September 2013 Headlines

Egypt's Children Picking through Trash to Survive

With Syria dominating the headlines, much of the world is forgetting the chaos in Egypt and how it has wrecked the nation's economy. Children are among the hardest hit.

Security at Kenyan Churches Search Attendants

Security officials are taking extra protection measures in Nairobi, Kenya, one week after the deadly attack on Westgate mall.

Iran's Rouhani Gets Mixed Welcome after U.S. Outreach

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani returned to a mixed reception in Tehran.

Thousands of Sudanese Call for Dictator to Resign

Thousands of Sudanese are rising up in protest against dictator Omar al-Bashir, calling for him to resign as they chant "freedom" in the streets.

Islamic Extremists Massacre 50 More in Yobe State

Islamic extremists are believed responsible for another horrific massacre in northern Nigeria this weekend.


President Obama Calls for Pastor Saeed's Release

President Obama has asked new Iranian president to release American Pastor Saeed Abedini from prison.

Netanyahu to 'Tell the Truth' about Iran at UN

Israel's prime minister will meet with President Obama before addressing the U.N. General Assembly on Iran's nuclear weapons aspirations.

Lawmakers Take Action to Protect Persecuted Christians

The House of Representatives has passed overwhelmingly a measure creating a special envoy for religious minorities in South Central Asia and the Middle East.

Obama Speaks by Phone with Iranian President

President Barack Obama spoke by phone with new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani Friday, the first time leaders between the two countries have talked since 1979.

Syria: No Chemical Attack Responsibility Claims

The United Nations is investigating new allegations of seven alleged chemical attacks reportedly in Syria's northern Aleppo province.

Photographer Recalls Devastating Scene at Kenya Mall

Officials who have gone in the Kenya mall attacked last weekend are calling the scene a house of horrors, saying many victims were brutally tortured by members of the extremist group al Shabab.

Former Child Soldier Honored for S. Sudan Work

Bishop Elias Taban was an enslaved child soldier during Sudan's bloody civil wars who suffered a brutal childhood. He now spreads the gospel throughout Africa

United Nations: 'People to Blame for Climate Change'

A new report from United Nations scientists claim people are to blame for global warming.

Bankrupt Detroit Gets Boost from White House

The White House says it's found more than $100 million to help fix a bankrupt Detroit.

Nigeria: Islamic Terrorists Suspected in 3 Murders

Islamic terrorists are suspected in the murders of a pastor, his son, and a village chief in northeast Nigeria.

Philippines Rebel Standoff a Humanitarian Crisis

The stand off in Zamboanga, Philippines, has become a humanitarian crisis. The government said rebuilding the city when the situation ends will take lots of time and money.

Three Million Syrian Children in Urgent Need

Across Syria, the three-year conflict has caused severe food shortages, making it nearly impossible for families to find even a minimal amount to live.

Christians in India Denounce Pakistan Church Attack

Christians in India marched outside the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi, protesting two suicide bombings at a church in Peshawar, Pakistan.


Vigils Mark One Year Imprisonment of Pastor Saeed

Thursday marked one-year since American Pastor Saeed Abedini was thrown into an Iranian prison. He is serving an eight-year sentence because of his Christian faith.


Survivors Recall Terror of Kenya Mall Attack

An American forensics team is assisting Kenyan investigators who are trying to figure out how the terrorists pulled off the deadly mall attack.

World Leaders Begin Road to Nuke Talks with Iran

U.N. Security Council members and Germany met with Iran's top diplomat to begin paving the way for the first round of negotiations on the nuclear issue since April.

UN Leaders: Dismantle Chemical Weapons

Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States all say Syria must dismantle its chemical weapons stockpiles.


Muslim Rebels Continue to Hold Hostages in Zamboanga

Muslim rebels with the the Moro National Liberation Front captured the chief of police for the Philippine city Zamboanga.

Hundreds of Pakistanis Protest Church Bombing

It is described as the deadliest attack ever on Pakistani Christians. Now, Pakistanis are demanding security from the government and the arrests of those responsible.

Syrian Rebel Group Breaks Calls for Islamic Law

A radical new turn in the civil war in Syria: About a dozen rebel factions broke with the Western-backed opposition and called for Islamic law in the country.

No Handshake at UN for US, Iran

The much talked about meeting between President Obama and the new president of Iran didn't happen.

Kenya Begins Mourning Dead from Mall Attack

Kenya began three days of mourning Wednesday for those killed in Saturday's deadly mall attack in Nairobi.


Kenya: Several Americans Involved in Mall Attack

New information is coming out about those behind the attack, including claims by Kenyan officials that several Americans were among them.

Saeed's Wife Has Chance Encounter with Iran's President

The wife of imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Abedini crosses paths with new Iranian president and hands off husband's letter requesting relief to a top aid.

Obama: US Will Fight Against Nukes in Iran

After some recent missteps in Middle East policy. President Obama told the world body that the U.S. is not backing down from its opposition to Iran's nuclear program.

