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How Broke and Broken Led to Financial and Physical Health

By Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club

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When Stuart Topp got into a serious car accident, both his health and his finances took a hit.

“I was in the hospital for 21 days, had broken ribs, broken everything,” Stuart says. “When I got out of the hospital, I had no way to generate any income.”

Up until his accident, Stuart had been doing extremely well with his Maui-based, high-end renovation company. Now, he was $10,000 behind with company rent payments, and unsure of the future of his business.

“I couldn’t work for many months,” he says.

Then there were the bills from his accident.

“It got real stressful and they were going to turn me in to the attorney general and force me to pay a hospital bill that was well over $200,000,” Stuart recalls.

Meanwhile, Stuart saw Pat Robertson on The 700 Club teaching about the value of giving.

“I understood the principle,” he says. “I didn’t know if it would work. I watched all different things that CBN is doing worldwide and I thought, ‘Man, I really want to become a part of this.’ ”

Even though Stuart didn’t have any money, he took a step of faith and became a 2500 club member.

“When I decided to do that, a series of things happened. The people I rent from called me up one day and said, ‘We’re forgiving your rent.’ And I just went, ‘What?!’ ” he says.

Then an insurance carrier paid his medical bills; and on top of that, the work started pouring in.

“Jobs that I was hoping to get, I was getting,” Stuart remembers. “Big jobs, profitable jobs.”

Later, Stuart married Michele—who had been a 700 Club partner for years. And she introduced Stuart to principles she’d learned from Pat Robertson’s book, "The Secret Kingdom."

“The law of reciprocity combined with the law of use—you don’t give up, you keep going—that’s the law of perseverance,” Michele says. “It took me from not knowing anything in life and not having anything in life to being very blessed spiritually and financially.”

Together, the Topps became CBN Founders. Now even their gifts to each other reflect their desire to give to others.

“Her birthday, I gave her a water well,” Stuart smiles. “And for my birthday, she gave me a water well. I mean, what else is better than that?!”

Stuart and Michele challenge others to test God when it comes to their finances.

“Anybody can make an excuse not to give,” Michele says. “It’s a choice, and it’s something that should be done based on faith.”

“Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks,” Stuart says. “They’ll all tell you you’re wasting your money, you’re wasting your time. I can tell you right now, you’re not wasting either. The Lord is with me; he’s with my wife. We have a wonderful life, we’re doing well, and it’s all because of the Lord.”

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