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November 27, 2002


90 minutes


Roscoe Lee Browne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Hyde Pierce, Mona Marshall, Brian Murray, Martin Short, and Emma Thompson


Ron Clements and John Musker


Roy Conli


Ken Harsha, Barry Johnson and Kaan Kalyon


Robert Louis Stevenson


Buena Vista Distribution/Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Company


Animated Science Fiction


All ages


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Treasure Planet

Movieguide Magazine - Treasure Planet gives a modern, animated spin to Robert Louis Stevensons famous and ageless story. Fifteen-year-old Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is an expert at maneuvering around his Star Wars-type futuristic town on his rocket-powered skateboard, but his adventures often get him in trouble with the robot police. His single mother, who runs a restaurant, is at her wits end, and Jims father is a distant and painful memory of abandonment.

Jim hears a noise one night and sees that a spaceship has crashed onto their property, whose captain seems to be dying. The captain gives Jim a golden ball with some markings on it and tells him to guard itand especially to be aware of the cyborg. With the help of the bumbling professor, Dr. Doppler (David Hyde Pierce), Jim figures out that the ball is a 3-D map of the galaxy, showing a hidden planet filled with treasure.

Against his mothers wishes, Jim and Dr. Doppler hire a crew and take a spaceship (a glittering space galleon) away on a great, intergalactic expedition. On the ship, however, Jim is startled to see that he has been placed as the apprentice to a cyborg named John Silver. The cyborg, part man and part machine, denies knowing anything or having any interest in Treasure Planet.

As time passes, Jim overcomes his suspicions and becomes friends with John Silver. Though he is rough and kind of scary with his "Edward Scissorhands" appendages, Silver encourages Jim that he has the makings of a fine "spacer" as he and the alien crew battle supernovas, black holes and violent space storms. Silver tells Jim, "Youve got the makings of greatness. Some day youll take the helm, and when you do, I hope Im there to catch some of the light coming off your sails."

Jims encouragement is short-lived, however, when he finds out that this trusted surrogate father is actually a scheming pirate with mutiny in mind. Confronted with intense pain and betrayal, Jim must quickly grow up in this rough, life-or-death sea of choices. Will he find the inner strength to face down the mutineers, or will he take an offer of riches with compromise? Will he be able to locate Treasure Planet and get his ship safely there and back to his mother, as promised? Will his heart ever be healed? Can his betrayers ever change? Who will finally end up with the treasure, if anyone?

Treasure Island is the fifth film that Musker and Clements have written, directed and produced. Others include such classics as The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. The movie includes hand-drawn animation and incredible 3D "virtual sets," and it is being released in both 35mm and large format (IMAX) settings.

The characters in this movie are fun, especially the cyborg and a robot they find on Treasure Planet named B.E.N. "Bio Electronic Navigator," with the voice talent of the hilarious Martin Short.

The story is well written, presenting a beautiful mix of adventure, science fiction mystery, humor, and heart. Many good, biblical lessons are played out, such as the ugliness of personal greed, the woundedness of children with poor or absent fathers, the resulting rebelliousness in abandoned children, the ability of older men to draw younger men into life through encouragement and example, the seriousness of betrayal and false accusation, and the triumph of unified, team-effort accomplishment.

Except for the intensity of some of the space monsters, which might scare very young children, this movie should be a fun holiday hit with families across America.

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