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Jesus said: “…when you give to the least of these, you give to me.” May God richly bless you and return to you the hope and love you have so generously given others. From grateful hearts around the world and here at home: “Thank God that you were there…”

Sean Quental

God's Path to Success - " I heard this CRASH, and I looked in my rear-view mirror and there was this car on-top of my car."

In a moment's time, Sean Quental's life changed forever. Internal bleeding and severe neck injuries left him fighting for his life. His recovery was slow and painful, and left him facing an uncertain future. Thoughts of depression, despair, lack of faith and lack of hope plagued him. He wondered, "Am I ever going to get out of this."

Unable to work and support his family, the only comfort Sean found was the hardwood floor against his pain-ridden body and an hourly dose of pain pills. Sean watching The 700 Club.

"I was literally laying on the floor in pain," Sean said, "flipping through channels and I came across The 700 Club. And here's Pat Robertson talking about these principles."

The principle that affected Sean the most was the biblical principle of reciprocity -- "give and it shall be given unto you."

At that time, the Quental's household income was less than $10,000 a year. Although they were barely making ends meet, Sean couldn't forget the principle he heard Pat teach -- "use it or loose it." So Sean decided to use his money to help others.

"I pledged $15 a month and I continued to watch the 700 Club. Then I pledged another $15 a month."

As time passed and his body healed, good things started happening for Sean and his family. "The blessings start coming," he said. "I went from having no money to, within 2 years, owning 3 houses. So I had financial blessings. I had a new daughter and things were really looking up."

When the Quental's used what God gave them to help others, they reaped financial blessings. But soon they began to take those blessings for granted. They stopped giving diligently to the Lord's work. And what happened next showed them the consequences of ignoring biblical principles.

"It actually worked against me," Sean said. "My income decreased. I had to go back to see what I doing wrong I had stopped giving."

So Sean put the principles to use once again - and he went back to The 700 Club, where he first heard them. "My understanding of the Word and of God grew through watching The 700 Club, and through watching Pat's teachings on these principles." Learning these principles also encouraged Sean to take a leap of faith. He got his real estate license and now owns his own mortgage company.The Quentals

"The best way to leverage my money is to give to CBN. I can't go out and feed a million people, but Operation Blessing can. I can't go out spreading the Gospel to countries around the world, but CBN can. This changed my life! This dramatically changed my life. I know where I was -- lying on the floor with a neck brace on. I know where I came from and I can directly attribute it to the principles that took me from there to where I am now."

Sean no longer defines success by the number of houses he owns, or by dollars in his bank account. Today, success means a happy home, a hug from his daughters and a commitment to use everything he's been given for the glory of God's kingdom.

Living by God's principles made all the difference for Sean and his family. It can make all the difference in your life as well. Join now with CBN and you can help provide biblical answers and the gospel to thousand of people just like Sean. You will be helping to feed hungry children here and abroad, provide medical care to those who desperately need it and keep CBN's prayer line operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Join today.

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