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Rohit Paul: Christ, Cancer and the Cure

By Matt Vilkas and Savio Rodrigues
The 700 Club

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You Can Love Your Work Rohit Paul says, “I started getting a fever on December 12th. I had a terrible cough. I thought it was a cold, so I took some medicine. I never went to a doctor, but I still had the cold after 10 days. Then I started vomiting blood. That’s when I told my mom what was happening.”

Rohit’s family took him to the hospital on December 25th. The diagnosis shocked everyone.

His wife, Alvina, says, “The doctors said that Rohit was suffering from leukemia. By December 27th, Rohit started bleeding heavily. He was bleeding from his ears and eyes, and pieces of flesh were even coming out of his mouth.”

“It is the last stage of the cancer,” his doctor says. “Usually the chance of recovery in this patient is only 15 percent.”

Rohit’s family was devastated. But his uncle, Ashok, remembered watching CBN’s program and writing down the counseling center’s phone number.

He says, “I opened up my address book and found CBN’s toll free number. I called the counselor and asked him to pray for Rohit. He encouraged me and said that Jesus had already healed him.”

Ashok also believed that Jesus had healed Rohit. Even though many tests were already done, he insisted that doctors test his nephew one more time. Then he had the family gather to pray for Rohit.

“Everyone prayed to Jesus,” says Rohit, “and I even prayed to Him. That’s when I asked Jesus to forgive me of all my sins and be my Savior.”

The test results came back. They were just as shocking as the first... After only being in the hospital for three weeks, Rohit was now declared cancer free!

“Surprisingly and amazingly, this patient recovered after given treatment,” the doctor says. “This miracle happened in this patient.”

“Jesus Christ heard our prayers,” Rohit says. “He cured me. Today, my faith is strong. I believe that everything is possible for Jesus.”

Rohit’s family takes every opportunity to tell people about the miracle Jesus performed in his life.

His aunt says, “CBN’s program is truly bringing new life to millions. The prayers and the blessings in this program show results. Through Jesus Christ, people are being healed, just like my nephew, Rohit. It proves that salvation is possible only in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Your compassion has made a difference in the life of Rohit Paul. When you partner with us, you touch lives all around the globe with a message of hope and a tangible expression of God’s love – bringing food, water, clothing, medical care, and so much more, to those in desperate need. Please join with us today.

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