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God's Power

God’s Miracle Power!

"If you are the Christ, tell us plainly!" Jesus answered, "I did tell you, but you do not believe. The miracles I do in my father's name speak for me."

Hebrews 13:8 says, "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever." He is still performing miracles in the lives of ordinary people like you and me. Discover how God changed the lives of Trisha, Mary and Laury.

Fourteen-year-old Trisha suffered from an incurable nervous system disorder, triggered by a horse-riding accident. Her doctors called it the worst case of reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome they had ever seen. The condition meant one thing for Trisha -- unrelenting pain.

"They had her on morphine -- they hooked her up to a morphine pump and just cranked it right open and it didn't phase her," says Trisha's father Joe. "They had her on Demerol, they had her on theregesic, which is 100 times stronger than morphine -- nothing could touch [her] pain."

After two agonizing months with no relief, a physician gave Trisha and her parents a sobering prognosis.

"This isn't going to stop, you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable," said Trisha's mother Mary. "[The doctor] started talking about putting Trisha away."

Trisha's parents had only one hope.

"There was nothing else you could do but get on your face before God," says Mary. "And that's what we did."

But would their fervent prayers be answered? One night, as Trisha listened to a praise and worship tape in her dark, lonely hospital room, she felt the pain start to leave.

Trisha then heard what she believed was the voice of God telling her to stand up.

"The second I set my feet on the ground I didn't have any pain anywhere," exclaims Trisha.

Dr. Marilyn Wells said that, "As a medical physician -- as her orthopedic surgeon -- [I] have no explanation for this."

Trisha's miraculous healing is demonstrated in a home video taken by her family the day she got home. Today, she's still pain free!

Mark and Mary Weisner's unborn baby had no chance for survival. With excessive fluid around the brain and lungs, compounded by a deformed heart, doctors didn't think the baby would be born alive. In fact, they were sure that the chance of death was nearly one hundred percent.

"I cried out to the Lord," says Mary. "And I said, `God, please save my baby. If you've ever heard and answered my prayer, I need you to hear me now and to touch my baby.'"

The Weisners were about to find out that God is still in the miracle business. Baby Jessie was born perfectly healthy, with no excessive fluid and a normal heart. Again, doctors had no explanation.

"His name means 'the Lord exists' or 'God exists,' says Mary. "And He does, and Jessie is evidence that God exists."

MaryOne morning Laury woke up with a mysterious illness that at first felt like the flu. Within days, this once energetic wife and mother experienced crippling symptoms that mimicked multiple sclerosis.

Although testing for neurological damage came back negative, doctors gave Laury no hope of recovery. But through the years of debilitating pain, Laury held on to one promise.

"And the Lord gave the promise in John chapter 11, verse 4," says Laury. "He gave it to me, like he did to Martha and Mary, that this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God."

Laury's family, friends, and church members faithfully prayed for 7 years that God would send his healing touch. Then during a church service, as Laury sat almost completely crippled, she pleaded with God one last time.

"I said, 'Lord, without a miracle, they're carrying me out. My body's going,'" says Laury. "And literally, I felt like the windows of heaven opened right above me and literally poured into my being strength. My muscles were growing. [I was able to open] my hands."

Laury continues, "And I saw my husband looking. I could feel every bit of my body coming alive. So I dropped to my knees, and I was in a world of my own."

"I stood before the congregation, and I looked at [my] pastor, and I said, 'I've got to run,'" says Laury. "I ran up and down every single aisle."

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