January 2014 Headlines

Is Kurdistan Syria Church's Best Hope for Survival?

Islamic militants have driven hundreds of thousands of Syrian Christians from their homes, stirring fear that without outside help, the Syrian church may disappear.

NK Envoy: Pardon for Kenneth Bae Unlikely

American Christian missionary Kenneth Bae must finish his sentence of 15 years hard labor in North Korea, according to an interview with a Pyongyang diplomat.

Kiev Christians Pray amid Reports of Torture

Reports are surfacing that Ukraine forces may have kidnapped and tortured rebel activists. Meanwhile, Christians are praying for a peaceful resolution.

Bangkok Protests Gain Momentum ahead of Election

Massive protests in Thailand are growing in advance of this weekend's election.

Kerry: Ukraine's Opposition Has U.S. Support

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said not enough is being done to end the political crisis in Ukraine that began in November.

EU's 'Remote Stop Car' Devices Called 'Draconian'

The European Union is working on a plan to let police stop cars by remote control.

Ukraine Leader Takes Sick Leave as Conflict Lingers

The president of Ukraine has taken sick leave in the midst of his country's crisis. Officials havent said if he is able to work to end the two-month protests against him.

Intel Chief: Syria Terror Threat Puts US at Risk

Terror threats from Syria pose a great risk to America, National Intelligence Director James Clapper warned Senate lawmakers Wednesday.

Syrian Christians Fear Annihilation, Seek US Help

Syrian Christian leaders are asking the United States to help preserve Christianity in the war-torn country.

Malaysia Church Firebombed amid 'Allah' Dispute

A Malaysian church was attacked with firebombs Monday.

Iran's FM: 'Glimmer of Hope' for Pastor Abedini

An Iranian official recently offered a "glimmer of hope" the imprisoned American Saeed Abedini could be set free, according to the ACLJ.

Islamists Murder 99 in Attack on Nigeria Village

Islamic terrorists, using bombs and heavy guns, killed at least 99 people in an attack on a Christian village in northeast Nigeria.

Russian Officials on High Alert for Sochi Games

Concern over extremists planning attacks at the upcoming winter Olympics has Russian officials on high alert.

Secretary Kerry Visits Imprisoned Missionary's Family

Secretary of State John Kerry is calling on North Korea to free imprisoned American Christian Kenneth Bae. Kerry met with his family on Tuesday.

Fmr Ukraine President: Nation on Brink of War

After two months or protests, former Ukraine President Leonid Kravchuk expressed concerns Wednesday his country is on the brink of civil war.

Merkel to US: 'Spying Sows Distrust, not Security'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is speaking out against the United States and Britain over their spy programs.

Ukraine Seeks to Quell Revolt, Repeals Protest Laws

Ukraine's government has taken steps to end a potential nationwide uprising.

Special US Rep Urges Release of American Missionary

The U.S. special representative for North Korea policy is urging the government to let Korean-American missionary Kenneth Bae go.

US Resumes Non-Lethal Aid to Syrian Rebel Forces

The United States is resuming non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition forces, U.S. officials announced Monday.

Ukraine on Verge of 'State of Emergency'

Protestors in Ukraine have had enough with their government and they're done negotiating. Political demonstrations are quickly escalating into a revolution.

Archaeologists: Ancient Writings Confirm Noah's Ark

Archaeologists say writings on an ancient tablet confirm there was a global flood and an ark that carried animals. 

Bombing in Nigeria Kills 52 People

At least 52 people have been killed in a bombing in Nigeria, and authorities are blaming the Islamic extremist group Boko-Haram.


Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Needs Surgery from Injuries

American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been transferred from the murderer ward to a political prisoner ward in Iran's deadliest prison Rajai Shahr.

Ukraine Church Seeks Peace as Protests Turn Violent

Ukraine is a country in crisis. What began as peaceful political protests two months ago turned into a battle at the barricades last week.


Egypt: Police Clash with Islamist Supporters

Egyptian riot police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi protesting as the country marks the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising.

S. Sudan Rebels: Gov't Already Violating Cease-Fire

South Sudan rebel forces said their positions in oil-rich Unity state and in Jonglei state have come under attack by government troops.

