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Is Your Money Here Today and Gone Tomorrow?

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club

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Freedom from Financial Fear

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work -For years, JD worked long hours as a regional sales manager in Texas.  He and his wife Janet always paid their monthly bills on time and were even able to put a little money into a retirement account.  Then JD lost his job in the stock market crash of 2008.

“I didn’t see this coming, so I was really caught off guard by it,” says JD. “I was terrified.  I didn’t now what I was going to do.”

After six weeks, JD still couldn’t find a job, and his severance pay had run out.  Shortly after this, his car broke down and he found a major leak in the foundation of his home that needed immediate repair. In just a few weeks, the couple fell 9,000 dollars into debt. Janet’s income couldn’t cover the growing bills, so JD had to dip into his retirement.

“When he got into the 401K, that’s scary,” says Janet. “Because you think that’s all we have.  When that’s gone, that’s gone.  Then what?”

“Physically and mentally it really began to wear on me,” says JD. “I mean I couldn’t sleep at night.  There was weight loss. I couldn’t eat well. I would have panic attacks at times just because I felt like the whole world was closing in on me. 

JD and Janet began praying together for the first time in their marriage and JD started watching The 700 club

“The Lord reached out to me through a testimony on CBN about a woman who had experienced some similar circumstances,” says JD. “And she just prayed that the Lord would give her a second chance.  And the instant I saw it, I knew that was what I needed.  I needed a second chance.  And the Lord just spoke to me and said that was where I needed to give.”

The couple had been faithful tithers at their church even during JD’s unemployment.  He knew giving to CBN beyond that would be a stretch.

“It was difficult to explain to my wife how I was going to donate money and I didn’t have a job, but it also put me over the mark,” says JD. “You can’t just say you have faith, you can’t just say you trust, I needed to take action.”

Janet agreed,  and the couple became CBN partners. Even when medical bills brought their debt up to fifteen thousand dollars, JD and Janet continued to give.

“I just said no matter what happens to me next, no matter how bad it gets, I’m going to continue tithing and giving like I said I would and God’s going to deliver me one way or the other,” says JD.

JD struggled through four months of unemployment after that, but he was finally hired as a regional sales manager, making 10% more than his last job.  Then a short time later, he landed a job at a different company as a national sales rep making 50% more than he ever had before.

“I was like, wow,” says Janet.  “I think that’s all I kept saying was WOW!”

JD and Janet paid off their $15,000 debt, and today they say they’re freer than they’ve ever been before.

“We know by giving He blesses us,” says Janet. “You can see it.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for JD and Janet. They made it possible for God's love to flow through them to others, and they reaping a blessing for themselves as well. Join them in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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