July 2009 Headlines

Burmese Christians Honor First Missionary

Folklore of Burma's ethnic Karen tells of a golden book given to them by God. That prophecy was fulfilled when American missionary Adoniram Judson arrived in Rangoon.

Searching for the Ark of the Covenant

For more than 2,000 years, the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant have been shrouded in mystery. One experienced explorer has his own theory.

Britain's War on Christianity: America's Future Fight?

The British government continues to push an aggressive gay rights agenda, while threatening to criminalize Christian speech and practice.

Little Girl Uses Artwork to Give Orphans Homes

Isabelle Redford is only 7 years old, but she is making a difference for orphans around the world.

Turkey's Radio Shema: Sharing the Gospel Daily

Radio Shema FM 98 is doing something that is rarely allowed in a Muslim country -- sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with listeners.

Movie Shows Struggle of Forgiveness in Rwanda

Thousands of genocide perpetrators have been returned back to the communities they helped destroy. Can they be forgiven?

Against All Odds, Afghanistan Women Seek Office

Defying all odds, two women are among the candidates running for president in Afghanistan's election, to be held next month.

Report: 13 Million Abortions in China Each Year

A new report says 13 million babies are aborted in China each year.

Woman Fights Sudan Sharia Law in Pants

A woman who works for the United Nations is being prosecuted for wearing pants in public. Now she faces a painful punishment if convicted.

Britain's House Creates 'Right to Die' in Law

In a landmark decision Friday, Britain's House of Lords essentially created a right to die in English law.

Christian Worker Starts Spiritual Revolution in Iran

A spiritual revolution is happening in Iran. A Christian worker is broadcasting the gospel to one of that nation's largest people groups, the Azeris.

American hikers arrested in Iran

The U.S. State Department said Friday it was investigating reports that three American tourists have been detained by Iranians while hiking near the border in Northern Iraq.

Iraq Bombing Brings July Death Toll above 300

At least 29 people died in coordinated bombings in Baghdad on Friday. The violence brings the death toll in Iraq for July to more than 300 people.

Pope Benedict XVI to Release Music Album

Pope Benedict XVI has just signed a record deal that will utilize the same recording studio that the Beatles used in the 1960s.

Operation Blessing Brings Aid to Nigeria

CBN's Operation Blessing is partnering with Christian engineering organization Water Missions International to save lives in Nigeria.

Protests Breaks out at Iranian Woman's Memorial

A massive protest broke out today during a memorial service for a young Iranian woman named Neda Agha-Soltan, who became the symbol of opposition.

China Offers Rare Glimpse of its Army

In a rare show of transparency, the People's Liberation Army of China invited some 90 foreign journalists for a sneak peak at a base just north of Beijing.

Sudanese Woman Faces Lashes for Wearing Pants

In Sudan, 10 women were publicly whipped for wearing pants, which is a violation of the dress code imposed by Sudan's Islamic regime. 

'Atheist Bus' Ad Challenged by 'Christian Bus' Ad

Atheists in Germany recently made a bus tour of several cities, advertising their belief that God doesn't exit. However, a group of German Christians decided to counter their message.

Democracy Icon Suu Kyi Prepares for Trial Verdict

The high profile trial of Myanmar's opposition leader and democratic icon Aung San Suu Kyi should come to an end this week.

Pakistani Case a Glimpse of U.S. Terror Suspect

Nearly two decades ago, an Islamic court sentenced Daniel Patrick Boyd to lose a hand and foot for robbing a bank.

Car Bomb in Spain Destroys Police Barracks

A powerful car bomb destroyed a police barracks housing officers and their families in northern Spain on Wednesday.

Jews Fast in Remembrance of Temple

Many Jews in Israel are starting an annual fast at sundown, Wednesday, to mourn the destruction of their biblical temples in Jerusalem.

Canadian Family Murdered in 'Honor Killings'

A Canadian businessman is suspected of eliminating his own family in a so-called "Muslim honor killing."

U.S., China to Work Closely with Economic Crisis

The U.S. and China have pledged closer cooperation to deal with the global economic crisis.

Nigerian Troops Battle Islamic Militants in North

More than 400 people have died since Sunday in violent clashes between Islamic militants and security forces in Nigeria's northern states of Yobe and Bauchi.

