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Race to Witch Mountain

Movie Info


PG for sequences of action and violence, frightening and dangerous situations, and some thematic elements.


Action/Adventure, Kids/Family, Thriller and Remake


March 13, 2009


Dwayne Johnson, Ciaran Hinds, Anna-Sophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, Carla Gugino


Andy Fickman


Buena Vista Pictures Distribution


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Race to Witch Mountain

Movieguide Magazine - Race to Witch Mountain is an exciting, fast-paced fantasy adventure about two teenagers with extraordinary abilities and a down-and-out cab driver who must depend on each other to save two worlds. The title is very fitting because from the beginning until the end of the movie the story unfolds through multiple action sequences and snappy dialogue as the characters race against time and against the bad guys to achieve their mission.

The exciting story begins with the crash landing of a spaceship in Nevada and an introduction to the government agents intent on tracking down its owners. The two alien teenagers, Seth and Sara, played superbly by Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb, enlist the help of reluctant, hardened taxicab driver Jack Bruno, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The mission? To save their dying planet by recovering valuable research left on Earth by previous alien visitors and returning to their planet. Should they fail in recovering their ship and retrieving the information, an alien invasion will be launched against Earth and its resources.

Along the way, they are aided by beautiful astrophysicist, Dr. Alex Friedman played by Carla Gugino, crusty UFO specialist, Dr. Donald Harlin played by Garry Marshall, and a car mechanic, Eddie, played by Cheech Marin. As they race to complete their mission, attempts are made by relentless government agents, gangsters and an alien bounty hunter called Siphon to stop them from reaching their intended destination.

Race to Witch Mountain is well produced, directed, and acted. The special effects succeed in creating believable action sequences that will keep audiences entertained and excited for more. The screenplay adaptation is tightly done so that the story unfolds piece by piece without any plot holes or questions left unanswered. The actors do an enjoyable job of bringing their characters to life, especially Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb.

In comparison to the original Disney movies, Escape to Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain, there are a few similarities and many differences, but, overall, the differences improve the story. For example, the plot and dialogue are better crafted, and the action sequences create a feeling of urgency in the mission. The new characters, new setting, and re-imagined plot help to improve upon what the original movies lacked.

Not only is the movie entertaining and exciting, but it is also contains many heartfelt moments between the characters as their relationships grow and they learn to trust and depend on one another. Race to Witch Mountain happily contains very little objectionable content. Aside from intense action sequences, a scary alien creature, car chases, and some brief brawls, the movie contains no sex, no nudity, no alcohol/drugs, and no foul language. However, due to the action violence, this movie is recommended for older children to adults.

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