Bombs Rock Cairo ahead of Arab Spring Anniversary

Anti-Brotherhood protestors gathered outside Cairo's main police headquarters after a suicide bomb ripped through the building earlier Friday, killing at least six.

Ukrainian Protestors Demand Early Elections

After days of blooshed in the Ukraine, negotiations are underway between the government and opposition leaders.

Pope Calls Internet a 'Gift from God'

Pope Francis is calling the Internet a "gift from God," saying it makes communication easier.

Iran Official: Dismantling Nukes Not Part of Deal

A senior Iranian official said the notion that the Islamic Republic agreed to dismantle parts of its nuclear program is a mischaracterization by the Obama administration.

Abrams: Syrian Regime Using al Qaeda to Fight

Leaders from the Syrian regime and opposition forces are set to begin direct talks Friday.

Prospects for Syria Peace Talks Look Dim

World diplomats are in Switzerland trying to find a solution to Syria's deadly civil war.

United Arab Emirates Convicts 30 of Brotherhood Ties

The United Arab Emirates has convicted 30 men of trying to set up a Muslim Brotherhood cell in their country.

Authorities Fear Black Widow Targeting Sochi Games

One day after terrorists released a video promising to target the Winter Olympics, Russian authorities are searching for a woman known as a black widow.

Syrian Peace Talks: Iran Uninvited

Russia and Iran are criticizing the United Nations for withdrawing its invitation to Iran to join the Syrian peace talks this week.

Syria Rebels Threaten to Skip Peace Conference

Syria's Western-backed rebels are threatening to skip this week's peace conference after the United Nations invited Iran to attend.

Recovering Philippines Hit by New Typhoon

The first typhoon of the year is leaving a new wave of destruction in the Philippines.

Winter Games a Danger Zone for Americans?

There are growing concerns about terror attacks at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, which are scheduled to begin Feb. 6.

Kenneth Bae Appeals to US to Secure Release

Kenneth Bae, the Korean-American missionary imprisoned in North Korea, appealed to the U.S. government Monday to secure his release.

Iran Halts Enrichment as Part of Nuke Deal

The United States will start easing sanctions on Iran after the Iranian regime halted the most controversial part of its uranium enrichment program Monday.

Ukraine Anti-Government Protests Turn Violent

Anti-government protests in Ukraine turned violent Sunday, leaving dozens of officers and protestors injured.

Egypt Vote a Final Blow to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Early results Thursday suggest Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approve of their new constitution.

White House Committed to Pushing Religious Freedom

President Barack Obama says his administration is committed to promoting religious freedom across the globe.

Religious Hostilities Worse Around the Globe

Religious hostilities around the world are getting worse, according to a new Pew Research report.

Suicide Attack on Afghan Restaurant Kills 21

Those killed included two U.S. citizens working for the American University of Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

UN: Iran Invited to Syrian Peace Conference

Iran has been invited to attend a meeting of foreign ministers in the Swiss city of Montreux.

Senate: 'Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented'

The 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, could have been prevented, according to a recent finding by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Emotional Trauma Lingers as Tacloban Recovers

Two months after a historic typhoon devastated the Filippino city, Tacloban is starting to show signs of economic recovery.

US Pledges $380M in Humanitarian Aid to Syria

The United States will send an additional $380 million in humanitarian aid to Syria.

Central African Republic Leader: Era of Anarchy Over

The interim leader of the Central African Republic declared an end to the era of anarchy, warning Muslim and Christian militias to stop the violence.

Pastors Call Clergy to Risk Arrest for Pastor Saeed

A group of pastors is risking arrest to bring attention to the plight of Saeed Abedini, an American pastor sentenced to eight years in one of the world's most brutal prisons.

Skeptics: Deal Won't Slow Iran Nuke Program

The Obama administration is applauding a nuclear deal made between Iran and six world powers. But some lawmakers feel it's a bad plan.

Egypt Voter Turnout High Despite Violence

Sporadic violence marred the first day of polling as Egypt voters decide the fate of a revised constitution. Turnout was heavy despite Muslim Brotherhood opposition.

