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Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

By Valorie Burton
Author and Motivational Speaker – As spring rolls in, I'd like to share this reminder of the power of clearing your clutter. Clutter doesn't just impact you physically, but it can drain you mentally. If you are feeling stuck in some area of your life, start clearing some clutter and notice how your mental clarity improves and momentum starts to build. Where is your clutter starting to accumulate?

Clutter is one of the greatest thieves of clarity, focus, energy, and productivity - and it has a tendency to creep up on you. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get things done and think clearly when your environment is free of clutter?

Enlist the help of your family, co-workers, or employees to clear clutter at work, home, and in the car – the three areas where you spend the majority of your time. Most importantly, schedule some time in the next seven days – even if is only 30 minutes – to clear your clutter! What specifically should you clear and why?

1. Stuff you don't use anymore.
Are you holding on to things you don't use? Look around your office, home, and car. What could you give away (if it's in good condition) or throw away (because it's broken or in bad shape)? Many people hold on to things out of fear that they will need them in the future. It's a fear of not having enough. Don't allow that fear to cause you to clutter your environment. Be willing to let go of things when you no longer need them or use them.

2. Projects you are procrastinating on.
You may not think of it as clutter, but that old to-do list that keeps rolling over in your head every day is clutter for your brain. Either drop the projects, complete them now, or give yourself a new and reasonable deadline.

3. Too much stuff in too little space.
If you are one of the many who crams everything into your space, it's time to make room in your environment. From your desk at work to your bathroom counters, overcrowding your space can leave you feeling mentally overcrowded. Psychologically speaking, when you make space in your environment, you make room for more of what you want in your life.

4. Mess, junk, and stuff that is in disarray!
When things are completely out of order, it is more difficult to plan, strategize, think, or take action effectively. Before ending your day, take five minutes to put things in order – at work, home, and in your car – so that you can start fresh the next day.

5. Things you don't like.
Is there anything in your car, home, or office that you simply don't like? Your environments should inspire you, not depress, frustrate, or irritate you. Make sure your environments are filled with the sites, scents, and sounds you love most.

My challenge to you this week:

Set aside some time (whether it's five minutes or five hours!) to clear clutter in your environment in the area that stresses you most.

Journaling assignment:

What specifically causes you stress in your environments (home, work, car)? What are you willing to do to enhance your environment so that it energizes you rather than causes you stress?

Valorie BurtonA sought-after life coach and speaker, Valorie Burton seeks to inspire people to live more fulfilling, less stressful lives. She is the author of Listen to Your Life, What’s Really Holding You Back?, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, Why Not You? 28 Days to Authentic Confidence, and How Did I Get So Busy?.


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