Morrocan King Promotes Recognizing Holocaust

King Muhammed VI of Morocco is working to educate the Muslim world about the Holocaust, a rarely accepted idea in the Islamic world.

Gates, Iraqi Leaders Discuss Troop Withdrawal

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is meeting with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad, Wednesday.

Christian Teacher: Prayer Needed for Iran

Imagine being born in Texas then moving to Iran as a small child and having to flee the country's violence.

Nigerian Troops Raid Militant Hideout

Nigerian army troops surrounded the suspected hideout, Tuesday, of a radical Muslim leader believed to be the mastermind behind three days of violence in the nation.

U.S, Israel Address Settlements Dispute

U.S. Middle East Envoy George Mitchell met Tuesday with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the ongoing dispute over West Bank settlements.

U.S.: China Needed for Economic Recovery

President Obama is urging the U.S. and China to cooperate to lift the global economy out of a recessions, on the second day of high level economic talks between the two countries.

Vessel with Up to 200 Haitians Capsizes

A vessel carrying as many as 200 Haitian migrants capsized and sank near the Turks and Caicos Islands on Monday.

Israel on Iran: Whatever It Takes

Israel stood firm on its insistence Monday that it would do anything it felt necessary to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

U.S., China Discuss Global Economic Concerns

President Barack Obama is calling on China to rely more on their domestic market and less on exports to the U.S.

Licenses of Human Rights Lawyers in China Taken

Chinese authorities have revoked the law licenses of more than 50 human rights attorneys in Beijing.

Christians Under Siege in Islamic Stronghold

After the killing of Christian worker Rami Ayyad in October 2007, a number of Christians have fled from Gaza to Bethlehem and the West Bank.

Sarkozy Leaves Hospital after Heart Check

Doctors said his illness was due to heat and overwork and ordered the 54-year-old to rest but prescribed no further medical treatment, his office said.

Terrorist Training Camps Threaten Israeli Military

Israel's greatest concern is that a Palestinian state on its border will become a launching pad for attacks against the Jewish state.

Human Rights Attorneys Punished by China Gov't

Radio Free Asia reports that officials with the Civil Affairs Bureau raided a legal center called the Open Constitution Initiative.

Vietnam Catholics Detained After Clash

A conflict in Vietnam has erupted after Catholics built a make-shift place of worship on the site of where a church that was desrtoyed during the Vietnam War once stood.

N. Korea Wants Direct Talks with U.S.

North Korea opened the door to possible dialogue with the U.S. Monday on resolving tensions over their nuclear weapons program.

Revolutionary Guard Tightens Hold in Iran

The Revolutionary Guard tightened its already powerful hold over Iran during the post-election turmoil.

Clinton Mum on Mideast Defense Umbrella

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Sunday she would not reveal any specifics of a possible defense umbrella to protect Mideast allies.

Al-Maliki: Iraqi Officer 'Out of Line'

The prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, says an Iraqi officer was wrong to order American soldiers detained.

U.S. Hopes China Talks Spur Economic Recovery

With the global economy mired in recession, the United States and China begin talks Monday to seek a solution together despite tensions over currencies.

Protesters Call for End to Iranian Rights Abuses

Protesters around the world demanded the release of hundreds rounded up during demonstrations against the country's disputed election.

Exiled Honduran Leader Promises Border Camp

Exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya promised to camp out across the border in Nicaragua with his supporters and urged Washington to slap tough sanctions on coup leaders.

U.S. Eyes Private Guards for Afghan Bases

U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan may hire a private contractor to provide around-the-clock security at dozens of bases and protect vehicle convoys.

Cuba Revolution Day Brings Sobering Celebration

Cuban President Raul Castro seemingly has little positive to report in his speech Sunday marking Revolution Day, the communist country's top holiday.

Iran's Opposition Asks to Mourn Iconic Victim

Iran's opposition leader asked authorities Sunday for permission to hold a memorial service for victims of last month's post-election unrest.

Suicide Attackers Strike Southeastern Afghan City

Less than a month before Afghanistan's presidential election, Taliban fighters attacked a provincial capital Saturday, triggering gunbattles that killed seven militants.

Protesters Call for End to Iranian Rights Abuses

Protesters across the world on Saturday called on Iran to end its clampdown on opposition activists.

