June 2014 Headlines

Author: Winds of Revival Turning Muslims to Christ

When it comes to persecution of Christians, Islamic nations top the charts but there's another trend moving through those nations.

More Than a Game: Refugee Kids Find Haven in Soccer

The World Cup in Brazil is dominating the attention of more than a billion people around the world. Even in war-torn Northern Iraq, some young kids recently competed in their own tournament.

'A New Era of Jihad:' ISIS Declares Caliphate

The terrorists that have conquered large areas of Iraq and Syria have declared their territory an Islamic caliphate and are demanding support from Muslims worldwide.

Christians Find Refuge, Aid in Biblical Iraqi Town

The advance of ISIS has left few safe havens for Iraq's Christians. Many have found protection in Iraqi Kurdistan and help from American believers.

Gunmen Torch 4 Nigeria Churches in Deadly Attack

Gunmen attacked four Christian churches in northern Nigeria, Sunday, killing at least 30 people.

Evangelistic Army Brings Jesus to World Cup

It's another game day here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and thousands of fans have arrived to support their teams in the World Cup.

Those Who Face Death: Kurdish Army Takes on ISIS

Peshmerga is the most cohesive fighting force opposing ISIS. Their name means "those who face death." CBN News saw firsthand how they live up to it.    

What an Islamic Caliphate Would Mean for the West

CBN News contributor Raymond Ibrahim explains the Islamic terrorists' goal of restoring the caliphate and what it means for Christians and the West.

Iraqi Christian Refugee: 'Our Future Is Unknown'

Thousands of Iraqi Christians are fleeing for their lives before the brutal onslaught of the ISIS jihadist army. Many refugees fear they'll never return.

Sudan Mom at US Embassy But 'Not Truly Free'

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother who was detained again after her death sentence was overturned, is taking refuge family at the U.S. Embassy in Sudan.

Benghazi Suspect Pleads Not Guilty Before Judge

The Libyan militant accused of masterminding the deadly Benghazi attacks that have become a flashpoint in U.S. politics pleaded not guilty to conspiracy Saturday in a federal courtroom in Washington.

Obama Seeks $500M for Syrian Rebels as ISIS Rages

President Obama is asking Congress for $500 million to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels as ISIS rampages through Syria and Iraq.

Evangelistic Army Brings Jesus to World Cup

Brazil's World Cup is drawing people from Muslim nation's like Iran and Algeria, who've never heard of Jesus. That's why churches have deployed an army of evangelists to use this unique opportunity to share the good news.

Ukraine Signs Trade Pact with European Union

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a trade and economic pact with the European Union on Friday.

Germany Eases Immigration Rules for Ukraine Jews

Germany is easing its immigration rules for Ukrainian Jews after reports of an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine.

Egypt's Most Famous Christian Convert Gets Jail Time

Egypt's most famous Christian convert from Islam has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Trojan Horse: UK Fears Islamic Takeover of Schools

The British government has announced that schools will be required to teach "British values" after Islamists took over several schools in the United Kingdom.

Nigerian Mall Rocked by Deadly Bombing

The terrorist group Boko Haram bombed a Nigerian shopping mall in the capital city of Abuja, killing 21 people and wounding 17 others.

US Disbands Anti-Terror Task Force in Philippines

The United States is disbanding its anti-terror task force in the southern Philippines.

Conflicting Reports About Meriam Ibrahim's Freedom

One group working closely with Meriam Ibrahim's attorneys say she isn't free and that Meriam is back in prison for allegedly falsifying travel documents.

Persona Non Grata: Islam's Persecution of Christians

Christians are the most persecuted of any faith group. Mideast expert Raymond Ibrahim warns that such persecution happens most often in the Muslim world.

Putin Calls Off Troops, Backs Ukraine Peace Process

Russia's parliament has cancelled a resolution allowing the use of troops in Ukraine.

Church Uses Soccer to Connect with Brazilian Kids

A group of men from the Christ Community Church in Illinois traveled to Manaus for the World Cup and to use the event as a unique opportunity to spread the Gospel.

ISIS a 'Clear and Present Danger' to US Homeland

There is a new urgency to defeat the terrorist army on the march in Iraq, after new intelligence has surfaced showing the jihadists are a threat to America.