Iran Denies Pardon for Another Imprisoned Pastor

Iran has denied a pardon to another imprisoned pastor even though the regime released 11 prisoners of conscience last week.

Pakistan Quake Death Toll Rises to 210

Officials say the death toll rose overnight to 210 from the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck southwestern Pakistan.

Attacks Highlight Terrorist Trend in Africa, Asia

The latest attacks in Kenya appear to be part of a growing trend in terrorist activity in Africa and Asia.

Merkel Wins Third Term as German Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold onto her job for a third term, making her the only major leader to be re-elected twice since the financial crisis of 2008.

Egypt Bans the Muslim Brotherhood

An Egyptian court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood, meaning they can no longer operate and organize protests. The ruling also ordered the group's assets to be seized.


Wife: Saeed Has Led 30 to Christ in Iran Prison

The wife of the American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith says her husband remains bold for Jesus Christ in prison.

Kenya Claims Terrorist Standoff at Mall Nearing End

Kenya's interior minister said authorities are "very certain" that few, if any hostages remain in the upscale Westgate Mall in Nairobi.

House GOP Blasts State Dept. over Benghazi Review

House Republicans came out blasting again at a hearing over last year's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Syrian Christians Face Extinction without Protection

All eyes are on Syria this week and its stockpile of chemical weapons. Yet, a chorus of voices is rising up from Syria's Christians.

Pope: More Focus on Grace, Less on Dogma

Pope Francis is calling on the Catholic Church to put more emphasis on grace and mercy and less on moral issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Obama: Iran's Pres Appears 'Open' to Meeting at UN

President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani could meet Tuesday, the same day the two leaders are scheduled to address the U.N. General Assembly.

Thousands Stranded in Mexico after Deadly Storms

Tens of thousands of tourists are stranded in Acapulco, Mexico, and 58 people are missing.

Syria Might Delay Sharing Weapon Inventory

Syria has until Saturday to submit an inventory of its chemical weapons and facilities but the Assad government might miss the deadline.

Pastor Saeed: 'Don't Make My Children Orphans'

Saeed Abedini, the American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, is pleading directly with Iran's president to not let his children become orphans.

German Homeschoolers Reunited with Children

The German homeschooling parents whose children were taken away by the state now say they'll send their children to a state-approved school.

Al Qaeda Rebels Capture Town in Syria

Al Qaeda rebels have captured a town in northern Syria, taking it away from another rebel group.


Top State Dept. Official Defends Benghazi Actions

Lawmakers in Washington question a ranking official who supervises the State Department's facilities, including the ill-fated mission in Benghazi at the time of the attack in September 2012.

Philippine Crisis Eases as Rebels Slowly Defeated

Life is slowly returning to normal in a major southern Philippine city that's been mired in a hostage stand-off with Muslim rebels.

NSA Diplomatic Fallout: Brazil Delays US Trip

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff cancelled a state visit to the United States next month over revelations that the NSA spied on her government.

Tanzanian Police Arrest 15 People in Acid Attacks

Tanzanian police have arrested 15 people, including suspects with ties to terror groups, believed to be responsible for a series of acid attacks.

Write a Letter Online to Save Pastor Saeed

The American Center for Law and Justice is launching their largest online campaign to help secure the release of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini.

Egyptian Forces Re-Take Town Held by Islamists

Egyptian security forces have re-taken Delga, a town that's been ruled by radical Islamists since July.

Russia: UN Report Not Proof Assad Behind Attack

Russia remains unconvinced the Assad regime is responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus last month that left hundreds dead.

Extreme Weather Menaces Mexico, Japan

Two different storms have hit Mexico from opposite sides. Meanwhile in Japan, Typhoon Man-Yi arrived with 100 mph winds and torrential rains.

Egypt Christians Killed for Not Paying 'Jizya' Tax

Muslims in southern Egypt killed two Christian men for failing to pay them protection money.

US, Russia Clash over Syria Weapons Negotiations

The United States and Russia are clashing in negotiations over what to do about Syria's chemical weapons.

Crisis in Syria Fulfilling End Times Prophecy?

The crisis in Syria has some people looking at end-times biblical prophecies.

Philippine Rebels Contained as Siege Continues

A siege by Muslim rebels on the Philippine Island of Mindanao continues for a fourth day.

UN: 6.6 Million Children Under 5 Died in 2012

A UNICEF report says approximately 6.6 million children under the age of 5 are thought to have died last year around the world.

Al Qaeda's Al-Zawahari Calls for Attacks Inside US

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is calling on Muslims to carry out attacks inside the United States.

Taliban Attacks on US Consulate in Afghanistan

Taliban fighters attacked a U.S. consulate in Western Afghanistan Friday, killing two Afghan security agents.

Fear Lingers after Egypt's Anti-Christian Attacks

Nearly one month after a wave of attacks against churches in Egypt, Christians in the governate of Minya are still in fear for their lives.