Iraqi Kurds Look for Change as They Head to Polls

Iraqis voting in Saturday's election in the Kurdish north expressed hope it would reduce tension with Baghdad over oil and land disputes that threaten the country's stability.

Activists Claim Christian Executed in North Korea

South Korean activists say a Christian was publicly executed last month in North Korea for distributing the Bible.

'Tweet' Your Prayers to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall

You can now use the social networking website Twitter to send your prayers to the Wailing Wall located in Jerusalem, Israel.

OB Brings Clean Water to Nigeria Villages

CBN's Operation Blessing is doing what it can to save lives by partnering with Water Missions International.

Islamic Extremists Keeping Somalia in Turmoil

The troubled African nation of Somalia is once again at risk of falling into the hands of Islamic extremists.

U.S. Air Strike May Have Killed Bin Laden's Son

U.S. officials believe Saad Bin Laden-- the son of the terror kingpin behind the Sept. 11 attacks-- was killed in a U.S. air strike earlier this year.

Obama, Iraqi Leader Find Common Goal

President Barack Obama and Iraq's prime minister Nouri al-Maliki agreed that the U.S. is on schedule to remove all troops from the Iraq in a little more than a year.

Iran Native Responds to Country's Turmoil

Since the Iranian government has silenced protesters, those who support their cause around the world have been speaking out for them.

Russian Gov't to Offer Students Religious Courses

Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev announced a new pilot project to teach young Russians religion or secular ethics.

Panelist Say Cyprus Church Artifacts in Danger

Christian artifacts and paintings in ancient churches and monasteries on the island of Cyprus are in great peril.

Obama, Al-Maliki Seek Iraqi Reconciliation

Reconciliation in Iraq was the top priority as President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki met in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

Clinton Calls for N. Korea Denuclearization

At a Tuesday regional security news conference in Thailand, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempted to crank up the pressure on North Korea.

High Death Toll in Iraq Attacks

Bombs killed at least 18 people and wounded dozens in Iraq on Tuesday.

Clinton Worried about N. Korean Ties to Myanmar

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that the Obama administration is concerned that North Korea may have military ties to Myanmar.

Japanese PM Dissolves Parliament

Japanese PM Taro Aso dissolved the lower house of parliament Tuesday, setting the stage for national elections next month.

Bomb Kills Four GIs in Afghanistan

A roadside bomb killed four American troops in eastern Afghanistan on Monday.

Parents of Captured Soldier Vow Silence for Safety

The Defense department has launched an aggressive search for the U.S. Army soldier who has been captured by the Taliban.

Marines Face IEDs in Afghan Offensive

Operation Strike of the Sword in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province has met with success, but at a price. 

Taliban Video Shows Captive U.S. Soldier

The American soldier who went missing June 30 from his base in eastern Afghanistan appeared on a video posted Saturday to a Web site by the Taliban.

Ahmadinejad Criticized Over Vice President Choice

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came under criticism from his own supporters Sunday for appointing a first vice president who once caused an outcry by saying Iranians were friends of Israelis.

Soldier Held in Afghanistan is 23-year-old Idahoan

The Defense Department released the name of Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, who was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment.

China Says Police Killed 12 in Urumqi Rioting

Chinese police killed 12 people during July 5 rioting in the western city of Urumqi, officials said.

Clinton: US, India to Join Hands on Climate Change

Clinton said that devising a comprehensive and strategic approach for achieving a clean energy future is an important topic of her three-day trip.

Pope Seems at Ease with Cast in Blessing Faithful

Pope Benedict XVI blessed a few hundred faithful Sunday with his right arm in a cast during his first public appearance since surgery.

Honduras Crisis Talks to Resume Sunday

Talks to resolve Honduras' political crisis deadlocked over a proposal to reinstate the ousted president and form a national unity government.

Reports: Helicopter Crashes at Afghan Base

A civilian helicopter crashed at southern Afghanistan's largest NATO base Sunday, military officials said.

Mediator Proposes Honduras Plan; Gov't Balks

Hopes for resolving Honduras' crisis dimmed when its interim gov't balked at a plan presented to reinstate ousted Zelaya and form a national unity government.

Clinton Defends U.S. Demands for Anti-terror Help

Clinton on Saturday gave an impassioned defense of American demands that India and other countries do more to tackle terrorism and global warming.

