Saturday to protest a government plan to increase the city-state's population by admitting more foreigners.

'Mercy Ship' Brings Life-Changing Medical Aid to Africa

The global faith-based charity Mercy Ships will be featured Sunday, Feb. 17 on CBS's "60 Minutes."

Congress Presses Kerry to Seek US Pastor's Release

Congress is calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to seek the immediate release of an American Pastor imprisoned in Iran.

The New Emerging Face of Global Missions

Dr. Tim Hill, general director for Church of God World Missions talks about authentic revival and his book, Beyond the Mist, The Quest for Authentic Revival.

Islamic Terrorists Reclaim Northern Mali Town

Thousands of Malians displaced by war will likely remain homeless a while longer.

Search Begins for Pope Benedict XVI's Replacement

With Pope Benedict XVI's surprise announcement to step down at the end of February, Vatican-watchers are already trying to figure who will take his place.

UK: Horse Drug May've Entered Food Chain

As European authorities seek to get to the bottom of horse meat scandal, diners there now have even more reason to beware.

Pope Celebrates Final Public Mass on Ash Wednesday

Pope Benedict celebrated his final public mass for Ash Wednesday, his first appearance since announcing his resignation earlier this week.

Horse Meat Scandal Unsettles Europe

If you've ordered beef in Europe recently, there is a chance you have been eating horse or even donkey meat.

French Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage Draft Law

The French National Assembly voted overwhelmingly on a draft law to legalize same sex marriage and adoption by homosexual couples.

More Troops to Come Home from Afghanistan

President Obama will announce that 34,000 troops will be brought home from Afghanistan within the year, during his State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

'Secret Believers' Fight Spiritual War on Islamic Grounds

While radical Russian Muslims are fighting to take over Dagestan for Islam there are secret Christians engaging in a different type of war, a spiritual one.

Anniversary of Mubarak's Fall Marked with Protests

Eyptians took to the streets on the second anniversary of the fall of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, angry over lack of political and economic reform under Mohammed Morsi.

Obama: N. Korea Nuke Test 'Highly Provocative'

North Korea said Tuesday it successfully detonated a miniaturized nuclear device at a northeastern test site.

Pope Benedict Resigning at the End of February

Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he will resign Feb. 28, the first pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years.

'The Drop Box' Wins Top Prize at Christian Film Fest

A documentary about a South Korean pastor who rescues disabled babies has won the $101,000 grand prize at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Persecution on the Rise for Christians in Eastern Europe

Citizens of the former Soviet Union are facing growing restrictions on their religious freedom, like fining and arresting leaders and destroying church property.

Bahrain's Sunnis, Shiites to Meet Sunday

Sunni and Shiite factions in Bahrain are set to open talks to ease an Arab Spring conflict playing out on the doorstep of the U.S. military's main naval base in the Persian Gulf.

German Education Minister Quits in Plagiarism Case

Germany's education minister has resigned after a university decided to withdraw her doctorate, finding that she plagiarized parts of her thesis.

ACLJ Urges 'Stand in the Gap' for Pastor Saeed

The ACLJ says Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini is being tortured in an Iranian prison and have filed an appeal on their client's his behalf.

Justin Welby Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury

The world's 80 million Anglicans have a new archbishop of Canterbury Tuesday.

UK's Cameron Draws Fire Over Gay Marriage Vote

British lawmakers have voted for a bill legalizing gay marriage. The prime minister has championed the issue but many in his own party are his strongest opponents.

Iranian TV Posts 'New' Footage of Drone Capture

Iranian state-run television broadcast new footage that allegedly shows the CIA drone they captured in 2011.

Malala Yousafzai: 'I'm Alive Because of Prayer'

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakstani girl who was almost killed by Islamic terrorists, is speaking out for the first time since the attack on her life.

King's Remains Found Under a City Parking Lot

Archaeologists in Britain have found the more than 500-year-old remains of England's King Richard III.


Wounded Pakistani Girl Recovering from Surgery

The Pakstani girl shot by the Taliban is in stable condition in a British hospital after successful surgeries to repair her skull and restore her hearing.

Egyptian Pope: 'My Countrymen Must Love Each Other'

In the midst of Egypt's turmoil and civil unrest, the new pope says his countrymen need to love one another.

Turkey: US Embassy Bomber had Terror Conviction

The suicide bomber who struck the U.S. Embassy in Ankara spent several years in prison on terrorism charges but was released on probation.

Mali Town Celebrates Exit of Islamic Terrorists

French forces are in Mali, driving Islamists out of the towns they've occupied more than a year. Gao residents danced in the street, celebrating their town's liberation.

White House Calls Embassy Bombing 'Act of Terror'

A blast outside the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, killed at least two people, the U.S. State Department confirmed Friday.

Search Is on for Survivors in Mexico Oil Co. Blast

Mexico City rescue teams are searching for survivors after a deadly basement explosion in one of the city's tallest buildings.