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The Law of Reciprocity

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By Dan Reany
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Freedom from Financial Fear

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work - Doug Meacham is a 3rd generation pastor with a passion for music.  He credits the success of his Christian band to tithing and giving. 

“The Lord says, this is one area you’ve got to give to me, and once you do that I’m going to bless you,” says Doug.

Doug’s wife Emily learned about the benefits of tithing through her first big job as a teenager.

“When I did start tithing I immediately the next day got a $2 an hour raise. From that moment on it just snowballed into blessing after blessing,” recalls Emily.

When Doug and Emily got married they both knew they wanted to keep tithing.  They gave consistently to the church, and to CBN.

“I had heard people talk about CBN for years, and I always thought it was for old people,” says Emily. “But I happened to see it one day, ended up in tears, calling in and pledging. Now I record it every day and watch it faithfully.”

But during the downturn in the economy, the Meacham’s finances got tight.  They kept tithing to the church, but pulled back on their giving to other ministries.

“As we would do that then the bills would pile up even more, or else it would just get thinner and thinner on the financial side,” says Doug.

“I only gave what I absolutely had to, so things were just being covered,”
says Emily. “I only trusted God to barely take care of my needs, just pay the bills God, just pay the bills, nothing extra. Then I put Him in a box, and that’s pretty much what we did at that time.

The Meachams could not sell any rental property they owned.  And when the company Emily worked for was bought out, she lost her part time job.  That’s when she and Doug decided it was time to start giving again.

“I actually heard a teaching,” says Emily. “Pat was talking about the Law of Reciprocity, and he said whether it’s $5 or $50, just try it. I did $5 increments and every time God did something amazing.”

Emily found a job she loved, teaching a few classes at a Christian dance studio.

“After increasing to CBN, I found out I got double the classes,” says Emily. “It was pretty awesome, came at a great time. I didn’t have to do the other job I had been working. I was doing less hours, getting more money, and ministering to people also.”

“It seemed as we were faithful in giving, doing what we had to do, as far as giving to the Lord, He blessed us and we ended up selling the property just when we needed to, at the right moment,” says Doug.

And Doug’s Christian band, New Method, started getting shows performing for thousands.

“God just opens the doors,” says Doug.

The Meachams continue to give to the church, and to numerous ministries, including CBN.

“I didn’t realize God calls you specifically to give more,” says Emily. “That’s just the beginning, because God owns everything.  He doesn’t need my money.  It’s my faith level.  Do I trust God to provide all my needs?  And that was the question I had to answer every time I wrote a check.”

Today the Meachams give away roughly half of their income in tithes and offerings.

“I thought it was unbelievable that God would look at me and say, ‘I want to provide everything you ever wanted.  Your heart’ s desires, your financial needs, your physical needs,’” says Emily.

“He sustains us,” says Doug. “It can be in health.  It can be in other situations, just joy, happiness, peace. We know that we’re giving to God and He’s going to provide for us. As you increase, He increases. You can’t out give God.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for Doug. Join Doug in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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