April 2008 Headlines

Malaysian Christians Face Threats, Worries

Malaysia bills itself as a moderate Islamic country, but today powerful forces are trying to turn it into a fundamentalist Islamic state.

Middle East Terrorist Attacks Increase

A State Department report released Wednesday shows a 16 percent increase in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan between 2006 and 2007.

Christians Gather, Speak Out on Persecution

Christians gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday to call attention to religious persecution in North Korea.

Food Prices Force Aid Group to Cut Back

Surging food prices could be affecting the groups that set out to feed those in need.

The Fight Against Malaria Continues

President Bush declared Thursday "Malaria Awareness Day," to call for new efforts to fight the deadly disease.

Britain to Halt Troop Withdrawals in Iraq

Britain is sticking by its decision to halt its troop withdrawals from Iraq.

Video to Link North Korea to Nukes in Syria?

CBNNews.com - Congress members will view a videotape and other evidence Thursday showing that Syria was building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance before Israeli planes bombed the facility last year, a U.S. official says.

Petraeus Picked to Lead Mideast Command

Gen. David Petraeus will be nominated to be the next commander of U.S. Central Command, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

Food Crisis Raises Continued Concerns

The head of the United Nations is warning the world must increase its food production to put an end to the global food crisis.

Pope Tells World to Respect Human Rights

Pope Benedict XVI told diplomats at the United Nations on Friday that respect for human rights was the key to solving many of the world's problems.

Jimmy Carter Snubbed by Israeli Leaders

CBNNews - You might think the former U.S. president who helped negotiate the first Israeli-Arab peace treaty would get a warm welcome in Israel. But Jimmy Carter is getting anything but that in Israel this week.

International Audiences Prefer Positive Films

There's an abundance of box office gold across the Big Pond, just waiting to be mined by movie producers. So much so, that according to a new study, it's enough treasure that would even make Long John Silver stand up on his one good leg and take notice.

Iran Keeping Chaos in Iraq?

The historic visit of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Iraq was designed to be a show of potential cooperation between the two countries.

Bush: Iraqis Taking More Responsibility

WASHINGTON - Read below or click the play button for this week's presidential radio address.

Graham's Son Gathers Thousands in Ireland

Franklin Graham recently held the largest evangelistic event Belfast, Northern Ireland has seen in nearly 50 years. 

World Leaders Called to Boycott Olympics

WASHINGTON - The celebration of international sport is turning increasingly political, with growing calls for world leaders to skip the opening ceremonies at the Olympics.

Bush Embraces Pause in Troop Cutbacks

CBNNews.com - President Bush has decided not to order additional troop drawdowns for now, accepting the recommendations of his top war commander Gen. David Petraeus.

Pope: U.S. Trip to Heal Wounds of Sex Abuse

Pope Benedict will be in the U.S.next week and the Vatican says he will try to heal the wounds caused by the clergy sex abuse crisis.

General Urges Pause in Troop Pullouts

The top U.S. general overseeing the Iraq war recommended a 45-day pause in troop withdrawals once extra forces sent last year have completed their pullout in July.

Creating a Purpose Driven Nation

KIGALI, Rwanda - He's traveled more than 9,000 miles to help Rwanda become the first "purpose driven nation," but Rick Warren says it wasn't his idea to go there at first.

Christians Join to Pray for China

Christian groups around the world are launching a global call to prayer for China during the Olympics.

NATO OKs Bush's Missile Defense Plan

NATO endorsed President Bush's plan to build a missile defense system in Europe, but decided not to put Ukraine and Georgia on track to join the alliance.

CBN Exclusive with China's Ambassador

Few countries have undergone as many challenges and created as many opportunities as China in recent years, and few are as aware of the complexities as Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong. 

Rwandans Work to Rebuild Their Nation

KIGALI, Rwanda - Fourteen years later, the memory of one million murdered people still haunts this tiny African nation.

Bush Administration Official: Saudi Arabia is Primary Source of Terrorist Funding Worldwide

To regular readers of this blog, yesterday's admission from Treasury undersecretary Stuart A. Levey wasn't exactly earth-shattering news. The reason it is hugely noteworthy on a global scale is the source: a fairly high-ranking Bush administration official. Is the Bush administration finally ready to throw America's most questionable ally under the bus after years of coziness and false promises? Stay tuned:

U.K. to Delay Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

LONDON -- Britain has postponed a plan to withdraw around 1,500 troops from Iraq after a surge in violence swept the southern city of Basra and other Shiite areas, Britain's defense secretary said Tuesday.

Bush Supports Ukraine Joining NATO

President Bush is encouraging former Soviet republics like Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, despite Russia's displeasure with NATO's growing ranks.