Sudanese Mom Set Free Once Again

In yet another turn of events, Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith, has been freed again.

Out of the Chaos, Iraq's Kurds Emerge

Much of Iraq has disintegrated, but the Kurdish government in Northern Iraq, is strong and stable and some are wondering if this is the time for the Kurds to emerge.

Sudan Mom Sentenced to Die for Faith Set Free

The Sudanese mother condemned to die for refusing to renounce her Christian faith has been set free, according to her attorney.

Malaysia Top Court: Non-Muslims Can't Say 'Allah'

Malaysia's top court is upholding a government ban forbidding non-Muslims from using the term "Allah" to refer to God.

Team USA Still Alive Despite World Cup Shocker

Team USA's World Cup soccer hopes are still alive in Brazil, even after a last-second disappointment in last night's showdown with Portugal.

US Signals Willingness to Renew Ties with Egypt

Relations between the United States and Egypt are back on course following Secretary of State John Kerry's weekend visit to Cairo.

Kerry Holds Talks as 4th Iraq Town Falls to ISIS

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Iraq as the country continues its violent downward spiral at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Boy Imprisoned at 8 Years Old, Until...

Not too long ago, Pacifique Niyitanga was roaming the streets of Rwanda, doing almost anything to survive. He has memories of a past filled with uncertainty.

Christian Girls Kidnapped, Forced to Marry Muslim Men

There's a sadistic practice prevailing in the bowels of Egypt. Christian girls are being forced to marry Muslim men

Who Is ISIS? The Jihadist Army's Savage Ambitions

As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues its Iraqi terror campaign, Many are wondering who ISIS is and what do they hope to accomplish?

Kurds' Prayer: God Has Final Word on Iraq

The Islamic jihad in Iraq is hitting Kurds on the home front as they try to navigate the stormy waters of the unfolding crisis.

Slum Soccer: Where Scoring Means Survival

At their heart, sports are about the thrill of competition. But for kids in the slums of Brazil, it serves as an inspiration to aim for higher goals in life.

Lawmakers: Obama's 'Fiddling While Iraq Burns'

President Barack Obama is vowing not to send any combat troops to Iraq, but he's left the door open to airstrikes. Many Republicans are skeptical.

Documentary Combats World Cup Kids 'Trapped in Hell'

The World Cup soccer championships are underway in Brazil, but one of the top issues is what's happening off the field: sex trafficking.

ISIS to Iraqi Christians: 'Obey, Pay, or Leave'

Throughout its Iraq campaign, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has targeted Christians.

Iraqi: 'I Saw People Without Heads on the Street'

The stunning blitzkrieg by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Iraq has left thousands of broken lives in its wake.

Denmark Forces Churches to Conduct Gay Marriages

Denmark's Parliament has approved a new law that forces the country's churches to conduct formal gay marriages rather than just short blessing ceremonies.

Evangelist Released after 'Hate Speech' Arrest

A Christian evangelist has been released after being arrested in Scotland for alleged homophobic "hate speech."

Somali Islamists Massacre Dozens in Kenyan City

Kenyan authorities say Islamic terrorists from Somalia are responsible for a massacre at the coastal resort city of Mpeketoni, about 60 miles from the Somali border.

Could Iraq Mayhem Soon Spread to Afghanistan?

The crisis in Iraq is stirring fears that Afghanistan could be next.

Orphans Caught in the Middle in Ukraine, Russia War

Ukraine's orphans are caught in the middle of the war between Russian separatists and the government.

Shocked: Airstrike Partially Destroys Sudan Hospital

The aid group Doctors Without Borders said an aerial bombing run over a Sudanese village hit one of its medical facilities, partially destroying a hospital.

Suicide Bomber Strikes World Cup Site in Nigeria

At least 14 people are dead after a suicide bomber attacked a World Cup viewing site in northeast Nigeria.

ISIS Threatens to Take Hold of Iraq's Energy Supply

The brutal jihadist army ISIS taking even more ground in northern Iraq, after attacking an oil refinery near Baghdad.

Iraqi Christians Ask for Prayer amid Jihad Rampage

As the terror group identifying itself as ISIS sets its sights on Baghdad to the south, thousands of Iraqi families have fled to the Kurdish area of Iraq.

What Took So Long to Capture Benghazi Mastermind?

