July 2013 Headlines

'Reach' School Restoring Lives in Paraguay

In the arid region of western Paraguay, tribes in the Chaco eke out a living raising livestock and cultivating small crops.

Eritrean Youth Jailed, Beaten for being Christians

Eritrean authorities arrested 39 high school students because of their faith in Christ.

Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers

The recent upheaval in Egypt brings to the forefront the plight of Christians who have come under increased attack from Islamists since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

Saudi Prince: US Shale Oil Threat to Saudi Economy

A billionaire Saudi prince says the American shale oil revolution could become a threat to the Saudi economy.

Saudi Blogger Gets Prison, Lashes for Insulting Islam

The founder of Free Saudi Liberals, a liberal-leaning website in Saudi Arabia, has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes.

Multiple Blasts Kill 12 in Christian Area of Nigeria

Multiple bomb blasts killed 12 people in a Christian area of Kano City, Nigeria over the weekend.

Muslim Brotherhood Fights for Control in Egypt

Tens of thousands of protesters continue to defy government orders as deposed Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi called for a million-man march against his ouster.

Pope on Gay Clergy: 'Forgive and Forget'

Pope Francis says he won't judge gay priests for their sexual orientation or marginalize gays within the Catholic Church.

Hundreds in Spain Pay Homage to Train Crash Victims

Spain's royal family and others paid homage at a mass Monday for the 79 people killed in the country's worst train accident in decades.

Wave of Car Bombings in Iraq Kills Dozens

More than a dozen explosions, mainly from car bombs, ripped through marketplaces, parking lots, a cafe and rush-hour crowds in Iraq on Monday, killing at least 58 people.

North Korea, US Mark Korean War Anniversary

Saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of the cease-fire that ended the fighting of the Korean War.

Can a Nation Be Saved in a Day? Honduras Says, 'Yes'

Can a nation be saved in a day? Thousands of American missionaries joined with Latin American believers to prove this prophecy of the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament.

More than 1,400 Kids Gather in Desert to Pray

 More than 1,400 children gathered in the Egyptian desert recently asking God to change them and their nation.

Spain Investigates Train Operator in Deadly Crash

Investigators are taking a closer look at the role of the train operator in Wednesday evening's deadly crash in Spain that killed at least 80 people and wounded dozens more.

Morsi Detention Extended over Hamas Collaboration

An Egyptian judge ordered an additional 15-day detention of ousted President Mohammed Morsi on new allegations of conspiring with Hamas during the 2001 uprising.

Spain Authorities Investigating Grisly Train Crash

Investigators are trying to determine why a passenger train jumped the tracks in Spain, killing at least 78 people and injuring more than 140.

Uganda Refugee Camp in Need of Food, Shelter

Uganda is facing a humanitarian crisis after 65,000 refugees fled a terror attack on their village in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Royals 'Delighted' to Introduce George Alexander Louis

The third-in-line to Great Britain's throne finally has a name: George Alexander Louis.

Divided Egypt Putting Christians in the Crosshairs

As Egypt's death toll rises, many wonder if Brotherhood supporters and foes are headed for a showdown -- and what that means for Christians.

Pastor Saeed Marks 300 Days in Iranian Prison

Thursday marked the 300th day that American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran for his faith.

Awakening: What's Fueling Brazil's Spiritual Growth?

The pope was greeted by thousands in Brazil, home to the fastest growing evangelical population of any Latin American nation.

It's a Royal Baby Boy for Kate and William

It's a boy! Kate, the British Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a 8 pounds 6 oz. baby Monday evening in London.

Blood Libel: Murder-Inciting Video Called a Hoax

The French government has decided facts don't matter, legitimizing a possible hoax that has contributed to the murder of many Americans and Israelis.

Deadly Quake Topples Rural Area in China

At least 75 people were found dead after a powerful earthquake struck a rural area of China on Monday.

