March 2013 Headlines

Elections Spark Texas Voting Face Off

Primary voting in Texas has set the stage for the next gubernatorial election.

Spirit of Adoption Sweeps across Ukraine

A powerful movement is sweeping through Ukraine. Thousands of Christians are coming together to care for the fatherless.

Saeed's Wife: Iran Doesn't Know Who They're Dealing With

Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-born pastor with U.S. citizenship, is serving eight years in an Iranian prison. But his wife warns Iran doesn’t know who they’re dealing with.

Mayors: 'No Buying Sugary Drinks with Food Stamps'

The mayors of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and 15 other cities across the country are pushing against the use of food stamps to buy sodas and other sugary drinks.

Sweden Grants Iran Christian Reza Jabbari Asylum

Christians in Iran face arrest, torture, even death. But Sweden wants to send Iranian Christian asylum seekers back to Iran where they could be killed.


Unexpected Visit: A Muslim Boy's Journey to Faith

What if your decision to follow Jesus made you a family outcast. That's what happened to one Muslim boy. But the power of love brought them back together.

Americans Warned: Home Schoolers Stripped of Rights

The Obama administration has stated in court that home schooling is not a parental right -- an assertion some say should frighten American parents.

Regent Students Make Big Promise to Indian Orphans

During a summer mission trip, Regent University students promised to build a group of orphans a home. Now they're working to deliver.


Kenya, Tanzania Islamists Vow Church Attacks

Muslim extremists in Kenya and Tanzania have pledged to attack churches on Easter, putting East African Christians on edge.

US Preps for Strong Response amid N. Korea Threats

The North Korean government is threatening military strikes against South Korea and the United States. The U.S. is responding with a show of allied force.

Pope, Catholic Leaders Show Jesus' Love at Easter

Pope Francis took steps to show the tangible love of Christ on Easter, once again moving out among the people, taking time to embrace a disabled boy.

Middle East Christians Flock to Easter Services

Catholics and Protestants in Baghdad and throughout the Middle East flocked to churches to celebrate Easter Sunday, praying, singing and rejoicing.

South Africa's Mandela Remains Hospitalized

Media crews from around the world have set up camp outside the private Pretoria hospital where former South African President Nelson Mandela is believed to be receiving treatment for pneumonia.

North Korea Threatens to 'Settle Accounts' with US

During an emergency meeting on Friday North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned his rocket forces were ready "to settle accounts with the U.S."

Experts: Democracy Fails without Religious Liberty

Three of the top experts on worldwide persecution are blaming multiculturalism and a politically correct culture for caring less and less about the rights of Christians.

US Deploys Stealth Bombers to Korean Peninsula

U.S. officials said two American B-2 stealth bombers with nuclear capability dropped munitions on the Korean Peninsula as part of joint military drills.

Cyprus Banks Reopen after Bailout Plan

Cyprus banks reopened to customers Thursday for the first time nearly two weeks

Central African Republic Rebels Target Christians

Rebels in the Central African Republic reportedly are looting and destroying Christian homes and churches.

Cairo Mosque Turned into Christian Torture Chamber

Radical Islamists took over a Cairo mosque and used it to torture Christians who had been protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Family of Jailed Iranian Pastor Escapes to Canada

The family of imprisoned Iranian Christian pastor Farshid Fathi has been safely evacuated from Iran.

Egypt Issues Warrants for Anti-Brotherhood Activists

Egypt's top prosecutor issued arrest warrants for five prominent activists who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood.

North Korea Prepares for Strike on US Bases

North Korea is calling for all strategic rocket and long-range artillery to be prepared to strike U.S. bases on Guam, Hawaii, and mainland America.

Cyprus Effect? Europe May Raid Savings Accounts

Governments may raid savings accounts in Spain, Italy, and other countries in order to save the euro.

Gay Marriage, Adoption Bill Sparks Protest in France

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in France Sunday to oppose legislation allowing gay couples to marry and adopt.

Cyprus OK's Bailout Plan, Dodges Bankruptcy

Cyprus has approved a bailout plan that saves the country from a collapse of the banking system and prevents a potential crisis for Europe.

Kerry in Iraq Urges Halt to Iran Flights to Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on an unannounced visit Sunday to Baghdad urged Iraq's leaders to halt Iranian overflights of weapons and fighters heading to Syria.

Pope Francis Celebrates First Palm Sunday at Vatican

Pope Francis celebrated his first Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square, encouraging people to be humble and young at heart.

Tortured American Pastor: 'I Did Not Recognize Myself'

American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned in Iran, has been able to get a letter to his family.