U.S. Fighter Jet Crashes in Afghan; 2 Crew Dead

A U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet crashed early Saturday in central Afghanistan, killing the two crew members, the U.S. military said.

Indonesia Suspects Fugitive Terrorist in Bombings

Two symbols of the West have become prime bombing targets in the world's most populous Muslim nation of Indonesia. 

Jewish Leaders Concerned on U.S. Israel Policy

Sixteen Jewish leaders raised their concerns with the president at a private White House meeting.

Couple's Assisted Suicide Reignites Debate

A British couple's decision to travel to Switzerland to kill themselves last week has reignited the debate surrounding assisted suicide.

Operation Blessing Brings Warmth to Peru

CBN's Operation Blessing recently help set up a first aid station, compiling desperately needed medical equipment from neighboring regions in Peru.

Iranian Militia Fires Tear Gas at Praying Protesters

Outside Tehran University, pro-government Basiji militiamen in front of a line of riot police fired tear gas at hundreds of opposition protesters.

Pope in High Spirits after Wrist Operation

Pope Benedict XVI left the hospital in northern Italy smiling after he underwent surgery on his wrist Friday morning, a Vatican spokesman said.

Ahmadinejad Appoints New Nuclear Chief

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appointed a new nuclear chief, following the abrupt resignation of its veteran head.

Sudanese Women Flogged for Wearing Pants

Sudanese police raided a café on Monday, arresting 13 women for wearing slacks, a violation of Sharia law.

India to Issue ID Cards to 1.2 Billion Citizens

India has created a new government department known as the Unique Identification Authority, which will assign a number to every living citizen.

July Proves Deadliest for Troops in Afghanistan

At least 46 international troops and 24 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan during this month.

Black Boxes Found from Iranian Plane

Investigators found two of the black boxes from Wednesday's fatal Caspian Airlines crash in Iran.

Officials Denounce Israeli Soldiers' Claims in Report

A controversial report about the Israeli war in Gaza is getting swift condemnation from the Jewish state.

Afghan Surge Takes Toll on Troops

The surge against Taliban forces in Afghanistan has taken a toll on U.S. and coalition troops, and their efforts aren't expected to end anytime soon.

Clinton: Time Running Out for Iran

In a major foreign policy address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Hillary Clinton said Iran has limited time to stop its nuclear military program.

Speculation Swirls Over Photos of N. Korea Leader

North Korea has released new photographs of its leader, hoping to silence wide-spread speculation that he is battling pancreatic cancer.

Al-Qaeda Linked to Execution of Somali Christians

Muslim insurgents with links to Al-Qaeda are believed to be responsible for the beheading of seven Christians in Somalia.

Quake Generates Small Tsunami in New Zealand

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck off New Zealand's western coast Wednesday generating a small tsunami.

Nearly 170 Killed in Iran Plane Crash

A Russian-made Iranian passenger plane carrying nearly 170 people crashed shortly after takeoff Wednesday.

Liberia's Ex-leader Refutes Charges

Liberia's ex-leader Charles Taylor is on trial at The Hague for backing rebels in Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war.

China Warns of Reprisals in Algeria

China's embassy in Algeria warned Chinese nationals after an Islamist Web site called for retaliation attacks.

Chapmans Open 'House' for Chinese Orphans

Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman and wife Mary Beth are celebrating the grand opening of their new adoption facility in the Henan province of China.

Spanish Priest Murdered in Cuba

A Spanish priest has been murdered in Cuba, marking the second priest from Spain killed near Havana this year.

Many Skeptical of N. Korea Leader's Health Report

Such news about the regime's strongman has the international community watching and waiting for more information about the current condition of his health.

S. Korean Police: Hackers Extracted Data in Attacks

Hackers extracted lists of files from computers that they contaminated with the virus that triggered cyberattacks last week in the United States and South Korea.

Demjanjuk Charged in Germany over WWII Killings

German prosecutors formally charged John Demjanjuk on Monday with 27,900 counts of being an accessory to murder at a Nazi death camp during World War II.

Obama Returns From History-Making Visit to Africa

President Barack Obama is now back in Washington after wrapping up his weeklong, three-nation trip abroad with a history-making visit to Africa.

Report: North Korea's Kim Has Pancreatic Cancer

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has life-threatening pancreatic cancer, a news report said Monday.

