October 2013 Headlines

Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia

Since 2002, Belgians have been euthanized for blindness, depression, and a botched sex change. Now, they want to allow euthanasia for children.

Heathrow Employee Sacked over Alleged Insult to Islam

Nohad Halawi learned that in today's Britain, you'd better not be perceived as having insulted Islam at work because it could ruin your life.

Syria Vows All Children Will Be Vaccinated

The World Health Organization has recorded the first suspected outbreak of polio in Syria, raising new concerns about the country's health care.

Putin Topples Obama as 'Most Powerful Leader'

Forbes magazine has listed Russian President Vladimir Putin as the world's most powerful leader, bumping President Barack Obama to second place.

Kerry Urges Nations to Fight Religious Persecution

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry marked "International Religious Freedom Day" by urging people and governments to speak out against religious persecution.

'Machine Gun Preacher' Receives Mother Teresa Award

In Mumbai, India, this week, Sam Childers, "The Machine Gun Preacher" became the first American to win the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice.

NSA Backlash Jeopardizes Billions in US Trade

The NSA backlash is threatening President Obama's proposed trans-Atlantic free trade goals, which could add around $138 billion a year to each economy.

Iraqi PM Asks US for Aide to Fight al Qaeda

Iraq wants Washington to provide more weapons, training and manpower, two years after the United States pulled its troops out of the country.

Syria Destroys Chemical Weapons Equipment

Syria says it has completed the destruction of the equipment used to produce chemical weapons.

How Bad Is the NSA Spy Scandal for America?

How bad is the NSA scandal for the Obama administration and for the United States? John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney explains.

Only 3 Percent of Pakistan Drone Casualties Civilian

The Pakistani government says since 2008 only three percent of casualties from U.S drone strikes have been civilians.

NSA Spying Tests German-US Relationship

Germany wants answers on allegation the National Security Agency spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Skepticism Abounds on White House Iran Policy

The Obama administration assured Jewish and pro-Israeli groups that it will not allow Iran to make a nuclear weapon.

Egypt Arrests Senior Brotherhood Official

A key leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has been arrested in Egypt.

Syrian Christians Fear Attacks by Rebel Jihadis

Christians in Syria fear they're being targeted by Islamic rebel forces.

Judges in Muslim Brotherhood Trials Resign

The judges presiding over the trial of some of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leaders have resigned, citing "uneasiness" over the trial for their departure.

Storm Clobbers Europe, Killing at least 15

At least 15 people are dead following the massive storm that plowed through Britain and Western Europe on Monday.

Two Top Terrorists Killed in Suspected Drone Strike

A Somali intelligence official and a member of al-Shabab said a suspected drone strike killed two senior members of the terrorists organization.

Obama Security Advisers 'Saw Benghazi Raid Coming'

Two Obama security advisers who lived through last year's deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi now say they saw it coming.

Syria Forces Reclaim Christian Town from Jihadis

Syrian government forces have re-taken the Christian town of Sadad, located north of Damascus.

Canadian Man Detained over Suspicious Package

A 71-year-old Canadian man traveling to the United States was taken into custody after parts of a potential explosive device were found in his carry-on luggage.

Faithful Witnesses: Praying With the Persecuted

Christians worldwide are paying a heavy price for following Christ. But millions will be praying Nov. 3. for The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Persecuted Church: Christians Fleeing Cradle of Christianity

Sunday Nov. 3. is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. CBN experts discuss the rise of persecution in the Middle East. 

What's Fueling the Rise in Anti-Semitism?

Nearly seven decades after the Holocaust, the world now lives in a day when anti-Semitism is back on the rise.

Islamic Shooters Gun Down Worshippers in Church

In the past two years, nearly 300 Christians have been killed in Nigeria.

Japan Rocked by 7.3-Magnitude Quake

An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck early Saturday off Japan's east coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

EU Seeks New Surveillance Rules amid NSA Flap

European Union leaders are promising to maintain a strong relationship with United States, despite their anger at the latest allegations of widespread spying on America's allies.

Iranian Christians Sentenced to 80 Lashes

A court in Iran has sentenced four Christians to 80 lashes each for drinking wine during a communion service.

Americans Captured in Nigerian Pirate Attack

Two Americans are missing after a pirate attack off the coast of Nigeria.

Pakistan PM Calls for End to US Drone Strikes

President Barack Obama met Wednesday with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Tensions are high between the two countries because of U.S. drone strikes against terrorists in the region.

Murdered Pastor Was Still Holding Bible in His Hand

A pastor in Mombasa, Kenya, was shot to death while praying at his church this weekend, according to Morning Star News

Senators Urge More Protection for Egypt's Christians

Three U.S. senators are urging the State Department to respond to attacks against Christians in Egypt.

