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When the City Dump Is Your Home

By Ken Hulme, The 700 Club

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On the outer edge of Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, men, women and children live and work and in a garbage dump community called Ezbet El Nahl.

The streets are narrow and overflowing with piles of trash that horses and donkeys bring in from the city. Workers use their bare hands to sift through the trash, looking for items to recycle. The smell is unbearable.

Before the revolution that removed Egypt’s president from office, this community was a carefully guarded secret. The government didn’t want the world to know about it—but now all that has changed.

The people here are mostly Christian. People like 27-year-old Magda. She lived in the garbage community for 18 years, but she says that wasn’t their greatest challenge.

“Many are not educated,” Magda explains. “Circumcision of girls is very common. I think it is the area of greatest terrorist activity in Egypt. And we, as Christians, are suffering because of that. They keep us from going out; we’re not allowed to go to our churches or to our schools.”  

Magda lives with her family and thousands of others in the unfinished buildings at the dump, so there is no escape from the stench and filth when they return home after a hard day’s work.

Most in this community suffer from skin diseases, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. With little money and few doctors, medical care is a luxury few can afford.

That’s why Operation Blessing decided to send medical teams into the community on a regular basis to care for the residents here. And to help young women like Magda confront a culture that has made them into second-class citizens, Operation Blessing supports a ministry called King’s Daughters, also known as “KD.” Here the staff provides physical and spiritual care to hundreds of young women and teenage girls. They also provide counseling, education, spiritual guidance, and skills training. For Magda, being a part of KD has meant finding hope.

“I had no relationship with the Lord before I joined KD,” says Magda. “When I joined KD everything changed. This is what the Lord wanted for me!”

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