May 2008 Headlines

Colombia's Children Fed by Faith

BOGOTA, Colombia - Pastor Guillermo Parra challenges the notion that Colombia is only about coffee, drug lords, and violent kidnappings.

Marine Removed over Christian Coins

A U.S. marine has been removed from duty for handing out Christian coins to Iraqis.

OB Aids Quake Ravaged China Village

SICHUAN PROVINCE, China - People in China are still digging out from the worst earthquake in decades.

New al-Qaeda Tape Calls for Use of WMD

Al-Qaeda operatives will reportedly release a new video that calls on Jihadists to use weapons of mass destruction against the West.

China Roads Problematic for Aid Workers

Chinese soldiers are trying to keep roads open in the aftermath of this month's huge earthquake.

S. African Violence Worst since Apartheid

The president of South Africa says his country is experiencing some of the worst violence since the end of apartheid.

China Evacuates 80,000 from Flood Threat

There is a new worry for China in the aftermath of this month's huge earthquake.

North Sees Troops as 'American Heroes'

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Former Marine Oliver North says Americans don't send their sons or daughters off to fight for gold or colonial conquest. "We do it to give other people the hope of freedom, and that's what they've done here in Iraq."

Church Saves Women from Prostitution Ring

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Home at last!

Quake Toll Climbs, OB Supplies Medical Aid

SICHUAN PROVINCE, China - The death toll from the China earthquake has crossed the 55,000 mark, and another 25,000 are still missing.

Myanmar to Allow Relief Aid, Workers -- Myanmar's military regime is still refusing to let U.S., British, and French warships dock and unload relief supplies, despite agreeing Friday to allow all aid workers into the country.

OB Aids Quake Victims in Face of Uncertainty

SICHUAN PROVINCE, China - China says the death toll from last week's deadly earthquake has surpassed 51,000, with 29,000 still missing.

Quake Took the Only Child of Many

It's been over a week since an earthquake devastated China's Sichuan Province, leaving over 70,000 dead, missing or buried in the rubble.

Lebanon Rivals Agree on Crisis Deal - Rival Lebanese factions have agreed on steps to resolve an 18-month political crisis that pushed the country to the edge of another civil war, a Lebanese Cabinet minister said Wednesday.

OB Brings Hope to Earthquake Victims

LUOSHUI TOWNSIP, SICHUAN PROVINCE, China - Getting to Luoshui Village, in China's quake-stricken Sichuan Province is not easy.

UN Leaders Allowed in Myanmar Delta

Myanmar's military regime allowed the U.N. humanitarian chief into the Irrawaddy delta for a brief tour on Monday, a U.N. official said, but the junta will not allow uncontrolled access to Western relief workers.

Bush Lectures to the Arab World

WASHINGTON - It's back to the domestic agenda for President Bush following a five-day trip to the Middle East. But his last address there is still reverberating across the Arab world and beyond.

China Pauses to Remember Quake Victims - The people of China halted their daily activities Monday to observe a moment of silence in honor the victims of last week's earthquake.

OBI Delivers Aid to Myanmar Children

MYANMAR - Operation Blessing has teamed up with local residents, aid workers and medical staff to help get food, water and aid to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis.

Saudis Rebuff Bush's Request for More Oil - Saudi Arabia on Friday rebuffed President Bush's request to increase oil production to help lower prices, even as oil prices topped $127 a barrel.

Myanmar Blocks More Help as Needs Rise - Myanmar's official death toll from a devastating cyclone that hit nearly two weeks ago has doubled to 78,000 while another 56,000 people remain missing, state television reported Friday.

Survivors Still Found in China's Rubble

Chinese work crews continued to find survivors buried in massive mounds of rubble that once were firm buildings, Friday. Some of the survivors of China's devastating 7.9 quake had been buried for as long as four days.

Ahmadenijad: 'The Hidden Imam Manages the Affairs of the World'

Just in case you forgot, you worthless infidels. Watch the clip here at Here's the transcript:

Rain Headed to Myanmar; Death Toll Soars

Forecasters say tropical weather threatening Burma will not develop into another cyclone, but will bring heavy rains to the already devastated area.

China: Quake Toll May Reach 50,000

China's government is getting desperate in its efforts to rescue survivors of this week's massive earthquake. Officials now say the death toll could go as high as 50,000 people.

China Quake Toll Hits 15,000, Airlift Drops Aid

The number of people who have died from a powerful earthquake in China has risen to nearly 15,000.

Bush to Urge Mideast Peace Process

WASHINGTON - With critics calling his second Middle East trip this year more symbolism than substance, President Bush will still attempt to nudge the peace process forward this week.

Google Bans Religious Ads, Faces Court

A Christian group in the United Kingdom is taking Google to court for blocking a pro-life advertisement, earlier this year.

Woman Who Saved Jews from Nazis Dies

The woman credited with saving 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazi Holocaust has died. Irena Sendler was 98.

China's Quake Shocks the World

In the midst of major devastations like yesterday's 7.9 earthquake in China's Sichuan Province, it's difficult not to feel a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation. 

Myanmar Regime Accused of Hoarding Aid

Only a fraction of the international aid sent to Myanmar, also known as Burma, is actually reaching cyclone victims, the United Nations said.

The Secret Battle with Iran

IRAQ - The Iraqi government is asking the U.S. and Iran to start talking again. Iraq is hoping the two countries can get along better to create more stability in the region, the Sacramento Bee Reports

Tough Road Ahead for Kenyan Refugees

Refugees from Kenya's ethnic clashes earlier this year still face an uphill battle.

Myanmar Junta Seizes Aid Even as More Die

WASHINGTON - The United Nations says the World Food Program is suspending relief shipments to Myanmar today after the military government began seizing the supplies.

China to be 'Bible Capital' of the World

China is on track to become the "Bible printing capital" of the world.

Int'l Aid Trickles in to Myanmar's Desperate

WASHINGTON - Myanmar's military government is finally granting access to the United Nations and other foreign aid groups several days after a massive cyclone devastated their country.

World Leaders Send Greetings - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli President Shimon Peres received well wishes from the nations on Israel's 60th anniversary celebration.

London Most Surveilled But Not the Safest

London may be one of the most surveilled cities in the world, but that doesn't mean the city is getting safer.

Myanmar Death Toll May Reach 100,000

The death toll in Myanmar may have reached 100,000, while about 95 percent of the country's buildings have been demolished, the top U.S. diplomat their said Wednesday.

First Round of Int'l Aid Reaches Myanmar

International aid began making its way into Myanmar, Tuesday, as the death toll in the country continued to soar.

Myanmar Activist Gets Congressional Medal

One of Myanmar's most well-known dissenters is a woman who speaks out against the military rulers in her country. Today, she was honored by the United States.

Myanmar Slow to Accept International Aid

The Bush administration is offering aid relief to victims of a devastating cyclone in Myanmar, where the death toll could reach more than 10,000.

The Cleanest City in the World

SINGAPORE - This country was once a swampy land mass. But in the past four decades, this island nation in Southeast Asia has transformed itself into a major financial and trading center.

Honor Killings on the Rise in Iraq

Honor killings are on the rise in Iraq -- when families kill their women for violations of Islamic law.

Leaders: China Must Improve Human Rights

With the Olympics less than 100 days away, many on Capitol Hill say China needs to improve its human rights before it hosts the games.