China's Christians Fight to End One-Child Policy

Since 1971, China has performed 336 million abortions largely due to its one-child policy. Now the nation's Christians are fighting back. 

World Water Day Highlights Need for Clean Water

Friday is World Water Day, which aims to raise awareness about the global problems in water and sanitation.

CBN Mexico Launches New Version of 'Superbook'

On Easter weekend, CBN Mexico will launch the new version of the animated series "Superbook," or Superlibro as it's called in Latin America.

Children of Pastor Saeed: 'Can We See Daddy?'

The young son of a U.S. pastor jailed in Iran celebrated his fifth birthday this weekend. But the one wish he wanted didn't come true: his father's freedom.

New Zealand Close to Legalizing Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage is likely to be legal soon in New Zealand. Lawmakers recently passed a bill, 77-44, allowing gay marriage.

Senators: US Must Secure Syria's Chemical Weapons

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said the United States should be prepared to send troops to Syria to secure that nation's chemical weapons.

Tenth Anniversary: Was the Iraq War a Mistake?

Ten years have passed since the start of the Iraq War. Although popular at the start, looking back, most Americans say it was a mistake.

Cyprus Church Offers Aid to Save Nation from Ruin

The Orthodox Church in Cyprus said it's prepared to help save the tiny island nation from a fiscal crisis.

Report: Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons

Syria's state media is accusing rebel forces of using a chemical weapon.

World Pressure Mounting, Saeed, Family Allowed Visit

Pastor Saeed Abedini met with his family in Iran for an extended two-hour visitation Monday. The visit was allowed in commemoration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Pope Opens Ministry with Call to Serve Poor, Weak

Pope Francis officially began his ministry Tuesday as the 266th pope, with tens of thousands gathering for the installation mass.

Deadly Attacks Mark Tenth Anniversary of Iraq War

Terrorists launched a relentless wave of deadly bombings Tuesday to mark the tenth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Mali Survivors Rebuilding in the Wake of Civil War

Al Qaeda is on the rise in North Africa, and in the bullseye -- the country of Mali. Though some liberated areas are beginning to recover, the war's effects still linger.

Pope Francis Makes Mark as 'The People's Pope'

Pope Francis officially becomes the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics on Tuesday.

Hagel, Karzai Seek Deal on Detention Center

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has held new talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on the stalled transfer of a key detention center to Afghan control.

Global Jihad? Al Qaeda Expands to Africa, Beyond

Terrorism experts warn al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, poses a growing danger to Africa and beyond.

Fmr. Divinity Dean: Pope Open to Charismatics?

The former dean of Regent University's School of Divinity described the new pope as a "wonderful Christian" who was very open to the Charismatic renewal.

Imprisoned Pastor's Wife 'Disappointed' in US Gov't

The wife of American Pastor Saeed Abedini tearfully expressed disappointment the U.S. had not done more to secure her husband's freedom.

Libyan Militias Torch Benghazi Church

Christian persecution in the Middle East continued Friday with the latest attack in Benghazi, Libya, where Islamists torched a church attended by Egyptian Christians.

New Era: First Latin American Pope Takes Helm

The election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio -- now Pope Francis - electrified the faithful at Vatican City and has reverberated around the world.

Pope: Speak the Gospel as Clearly as You Know How

Argentine Evangelist Luis Palau spoke with CBN News about his relationship with the Catholic Church's first Latin American pope.

Victims of Pakistan Muslim Mob Attack Receive Aid

Pakistan's Christians are rising up after a Muslim mob attacked a Christian neighborhood in Lahore this weekend.

White Smoke! Argentine Jorge Bergoglio Elected Pope

Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas and the first from outside Europe. He has chosen the name Pope Francis.

Syrian War Results in Mass Victimization of Children

Aid groups say the greatest victims of the Syrian uprising against President Bashar Assad has been Syria's children.

Dutch Gov't Warns Terror Attack Threat 'Substantial'

The Dutch government has raised its terror warning to the second highest level, saying there's a "substantial" possibility of an attack.

US Issues Warning to North Korea, China

The Obama administration is warning North Korea against launching a nuclear attack against America.

Iran Calls Film 'Argo' Propaganda, Threatens to Sue

Iranian authorities are planning to sue Hollywood over the Oscar-winning movie "Argo."

Egyptian Christian Detainee Dies in Libya Custody

An Egyptian Christian has died in a Libyan jail, according to The Voice of the Martyrs.

Al Qaeda Branch Claims Killing of Syrian Troops

Al Qaeda's Iraq branch is claiming responsibility for the deaths of 48 Syrian soldiers in the western Anbar province.