Aftershocks Rattle New Zealand after 6.9 Quake

Residents of New Zealand's capital city of Wellington are still feeling the aftershocks of a 6.9 earthquake that hit Sunday.

Ban on Islamic Veils Triggers Riots in France

Rioters, angry over France's ban on Islamic veils for women, torched about 20 cars in a Paris suburb this weekend.

Pope Heads to Brazil for World Youth Day

Pope Francis returns to South America Monday to celebrate World Youth Day in Brazil.

Operation Blessing Helps Sierra Leone Villagers

Operation Blessing helped a small farming community deep in the forests of Sierra Leone.


South Africans Celebrate Mandela's 95th Birthday

Hospital visitors say Nelson Mandela smiled and nodded Thursday - his 95th birthday - and South Africans celebrated upbeat reports about the former president's health.

Britain Eagerly Anticipates Royal Baby's Arrival

Britain is anxiously expecting the arrival of the first child of Prince William and his wife, Kate.

Queen Elizabeth Gives OK on UK Gay Marriage

The House of Lords passed legislation legalizing gay unions earlier this week. The queen's approval was the last step required for the bill to become law.

UK Healthcare Report Shocks, Angers Britain

Politicians and health officials in Britain are reacting to a blistering new report that suggests thousands may have died needlessly in British hospitals.

Commentary | How Dare You?! The Supremacist Nature of Muslim 'Grievances'

The true face of "Muslim grievance" is not predicated on any universal standards of equality or justice but on a mandated sense of superiority over non-Muslims.

N. Korea Ship with Missiles Seized at Panama Canal

A North Korean ship carrying what appeared to be ballistic missiles and other arms was seized at the Panama Canal this week.

Egypt's New Presidential Cabinet Void of Islamists

Interim Egyptian President Adli Mansour swore in a new cabinet that includes women and Christians, but no members of Islamist parties.

UK Moves Closer to Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Great Britain took another step closer to legalizing gay marriage after passing a bill through the House of Lords in a 390-148 vote.

Egypt Interim Leaders Meet with Top US Diplomat

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is in Egypt Monday for talks with the nation's interim leaders.

French President Dismisses Shale Gas Exploration

French President Francois Hollande has once again ruled out exploring for shale gas while he's in office.

Muslim Brotherhood America's Next Great Enemy?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is on its heels after the recent military coup. But the group is still active worldwide, including in the United States and Europe.

Global DNA Stockpiling by Police Sparks Alarm

Police forces across the globe are expanding their collection of DNA. More than 54 countries have national police databases filled with millions of DNA samples.

Egyptians Hopeful Economic Recovery Ahead

When millions of Egyptians took to the streets, many complained of economic hardships under ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

Angry Islamists Turn Wrath on Egypt's Christians

Egyptian Christians are facing growing retaliation by angry Islamists for opposing ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

Luis Palau Festival in Venezuela Draws Thousands

In Venezuela, the uncertain social and political climate may actually be helping the church to grow. Large crowds attended this month's evangelistic festival.

Death Toll Rises in Canadian Train Explosion

Canadian authorities raised the death toll from a major train accident to 50 Friday. Officials are still investigating the derailment that set off a fiery explosion in Québec.

Hanging in the Balance: Egypt Fights for Its Future

As Egypt's new government is setting out a roadmap for the country's political future, some say the very fate of Egypt is in the balance.

TSA: Don't Be Alarmed over Muslim Rituals During Ramadan

Ramadan is here, a month of prayer and fasting. American security officials are telling summer travelers not to be alarmed if they see Muslims doing religious rituals in airports or on planes.


Egypt's Unrest Causes Oil Prices to Surge

Experts say the chaos in Egypt is one reason why the price of oil is on the rise.

Egypt's Christians Hopeful Despite Uncertain Future

As Muslims begin the month of Ramadan, Egypt also starts on a new political course into an uncertain and potentially troubled future.