Kerry Makes Brief Diplomatic Stop at Vatican

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a brief stop at the Vatican Tuesday to meet with a top papal diplomat.

Scotland Arrests American for Homophobic Aggravation

Police in Scotland arrested an American Christian for publicly preaching against sexual sin.

El Salvador Investigates Murders of Six Christians

Officials in El Salvador are investigating the murders of six evangelical church members.

Iran to Start Scaling Back Nuke Program Jan. 20

Iran and the six world powers have agreed on terms for implementing the nuclear deal announced in November.

FBI: Al Qaeda in Syria Recruiting Americans?

Al Qaeda-linked groups in Syria may be trying to recruit Americans who travel to the country.

Republicans: White House Out to Lunch on Iraq

Iraq is in danger of falling into the hands of al Qaeda and its off-shoots, and some say the American government isn't doing enough to help.

Superbook's 'Papa Jesus' Calms Kids' Typhoon Fears

The U.N. reports 4 million Filipino children have been left traumatized by the monster typhoon that struck their homeland in November.

Russia Conducts Anti-Terror Sweep after Killings

A new terrorism scare has roiled Russia in the lead-up to the Sochi Olympics.

S. Sudan Upheaval Disrupting Orphan Ministry

The founder of Keeping Hope Alive, a U.S.-based ministry that runs an orphanage in South Sudan, shared how the unrest there is affecting the group.

Rodman Apologizes for Kenneth Bae Remarks

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he's sorry for his comments implying North Korea had just cause to imprison American missionary Kenneth Bae.

New Report 'Wake-Up Call' on Christian Persecution

North Korea remained the world's top persecutor of Christians in 2013, according to the new World Watch List from Open Doors International.

Iraqis Face Humanitarian Crisis during al Qaeda Fight

The United Nations is warning that western Iraq is facing a critical humanitarian crisis.

Iran Sentences Christian Convert to Year in Prison

Iran has just sentenced a Christian convert named Hossein Saketi to a year behind bars, Mohabat News reports.

Pakistan Court: Blasphemy Punishable by Death

An Islamic court in Pakistan has decreed that blaspheming Islam's prophet should be punishable only by death.

Egypt Police Guard Coptic Christmas Festivities

Egyptian police are guarding Coptic churches across the country as they celebrate Christmas.

US Won't Return to Iraq Despite al Qaeda Fight

The United States will not send troops to help the Iraqi government re-take two cities captured by al Qaeda.

South Sudan Peace Talks Hit a Snag

Peace talks over the violence in South Sudan have stalled, Ethiopia officials announced Monday

Egypt's President Visits Coptic Christians

Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour made a rare visit to the Coptic pope in Cairo.

Netanyahu Partners Object to American Pressure

Coalition partners threather to topple the Israeli government if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caves to American pressure in peace talk deal.

Iran Churches Forced to Ban Farsi-Speaking Members

Iran's churches are under pressure from the government to stop holding services in the Farsi language.

Team Studying Global Warming Still Trapped in Ice

Fifty-two scientists and tourists rescued from a trapped vessel in the Antarctic still can't get home.

South Sudan Peace Talks Start in Ethiopia

Negotiations for peace between South Sudan and rebel leaders began Friday in Ethiopia.

Tribal Colombians Tortured for Abandoning Spiritism

Members of one indigenous group in Colombia are coming to Christ in record numbers, but choosing to embrace the Christian faith has come with a cost.

Vatican Hosting Summit for Syrian Peace

The Vatican will host a brainstorming workshop on January 13 to discuss bringing peace to Syria.

Karzai Delays Security Deal, McCain Still Confident

Afghanistan's failure to sign a key security deal poses a threat to that nation and the region, according to Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, and several other U.S. Senators.

China Facing Financial Troubles from Local Governments

China could be facing a possible debt crisis according to an official audit report released on Monday.

South Sudanese Opposing Leaders to Meet

South Sudan's warring factions meet in Ethiopia Thursday hoping to head off a civil war in the world's newest nation

Ship Passengers Stranded in Antarctic Rescued

The 52 passengers trapped on a research ship stuck for more than a week in the Antarctic are rescued not by sea but by air.