Church Bombings Terrorize Iraqi Christians

Four Iraqis were killed and several more were wounded in a series of bomb attacks against Christian churches in Baghdad over the weekend.

Rumors of War: Israel, Iran & Beyond

CBN News takes a closer look at the tough questions the Middle East has been forced to face recently.

U.S. Marines Killed in Afghan Bomb Blasts

A bomb blast killed two U.S. Marines in Afghanistan's dangerous south where thousands of American troops have deployed.

Honduras Lifts Curfew 2 Weeks after Coup D'etat

In a nationally broadcast announcement, the interim government said the curfew had reached its objective to "restore calm" and curb crime.

S. Korea Analyzes Computers in Cyber Attacks

South Korean police are analyzing a sample of the thousands of infected computers used to crash Web sites in South Korea and the U.S.

Italian Red Cross Worker Freed in Philippines

Al-Qaida-linked militants freed an Italian Red Cross worker Sunday from six months of jungle captivity in the southern Philippines.

China City Tense but Calm Week after Riots

Armed paramilitary police were on guard in People's Square, the site of the July 5 protest by minority Uighurs.

Iranian Officials Released by U.S. Return to Iran

Five Iranian officials returned to Iran Sunday, where their return was hailed as a victory for Iran.

Iraq Bombings Kill 8 in Capital, Northern Village

Most of the victims were inside their homes when the bomb exploded near the main street of the predominantly Shiite village.

No Easy End in Sight for Honduras Coup Crisis

Delegates representing the ousted and interim governments of Honduras failed to forge an agreement.

China Raises Death Toll from Ethnic Riots

China raised the death toll from riots in Xinjiang, adding that most of those killed were Han Chinese in the first ethnic breakdown.

N. Korean Army Suspected over Cyber Attacks

South Korea has obtained intelligence that North Korea last month ordered a military institute of computer hackers.

Obama to Africa: End Tyranny, Corruption

An American president praised and scolded the continent of his ancestors Saturday, asserting forces of tyranny and corruption must yield.

Women Speaking Out in China Ethnic Riots

Since the rioting began on Sunday, northwestern China has been under tight security.

Analyzing Calvin's Teachings Amid His Anniversary

Christians have been flocking to Geneva, Switzerland, this week to celebrate the 500th anniversary of theologian John Calvin's birth.

China Hit by 5.2 Earthquake; 400,000 Homeless

The Shihn-wah News Agency says the quake killed one person and injured hundreds more.

Somali Islamist Insurgents Behead 7 People

The executions follows weeks of bloody fighting for control of the capital and at a time of mounting concern over the influx of hundreds of extremist foreign fighters.

Honduran Leaders Meet for Resolution

Costa Rican president Oscar Arias met with Honduran leaders separately on Thursday to resolve the political crisis in Honduras.

Reporter Held in N. Korea Confesses to Crime

Laura Ling confessed to illegally entering North Korea during a rare phone call Tuesday with her sister Lisa Ling, who is also a well-known TV reporter.

Officials Seek Source of Cyber Attacks

Officials said nearly 90 IP addresses in 16 countries were affected in the cyber attacks.

Iranian Police Kill Two Protestors

Iranian police gunned down two protestors on Thursday evening, according to an eyewitness in Tehran.

Obama, Pope Meet, Find Common Ground

The Holy See arranged an unorthodox late afternoon gathering and live televised coverage to accommodate Mr. Obama's schedule in Italy.

Oil near $60 as Traders Eye Earnings

Oil prices hovered just above $60 a barrel Friday in Asia as investors braced for a slew of company earnings reports next week.

Do Pope's Economy Remarks Advocate Socialism?

Pope Benedict XVI raised some eyebrows with his papal statement on the economy.

Pope: Globalization Not Inherently Bad

Pope Benedict XVI offered suggestions for ethical ways to stimulate the economy.

New Anti-Government Protests Sparked in Iran

Despite being threatened, anti-government protesters were once again taking to the streets of Iran, Thursday.

Honduran Leaders Meet in Costa Rica for Talks

Talks have gone underway to resolve the political unrest in Honduras.

Massive Bomb Blast in Central Afghanistan Kills 25

A massive bomb blast in central Afghanistan killed 25 people including 13 primary school students Thursday.

China Promises Stability After Days of Violence

Life in China's Xinjiang province has begun to return to normal after days of ethnic violence.

