June 2008 Headlines

The Price of Oil - How High Will it Go?

WASHINGTON - Oil hit yet another record high today. And some industry analyst are warning that we could see gas at $7.00 a gallon within two years.

Differences Halt Plans Against Al-Qaeda

U.S. government infighting has delayed the hunt for al-Qaeda leaders in northwest Pakistan, the New York Times reports.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Sworn in, Faces Trouble

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe was sworn in for another term this weekend -- just moments after he had been declared the winner in what several world leaders called "a sham" run-off election.

Out of Africa: A Migrant's Perilous Journey

LAMPEDUSA, Italy - Every day dozens, sometimes hundreds, of Africans cram into tiny boats and set sail for the shores of Europe.

Japan: Filling the God Vacuum

Christianity in Japan has faced an uphill battle for hundreds of years. Religious freedom didn't come to the island nation until around the time of America's civil war.

Zimbabwe 'Election' Goes on as Planned

An election that President Bush calls "a sham" went on as planned today in Zimbabwe.

N. Korea Destroys Nuke Reactor Tower

North Korea detonated a 60-foot-tall cooling tower above its main nuclear reactor complex Friday - the most visible symbol of its nuclear weapons program.

Bush Eases Sanctions on N. Korea

North Korea has made a new promise to come clean on its nuclear weapon programs.

Spain Pushes Apes' Rights

Spain is one step closer to being the first country to extend rights to apes.

Ex-Muslim on the Run for Conversion

From the Gaza strip to neighboring Egypt, his father is promising to kill him for becoming a believer.

Saudis: 701 Suspected Militants Arrested

The Saudi government has arrested more than 700 suspected al-Qaeda-linked militants this year, officials announced Wednesday.

Suicide Mars Sarkozy's Visit to Israel

An Israeli police officer committed suicide Tuesday during a departure ceremony for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, officials said.

Saudis Pledge to Increase Oil Production

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON - Gas prices have set yet another record at $4.10 a gallon. But one leading analyst believes they may have peaked for the year.

Asia's 'Sin City' is World Gaming Capital

MACAU, China -- From the flashing lights of the MGM, Venetian and Wynn, it might seem like you're in Las Vegas. But thousands of miles away off of the southeastern coast of China, Macau is Asia's premier gambling destination.

Top Oil Nations to Meet on Energy Prices

The world's top oil producing nations will be meeting in Saudi Arabia this weekend to talk about how to stop energy prices from climbing higher.

Israel Holds Iran Strike Drill

More than a hundred Israeli fighter jets took part in a major military exercise this month.

A Truce Between Israel and Hamas?

ISRAEL-GAZA BORDER - Egyptian officials reportedly say that Israel and Hamas "have agreed on the first phase" of a truce to end the violence emanating from the Gaza Strip, according to a MENA agency report.

Taliban Regains Control of Some Villages

CBNNews.com - Taliban militants have gained control of several villages near Kandahar, destroying bridges and planting mines in preparation for battle, officials said Tuesday.

Bishop to Investigate Gay Church Ceremony

The bishop of London has ordered an investigation into the reported church ceremony where two gay priests exchanged rings and vows - a direct violation of Anglican church doctrine.

Saudi Arabia to Boost Oil Production

Saudi Arabia's oil minister says the country will boost oil production by 200,000 barrels a day next month.

UK Backs U.S. Stance on Iran, Afghanistan

President Bush is ending his farewell trip through Europe with a boost.

Dads Change World One Spatula at a Time

WASHINGTON - Each Father's Day, a group of committed men don their aprons and chef's hats in an effort to strengthen the black family.

Militant Islam Down Under

MELBOURNE, Australia - Austraila, the land down under, could soon be known for something else.

Bush Has Informal Meeting with the Pope

President Bush broke protocol Friday for an informal meeting with Pope Benedict.

Irish Voters Oppose EU Treaty

Irish citizens have voted against a new European Union reform treaty.

Reports say al-Qaeda Weakening in Iraq

President Bush is pointing to more progress in Iraq.

Bush on Iran: All Options on the Table

President Bush is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday as part of his farewell tour of Europe.

Bush: Need to Get Tough on Iran

President Bush is meeting with the European Union for the last time in Slovenia this week.

Bush Touts Economy en Route to Europe

With high gas prices and the struggling economy on his mind, President Bush left Washington Monday for a U.S. - European Union summit in Slovenia.

Slave Traders Not Always Punished

Imagine being told that you are responsible for your family's debt. And to pay off that debt you will serve as a slave for the rest of your life.

Quake Coverage: China's Media Milestone

CHENGDU, China - All media in China are controlled by the communist government. And so shortly after the May 12 earthquake, officials put out instructions on how the earthquake should be covered by journalists.

U.N. Summit: Corn on Table or in Tank?

WASHINGTON - Today a special U.N. summit convenes in Italy to decide just what can be done to stop the rapid increase in the price of food.

A Conflict the Next U.S. President Can't Ignore

JERUSALEM, Israel -Al Qaeda's number two leader is calling on Muslims to wage a holy war war over the Gaza Strip.

Gov't Releases Report on Modern Slavery

The U.S. State Department released its annual report on what the government calls Modern Day Slavery.

OB Provides School for Quake Victims

In China, Operation Blessing is donating all of the funding for a brand new school and dormitory.

Nuclear Weapon Investigators to Enter Syria

U.N. inspectors will be allowed to enter Syria this month for what many hope will be more than a feeble attempt to investigate possible nuclear development in the country.

The State of Israel at 60 Years Old

Israel is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

Iraq Violence at Lowest Level in Years

Violence in Iraq is at the lowest level in four years.