Evangelist Arrested Curbside for Condemning Homosexuality

A former Los Angeles police officer-turned evangelist was arrested in London on Monday for publicly calling homosexuality a sin, according to Christian Newswire.

Islamic Jihadists Decapitate Egyptian Christian

Another Christian was kidnapped and murdered by suspected Islamic jihadists in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. His decapitated body was found Thursday morning in a cemetery.

Canada Searches for Answers in Deadly Train Crash

Canadian officials continued their investigation into a deadly train derailment that set off a fiery explosion in Quebec.

Egypt Issues Arrest Warrants for Brotherhood Leaders

Egypt has issued arrest warrants for Muslim Brotherhood leaders suspected of instigating violence outside the Republican Guard building in Cairo this week.

Church of England Revisits Push for Women Bishops

The Church of England will once again take up the issue of ordaining women bishops in response to backlash over a similar proposal that failed last year.

Experts Warn Iran Still Active in Latin America

The State Department says Iran's influence in Latin America is "waning," but some experts say that assessment is wrong.

US: Egypt Aid to Continue Despite Morsi Ouster

The United States will not stop sending military aid to Egypt following the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi.

Egypt Brotherhood Threatens 'Intifada' amid Clashes

The Egyptian military released video supporting its claim that members of the Muslim Brotherhood opened fire on its soldiers first.

Nigerian Kids Burned Alive, Boko Haram Blamed

Islamic militants attacked a boarding school over the weekend in Northeast Nigeria, leaving at least 29 students and a teacher dead.

Coptic Priest Murdered in Sinai, Egypt

Egyptian Christians are grieving the murder of a Coptic priest in Northern Sinai.

Cuba Backs Nations Offering Snowden Asylum

Cuba's president is offering support for Latin American governments willing to give National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden asylum.

Egypt Protestors Accuse US of Propping Up Terrorists

Millions of Egyptians took to the streets again on Sunday to show their support for the new interim government.

Egypt's New President Asserts Authority

Egypt's new president moved to assert his authority and regain control of the streets Saturday even as his Islamist opponents declared his powers illegitimate.

Bolivia Threatens to Close US Embassy over Snowden

A strange sideshow in the case of NSA leaker Edward Snowden emerged Friday as Bolivia's president threatened to close the U.S. Embassy.

French President Blasts U.S. Surveillance Program

French President Francois Hollande harshly criticized U.S. electronic surveillance program.

Sunset on Islam? Praying for a Muslim Awakening

Muslims around the world will begin the holy month of Ramadan soon. How is prayer affecting this part of the world today?

Kidnapped Christian Released after Miraculous Prayer

Very few kidnap victims have been freed from the Abu Sayyaf but an encounter with God changed the life of one hostage who eventually made it out alive.

Egyptian Copts Thankful for Morsi's Removal

Egypt's Coptic Christians are thankful for the military's overthrow of Mohammed Morsi.

Top MB Officials Arrested Despite Obama Warnings

Egyptian security forces have arrested two top Muslim Brotherhood officials despite warnings from President Obama against the arrest of Morsi and his supporters.

Jailed American Christian Renews Pleas for US Help

An American Christian imprisoned in North Korea is calling for the United States to try harder to secure his freedom.

Christian Girl Flees Pakistan After Blasphemy Charges

Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl who was accused of blasphemy for allegedly burning Islam's holy book in Pakistan, is now living safely in Canada.

Brazilians 'March for Jesus' Amid Gov't Protests

Despite massive anti-government protests, Brazil's "March for Jesus" saw a huge turnout in Sao Paulo this weekend.

Obama, Bush Mark Tanzania Embassy Attack

President Obama concluded his trip to Africa Tuesday at a memorial service in Tanzania.

EU Leaders Threaten Sanctions over US Spying

European leaders are furious over new allegations that U.S. spy agencies monitored European Union diplomatic offices in Washington, New York, and Brussels.