Imprisoned U.S. Journalists Seek Amnesty

The two American journalists imprisoned in North Korea are seeking amnesty from the country's Communist government.

North Korea May Be Behind New Cyber Attacks

South Korean police said Thursday that North Korea may be responsible for renewed cyber attacks that have affected seven more Web sites.

Bombings in Mosul, Baghdad Kill at Least 41

Two suicide bombers on Thursday killed at least 34 people and injured 70 in an attack on the home of an anti-terrorism officer in northern Iraq.

Global Warming Next Subject at G8 Summit

The G8 Summit in Italy is in full swing -- global security, international trade, and global warming are all on the table.

Obama Broadens Push for Climate Change Pact

President Barack Obama wants the world's top polluters to keep driving toward a deal to halt global warming.

World's Oldest Bible Goes Digital

Surviving pages of the world's oldest Christian Bible, the Codex Sinaiticus, have been reunited and released as a digital document.

Paper: Al Qaeda Members Trained in Gaza

An Egyptian newspaper reported this week that several European members of an al Qaeda cell received training and financing in Gaza.

Cyber Attacks Paralyze Gov't Web Sites

Suspected cyber attacks paralyzed Web sites of major South Korean government agencies and banks and other Internet sites.

Zelaya Agrees to Intervention in Honduran Crisis

A Nobel Peace Prize winner has agreed to mediate a diplomatic solution to the leadership crisis in Honduras.

G8 Leaders Condemn N. Korea, Iran

President Obama joined leaders of the G8 nations today as they continue to battle the international economic crisis.

Chinese Troops Flood Streets After Riots

China flooded the area where the protests have been going on with security forces.

Taliban Claims It Captured U.S. Soldier

A Taliban website has claimed militants have captured and arrested a "drunken U.S. soldier."

Running of the Bulls Kicks off in Pamplona, 4 Hurt

Thrill-seekers sprinted through Pamplona in a swift and relatively clean start to the running of the bulls.

Democratic Indonesia to Hold Presidential Election

Indonesia's 176 million voters will elect a new president on Wednesday, making it only the second vote-based election.

Obama, Putin Mend Fences, Cut Nuclear Arsenals

President Barack Obama used a touch of charm and humor in his efforts to warm up strained U.S.-Russian relations.

Zelaya, Clinton Meet to Negotiate End to Stand-Off

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met privately with ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, Tuesday.

Violence Ethnic Clashes in China Continue

The Chinese government has had a tough time stopping the violence in its northwest region.

London Marks Four Years Since Bombings

In a London park stands a new forest of steel pillars - each representing a victim of the July 7, 2005, attacks on the British capital's transit system.

Obama: U.S., Russia Not Destined to be Adversaries

A meeting between President Barack Obama and Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin was seen as a first step towards warming strained U.S-Russian relations.

Suspected U.S. Attack Kills 12 in Pakistan

Suspected U.S. missiles slammed into a training camp run by Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud on Tuesday, killing at least 12 militants.

Ethnic Riots Spread in China's West

Chinese state media has reported more than 800 people have been injured as a result of riots and streets battles.

Operation Blessing Aids Tribes in Brazil

Some tribes deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle of Brazil have no access to medical care. But CBN's Operation Blessing is helping them.

Hondurans Say Removal of Zelaya was Right

The new government and most Hondurans still believe the removal of President Zelaya was right.

Yemen Continues Search for Missing Missionaries

A spokesman for the Yemen Embassy in Washington says his government is working to track down six missing Christian missionaries who disappeared last month.

Obama, Medvedev: Big Nuclear Cuts in Sight

President Obama has wrapped up his first day in Moscow, but not before both countries announced a tentative agreement to reduce nuclear arms.

Sub Hears Signal from Yemenia Black Boxes

A submarine scouring the Indian Ocean on Sunday picked up the signal beacons of the two black boxes of a Yemenia Airways flight.

Military Ordered to Turn Back Zelaya's Jet

Honduras braced for confrontation Sunday as ousted President Manuel Zelaya insisted on coming home to reclaim his post.

S. Korea Says North's Missiles Can Hit Key Targets

The ballistic missiles that North Korea test-fired this weekend were likely capable of striking key government and military facilities in South Korea.

Reformists Resist Iranian Government Pressure

The son of an Iranian revolutionary icon called on parliament to dismiss President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from his post.

