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Betty Carver
Give and It Shall...
Enjoy the blessings that come from being faithful. Give to CBN.

When You're At Your Lowest: God Can Lift You Up!

By The 700 Club - Betty's husband dumped her for a new model four years ago. The family business was split up between the two and she had little knowledge on how to run it. She began to drown in despair and $70,000 worth of debt.

"I would go to bed at night and cry myself to sleep," says Betty. She would also cry out asking for somebody to help her. She didn't know what to do and even tried to give her company away.

"It [the company] was $90,000 in the hole," says Betty. "It had taken all my savings which was 40,000 more that I had saved for back up -- It was all gone. I had a company but no money to operate the company."

Betty Carver was living a nightmare. Not only had her marriage of 25 years fallen apart but she was also left as half owner of a once prosperous business.

"I was at the lowest point of my life," Betty remembers. "It was a lower point then when my marriage fell apart -- it was more devastating than that. I had not only lost my marriage, I was about to lose the company, my home and still owe approximately $150,000 on these trucks that I couldn't pay [for]."

For over a year Betty tried to hold the company together. She hadn't received a paycheck in months. So each day Betty would go home from the office and cry herself to sleep. But one day Betty returned home from work and, instead of crying, turned on the TV to get her mind off of her problems.

"So I was flipping through the channels and The 700 Club was on," says Betty.

Betty was familiar with The 700 Club but never really watched it before. This day she did, intently, as Pat Robertson taught on the scriptural principles of giving.

After hearing Pat, Betty thought to herself, "Give to God! I don't give God anything."

"I'm always asking God to give me this and help me [with] this, [but] I don't give anything back," Betty continues. "So I started giving and I joined The 700 Club and in two days time -- it felt like almost immediately I started seeing a difference."

In fact, two days later Betty's accountant called her with news that he had reworked her account and found Betty had paid too much in taxes and was owed a refund.

"I said 'How much do I have coming back?" Betty said. "And he said '$7,000' and I said 'Oh my goodness, $7,000!"

"I hadn't received a paycheck in over a year," Betty exclaims. "So $7,000 meant the difference between losing my home and keeping it."

Betty's business took off, and so did her giving to CBN. In a couple of months she moved her partner club level from The 700 Club up to the 1000 Club and in three more months she joined the 2500 Club. As her business grew Betty also learned more about running a successful business through her friend and retired neighbor, Tom Fetherling. Tom helped Betty supervise construction sites and he even got his license to drive the company trucks. Tom was so committed to Betty that he worked for a year with no pay.

And Betty saw the blessings of God because of her obedience to give.

"I started giving because that's what God said do," says Betty. "And I thought I'd never done that before. I wasn't expecting to get anything back."

Betty's friend, Tom popped the question recently and they tied the knot. They both understand fully that God's principles work. And if it wasn't for a television show that happened to be on one night, who knows where Betty would be today.

"The 700 Club changed my life completely," says Betty. She used to say to herself, "There's no hope for me -- I can't do this." She even struggled with suicidal thoughts and felt like she just could not go on with her life. Now, the company is prospering along with her marriage.

"I have love in my life again - it's something I thought I'd never see," says Betty. "I went from hopelessness to all the hope in the world. I'm amazed at all CBN does. You wouldn't think your small contribution could help but with everyone else, like Pat says, they can do wonders."

"When I give to CBN I'm giving to God and [He] puts it where it needs to go."

Friends like you help to make The 700 Club available to viewers like Betty in the United States and around the world. The same secrets that changed Betty's life, can work in your life today.

Every day, thousands of hurting people tune in, looking for answers. You can help provide these answers and discover God's secret of reciprocity by becoming a CBN Partner today.

God has given CBN many wonderful ways to share His hope with millions of people -- but we need your help. Join The 700 Club today!

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