April 2013 Headlines

N. Korea Christians Remain Faithful amid War Threat

One North Korean defector says the best way to pray for the North in these tense times is to remember underground believers who work quietly in the shadows.

Syrian Chemical Threat Spurs Talk of US Action

A powerful blast rocked the Syria's capital city of Damascus, killing 13 people. It's the latest violence in a civil war that has killed more than 70,000 people.

Pastor Saeed Thrown in Solitary, Health Failing

Saeed Abedini, the U.S pastor imprisoned for his faith in Iran, is now in solitary confinement after petitioning Evin Prison about its inhumane conditions.

Northern Ireland Shuts Down Same-Sex Marriage Bid

The Northern Ireland Assembly rejected a motion for gay marriage to be legally recognized in the province Monday.

CIA Gives Tens of Millions to Afghan President

The CIA has given tens of millions of dollars in cash to Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the last decade.

Muslim-Christian Romance Sparks Church Attacks

The stone-throwing mob surrounded a Coptic church south of Cairo this weekend to protest a romance between a Christian man and a Muslim woman.

Freed Pastor's Story One of Faith and Determination

CBN News has learned new information about what led to the release of an imprisoned Iraqi pastor named Pastor Jamal.

Ireland Abortion Restrictions Under Fire

Thirty-thousand Irish citizens converged on Dublin in January to tell the government to leave Ireland's pro-life law alone.

A Miraculous 'Ordinary' Movie Points to a Mighty God

God often uses ordinary people to do His extraordinary work. It's a concept that Angus Buchan knows well.

Sen. John McCain Calls for Syria No-Fly Zone

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is calling for the White House to take action against Syria.

Three British Muslims Jailed for Terrorism

Three British Muslims were jailed Thursday in London for traveling to Pakistan for terrorism training.

China Quake Victims Get Food, Meds from CBN Teams

CBN Disaster Relief is helping victims of the latest earthquake in China.

US Discovers Chemical Weapon Evidence in Syria

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the US has evidence that chemical weapons were used in Syria.

Tanzania: Islamic Persecutors Target Christian Pastors

For many years Christians in Tanzania have felt safe worshipping, given the country's Christian majorities. Now, their security is waning following a wave of persecution.


House GOP Faults Clinton for Benghazi Attack

House Republicans say former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bears responsibility for last September's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

France Legalizes Gay Marriage

French lawmakers voted Tuesday to legalize gay marriage. This comes after months of heavy debate and protests that flooded the streets of Paris.

Iraq's Pastor Jamal Released from Prison

Abdi Ali Hamzah, an Iraqi pastor imprisoned for nearly two years, is free due to the efforts of a U.S. ministry and an Oklahoma senator.

North Korea Signals It's Ready to Bargain

After weeks of heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, it appears North Korea may be ready to talk, but with conditions.

Canada Terror Plot Suspects Due in Court

Two men accused of a plotting a terrorist attack against a passenger train that runs from Canada to New York are due in court Tuesday.

Russia Warned US Boston Suspect 'Follower of Islam'

Russian authorities warned the United States in 2011 that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev had become: "follower of radical Islam."

Swedish Parents Fight $16,000 Home-Schooling Fine

Swedish family heavily fined for home-schooling, now they're appealing to European court of Human Rights.

Relief Teams Rush Aid to China Quake Survivors

Rescuers and relief teams are rushing supplies to rural provinces in China after a deadly earthquake over the weekend.

China Rushes Relief After Sichuan Quake Kills 186

A powerful earthquake struck the steep hills of China's southwestern Sichuan province Saturday, leaving at least 186 people dead and more than 11,000 injured.

Group Says Beware of Boston Tragedy Aid Hoaxes

Watchdog groups are warning those eager to help victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy to beware of scam artists pretending to be charities.

Ecuador Politician Stripped of Rights for Gay Remarks

Former presidential candidate Nelson Zavala was stripped of all political rights for saying publicly that homosexuals can change.

Copts Call Obama to Speak Out on Christian Persecution

In Washington D.C., American Coptics gathered in front of the White House to demand justice for Egyptian Christians.

Faith Leaders Reflect on Margaret Thatcher's Legacy

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is being laid to rest Wednesday with full military honors.

Morbid Torture of Pastor Saeed Intensifies

The family of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini has reported to the American Center for Law and Justice that his condition is worsening.

New Zealand Sanctions Same-Sex Marriage

New Zealand parliament approved same sex marriage Wednesday making it the 13th country in the world to do so and the first in the Asia-Pacific region.


Iran Beefs Up Nuclear Program Despite Sanctions

New reports show Iran's main uranium enrichment facility has tripled their installations of high-tech machines to more than 600.

South Koreans Unfazed by North's Sabre Rattling

An afternoon in a bustling shopping center in Seoul gives the impression the West is more concerned about North Korea than most South Koreans.


Turkish Pianist Convicted for Tweeting Against Islam

Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say faces jail time after being convicted Monday of blasphemy and inciting hatred.

US Helicopter Crash near N. Korea Border Injures 21

Twenty-one US service members were injured Tuesday morning after a "hard landing" near North Korea.

Muslim Extremist 'Happy' About Boston Bombings

The head of a Muslim extremist group says he's happy to see the horror in America after the bombings in Boston.

France on the Brink of Legalizing Gay Marriage

In the streets of Paris Christians kneel and pray, asking God to deliver France from a same-sex marriage bill that they believe will amount to a new French revolution.