Syrian Rebels Seize Control of Christian Village

Syrian rebels have reportedly taken control of an historic Christian village near Damascus.

Russia's Putin Takes Jab at US Ahead of Syria Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Geneva Thursday for high stakes talks with Russia's foreign minister.

US Institute: N. Korea May Have Restarted Reactor

New satellite images suggest North Korea is restarting its nuclear activity.

Arab Spring Proves Deadly for Mideast Christians

Many of the overthrown leaders in countries like Egypt and Libya had been keeping radical Islamists in check. Now they face greater oppression than ever.

After 9/11: Is the West Protecting Radical Islam?

Twelve years have passed years since 9/11, and Western leaders still refuse to get real about the threat of radical Islam.

Syrian Rebels Execute Christian Villagers

Syrian rebel fighters apparently executed three Christians fleeing the fighting in Maaloula this week, Britain's Sky News reported.

Car Bomb Targets Old U.S. Consulate in Benghazi

A powerful car bomb exploded near Libya's Foreign Ministry in Benghazi Wednesday, exactly one year after an attack on the U.S. Consulate.

Game-Changer? Syria Agrees to Turn over Weapons

Syria has agreed to a Russian proposed deal to turn its chemical weapons cache over to the international community.

Anglican Archbishop Abducted in Nigeria

Nigeria's second highest-ranking Anglican archbishop has been kidnapped.

Muslims Take Hostages in Philippines Rampage

Nearly 300 people in the Philippines are being held by Muslim rebels.

Pope Francis: 'War Always a Defeat for Humanity'

An estimated 100,000 people gathered at the Vatican to pray for peace in Syria.

Diplomatic Solution Proposed for Syria to Avoid Strike

Secretary of State Kerry said Monday that Syria could avoid a U.S. strike if it turned its chemical weapons over to the international community within a week.

Tokyo to Host 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has chosen Toyko to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

Countries Reaching Critical Mass on Syrian Refugees

 Last year when thousands of Syrian refugees started pouring over borders into neighboring countries, humanitarian aid workers moved into action.

Obama Faces Growing Opposition to Syria Strike

President Barack Obama continues to face fierce resistance to his plans for a strike against Syria, both overseas at the G-20 Summit and at home.

Military Forces Target Extremists in Egypt

Military forces target extremists in Egypt, killing dozens.

North Korean Prisoners Mysteriously Disappearing

Tens of thousands of North Korean prisoners have "disappeared" from an enormous Gulag in a region known for food shortages, according to the Committee for Human Rights (HRNK).


Muslim Mob Loots, Burns Ancient Egypt Monastery

Christians in the Egyptian town of Dalga are living in fear after Islamic supporters of former President Mohammed Morsi drove out the police and took over the city.

Morocco Christians on Edge after Ex-Muslim Punished

Muslim background believers in Morocco are on edge after a judge sentenced a former Muslim to 30 months in prison this week for becoming a Christian.

Woman Killed Every Hour in India over Dowry

The National Crime Records Bureau says 8,233 women were killed across India last year because of disputes over dowry payments.

Paul: 'We'll Have another Islamic State' in Syria

As the West debates military action in Syria, Syrian Christians continue to face an uncertain future.

German Officials Abduct Homeschooled Kids from Parents

Government authorities in Germany have abducted the children of another home schooling family. Witnesses described the abduction as "brutal and vicious." 

India Church Growing Stronger Despite Hostilities

Pastor R. Abraham, co-founder of the New India Church of God, spoke with CBN News about trials the church is facing and how it is growing in the face of danger.

Obama Speaks with Mexico, Brazil about NSA Backlash

President Barack Obama spoke with the presidents of Mexico and Brazil over the National Security Agency surveillance controversy.


Egypt Ministry Head Survives Assasination Attempt

The head of Egypt's powerful interior ministry has survived an assasination attempt. He came under attack when a nearby car exploded, reportedly set off by remote control.

World Leaders Resisting Obama's Push to Strike Syria

The Obama administration is making the case that military action is needed against Syria as many world leaders and members of Congress remain skeptical.

Obama Warns G-20 'Credibility at Stake' on Syria

President Barack Obama arrived in Europe Wednesday for the G-20 Summit, where he'll try to build international support for a military strike on Syria.

India Set to Guarantee Citizens Legal Right to Food

The government of India is trying to ease poverty and malnutrition with a $20 billion food bill.

Obama in Full Lobby Mode for Action on Syria

U.S. House and Senate leaders are meeting with the president again Tuesday. Several key lawmakers are already giving their tentative support.

Egypt Pulls Plug on Al Jazeera over Brotherhood Bias

A court in Cairo ordered Arabic network al-Jazeera to stop broadcasting in Egypt.

Report: NSA Spied on Brazil, Mexico Leaders

A new report claims the U.S. National Security Agency spied on the presidents of Brazil and Mexico.