NATO Will Help Libya Strengthen Security

NATO will help advise Libya on strengthening its security forces.

Pastor Detained in Iran Returning to the US

A California pastor who was detained in Iran on Monday is expected to go back home by the end of the week.

Christians Fleeing Iraq Area Once Considered Safe

Increased violence in northern Iraq is pushing Christians out of that part of the country.

Syrian Rebels Damage, Desecrate Churches

Syrian rebels are trying to capture an ancient Christian town north of Damascus.

Sharia Soon to Be Law of the Land in Brunei

The leader of Brunei announced Tuesday that Islamic Sharia law will soon be the law of the land.

Insurgency against Christians Underway in Egypt

More unrest and violence in Egypt this weekend suggests an Islamist-led insurgency against Christians and the government may now be underway.

White House Denies France's Spying Allegations

France and Mexico are demanding explanations from the United States following new spying allegations.

Hurricane Raymond Threatens Mexico's Pacific Coast

Hurricane Raymond is hovering off Mexico's southern pacific coast.

New Beginnings? Anglican Church Crisis 'Behind Us'

The Global Anglican Future Conference, known as GAFCON, is meeting for the second time ever and its leaders say GAFCON is the new center of Anglicanism.

Obama Admin. Set to Resume Aid to Pakistan

U.S. officials say more than $1.5 billion in military and economic aid will be released to Pakistan next year.

Trapped Filipino Quake Survivors Get Medical Aid

More than 300,000 people have been forced from their homes in the Bohol province of the Philippines after last week's devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Lebanese, Turkish Hostages Freed

Nine Lebanese pilgrims abducted in Syria and two Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon returned home on Saturday night, part of an a three-way deal cutting across the Syrian civil war.

Nigeria's Deadly Crackdown on Islamic Militants

As Nigeria cranks up its war on Islamic militants, hundreds of detainees are dying in military custody.

Repeat Crash Riles Argentine Commuters

Dozens were injured when an Argentine commuter train rammed the same Buenos Aires station where a previous crash left 52 dead.

Aftershocks Unearth New Troubles for Philippines

More than a thousand aftershocks have triggered pain in the Philippines once again among residents, causing them to flee their villages that are prone to landslides.

Egypt Military Attacked at Suez Canal

A car bomb exploded on Saturday near the Egyptian military intelligence compound in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, wounding six soldiers.

Australian Wildlfires Kills One, Displaces Thousands

Australian crews are battling massive wildfires in New South Wales. At least one person is dead and thousands have been evacuated.

US Releases Aid to Pakistan

Despite lingering mistrust, the U.S. is releasing more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan.

Nigeria Sharia to Cops Crack Down on 'Indecent' Dress

Islamic police in northern Nigeria's Kano state will begin enforcing Sharia law.

India Cyclone Victims Return to Devastated Villages

The aftermath of the worst cyclone to hit India in years has left tens of thousands homeless. Many Indians are returning to their devastated villages.

Malaysia Court: Only Muslims Can Use 'Allah'

Non-Muslims may not use the word "Allah" to refer to God in Malaysia, an appeals court ruled.

Bae's Mom 'Heartbroken' to Leave Jailed Son

The mother of Kenneth Bae, an American missionary imprisoned in North Korea, says it broke her heart to leave her son in custody.

Alleged Al Qaeda Leader al-Libi Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Abu Anas al-Libi pleaded not guilty to charges of planning the 1998 attacks against U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. If convicted, he could get life in prison.

Fatalities Spike in Philippines Earthquake

The death toll from the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit the Philippines is up to 144.

Deadly Typhoon Wreaks Havoc in Japan

In Japan, at least 17 people are dead and 50 more missing in the aftermath of a powerful typhoon.

Death Toll Rises in Philippines Earthquake

At least 93 people were killed Tuesday when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the central Philippines.

Cyclone Leaves Thousands Homeless in India

The effects of the cyclone that hit India this weekend was larger than Hurricane Katrina and stronger than Sandy.

Syria Joins UN Chemical Weapons Ban Group

Syria has become an official member of the United Nations Convention banning chemical weapons, making it the 190th country to do so.

Afghan Taliban Threatens to Keep Fighting

The leader of the Afghan Taliban warned President Hamid Karzai that his followers will continue fighting if the government in Kabul signs a security deal with the United States.

Muslims Forego Mecca Trip over Fears of Disease

Muslims are making their annual pilgrimage to Mecca, but fears of disease have many staying home.

Kenneth Bae, Mom Meet; Release Not Guaranteed

Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary imprisoned in North Korea, recently got a visit from his mother. The visit did not guarantee a release for Bae.