U.S. Troops Die in Attack on Base in Afghanistan

Taliban militants fired rockets and mortars at a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday.

Iranian Aide Calls Opposition Leader U.S. Agent

A detained Iranian employee of the British embassy has also been charged with harming Iran's national security, his lawyer said Saturday.

Honduras Refuses to Restore President

Honduras snubbed the OAS saying it would no longer recognize the Organization of American States charter.

VP Biden Celebrates July 4 with US Troops in Iraq

Vice President Joe Biden celebrated the Fourth of July with his son and other American troops in Iraq on Saturday.

North Korea Fires Missiles in 4th of July Salvo

North Korea launched seven ballistic missiles Saturday into waters off its east coast.

Biden Discusses U.S. Future in Iraq

Vice President Joe Biden is in Iraq and met with Iraq's president, prime minister and U.S. General Ray Odierno.

Prosecutors: Demjanjuk Fit to Stand Trial

Doctors have determined that John Demjanjuk is fit to stand trial on charges that he was an accessory to murder at a Nazi death camp.

Interm Honduran Pres: Early Elections Possible

On Friday, the interim president of Honduras said he is open to holding early elections to resolve the political crisis in that country.

Myanmar Rejects U.N. Request to see Suu Kyi

Myanmar's junta chief rejected U.N. secretary general's request to meet jailed opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Iran Cleric: British Embassy Staff to be Tried

An Iranian cleric accused Britain of a role in instigating widespread protests that erupted over the country's disputed presidential election.

U.S. Marines on the Move in Southern Afghanistan

U.S. Marines pushed deeper into Taliban areas of southern Afghanistan on Friday.

Amnesty Report Angers Israel and Hamas

It's rare that Israel and Hamas ever agree on anything but both are denouncing a report from Amnesty International on the recent war in Gaza.

U.S. Soldier Captured by Afghan Insurgents

The U.S. military has announced an American soldier has been captured by insurgents in Afghanistan.

EU Considers Pulling Ambassadors from Iran

The European Union is considering Britain's request to pull the bloc's ambassadors from Iran.

UK Gov't Pushes for Gay Rights in Churches

The British government said its new equality bill will force British churches to accept practicing homosexuals or transexuals as youth workers.

French Investigators Release Report on Flight 447

French investigators on Thursday will present their initial findings into what caused Air France Flight 447 to drop out of the sky.

Calls for New Honduran Pres. to Resign Increase

The Honduran Congress installed Roberto Micheletti after the military seized and deported sitting president Manuel Zalaya on Sunday.

Iran's Reformists Call Islamic Regime Illegitimate

Mir Hossein Mousavi said he considered Iran's cleric-led government illegitimate and demanded political prisoners be released.

North Korea Test-Fires More Missiles

North Korea test-fired two short-range missiles from its eastern coast Thursday.

Airbus Crash Survivor Arrives in Paris

The young sole survivor of an Indian Ocean plane crash arrived Thursday at a Paris airport from Comoros.

Major Military Operation Under Way in Afghanistan

The U.S. military launched a new joint offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan after it was announced a solider went missing on Tuesday.

Showdown Expected Over Honduran Leadership

The Organization of American States says the interim rulers in Honduras have three days to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Iraq Shiite Cleric Hopeful about U.S. Pullback

A Shiite cleric gave a cautious welcome Wednesday to the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from cities.

France Vigilant after al-Qaeda Burqa Warning

French officials were on guard after an al-Qaeda affiliate threatened vengeance for Sarkozy's criticism of the face-covering veils worn by some Muslim women.

Germany to Overturn Nazi Treason Convictions

Germany's governing parties agreed Wednesday on a blanket measure to overturn Nazi-era verdicts convicting people of treason.

Slain Christian Aid Worker Honored for Service

Christian aid worker Chris Leggett is being remembered as a man who deeply loved the people he served.

Iran Militia Wants Probe of Opposition Leader

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's street enforcers sent the prosecutor a letter accusing Mousavi of taking part in nine offenses against the state.

Lone Survivor of Yemeni Crash 'Didn't Feel a Thing'

The 14-year-old's family says she could barely swim, but she held on long enough for rescuers to find her.

N. Korean Ship Changes Course

A North Korean ship under scrutiny for more than a week by the U.S. Navy has changed course, heading back the way it came.