Next Pope: Cardinals Face Decision of a Lifetime

More than 100 cardinals gathered in the Sistine Chapel Tuesday to elect a new pope. One cardinal called his vote the most important decision of his life.

Cardinals Pray for Guidance in Electing New Pope

No clear papal front-runner has been fingered among the 115 cardinals, but some of the same names keep coming up in all the speculation.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth Endorses Gay Rights

Britain's Queen Elizabeth is making history and coming out in favor of gay rights.

Tensions Rise as N. Korea Voids Armistice Agreement

South Korea and the U.S. are taking part in annual military drills as North Korea followed through on its threat to nullify the ceasefire agreement that ended the Korean war.

Karzai's US-Taliban Collusion Claim 'Categorically False'

President Hamid Karzai accused the United States of working with the Taliban to show that violence in Afghanistan will increase if U.S. troops leave.

Egyptian Soccer Fans Riot Over Verdicts

Egyptian soccer fans riot in Cairo after acquittal of police officers charged in a stadium melee.

Papal Conclave 2013: Elections Begin Tuesday

The Vatican says the conclave to elect a new pope will begin Tuesday.

Christians Worldwide Gather to Pray for Burma

Millions of Christians around the world are gathering Sunday for the Global Day of Prayer for Burma.

Syrian Christians Fleeing as Islamists Take Over

Islamic rebels have been taking over Christian villages in Syria and that leaves the Christians facing some tough choices.

Venezuela's Christians Call for Unity After Chavez

The head of Venezuela's Evangelical Council expressed optimism about the future.


Wolf: There'll Soon Be No Christians Left in Mideast

A Republican congressman says U.S. aid to Egypt should be linked to that country's treatment of its Christians.

N. Korea Steps Up Threats after UN Sanctions

North Korea is stepping up its warlike rhetoric after the U.N. Security Council hit the country with tough, new sanctions.

Filipino Family's Murder Stokes Passion for Gospel

The murder of a pastor and his family has stirred the Philippines Christian community, now more committed to sharing the Gospel in the Muslim country.

North Korea Threatens Nuke Attack on US

North Korea's nuclear warning comes just hours before the U.N. Security Council is scheduled to vote on a new round of sanctions against the outlaw regime.

Damascus Countdown: Novel Depicts Iran Showdown

Author Joel C. Rosenberg offers a thriller ripped from future headlines where Israel launches a preemptive strike against Iran. How close is this to a real scenario?

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Leaves Mixed Legacy

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has pundits debating his legacy.

Lawmaker Balks at $250B in Aid to Egypt

The Obama administration's decision to release $250 billion in foreign aid to Egypt is drawing fire from some in Congress.


Iraqi Church Installs New Patriarch

Iraq's Chaldean Catholic Church installed a new patriarch Wednesday, under tight security arrangements.

Report: Too Much Money on Iraq, Few Results

A new government report says the United States spent too much money and got too few results for all its sacrifice on Iraq.

More Than 1 Million Refugees Flee War-Torn Syria

The number of Syrians who have fled their war-ravaged country has now topped the 1 million mark.

N. Korea Vows to Cancel Cease-Fire over Sanctions

North Korea is threatening to cancel the 1953 armistice with South Korea over the U.N.'s plan for sanctions against the North for its nuclear test in February.

America Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt's 'New Pharoah?'

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has seized absolute power over his country yet Washington continues to send him support and praise him publicly as a moderate.

Cardinals Begin Process of Choosing New Pope

The Roman Catholic cardinals who will elect a new pope to succeed Benedict XVI have held their first meeting since the pope officially left office, Feb. 28.

Egyptians Protest John Kerry's Mideast Tour

Secretary of State John Kerry's Middle East tour turned rocky when he visited Egypt's capital this weekend.

Chavez Receiving Chemotherapy

Venezuela's government has revealed for the first time that President Hugo Chavez has been receiving chemotherapy as he "continues his battle for life."

CBN Provides Vital Aid to Refugees in Mali Town

As French troops begin winding down their battle against Islamic militants in Mali, CBN continues to feed and assist those caught up in the conflict.

Egyptian Copts Detained, Tortured in Libya

About 100 Egyptian Coptic Christians have been detained in Libya on suspicion of spreading the Gospel, according to Ahram Online.

Hundreds of Thousands Displaced by Mozambique Floods

Floodwaters in Mozambique have displaced nearly 200,000 people.  The Christian relief agency Samaritan's Purse is there giving people life-saving food and water.