Nobel Committee Criticized over Unexpected Choice

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is being criticized for an unexpected decision in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

'Gospel Tribe' Brings Light to the 'Devil's' Island

The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is known as the place where visitors do everything they're ashamed to do at home. But the 'Gospel Tribe' is determined to change that through prayer.

'Int'l Day of the Girl Child' Spotlights Gendercide

Friday is International Day of the Girl Child, marking the 200 million women who would be here today if they'd not been aborted simply because they were female.

African Christian Refugees among Italy Ship Survivors

Many of the victims of the tragic shipwreck off the coast of Italy could have been African Christians fleeing persecution and war.

Love Wins in Wake of Zamboanga War Aftermath

After three weeks of fighting between Philippine troops and Muslim rebels, the fighting in Zamboanga is over. Throngs are Muslims are now looking to Christians for help.

Germany's Quest to Stamp Out Home Schooling

Germany continues to hunt down and persecute homeschoolers. Yet another family has been targeted by the Jugendamt in its quest to wipe out educational freedom.

Mexico Storm Victims Still Stunned by Loss

Two weeks after massive storms brought devastation to large areas of southern Mexico, thousands of victims are still stunned by their loss.

Gunmen Abduct, then Free Libyan Prime Minister

Hours after being abducted from his suite in a Tripoli hotel, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Ziden was freed.

Nigerian Islamist Murder Target Speaks Out

Boko Haram has murdered more than 2,000 Nigerian Christians in recent years and Habila Adamu was among those targeted.

Jihadists Threaten Retaliation over US Raid in Libya

The United States may face retaliation for the commando raid that captured a senior al Qaeda suspect in Libya.

Egyptian Christian Beat, Dragged through Streets

Radical Muslims in the Egyptian town of Dalga recently kidnapped, beat, and dragged a Christian man through the streets last week.

Spy Agency: North Korea's Nuclear Reactor Operating

South Korea's spy agency, The National Intelligence Service, says North Korea has re-started a plutonium reactor at its main nuclear facility.

Egypt Judges: Brotherhood Party Should be Dissolved

A group of Egyptian judges said the Muslim Brotherhood's political party should be dissolved. Their recommendation will be presented to a Cairo court later this month.

US Raids in Africa Highlight al Qaeda Threat

Two anti-terrorist raids by U.S. Special Forces in very different regions of Africa produced mixed results this weekend.

Syria Praised for Starting to Destroy Chemical Weapons

Syria has received cautious praise from world leaders for beginning to destroy its chemical weapons cache.

Kerry: Terrorists Can Run, but Can't Hide

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says terrorists "can run but they can't hide."

Iran Leader May Disapprove Historic Phone Call

Iran's supreme leader may disapprove of the historic phone call between the United States and Iran.

Libya Wants to Put al Qaeda Kingpin on Trial

Libya says it wants to put al Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Libi on trial after U.S. Special Forces captured him in a raid over the weekend.

Destruction of Chemical Weapons Begins in Syria

Destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stash has begun.

Tahrir Square, on Lock Down during Pro-Morsi Clashes

Cairo's Tahrir Square went on lock down Friday after Egyptian police fired tear gas at protestors.

New Footage of Kenyan Mall Massacre Released

New security footage from the terrorist attack in Kenya shows four men raiding the Westgate Mall.

UN: One Syrian Refugee Created Every 15 Seconds

More than 2 million Syrians are now refugees in neighboring countries. Five million are internally displaced as chemical weapons inspectors continue securing work sites.

Kerry: Not Engaging Iran 'Diplomatic Malpractice'

Secretary of State John Kerry says Iran will have to prove it intends to cooperate. But he says it would be "diplomatic malpractice" not to test Iran's willingness.

Pope Wants Missionary Church, Modern Spirit

Pope Francis said he wants a missionary church with a modern spirit to give hope to the poor, young, and elderly -- much like his namesake, St. Francis, did.

Saeed Knows Obama Spoke Out for His Release

The American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith now knows that President Barack Obama spoke out on his behalf.

Inspectors Arrive to Dismantle Syria's Chem Weapons

The first group of inspectors are in Syria to oversee the destruction of the country's chemical weapons.

Kenya to Al-Shabab: Troops to Stay in Somalia

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is vowing to keep troops in Somalia to help battle the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab.

Love Wins in Wake of Zamboanga War Aftermath

After weeks of fighting between Philippine troops and Islamic rebels, churches in Zamboanga are reaching out to the mostly Muslim victims.

Egyptian Bishop Escapes Islamic Ambush

A Coptic Christian Bishop in southern Egypt barely escaped an ambush in an Islamist-controlled village in Minya province.