Dozens of People Killed in Iran-Pakistan Quake

At least 46 people were killed in a major earthquake that hit the Iran-Pakistan border Tuesday.

Chavez 'Heir' Wins Venezuela Election, Recount Demanded

The socialist revolution in Venezuela may continue after a razor-thin special presidential election.

S. Korean Pastor: Prayer Answer to War Tensions

South Korea's Pastor Baik Kyung Sam of World Loving Church says prayer, not politics, is the only solution for lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

Lion Air Plane Crashes into Sea in Bali; 22 Hurt

A Lion Air plane carrying more than 100 passengers and crew overshot a runway on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday and crashed into the sea, injuring nearly two dozen people.

Activists Say Syrian Airstrike Kills 18 People

A Syrian government airstrike on a town in the country's northwest killed at least 18 people Saturday.

Sec. Kerry: North Korea War Rhetoric 'Unacceptable'

Questions remain about North Korea's nuclear capabilities and if they will attempt a missile launch soon.

Uruguay Legalizes Gay Marriage

Uruguay is now the third country in the America's to legalize gay marriage; 71 out of 92 members of the county's chamber of deputies voted in favor of the measure.

Thatcher Remembered as Political Titan, Cultural Icon

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's legacy as a political titan and cultural icon remains intact in the U.K. and around the world.

Rep. Wolf Urges Obama to Defend Egypt's Christians

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va. is calling on President Obama to speak up for Egypt's persecuted Christians.

Iranian Christians Face Captivity, Persecution

This week in Washington, DC, two Iranian Christian women told their own story of persecution at the hands of the Iranian authorities.

US Official: N. Korean Missile 'Running and Active'

The North Korean missile that has South Korea and its allies in the region on high-alert is gassed up and ready to fly, according to a U.S. official.

US Expected to Increase Aid to Syrian Rebels

The U.S. is expected to increase aid to Syrian rebels. The Obama administration will likely provide body armor and night vision goggles.

South Korea Warns North Could Attack Any Day

South Korea's Defense Ministry says North Korea could fire a missile any day.

N. Korea Warns Tourists to Evacuate South Korea

North Korea is warning foreigners to leave South Korea because it says the two countries are on the brink of war.

Nuclear Talks Fail, Iran Expands Uranium Production

Iran announced two new projects Tuesday to ramp up its nuclear program, including a plan to expand the country's ability to extract and process uranium.

Deadly Quake Hits Near Iran's Nuke Plant

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake is being blamed for at least 32 deaths and 850 injuries in Bushehr, Iran. The quake struck 60 miles south of the country's only nuclear power plant.

Egyptian Pope Slams Morsi over Sectarian Attacks

The head of Egypt's Coptic Church is criticizing the country's Islamist president over his response to sectarian violence, which killed at least five Christians.

Iran Denies Pastor Saeed Medical Treatment

American Pastor Saeed Abedini, imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, is being denied medical treatment.


'Superbook' Brings Light to Mexico's Dark TV Lineup

Parents in Mexico are concerned about violent TV programming. Now executives are opening their channels  to a different kind of children's show.

China Issues Harsh Warning to North Korea

North Korea said it would suspend operations Monday at a factory it has run jointly with the South.  Meanwhile, China had hard words for the communist regime.

Egypt Muslim-Christian Clashes Leave Five Dead

Clashes between Egyptian Muslims and Christians erupted early Saturday in a town near Cairo, leaving at least five people dead, security officials said.

Iran Nuclear Talks: No Deal In Sight

The EU's foreign policy chief says that nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers have failed to reach an agreement.

US Seeks to Dial Back Tensions with North Korea

The Pentagon is trying to dial back rising tensions between North Korea and the United States.

Egyptian Christians Face Increased Kidnappings

Kidnappers are targeting Christians in a southern province in Egypt.

Nelson Mandela Discharged From Hospital

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was discharged from a hospital on Saturday after an improvement in his health following treatment for pneumonia.

Washing the Feet of Syria’s Most Vulnerable

As the world watches Syria implode from a brutal civil war, missionaries are at the front lines to bring comfort to more than a million people who have escaped the fighting.

Nigeria Christians Ask for Prayer after New Attacks

Christians in central Nigeria are appealing for prayer after a new round of violence left as many as 80 people dead during the Easter season.

US Troops on Alert Along North, South Korea Border

The war of words continues to escalate on the Korean Peninsula while the US beefs up its presence there by sending in additional warships.

North Korea Ranked No. 1 for Christian Persecution

North Korea is the most hostile place for Christians around the globe,  according to the annual "World Watch" list from the Open Doors Organization.

World Powers Meet to Discuss Iran's Nuke Program

Leaders from six world powers met on Thursday with Iranian officials to negotiate the country's nuclear program.

N. Korea Bars South Korean Workers from Factory

Pyongyang's decision Tuesday to refuse South Korean workers access to a joint factory follows repeated threats to attack Seoul and the United States.

Syria: 'Bloody March' Marks Record High Killings

Last month marked the deadliest month in Syria since protests against President Bashar al-Assad's regime began two years ago.

North Korea Vows to Restart Nuclear Reactor

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un upped the ante Tuesday, vowing to re-start a dormant reactor in the nation's main nuclear facility.

CBN's 'Superbook' Premiere a Hit in Mexico

CBN's animated children's series "Superbook" received a powerful audience response after its first airing in Mexico this weekend.