The U.S. has finally captured the mastermind behind the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, but many are now asking, what took them so long?

Al-Shabab Declares Kenya an 'Official War Zone'

Al-Shabab terrorists in Kenya killed nine more people overnight Tuesday.

US in Talks with Iran as Islamist Army Advances

A week after a radical Muslim group captured key cities across Iraq, the United States is once again sending troops and warships to the war-torn country.

Rich 'Jihadist Army' Boasts of Mass Iraqi Executions

The Iraqi town of Tal Afar is the latest to be captured by members of the Islamic group ISIS.

Europe Slammed for 'Discarding' the Elderly, Youth

Pope Francis criticized Europe Sunday for its low birth rates, poor treatment of the elderly, and an increasing number of young people who neither work or study.

Ex-Muslim Sues Church for Publishing His Baptism

An un-named man is suing a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for publishing his baptism announcement, saying the notice put his life in danger.

Lawmakers Pledge US Aid in Fighting Boko Haram

The United States will assist Nigeria in its fight against the radical Islamic Boko Haram.

Ukraine Prosecutor: 49 Dead as Rebels Down Plane

Pro-Russian separatists shot down a military transport plane Saturday in the country's restive east, killing all 49 service personnel on board.

Kurds Seize Disputed Oil Hub Amid Iraq Chaos

After a decades-long dispute between Arabs and Kurds over the oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, it took just an hour and a half for its fate to be decided.

Obama Excludes Ground Troops as Jihadis Near Baghdad

With fighters from ISIS closing in on Iraq's capital city of Baghdad, President Barack Obama is weighing options on how to counter the insurgency.

Nigerian Kids Under Boko Haram Threat Get Aid

CBN's Operation Blessing is in northeast Nigeria bringing aid to school kids facing danger from Boko Haram and other Islamist groups.

Boom or Bust? Brazilians Divided over World Cup

The World Cup is the biggest sporting even in the world and it kicks off Thursday in Brazil. Locals have been sharply divided, with many saying it was a big mistake.

Iraqi Military, Christians Flee Islamist Onslaught

The Iraq crisis is dismantling eight years of U.S. sacrifice to stabilize the nation. Jihadists are marching toward Baghdad, taking key cities along the way.

Qatar Accused of Bribing for World Cup 2022

Reports of corruption are already swirling around the 2022 World Cup and its host country, Qatar.

Protesters Decry Obama's Silence on Sudan Mother

Protesters rallied outside the White House accusing the president of not doing enough to make Sudan free a young mother who's been sentenced to die for her faith.

Mosul Being Cleansed of Christians as Thousands Flee

Christian families are among tens of thousands of Iraqis fleeing Mosul after Islamic militants seized control of the city.

Hagel the New Scapegoat over Bergdahl Swap?

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told lawmakers Wednesday he stands by the Obama administration's controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban.

Lawmakers Unmoved by Bergdahl 'Proof-of-Life' Video

The House Armed Services Committee is investigating the Obama administration's exchange of five Taliban leaders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release.

Friendly Fire Incident Worst in 14-Year Afghan War

Aaron Toppen of Illinois and Justin Helton of Ohio are among the five American soldiers who died in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan Tuesday.

Islamist Siege of Iraq City 'Disaster' for Mideast

In a major defeat for Iraq's government and a victory for Islamic insurgents, al Qaeda overran Iraq's second largest city as overwhelmed security forces collapsed and deserted their posts.

Clinton Dismisses Criticism on Benghazi Attack

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is dismissing blame directed at her for the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Angry Leaders Call Bergdahl Swap ‘Wrong Message’

Top leaders in Congress are seeking answers about the prisoner swap that set five Taliban leaders free in exchange for captured Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Historic First: Islamic Prayers Held at the Vatican

Muslim prayers and Koran readings were held at the Vatican for the first time in history on Sunday.

N. Korea Detains Third American Christian

North Korea has detained another American tourist who's been identified as 56-year-old Jeffrey Edward Fowle, a Christian from Ohio.

Quebec Okays Assisted Suicide Despite Criminal Code

Quebec has adopted a bill that will legalize assisted suicide, the first legislation of its kind in that nation.

Taliban Disguised as Pakistan Police Attack Airport

The Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly attack at Pakistan's Karachi International Airport that left at least 18 dead.

