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God the Hunter

Hunting's greatest reward is not the kill; it's all the work it took to make it happen. Working that gobbler, enticing that big bull elk with your cow calls, or knowing just where to place your stand to harvest a buck...that's where the hunt really happens. It's in those times that you are in full pursuit. Calculating. Dreaming. Doubting. All those decisions must come to fruition in just the right way. And there is risk involved, too. You can't be everywhere at once even though you wish you could. You just make a choice of where you want to play out your hunt. When it is all said and done, you are, as they say, in "fair chase."

There's a link to God in this concept of Fair Chase if you really think about it. You have to wonder why God created us, don't you? Seriously. What were His intentions? What do you imagine He was thinking when He decided to create people "in His image"?

Truth be told, when you read Genesis 3 you find that God was operating in a "fair chase environment." He created Adam and Eve, gave them everything they needed and then some, and yet set them free to make decisions. They did fine for a time, but eventually they blew it completely. And they didn't just miss the mark for themselves, but they started a domino effect of problems that affect us even today.

Even with the dew still fresh in the abandoned Garden, God remained in pursuit. His persistent love will not stop no matter how hard or lonely the chase gets. Adam, Eve, or you, He remains in pursuit. Understand that God's hunting you is what separates Christianity from every other faith. Christianity is not you searching for God, it is God searching for you through Jesus Christ. He came here. Made His home among us. Pursued a relationship with real people. Fair chase. Uncontrolled. Free will we may have, but his love never stops pursuing us. In that respect, God knows what it means to pursue something you love. Is it not mind-bogging to think that He is so obsessed with us?

Excerpted from The Sportsman's Bible. For more information, visit Broadman and Holman publishers at


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