Egypt President: No Reconciliation with Islamists

Egypt's new president vows there will be no reconciliation with anyone who "committed crimes against Egyptians."

Bergdahl Claims Taliban Tortured Him

U.S. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl says he was tortured, beaten by his Taliban captors during his captivity in Afghanistan.

Putin, Obama Meet over Lunch at D-Day Ceremonies

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met informally about the Ukraine crisis at a D-Day commemoration in France Friday.

The Longest Day: WWII Vets Mark D-Day Anniversary

Friday marks 70 years since the landmark D-Day invasion that lead to the end of the Nazi regime during World War II.

Flashback: Ronald Reagan's D-Day Speech

Thirty years ago former President Ronald Reagan spoke in Normandy, France, at the site of the U.S. Ranger Monument at Pointe du Hoc.

Hero or Villain? More Questions over Bergdahl Swap

There will be no hero's welcome in Hailey, Idaho, for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier who was freed in exchange for five Taliban leaders.

Tiananmen Massacre Still Spurring Church Growth

Twenty-five years after the Tiananmen Square massacre, one expert says the crackdown actually helped church growth in China.

Videos Show Western Couple Held Hostage by Taliban

An American woman and her Canadian husband being held hostage by the Taliban are finally getting attention after their families publicized two videos.

Impeachment Threatened over More Prisoner Swaps

Lawmakers angry over the Taliban prisoner swap for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal are threatening impeachment if the president releases any more prisoners.

Boko Haram Massacres Hundreds in N. Nigeria

Boko Haram terrorists dressed as soldiers killed more than 200 civilians in northeastern Nigeria this week.

Condemned Sudan Woman Appeals Death Sentence

Meriam Ibrahim, the woman sentenced to death in Sudan for refusing to recant her Christian faith, has appealed the verdict.

Obama Vows to Back Ukraine with Non-Military Aid

President Obama is promising to provide Ukraine with $5 million in non-military aid, including body armor, night-vision goggles and communication equipment.

Top Nigerian Officers Accused of Aiding Boko Haram

Ten of Nigeria's top military officers were found guilty of helping the Islamic terrorists group Boko Haram by providing them with weapons and information.

Taliban Releases Video of Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

The Taliban has released a video showing the moment Bowe Bergdahl was handed over to U.S. forces in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban fighters.

Obama Meets with Ukraine's Newly Elected President

President Barack Obama held a private meeting Wednesday with the new president of Ukraine.

Syrian Voters Calling Presidential Election Rigged

Voters in certain parts of Syria are heading to the polls Tuesday, but many view the presidential elections as illegitimate.

Husband of Condemned Sudan Mother is American

The husband of the Christian woman sentenced to death for apostasy in Sudan is an American citizen.

Soldier: Bergdahl 'Deserted Us' to Find the Taliban

Political fallout is growing over the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal in exchange for five Taliban leaders. The circumstances surrounding his capture are murky at best.

Obama Pushes to Boost Military Presence in Europe

President Barack Obama is asking Congress to approve a $1 billion boost to the U.S. military presence across Europe.

Egyptian Islamists Burn Christian Shops

A mob of angry Islamists set fire to Christian-owned shops near the ancient city of Luxor in southern Egypt on Monday.

Syria to Miss Chemical Weapons Deadline

Syria will miss the final deadline for destroying its chemical weapons stockpile.

Bomb Hits Nigerian Town, Dozens Feared Dead

Authorities say an explosion in the northeastern Nigerian town of Mubi left at least 14 people dead Sunday, but locals say that number could grow to more than 40.

French Jihadist Arrested in Jewish Museum Shootings

Police now have a suspect in custody in the deaths of an Israeli couple and a French woman in last month's shooting at the Jewish museum in Brussels.

Catholic Missionaries Held in Cameroon Released

Three Catholic missionaries kidnapped in northern Cameroon were released by their captors Sunday.

N. Korea Sentences Baptist Missionary to Life

A South Korean Baptist missionary has been given a life sentence at hard labor in North Korea.

Questions Loom on Wisdom of US-Taliban Swap

The soldier held captive by Taliban forces for five years is now recovering at a military hospital in Germany. But his freedom came at a hefty price for the U.S.